4-Year-Old’s Recovery After Horse Kick Sparks Community Support

In a small, close-knit community in Redmond, Utah, a tale of resilience, faith, and community spirit unfolds.

Houston Hampton, a vivacious 4-year-old farm boy, is on his way to recovery after a shocking accident at his family farm when he was kicked in the forehead by a young horse.

Like any distressing phone call, the news of her son’s accident was one that Kodi Hampton, Houston’s mother, would never have wished to receive.

“No mother should ever have to experience such a call,” she shared with deep emotion.

On that fateful Friday, Houston, an energetic lad who loved nothing more than accompanying his father on farm duties, was playing outside when the incident occurred.

Rushed by Life Flight to Primary Children’s Hospital, Houston’s injury was serious – a fractured skull.

However, in a strange twist of fate, surgeons stated that the fracture ultimately saved Houston’s life.

The space created by the fracture allowed the swollen part of his brain room to expand, potentially preventing further complications.

Houston embodies the spirit of a true farm boy, as his mother fondly described to ABC News,

“He is a farm boy to the core, who wakes up each morning eager to ‘go to work’ with his dad. We yearn for the day when he can return to his routines.”

Following the accident, doctors removed Houston’s skull cap to aid the healing process, and five percent of damaged brain tissue from his frontal lobe was removed.

Despite the gravity of his condition, Houston’s vibrant personality shines through.

“He’s a spitfire, keeping us on our toes with his sass. We’re praying for the day when he wakes up and fills the room with laughter,” Kodi mentioned to Fox News.

The family has already witnessed encouraging signs of recovery. Houston was observed wiggling his fingers and toes on a Sunday, giving them hope for his healing journey.

“He’s got a challenging journey ahead, but we hold faith in his healing,” shared Kodi in an interview with NBC News.

The heartwarming part of this story lies in the response from their local community in Sevier County.

The locals have rallied around the Hamptons, setting up a donation account for the family at any State Bank of Southern Utah location and through Venmo @Kodi-Hampton.

Yet, for the Hamptons, the most vital support they seek is prayers. Kodi asserted, “What we need most importantly are prayers.”

The Hamptons’ story serves as a testament to a young boy’s courage, the family’s resilience, and the strength of a community united in the face of adversity.

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Bryanna Tanase
Bryanna Tanase

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