What to Wear Horseback Riding on the Beach? [Best Picks]

What To Wear Horseback Riding on the Beach?

Spending time by the sea with your horse is a dream for many but what to wear horseback riding on the beach is a common question.

I’ve been lucky to experience beach horseback riding on many occasions.

As far as clothes go, it is a more casual type of ride, and I learned some great tips that I wanted to share with you.

So, let’s take a look at my guide to equestrian beach necessities.

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7 Beach Horse Riding Clothing

While you don’t need any fancy riding clothes to ride on the beach, you still need to stick to the basics.

This means you need clothing that is safe for horseriding, provides you with protection and keeps you comfortable.

1. Riding Helmet

A helmet is one of the most important things need to wear. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner rider or an experienced rider. Schooling or trail riding helmets are perfect for beach horseback riding. 

Head injuries are always serious and sometimes catastrophic. Even the most bombproof horse in the world can spook or fall. There is a huge choice of riding helmets available from tack shops, many at reasonable prices.

The only main things you need to worry about are that the helmet is designed for equestrian use, has safety certifications, and it fits properly.

Other types of headgear, such as bike helmets are not suitable or safe for any type of horseback riding adventure.

For hot weather, a summer riding helmet with good ventilation is what I suggest. I find the Tipperary Sportage is ideal for the summer heat. It is lightweight and has lots of ventilation slots.

Check other Tipperary riding helmets.

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2. Attachable Helmet Sun Visor

If you’ve spent any time at the mean you know how important it is to protect your eyes. So much light reflects off the water and sand that it can irate your eyes.

The Equivisor Helmet Visor has a nice wide brim and fits more riding hats.

Equivisor Helmet Visor

A good solution to protect your vision while taking part in this special activity is to stick a sun visor on your helmet. There are several equestrian helmet visor options, some are pretty cheap.

3. Long Pants

You don’t need to wear breeches for a beach ride. Though if you wanted to wear breeches that’s perfectly OK! 

However, while proper riding pants aren’t necessary, you still need to wear long pants, with one exception which I’ll tell you about later. While it is tempting to throw on a pair of shorts for summer beach riding, I suggest avoiding this at all costs.

That is if you are using a saddle. Long pants protect your legs from the leather of the saddle or stirrup leathers rubbing. These rubs are really painful! Been there, don’t that. You’ll regret it.

Alternatives to breeches that you can wear are leggings, yoga pants (if they’re long enough), riding tights, and jeans. I really like Stetson Jeans, they have both lady’s and men’s styles.

If you are thinking of riding tights, Aubrion Ladies Dutton Tights, come in a fun beachy color and have a full seat.

Aubrion Ladies Dutton Tights

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of yoga pants, Heathyoga Yoga Pants come in lots of colors and are reasonably priced.

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Though, if you plan on going in the ocean, jeans aren’t the best idea. If they get wet they are pretty uncomfortable and will take ages to dry.

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4. Tops

Since you’re at the beach, you might think swimwear will do. However, it is not appropriate for a horseback ride on the beach. A bikini top is not going to provide you with much support when you go for a gallop!

The best type of shirt to wear is a lightweight sports top. Horse riding sun shirts are a great option. They are breathable, light, dry super fast, and provide UV protection.

Sun shirts come with long sleeves like the Aubrion Ladies Newbury Sun Shirt and with short sleeves like the Kerrits Aire Icefil Print top.

Kerrits Aire Icefil Print S/S

Alternatively, if you prefer to wear a sports top, check out the MoFiz Women’s UPF 50+ Sun Protection shirt or the Athilio 50+ Long Sleeve Workout Shirt for long sleeves.

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And the Women’s UPF 50+ UV Protection Shirt for short sleeves.

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T-shirts are also an option but I personally prefer a sports top since they are lighter and more comfortable if you get sweaty or wet from the water.

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5. Undergarments

You might put less thought into what underwear to put on than the rest of your outfit. However, choosing the right undergarments can make your horseback riding experience much more pleasant.

I suggest women wear a sports bra, which is far more comfortable for horse riding than a regular bra.

The Aubrion Dagenham Sports Bra is designed for horse riders and is made with quick-dry fabric, perfect for the beach!

As for underwear, put on what is the most comfortable but a technical fabric is more suitable.

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6. Shoes

Just because you are at the beach, it does not mean you can neglect to wear adequate riding boots. You don’t need to wear tall riding boots. Paddock boots or cowboy boots will do perfectly.

Saxon Ladies Syntovia Zip Paddock Boots are a great, cheap boot for both English and western riders.

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Smoky Mountain Ladies Mesa Square Toe Boots have a pretty blue shaft that will have you styling on the beach.

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Don’t wear cowboy boots when riding in an English saddle as the boots tend to be too bulky for the stirrups. 

One important safety consideration for horse riders I want to point out is that there are some types of footwear that you should never wear on horseback. 

