8 Best Bell Boots For Horses (Equestrian’s Top Picks)

Look no further to find the best bell boots for horses! Best over reach boots for keeping shoes on!

05/15/2024 08:53 pm GMT

I’ve combined years of experience and trial and error to create this guide to what I think are the best options.

There are styles to suit every purpose, activity, and price range. 

Let’s find the perfect pair of boots for your horse.

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What Are The Best Bell Boots for Horses? 8 Top Options

What are the best bell boots for horses? Let’s check out my 8 top picks. I’m sure you’ll find a pair that will suit you perfectly.

Don’t have time to go through the whole list? Here’s a quick overview.

#1 Professionals Choice Equine Ballistic Hoof Overreach Bell Boot (WINNER)

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05/19/2024 06:26 am GMT

I just love these bell boots. They are modern, durable, shock-absorbing, and fit well. Unlike many bell boot options, they are less likely to twist and turn around your horse’s fetlock due to the bulb notch.

This is because the back is somewhat flat, which creates a strike zone. The back also has extra padding, which provides excellent protection and helps prevent heel grabs – a nasty injury that takes surprisingly long to heal, in my experience.

Not only do these boots fit well and offer fantastic injury prevention, but they also come in a ton of fun colors. 

The boots are made from ballistic nylon and have soft padding around the top to help prevent rubs. If you don’t know, ballistic nylon is an extremely tough material. It is the same material that is used to make bulletproof vests.

The velcro closure is strong and keeps the boots on securely.

Features & Attributes

  • Ballistic nylon
  • No-turn-knob
  • Hook and loop
  • Variety of colors including – black, pink, wine, purple, raspberry, royal blue, white, brown, navy, turquoise, pacific blue, red, hunter green, and charcoal


  • Sizes from Small to XXL

Benefits & Drawbacks of Professionals Choice Equine Ballistic Hoof Bell Boot

No turnThe velcro loses its stickiness if they get wet often
Absorbs shockRun a bit small
Great color choice
Superior protection

How it Compares to Others

These aren’t the cheapest option, but they will last a long time for most horses. They are one of the most durable and protective options.

Expert Tips

Unsure how to put on bell boots? Watch this video to learn how. It’s straightforward. Promise!

What Other Horse Parents Say About Professionals’ Choice Equine Ballistic Hoof Bell Boot

“These boots are of top-notch quality. My horse has a significant overreach issue, and bell boots weren’t doing the job. They slid around, rotated, and provided little protection for the hoof. These are the complete opposite.”


“I have a Holsteiner that pulls off his shoes without bell boots. These are GREAT! They don’t spin, and they stay on. I love these boots.”

#2 Horze Equestrian Ballistic Overreach Horse Boots – Best Value Ballistic Boot

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05/19/2024 06:30 am GMT

Look at these ballistic boots if you love the winner above but want something cheaper. While the Professionals Choice has tons of colors, these only come in navy and black.

These boots are lightweight and have a soft top cuff to prevent rubbing. They are shaped with a flat back to prevent turning.

You can find these boots on Chewy or Equinavia.

Features & Attributes

  • Hook and loop closure
  • Soft fetlock cuff
  • Come in black or navy
  • Shock-absorbing lining


  • Sizes from small to XX-large

Benefits & Drawbacks of Horze Equestrian Ballistic Overreach Horse Boots

No turnSome equestrians wish they were softer.
Shock absorbing
Reduce strike injuries

How it Compares to Others

These are another no-turn option but at a more budget-friendly price. They are sturdy and offer excellent protection for daily riding.

Expert Tips

Watch this video to learn how to fit ballistic no-turn bell boots correctly.

What Other Horse Parents Say About Horze Equestrian Ballistic Overreach Horse Boots

“The only bell boots that mostly stay on my giant boy”

Check Latest Price

Horze Balistic Overreach Boots — $29.99

Protect your horse’s sensitive coronet band and heel with the Horze Overreach Boots.

#3 Tough1 Thick Gum Rubber Slip-On Bell Boots – Best For Staying On

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05/15/2024 08:49 pm GMT

These Tough1 rubber bell boots are old-fashioned. They are the type of boot that you would see years ago all the time when there weren’t any other choices.

