10 Best Fly Sheets for Horses (2023 Equestrian Review)

As equestrians, we know the importance of finding the best fly sheets for our beloved horses, ensuring their comfort and protection.

Isn’t it delightful to watch them frolic and prance around without care?

Our mission is to keep those pesky flies at bay and help our equine companions live their best lives.

So, saddle up and join us on this whimsical adventure as we explore top-notch fly sheets that’ll make your horse neigh with joy!

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Fly Sheets for Horses Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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10 Best Fly Sheets for Horses (Equestrian Top Recommendations)

While we can eliminate flies and other pesky bugs, we can significantly reduce how much they can irritate our horses.

Modern flysheets are much better than what was available many years ago.

They have features that provide as much protection as possible and come in long-lasting fabrics.

Here are some of the best on the market from reputable brands.

#1 Rambo Protector Fly Sheet (WINNER) – BEST OVERALL PERFORMANCE

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Horsewear’s Rambo line is renowned for its outstanding quality and durability, providing season after season of top-notch protection for our equine friends.

As an equestrian, I have hands-on experience. I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the Rambo fly sheet.

It’s exceptional in keeping those pesky biting insects at bay. It also ensures the utmost comfort for my horse.

The Rambo fly sheet has a standout feature – its comprehensive coverage. This includes a belly flap, an extra-long tail flap, and extended leg protection.

My horse, Daisy, used to suffer from incessant tail biting due to flies. However, things have changed since I started using the Rambo fly sheet.

Her tail has been itch-free. She has also been much more relaxed.

Physical Attributes

  • Belly guard
  • V-Front closure
  • Supersized tail flap
  • Close contact hood
  • Nylon lining at shoulders

Quantitative Measurements

No products found.
  • 65% UV protection
  • Color is oatmeal with navy trim
  • Lightweight Polyester & Polypropylene Outer Shell
  • Sizes 63” to 87”
Comprehensive coverage, including belly flap, extra-long tail flap, and extended leg protectionHigher price point compared to many alternatives
Well-documented benefits in various equine publications and testimonialsFor horses with sweet itch, a specialized fly blanket might be a better option
Innovative V-front closure for reduced pressure on the chest and prevention of blanket rubsSmaller sizes cost just as much as the larger ones
Durable nylon lining at the shoulders
Lightweight and breathable polyester & polypropylene outer shell
65% UV protection
Close contact hood design keeps flies out while maintaining horse comfort

How it Compares to Others and Why

Compared to competitor brands like WeatherBeeta and Kensington, the Rambo fly sheet excels in its innovative V-front closure, which reduces pressure on the horse’s chest and prevents blanket rubs.

The close contact hood design effectively keeps flies out without compromising comfort.

Despite these advantages, the Rambo fly sheet is more expensive than many alternatives, which could be a drawback for some horse owners.

Moreover, a specialized fly blanket might be a better option for horses with sweet itch.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Horse owners across the United States are raving about the Rambo Protector Fly Sheet!

Jessica suggests sizing up for her white Hanoverian, while CDC appreciates the interlocking Velcro closure, belly protection, and UV protection for their sensitive horses.

Nicole loves the light color, which is perfect for hot summer days, and even though the self-healing fabric didn’t work as advertised, the sheet still held up well.

Scotty vouches for the excellent quality and advises measuring properly for the perfect fit, while Tammy finds these fly sheets to be the best investment for their four boys in the Deep South.

Lastly, msauve is impressed with the fly sheet’s durability and effectiveness, happy to bid farewell to chemical fly sprays.

The Rambo Protector Fly Sheet is a crowd favorite for horses and humans!

Expert Tips

I suggest getting the matching fly mask to protect your horse’s face from flies, especially if they get irritating eyes.

In conclusion, the Rambo fly sheet is a top-tier choice for horse owners seeking premium protection against flies and other biting insects.

Its innovative design features and proven effectiveness make it a worthwhile investment, provided it fits your budget.

For optimal results, consider pairing the fly sheet with the matching fly mask to protect your horse’s face and eyes from irritating flies.

Where to Buy

Grab your Rambo Protector Fly Sheet on Amazon and Chewy today, and keep your horse cool and comfy all summer!

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#2 Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Sheet – OPTIMAL FOR ITCH PREVENTION

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As a horse owner, I understand certain horses require specialized fly sheets, especially those with heightened sensitivity or sweet itch.

In my experience, the Shires fly sheet has proven to be one of the best options for these specific needs.

The key to this fly sheet’s effectiveness is its mesh design, which features tiny holes that prevent gnats and insects from biting the horse.

It’s well known that the saliva from these pesky bugs can trigger severe itching in horses with sweet itch.

When I first used the Shires fly sheet on my horse, Daisy, I noticed a significant reduction in her itching and overall discomfort.