Don’t wear sneakers as they are too wide and the soles are too thick. It is very easy for your foot to get stuck in the stirrups. Also, avoid all types of open shoes, whether it be flip-flops or sandals. Stick to equestrian heeled boots.

They are not secure on your feet, have no heel to stop your foot from going through the stirrup, and if the horse steps on you, you are in for a serious injury.

There is a wide choice of suitable equestrian footwear including the most expensive horse riding boots.

7. Jacket

Horse riding on the beach isn’t just for the summer, in some regions, it’s an outdoor activity you can enjoy year-round. For rainy, windy, or colder days, you will want a waterproof jacket to keep you dry.

The Ovation Ladies Ayleen Waterproof Jacket is designed for horse riders, is lightweight, and it’s breathable.

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Check out this rider enjoying her first ride on the beach. Notice all the riders in the video are wearing appropriate clothes for horseback riding.

4 Accessories You Should Have When Riding Horse On Beach

In addition to your clothes, “what to wear horseback riding on the beach”, also requires some accessories.

1. Sunglasses

If you don’t have a visor or, like me, have eyes that are really sensitive to light, stick on a pair of sunglasses. The type doesn’t really matter, so long as you like the style and they are comfortable.

They not only protect your eyes from UV light, but they also keep sand from blowing in your eyes.

Ray-Ban Classic Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses are a great option that will work with a riding helmet and for when you’re out of the saddle as well!

No products found.

2. Gloves

Wearing gloves when riding is a personal preference. I always wear them but some riders prefer bare hands. Gloves will help ensure that you don’t lose grip if your hands get sweaty.

I like OEQ Cool Mesh Gloves for the summer and they are quite cheap!

riidng gloves

For colder weather, Roeckl Warwick Winter Unisex Gloves are worth considering.

Roeckl Warwick Winter Unisex Gloves

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3. Sunscreen

No products found.

Sunscreen is a must-have at the beach. It is easy to get sunburn without realizing and light reflections are stronger.

Banana Boat Ultra Sport Sunscreen Lotion is a popular product that has some water and sweat resistance.

No products found.

4. Cell Phone Holder

No products found.

If you are like me, you feel like you’ve lost an arm if your phone is not nearby. When riding, you will want to have your cell phone with you to take pictures and just have a way to contact someone if necessary.

AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch secures around your waist, is waterproof, and has room for other valuables. 

Many riding pants have a cell phone pocket, which is one option. However, this might not be the most secure option for beach rides.

If you want another option a running belt, fanny pack, or belt pouch are secure hands-free ways to keep your phone close but safe. I suggest using a waterproof one.

Many clothes that are made specifically for equestrians are great for the beach, so check out what to wear horseback riding in the summer.

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The video shows you some good tips for carrying your phone on a horse.

What Not to Wear on Horseback Riding on the Beach?

While, what you can wear horseback riding on the beach is pretty flexible, there are some things you should never wear.


Never wear shorts if you are using a saddle. You will get sore on your legs from rubbing, and if you’ve ever had a saddle sore, you’ll know how painful they are.

However, remember I said earlier that there is one exception?

Well, that one exception is if you ride bareback. In this case, shorts are fine, especially if you go into the water.

Flip Flops or Sandles

Flip flops and sandals are not safe shoes to wear when horse riding as they are not closed-toe shoes.

They are not stable, lack a heel, and expose your foot. If you feel and the horse accidentally steps on your foot the result isn’t pretty.


Swimwear, especially bikinis are great for lounging on the sand but not for in the saddle.


Can I wear leggings horseback riding?

Yes, you can wear leggings horseback riding. They are more slippery in the saddle but suitable for casual horseback riding and beginner riders. Just make sure they are thick.

Can you go horse riding on your period?

girl riding a quiet horse

You can absolutely go horse riding on your period. If you’re worried about leaks, some riders like to use period panties in addition to their regular products.

Can you wear sneakers for horseback riding?

No, never wear sneakers for horseback riding. It is very dangerous. Sneakers do not have the right type of heal and are too wide. Also, they have thick soles and can easily get stuck in the stirrups.

Do you have to wear jeans horseback riding?

No, you don’t have to wear jeans when riding a horse. In fact, many riders prefer wearing riding tights or breeches as they don’t bunch up or have seems in uncomfortable places.

Can you go horseback riding in shorts?

Generally, you should not ride in shorts and you will get saddle sores. However, when riding bareback it is ok to wear shorts.


Now you know what to wear horseback riding on the beach, so it’s time to go out and tick it off your bucket list!

One final tip about beach riding – make sure you do it on a sensible, experienced horse that copes with the beach well.

The beach can be a scary place for a horse. Many don’t like crashing waves, running people, and wide-open space can make them fresh!

ladies riding on brown horses on the beach

What are your favorite outfits when riding on a beach? Let us know below!

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