If you have a horse that is in the habit of losing boots when out in the paddock, pull-ons are an excellent option.

They are a pain. You know what to put on and take off. I know! But they have no closure, so they can’t pop off. They aren’t pretty but they do the job.

Features & Attributes

  • Thick Gum Rubber
  • Ribbed
  • Stretchy material


  • Medium but, you may find additional sizes sometimes

Benefits & Drawbacks of Tough1 Thick Gum Rubber Slip-On Bell Boots

Don’t fall offNot very shock absorbing
The horse can’t take them offDifficult to put on and take off as they are pull-on boots
Easy to cleanCan rip if a hoof catches them hard enough
Affordable boot

How it Compares to Others

These are economical bell boots that you have to pull on over the hoof, while others have velcro closures and absorb shock better.

Expert Tips

Learn how to use these types of bell boots in this video.

What Other Horse Parents Say About Tough1 Thick Gum Rubber Slip-On Bell Boots

“I had never used the rubber bell boots before but now have a horse who overreaches and pulls off his shoes, so I had to have boots that could stay on 24/7. I had heard how hard pull-on bell boots are to apply and remove, but these boots have a good amount of stretch to the tops, and they are not hard to put on or take off at all.”

Get it With:

#4 Shires Equestrian Equine Horse Arma Fleece Overreach Bell Boots – Best Budget Fleece Boots

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05/19/2024 06:55 am GMT

If you have a horse with sensitive skin that overreaches, but you don’t have a big budget, these are a good option.

I have a pair of these fleece bell boots myself. The top is covered in soft fleece, so they are gentle against your horse’s skin.

Features & Attributes

  • Gum rubber
  • Double touch-and-close fastening
  • Fleece top
  • Come in black, purple, orange, and bright green


  • Pony, cob, full, and extra full

Benefits & Drawbacks of Shires Equestrian Equine Horse Arma Fleece Overreach

Protect pasternsDon’t use it in mud or very wet weather
Budget-friendlyNot the most durable
Prevent scraps

How it Compares to Others

While these aren’t the most shock-absorbing pair of boots, the top is very soft and one of the best options for protecting the coronet band.

Expert Tips

Even though they might look minor, heel bulb wounds can be sore and slow to heal. Towcester & Onley Equine Vets show you what these types of injuries look like and how to treat them. 

What Other Horse Parents Say About Shires Equestrian Equine Horse Arma Fleece Overreach

“The ARMA fleece-topped bell boots are more than worth the money. The fleece stays soft, the velcro is strong, and they’re just overall very well made.”

#5 Horze Pro Overreach Neoprene Horse Bell Boots – Great For Turnout

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05/19/2024 07:05 am GMT

We have tons of these boots around the barn between all of us that ride there. They are really good for turnout time.

I find the velcro really grippy and sturdy. The neoprene material is soft and provides protection from hits from hind shoes.

At the barn, most people use them for turnout to prevent lost shoes because they are pretty long, so they provide great hoof coverage. However, you can ride with them as well.

Features & Attributes

  • Neoprene material
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Come in black, blue, green, grey, orange, purple, yellow, white, and raspberry


  • Small to XX-large

Benefits & Drawbacks of Horze Pro Overreach Neoprene Bell Boots

Good shock absorptionVery basic looking
Soft and comfortableCan rip or chip easily
Strong velcro closure

How it Compares to Others

These are basic boots. They are strips of shaped neoprene with strong velcro closures. They don’t have a fancy finish, but they work well and are one of the most comfortable options.

Expert Tips

Don’t underestimate heel bulb strikes. They can result in serious, hard-to-manage wounds. One study found that several horses had complications from their injury, and some even had to be euthanized.[1]

The study concluded, “Horses that sustain heel bulb lacerations can successfully return to their intended use. Involvement of the distal interphalangeal joint is associated with poor prognosis.” [1]

What Other Horse Parents Say About Horze Pro Overreach Neoprene Horse Bell Boots

“Absolutely love these bell boots! They are the most versatile, long-lasting, durable, customizable (can trim to fit with a sharp pair of heavy-duty scissors) budget-friendly bell boots. Velcro holds very well in all types of conditions/ weather. Easy to hose off, and you can also throw them in the washer.”

