How Much Does an Arabian Horse Cost (Detailed Cost Analysis)

A horse’s breed is one factor that dictates its price and being one of the most expensive horse breeds, one can’t help but think about just how much does an Arabian horse cost?

Known as one of the oldest breeds, its elegance makes it one of the most expensive and beautiful horses on earth.

But why are Arabian horses so expensive? 

Let’s find out.

How Much Does An Arabian Horse Cost To Purchase?

Arabian horse price is often thousands of dollars, falling anywhere between $5000 to $30000, but prized show horses are sold for as high as $150000 or even more!


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It is possible to get one for less, but there is likely a reason for this, that is not always ideal, such as health issues, rideability problems, or old age.

How Much Does a Baby Arabian Horse Cost?

A baby Arabian horse can cost anywhere from $5000 to $10000. on average. Sometimes you can find one cheaper if it doesn’t meet quality standards. And you can expect to pay more for an exceptional Arabian foal.

Check out this beautiful Arabian foal competing.

How Much is a Female Arabian Horse?

An Arabian mare costs anywhere between $5000-$30000. An accomplished show mare can bring an asking price well over $30000. Also, expect to pay a premium for a mare from top breeding stock.

And the daughter of a ‘black type’ (a female that comes from consistently top-performing mare lines), can cost even more.

But is it one of the most expensive horse in the world?

How Much is a Black Arabian?

Popular horse breeds, such as the Black Arabian horses are rare. If the horse is black and contains all the other qualities of top bloodlines, confirmation, and talent, expect it to fall into the upper price bracket of at least $30000.

Factors That Influence The Arabian Horse Cost

There are different types of Arabian horses, each kind having characteristics that will differentiate one from the other.

Despite their differences, there are factors that determine Arabian horse prices.

1. Health

The first thing you will always want to check is the health of the horse you plan to buy. 

Have someone who is knowledgeable about horses, as a veterinarian, give the horse you plan to buy a good checkup so you can be assured that you are buying a healthy horse. This is called vetting.

2. Physical Features

Arabian horses are considered to be one of the most expensive breeds of horses in the world. For the highest quality Arabian horses, they have to have distinct features defined by breed standards.

The most recognizable of these features is the breed’s concave or very dished face. They are also small horses that stand an average of 14.1 to 15.1 hands tall. [1]

The closure to the ideal of these standards, the higher the price.

The breed weighs an average of 800 to 1000 pounds with the most common coat colors of chestnut, gray, and bay. They do come with a black coat but this is rare.

White markings are possible on the face and legs. They have small heads, wide-set eyes, small ears, and fine bones. Also, all Arabians have black skin under their main coat color.

The closure to the ideal the horse’s conformation is, and the more quality horse it is, the more it can cost.

Learn more about the characteristics of the Arabian in this video.

3. Lineage

Another important attribute that can drive up the price is its lineage. Selective breeding is done to preserve certain bloodlines.

While these horses are collectively known as Arabian horses, there are different types and not all of them may be considered pure breeds.

Among the different types of Arabian horse breeds, the Desert Arabian is the one that is considered to be the original breed. Otherwise known as the Bedouin Desert Arabian.

Today, the Bedouin, a true desert horse, is extremely rare and can command a high price. Some, very special ones can even cost millions of dollars.

READ MORE: What Are the Different Types of Arabian Horses?

4. Age 

Horses within the age range of 7 -14 years are in their prime as far as riding goes. This makes horses around this age to be more expensive compared to those in other age brackets, especially those that are in their late teens.

5. Level of Training and Show Records

Training a horse takes a lot of expense. Some horses are quite well-trained, especially those that compete at a high level and have won top prizes at horse events. 

Horses that have show records demand a higher price compared to those without. Those with little training, for example, younger horses will cost less.

Check out this horse show video featuring Arabians here.

6. Half-breeds

You can find both pure Arabians and part-bred types that are crossed with another breed.

As expected, purebred horses can demand a much higher price compared to a half-bred ones. These are registered under the Arabian Horse registry.

A Half-Arabian horse is a mix of Arabian and another kind of breed. These are registered under the International Arabian Horse Association. 

How Much Does it Cost for an Arabian Horse to Upkeep?

The ongoing costs that come with owning this expensive horse breed don’t stop with the purchase. 

Caring for an individual horse alone entails monthly expenses that you need to consider if you plan to own one.

In fact, many horses like these are not owned by a single person. Instead, they are horses that are shared by multiple people in order to offset the huge expenses that may come with owning an Arabian horse.

Here’s a quick summary table of the estimated cost.

