43 Horse Breeds Displayed in a Luxurious Chinese Stable

In the bustling city of Jiangyin, China, nestled within the prestigious confines of the Heilan Horse Culture Museum, equine accommodations are nothing short of luxurious.

The facility boasts stables of pristine marble, so refined that they are polished to perfection using buffers, offering a level of sophistication rarely seen in such establishments.

The museum is home to a diverse equine population, comprising 43 horse breeds from 30 diverse nations, ranging from Germany and Spain to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, not to mention those indigenous to China.

A collection of over 300 splendid horses resides here, many of which are exceptionally elite breeds, and a few zebras add to the biodiversity.

Exhibition here becomes a spectacle, as the horses are meticulously groomed to complement the occasion. Their manes are artistically arranged into braids, or fashioned into ripples or waves, adding to their innate allure.

Though they reside in standard stables, they are exhibited to guests within luxurious marble enclosures.

The museum’s interior is a symphony of opulence, adorned with grand chandeliers, majestic carpeted staircases, awe-inspiring statues, gold-laced ceilings, and an upscale shopping mall.

The museum also features a magnificent arena for dressage, where the Heilan Equestrian Club scripted history by establishing the Guinness World Record for the largest horse dressage in 2015.

The record-setting spectacle was a grandiose ensemble of 30 black horses, 30 white horses, and an all-woman riding team.

Situated roughly 90 minutes north of Shanghai, this museum was envisioned as a part of the Heilan Group’s expansion into the tourism sector.

The group, originally a menswear manufacturer in China, has set forth an ambitious “Luxury Town” project, promising future additions of a water park, university, and cultural center.

Since the museum’s establishment in 2009, the Heilan Equestrian Club has found its home here, offering comprehensive equestrian facilities, including training, performances, and competitions — the first of its kind in China.

It opened its doors to the public in May 2016. Housing 100 members, the club employs a team of globally renowned professional equestrian trainers and coaches.

Additionally, it boasts on-site veterinary services to ensure the health and well-being of its esteemed equine inhabitants.

While the grandeur and luxury of the Heilan Horse Culture Museum may be striking at first glance, the reactions and perspectives of the public are critical aspects to consider when examining the complete picture.

Delving into the forum of public opinion, we encounter a series of Reddit comments that shed light on potential concerns regarding the welfare of the horses housed within this luxurious stable.

Here’s a summary of the public’s sentiments drawn from their responses:

  1. MedicineHatPaint: Criticizes the facility for not having hay, bedding, or water, and suggests that the horses kept in artificially lit conditions seem sedated and miserable.
  2. melonmagellan: States that the horses look extremely unhappy, as though they wish they weren’t alive.
  3. NFTY_GIFTY: Expresses sadness at the sight of the horses in such a polished, artificial setting, indicating a desire to set them free to roam and bask in sunlight.
  4. Interesting_Fly5154: As an equestrian, they are disgusted with the horses’ treatment, highlighting that they are not mere museum artifacts but living creatures that deserve proper care and natural living conditions.
  5. dearyvette: Cites some relief in knowing that the horses live in proper stables when not on display, but expresses concern throughout their display time.
  6. CDN_Bookmouse: Expresses disgust at the sight of horses on marble flooring, and speculates that the horses might be drugged due to their listless demeanor.
  7. MedicineHatPaint (2nd comment): Agrees with CDN_Bookmouse’s speculation, suggesting that the horses indeed appear to be sedated.
Bryanna Tanase
Bryanna Tanase

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