#6 Weaver Leather Ballistic No-Turn Bell Boots – Most Fun

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05/14/2024 01:00 am GMT

These are fantastic pairs of ballistic boots. They don’t turn and are just as good at adding protection as my Winner. However, that’s where the similarities end.

To brighten up your tack box, you need a bit of color and to step away from boring black boots. Enter the Weaver Leather Ballistic No-Turn Bell Boots. 

You don’t see many protective boots that come in fun colors and patterns like these. Prevent overreach injuries with style. Everyone will want to know where you got them!

Features & Attributes

  • 2520 ballistic nylon
  • Shock-absorbing neoprene
  • Anatomical shape
  • Come in the rainbow, geo print, cactus print, and tribal print


  • Small, medium, and large

Benefits & Drawbacks of Weaver Leather Ballistic Bell Boot

Durable bootsVelcro can lose its grip
Quality closuresSome users find the sizing off
Fun colors

How it Compares to Others

While these boots have the same great qualities as my winner, they come first for the most fun option with their fun patterns and color.

Expert Tips

Did you know that bell boots have an interesting equine physiotherapy use? By putting just one boot on a weaker leg, front or hind, you can increase the proprioceptive signals to the horse.

It essentially makes the horse more aware so that they remember to use the weaker leg. This helps build muscle and correct asymmetry.

According to Adrian P. Harrison, Ph.D., of the Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences, Copenhagen University in Denmark. “If you place something that is loose around the fetlock—and it doesn’t have to weigh much—then the horse feels it and begins to engage that limb more than it was doing before,” [2]

What Other Horse Parents Say About Weaver Leather Ballistic No-Turn Bell Boots

“They are durable and easy to use and worth the money” “The best no-turn boots I’ve ever bought”


“Super good quality and they’re so cute! Definitely worth the price!”

#7 Zandona Royal Bell – Best Premium Bell Boots

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I’m a real fan of Zandona’s products. I have their tendon boots. These are ‘dressage’ bell boots, but any horse can wear them.

If you have a horse with really sensitive skin, these are worth the price. The tops are covered in thick Merino wool to provide extra comfort. 

The boots have a neoprene inner to absorb shocks, and the outer has a protective coating. 

Zandona is an Italian brand, and the boots are made in Italy. If you want a slightly cheaper option that still has wool tops take a look at the version from Horze.

Features & Attributes

  • Merino wool top
  • Lightweight
  • Double Velcro closure
  • Come in black


  • Medium, large, and extra-large

Benefits & Drawbacks of Zandona Royal Bell

Great for sensitive pasternsExpensive
Ultimate protectionNot suitable for turnout

How it Compares to Others

These are premium boots, so they are expensive. But if you have a horse with sensitive skin, the soft top is ideal and probably better than some of the other options.

Expert Tips

I advise users not to use these boots for turnout, especially when you have a muddy paddock as the fluff will get ruined. However, in addition to riding, they are also good for shipping to protect your horse’s pasterns.

#8 Veredus Carbon Shield – Best Technical Overreach Boots

Veredus Carbon Shield, Black, Small
$291.99 ($291.99 / Count)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/15/2024 08:53 pm GMT

For something a little different, I’m going to include these ultra-modern overreach boots. These are not like your regular bell boots

Unlike standard boots that are loose and move, these boots are fitted with the aim that they don’t move at all.

Overall there is less material, which I find looks nicer. They have super strong protection over the heel, coronet band, and the lower rear part of the fetlock.

The boots are not designed to prevent shoe loss. They are ideal for sports horses. Zandona also makes a boot in this style. It is called the Zandona Carbon Air Heel.

Features & Attributes

  • Two adjustable fastenings
  • Elastic straps
  • Neoprene strap
  • Strike plate
  • Neoprene lining
  • Carbon effect outer shell
  • Come in brown or black


Small, medium, and large

Benefits & Drawbacks Veredus Carbon Shield

Excellent heel protectionExpensive
Fitted so no slipping or flappingNot suitable for turnout
Non-twistDon’t prevent horses from pulling shoes

How it Compares to Others

These boots are different from all the others. They are designed specifically for sports horses to prevent heel injuries.