Physical Attributes

  • 600 denier ripstop fabric
  • Stretch ears
  • Anti-Rub lining
  • Deep shoulder gussets
  • Belly flap
  • Adjustable surcingles

Quantitative Measurements

  • White with navy trim
  • Sizes 69” to “84
Effective in keeping out even the smallest of insectsAlthough lightweight, some horses might get too hot in very high temperatures
Long tail flap
Ideal for horses with sweet itch or high sensitivity
Breathable material

How it Compares to Others and Why

Compared to other fly sheets, the Shires fly sheet is specifically designed for horses with conditions that may prevent them from enjoying their time outdoors.

The belly flap, in particular, offers excellent coverage, making it a must-have feature for any fly sheet.

However, more general-purpose fly sheets may be suitable for horses without these sensitivities.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Horse owners in the United Kingdom also sing praises for the Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Sheet!

One user found the fit great, except for a slightly tight neck section, while Gemma M gave it four stars, saying it was fantastic until her horse ripped it apart.

Despite a few hiccups, the Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Sheet remains popular among horse lovers across the pond!

Expert Tips

Using a fly sheet doesn’t mean you can skip the fly spray.

When the insects are particularly abundant, I spray the fly sheet and the horse for added protection.

In conclusion, the Shires fly sheet is an excellent choice for horses with sweet itch or high insect sensitivity, providing comprehensive coverage and protection.

Where to Buy

Snap up the Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Sheet on Amazon and Chewy, and give your horse the itch-free summer they deserve!

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#3 WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential – HIGH-QUALITY ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION

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From a user’s perspective, the WeatherBeeta fly sheet is an excellent option for horse owners seeking high-quality protection without requiring a specialist design.

As an equestrian familiar with WeatherBeeta products, renowned for their best quality horse blankets, I can confirm the reliability of their fly sheets.

Including a crucial belly flap provides excellent protection, safeguarding a horse’s sensitive underside from irritating flies.

Physical Attributes

  • Shoulder and tail nylon lining
  • White with purple trim
  • Belly flap
  • Soft mesh
  • Removable adjustable hind leg straps

Quantitative Measurements

  • Attached neck
The white color helps reflect the sun, preventing overheatingHook-in buckles are less adjustable compared to pin-type buckles
Long tail flap
Reasonable price for a fly sheet with a belly band
65% UV protection

How it Compares to Others and Why

I like this flysheet, and it is a reasonable price for one with a belly band.

The front closures are the traditional buckles that you hook in. While these are generally efficient, I prefer straps you close with a pin-type buckle as they are more adjustable.

This flysheet does not provide as much coverage as the Rambo or Shires, but it is still a perfect option at a more reasonable price.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Mixed reviews come in for the WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential.

While Teresa appreciates its lightweight and easy-to-use design, she faced some minor issues with holes and buckle stitching.

Carol, however, is thrilled with the excellent fly and sun protection, stating that it doesn’t rip or tear.

A few users like Jmomof4, Mackenzie, and Fatchilipepper expressed disappointment that the sheet didn’t come with the belly guard as pictured.

Dee and Ruth have had positive experiences with the fly sheet effectively protecting their horses from sun and bugs while being durable and well-made.

Overall, the WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential seems to be a hit-or-miss product for horse owners worldwide.

Expert Tips

When purchasing a fly sheet, measuring your horse accurately is essential to ensure a perfect fit.

An ill-fitting fly sheet can cause discomfort and reduce its effectiveness in protecting your horse from flies and other irritants.

The WeatherBeeta fly sheet is a fantastic choice for horse owners seeking a high-quality, non-specialist fly sheet at a reasonable price.

Where to Buy

Score the WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential on Amazon and Chewy, and treat your horse to comfort and protection!

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#4 HORZE Freja Durable Mesh Combo Fly Sheet – SUPERIOR DURABILITY

No products found.

As an everyday equestrian, I’ve found that HORZE consistently offers great products, and their fly sheet with a belly band is no exception.

This fly sheet has become one of my favorites, thanks to its soft mesh fabric that is both lightweight and features miniature holes for optimal protection.

Physical Attributes

  • Bell flaps
  • 3 Surginles
  • 2 gussets on each side
  • Light blue with navy trim

Quantitative Measurements

  • Polyester mesh
  • Sizes from 63” to 84”
UV radiation protectionA detachable neck might not stay in place as well as an attached one
Affordable price compared to premium options
Detachable belly guard
Detachable neck cover

How it Compares to Others and Why

No products found.

When comparing the HORZE fly sheet to other options on the market, it stands out for its lightweight mesh material and more affordable pricing.

While it might not have all the features of premium fly sheets, it remains an excellent choice for those on a budget.

User Reviews/Testimonials

The HORZE Freja Durable Mesh Combo Fly Sheet has garnered various reactions. Rocky found the quality fabric impressive but notes it runs a bit big.

Butterfly5 loves the secure straps and the lightweight yet heavy material, saying it’s effective in keeping her horse comfortable.

