11 Great Places to Ride Horses on the Beach and Have Fun!

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Galloping across the sand is a dream many share so what are some places to ride horses on the beach?

You might not know, and in fact, I didn’t know that there were so many places in the USA where I can ride horses on the beach.

Well, I found some amazing spots, which I’m going to share with you here.

And don’t forget, you’ll need a pair of the best affordable riding boots for your adventure!

11 Places Where to Ride Horses on the Beach

#1 Myrtle Beach Horseback Riding

Location: Garden City Beach, South Carolina

When: November 1st-February 28th

Cost: $75

Myrtle Beach Horseback Riding offers guided rides all year round but their beach rides are only available from late fall until Spring. During the summer they offer beautiful horseback rides through the wooded countryside.

Beach rides are 1h 30 minutes long. All riders are led by experienced guides and the horses are experienced and suitable for non-riders or beginners. You will ride western on your outdoor adventure.

Weight limits apply. This is for the welfare of the horses.

Make sure to bring some beach horse riding clothes with you!

silhouette of couple riding horses on the beach

#2 Amelia Island Horseback Riding

Location: Amelia Island, Florida

When: October 2nd – April 30th

Cost: $100 – $150

If you want to have a memorable experience in a spectacular location looking between the ears of a horse, this location certainly delivers.

Riders will experience the unspoiled setting of Fernandina Beach with a helpful guide. They even offer sunrise and sunset horseback riding tours. 

The horses are suitable for those who haven’t ridden before and children older than age 6 can take part when accompanied by an adult. The riding style is western.

One-hour beach rides are only available in the cooler months to protect turtles during nesting season. Like most places that offer guided rides a weight limit applies.

#3 Bradenton Horseback Riding on the Beach

Location: C Ponies, Bradenton, FL

When: Contact them to see ride times

Cost: $160 – $175

Another fantastic Florida beach riding experience that is a little different from the others. Not only do you have the chance to walk along the beach you can also go swimming with your horse.

Bradenton is located on Florida’s west coast, just south of Tampa. They have a day ride and sunset rides. What I really like about this place is that the majority of their horses are rescues.

They have taken these horses from terrible situations and given them a new, loving life. The majority are Gypsy Vanners, which from my own personal experience are amazing trekking partners.

Rides last 1 hour and 30 minutes and weight limits are enforced.

couple riding horses on the beach

#4 Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort

Location: Oceano, California

When: Contact them for times

Cost: Contact them for prices

Pacific Dunes is an RV resort that offers beach horse rides for its guests. It is a family vacation location in California’s Pismo beach region. 

You will get the chance to ride a gentle horse through the sand dunes of this stunning beach area.

#5 Bob Straub State Park

Location: Near Tillamook, Oregon

When: Contact them for times

Cost: $4 to $235

If you have your own horse Bob Straub State Park allows riders to trailer in to go horse riding on the beach and within the park. This location is just amazing and has one of the region’s most pristine beaches!

What is unique about this location is that activities within the park are quite limited. They don’t even allow camping or bikes. You can know you’ll experience a tranquil setting.

For those that don’t have their own horse, you can still experience riding along the Pacific Coast by going to Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides, which is located in Pacific City.

Green Acres takes you on a ride into the park and along the ocean’s edge with friendly guides. They have options for the beginner rider and the more experienced rider. Riders must be age 8 or older and fall within the weight limits.

#6 Turtle Bay Resort Horse Riding

Location: Kahuku, Oʻahu, Hawaii

When: Contact them for times

Cost: $52 – $145

Tick two things off your bucket list with this experience, Hawaii, and horseback riding on the beach. Turtle Bay offers a number of different horse experiences for all levels of riders, with some specifically for children.

Younger children can get a pony ride and spend time learning how to care for a horse. For older children aged between 7 – 14, a horsemanship experience will certainly provide a pony fix.

Beach tours are available for both beginner and advanced adult riders. They offer both group and private rides.

back of a woman riding horse on the beach

#7 Willamette Coast Ride

Location: Foothill Farms, Carlton Oregon

When: Contact them for times

Cost: Contact them for prices

This isn’t just a 1-hour trail ride. The Willamette Coast Ride is a real equestrian adventure where you spend 7-days riding along this beautiful coastline.

Only intermediate and advanced riders can take part as the ride includes cantering. You will journey through vineyards, forests, and of course along the Pacific Ocean. The beach locations you will see are exceptional.

This trip is a truly beautiful experience along the Oregon coast with nature trails and amazing views that you won’t forget.

Here’s a taste of what this ride offers.

#8 Maine Beaches

Location: Maine – various locations

When: Contact them for times

Cost: Contact them for prices

Maine is a popular summer vacation spot, I’ve enjoyed it myself many times. However, you might not know that in the off-season, some beaches allow you to bring and ride your own horse.

This means that horses can access the beach from September or October, depending on local rules. Two amazing beaches are Parsons Beach in Kennebunkport and Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg.

Popham Beach State Park requires you to have a Horse Permit to ride there. [1]

For Parson’s Beach, it is possible to stable nearby, at River Hurst Farm. River Hurst also provides guided beach rides if you don’t have your own horse. [2]

Maine isn’t the only state to ride horses on the beach. The best way to check if your state allows this is to contact the local town hall. Remember horses on beaches are often restricted to certain times of the year.

#9 Horses On The Beach Corpus Christi

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

When: Contact them for times

Cost: $89 – $119

Horses On The Beach takes beginners, experienced, and young riders out with guides on calm, friendly horses. Beach tours are either 1-hour or 1 hour 30 minutes. Plus, they have a sunset ride that will definitely give you that magical sense of freedom.

This video shows you more about this stunning location.

#10 Sea Island Beach

Location: Rainbow Island, Georgia

When: Contact them for times

Cost: $120

This is a family friendly ride that allows children from the age of 10. They often have a morning, midday, and afternoon ride, but you will need to contact them for what’s on.

What is great about this location is that they don’t have seasonal restrictions, so you can go beach riding at any time of the year.

#11 Ten Mile Beach

Location: Fort Bragg, California

When: Contact them for times

Cost: From $65

Ten Mile Beach is one of California’s most spectacular coastlines and the perfect setting for equine adventures. There are a number of ranches in the area that provide guided rides on the beach.

Ricochet Ridge Ranch offers several ride slots each day. Children age 6 and up can enjoy this fun activity regardless of experience level.

For your adventure, you’ll need some great summer casual horse riding outfits.


Can you ride horses on a public beach?

Yes, some public beaches allow horse riding. However, is often season limited if it is allowed. Check with the local town hall for the rules.

What island can you ride horses on the beach?

horse and girl swimming

There are many islands where you can ride horses on the beach including Amelia Island, the Hawaiian Islands, the US Virgin Islands, and the Bahammas.

What beach has wild horses?

Assateague Island, near the famous Chincoteague Island off the coast of Virginia has wild horses. You can also see wild horses on Corolla and the Shackleford Banks; part of the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Can you ride horses on Panama City beach?

No, but you can ride horses on Cape San Blas, which is just south of Panama City.


I hope my top picks for places to ride horses on the beach have given you the inspiration to pack your backs and head out to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea with a horse!

couple riding on their horses on the white sand beach

Have you ever ridden a horse on the beach? If so where? I’d love to hear about your equine adventures and what excellent destinations you recommend.


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