Estimated Cost
InsurancePremiums start at $150
Food and Vitamins$4000 annually
Housing$4000 to $20000
Farrier$600-$3600 yearly
Grooming Service$10 – $135 per visit
Dental Care$50 – $100 per treatment
Horse Training$25 – $100 per session
Veterinary ServicesCertificates – $25 – $100
Deworming & checkups – $50 – $350 per visit
Vaccinations – $300 – $800 are year

1. Initial Expenses

Horses of this exotic breed will need the following items upon purchase as part of the initial expense that you will need to include in your budget when buying one:

  • saddle
  • saddle pad
  • bridle
  • tack
  • blankets


policy insurance papers

Horse insurance is optional, but a highly recommended, expense that comes with owning this breed of horse.

The Arabian horse breed is highly valuable so you would want to make sure that any unexpected injury or death will be covered so you can recover some expenses.

Premiums start at $150, depending on how much coverage you want.

2. Food and Vitamins

Arabian horses need a wide variety of food in order for their nutritional needs to be met. [2] They will be in need of high-quality hay that is around, eating 1 – 1.5% of their body weight per day of forage.

They will also require grains that come in premixed formulas.

Vitamin supplements are also sometimes necessary to fill the gap for what whatever is lacking in their daily diet.

The average cost of food and supplements can go as high as $4000 annually.

3. Housing

a massive horse stable

Having extra space and land is great if you plan to own those breeds of horse. It will spare you some of the expenses needed for housing.

You will still have to build a stable or barn for your horse and that can cost around $4000 to $20000. Or even more, if you want all the fancy finishes.

If you don’t have that extra space though, you will have to consider boarding your horse at stables.

Monthly boarding has an average price that is anywhere from $100 to $600 depending on the package offered by the stable owner.

4. Farrier, Grooming Service, and Dental Care

The hooves of horses need to be maintained every four to six weeks. This includes regular trimming and horseshoe replacement.

For this, you will need an excellent, qualified farrier. Farriers are individuals who are trained to make shoes and maintain horses’ hooves. 

The cost for their services ranges anywhere from $600 for just trims to $3600 yearly.

You would also want to maintain your horse’s coat, in which case you will need the services of a groomer. The cost of their service ranges anywhere from $10 – $135 per visit.

An Arabian’s horse teeth need constant maintenance too! [3] Expenses for these range from $50 – $100, per treatment. This needs to be done at least once per year.

5. Horse Training

a horse being trained

Any Arabian horse owner would want to have his horse engage in equestrian sports, whether it is horse shows or pleasure riding. 

Regardless, these all entail training. Trainer costs can be pricey and they need to be done on a regular basis. Prices range anywhere from $25 – $100 per session. 

6. Veterinary Services

There is a wide range of veterinary services that you will have to avail of from regular checkups to the issuance of health certificates and Coggins that only a licensed veterinarian can give.

Certificates cost anywhere between $25 – $100.

Services like deworming and checkups range anywhere between $50 – $350 per visit, depending on the services rendered. Vaccinations are also a necessity. Which can cost $300 – $800 are year.

Emergencies like injury or disease will even cost more. An example is a colic, which is common in horses. Treating this condition costs anywhere between $500 –  $10000.


How long does an Arabian horse live?

Arabian horses are a hardy breed that can live at an average of 25 to 30 years.

Are Arabian horses good for beginners?

Arabian horse looking down

Arabian horses are hot-blooded, like the thoroughbred, and not the best for beginners. However, they have a gentle nature and intelligence which can make some of them suitable for a beginner.

What are Arabian horses used for?

Arabian horses are versatile horses that can be used for a wide variety of activities including endurance riding, polo, dressage, western cutting, and trail riding.

Are Arabian horses a loyal breed?

Arabians are known as an extremely loyal breed. They are sociable, gentle, and intelligent.


So, how much does an Arabian horse cost? Expect to pay several thousand dollars for this breed. Their beauty, elegance, and nature make them one of the most popular horse breeds around.

Because of all the qualities they possess, it is no wonder that many horse lovers look at the Arabian breed as one of the most desirable types of horses to have.

There are many things to consider though when thinking about how much is an Arabian horse. When looking into this question, many often stop at the price of the horse itself which alone already costs a lot.

Beyond the initial purchase, it also has to be stressed that there are many additional costs to consider when it comes to the horse’s upkeep. These are all necessary in order to keep your horse healthy and happy.

When thinking of owning an Arabian, make sure to include all of these as you think about costs.

That said, costs shouldn’t be a deterrent to owning an Arabian horse. Look into sharing ownership of the horse. That way, you can still enjoy owning one of the most sought-after breeds in the world.

Arabian Horse Cost Breakdown

What are your plans that you know now how much an Arabian horse costs? Please share with us down in the comment section!


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