Expert Tips

Take a peek at this video to closely examine these boots and how they go on.

What Do Bell Boots Do For Horses?

Bell boots protect the pastern, heel, and coronary band from injuries resulting from strikes from the horse’s legs. They also help reduce the chances of a horse catching its shoe and pulling it off.

They are used in three circumstances:

  • When riding
  • For paddock turnout
  • During shipping

One signs your horse needs bell boots when riding is if you hear a clinking sound. This means that your horse is overreaching and hitting its front foot with its hind as it moves.

Another sign is if your horse sustains a scrap or cut when being ridden or turnout out especially if your horse tends to play a lot in the paddock.

During shipping, your horse is continuously trying to keep its balance and may shuffle about. This can sometimes result in your horse stepping on itself. The boots will help prevent an injury from this.

To learn more, check out what are bell boots used for horses.

What to Look at When Buying Bell Boots for Horses?

When looking to buy bell boots for horses, there are a few things to consider including fit, purpose, durability, material, and style.

To learn more about the different types of protective gear, you can check out support boots for horses.

1. Purpose

First, let’s take a look at what you want the boots for. Does your horse catch itself when you are riding but is fine the rest of the time? Do you want to prevent lost shoes when in the paddock?

Or do you want to add some extra protection when your horse is in the trailer? There are different degrees of protection to consider.

While most bell boots can do all these jobs, some are better than others for each purpose. The purpose will influence the type of protection you need or want.

Sport boots for horses are another type of protective equipment that a lot of riders use with or without bell boots.

Check out this video explanation.

2. Material & Durability

Carbon fiber, like the Veredus Carbon Shield or the Zandona Carbon Air Heel, is solid at protecting from strikes but is not the right shape for shoe pullers or turnout.

Rubber is usually the cheapest option but it’s not as shock-absorbing and plain neoprene of ballistic nylon materials.

Ballistic nylon often also includes neoprene, making this material one of the best.

3. Style & Fit

Style and fit often go hand in hand. No-turn boots are more contoured and will fit more tightly than standard round tyles.

Fit is important and will sometimes vary. I included a fitting video above in case you missed it. I will use more giant boots for turnout so they are long enough to prevent shoe pulls.

However, that length is too long for riding. Things bring me back to purpose. You might want to have one style for turnout and another for riding.


#1 Should my horse wear bell boots?

lady wearing a full seat riding breech while checking on her horse

The answer is maybe. Not all horses need bell boots. But if you notice injuries or head clinking when riding, your horse needs the. The same applies if your horse habitually pulls shoes in the paddock.

#2 How to properly size bell boots for horses?

The back rim of the boot should nearly touch the ground is a properly sized boot. They should not fit skin tight. Finding the right size is a matter of guessing and trial and error.

#3 Can my horse wear bell boots on its hind feet?

Cremello Horse standing around (1)

Yes, horses can wear bell boots on their hind feet, but it is rarely done unless it’s for rehab purposes. Instead, the common solution is to use a sausage ring or fetlock ring.

#4 What is the difference between bell boots and overreach boots?

There is no difference between bell boots and overreach boots. They are just two different names for the same thing.

Final Recommendation

What are the best bell boots for horses? Hopefully, my guide has helped you with the answer. I included something for every budget and style. My top picks account for every level of protection.

In my opinion, the WINNER – Professionals Choice Equine Ballistic Hoof Overreach Bell Boot is one of the most versatile options that you can use for all riding activities.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/19/2024 06:26 am GMT

Do you have a horse that loves to pull its shoes off when turned out? Do you have a favorite style of bell boot?

A horse jumping a bridge under title best bell boots for horses


  • 1. Janicek JC, Dabareiner RM, Honnas CM, Crabill MA. Heel bulb lacerations in horses: 101 cases (1988-1994). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 2005;226(3):418-423. doi:10.2460/javma.2005.226.418
  • 2. Crooked Horse Under Saddle? A Single Bell Boot Can Help. The Horse. Published August 28, 2019. Accessed June 24, 2022. https://thehorse.com/178062/crooked-horse-under-saddle-a-single-bell-boot-can-help/

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