Kristie L. Bowman, however, experienced issues with the fit, as the belly band was too large and not adjustable enough.

Dressagerider84 and Ashley Peay faced similar issues with a too-big belly strap.

Lastly, Kindle Customer warns that the fly sheet may overheat horses in hot climates due to a lack of breathability.

Expert Tips

To prevent your horse from suffering from bug-induced itchiness or hives, it’s essential to start using a fly sheet in the spring before the fly season begins.

This proactive approach will help keep your horse comfortable and irritation-free.

In conclusion, the HORZE fly sheet with a belly band is a fantastic option.

It’s ideal for horse owners seeking an affordable solution that protects their horses from flies and other biting insects.

Where to Buy

Snag the HORZE Freja Durable Mesh Combo Fly Sheet on Amazon, and let your horse stay stylishly cool and fly-free all season!

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#5 Challenger Horse Mesh Summer Sheet – EXCELLENT FOR HEAT DISSIPATION

No products found.

If you need something for your horse quickly but don’t have the budget to get something like the Rambo, this is one of the better lower-priced fly sheets.

Each side has 3 gussets which allow for great freedom of movement.

Physical Attributes

  • Belly flap
  • Gussets
  • Neck cover

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes 60” to 84.”
Good price for the budget-consciousShort tail flap
No center seamSome find the fabric a bit heavy
Belly flap

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is one of the cheapest options on my list. I wanted to make sure you had a decent choice that wasn’t too expensive.

It’s not perfect, as the tail flap could be more extended, but I’d suggest this option if you’re under pressure.

User Reviews/Testimonials

The Challenger Horse Mesh Summer Sheet does have its drawbacks.

One user found that the straps connecting the belly cover to the side weren’t durable, tearing off within just 2 weeks of use.

While there were some durability issues, it’s important to remember that experiences may vary.

Despite its drawbacks, many users could still find this sheet to be a valuable addition to their horse care routine.

Expert Tips

Use fly leg wraps if your horse stomps or kicks a lot due to the bugs. These are loose, mesh wraps that cover the lower legs.

In summary, this budget-friendly fly sheet suits horse owners seeking an affordable solution without compromising essential features.

Where to Buy

Scoop up the Challenger Horse Mesh Summer Sheet on Amazon, and let your horse breeze through the season in comfort and style!

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No products found.

At first glance, you might think this flysheet looks a bit crazy!

It is a zebra print, which is pretty out there. However, there is a reason for using this print on a flysheet.

Some theories believe the zebra pattern confuses insects as they get close to the animal.

This causes them to abort the landing, thus protecting the zebra or, in the case of this flysheet, your horse.

Physical Attributes

  • Belly cover
  • Zebra pattern
  • Neck hood
  • Shoulder gusset
  • Long tail flap
  • Black and white

Quantitative Measurements

  • 100% polyester
  • Sizes 60” to 84”
Shoulder gussetThe shoulder gusset could be a bit longer
Good value
Extra-long tail cover

How it Compares to Others and Why

Compared to other fly sheets on the market, this zebra-patterned option is an affordable and unique choice.

The intriguing pattern adds visual appeal and may provide extra protection from biting insects.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Users of the Loveson Zebra Fly Rug are raving about its performance in hot weather, with one reviewer saying it’s lightweight and keeps their horse cool.

The adjustable buckles make it easy for anyone to fit it properly.

Although the neck could stay up better, customers are impressed with its durability and effectiveness in keeping flies away.

With a true-to-size fit and a great price point, the Loveson Zebra Fly Rug has become a favorite for many horse owners.

Expert Tips

If your horse is tough on blankets, consider using a fly sheet with reinforced stitching and durable materials to withstand wear and tear.

Additionally, always ensure you have the right size for your horse, as an ill-fitting fly sheet can cause discomfort and irritation.

In conclusion, this zebra-patterned fly sheet offers an affordable, eye-catching solution to protect your horse from biting insects.

Where to Buy

Get your horse the funky Loveson Zebra Fly Rug on Amazon, and make them the trendiest equine on the block while keeping those pesky flies at bay!

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#7 WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ripshield – GREAT TEAR AND RIP RESISTANCE

No products found.

If your horse spends a lot of time outside or is hard on blankets, you will need something made with a touch of fabric.

That is precisely what WeatherBeeta’s Ripshield flysheet is aimed at.

It is made with extra strong fabric that resists tearing yet remains light and breathable.

Physical Attributes

  • Crosshatch weave
  • Removable neck
  • Shoulder, mane, and tail lining
  • Belly flap
  • White and blue or burgundy and white color options

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes 66” to 84”
  • 1200 denier
Durable Some people might not like the stiffer material
Fine mesh screenA bit on the pricy side (but not the most costly)
Deep shoulder gusset
Lond tail flap
Belly flap

How it Compares to Others and Why

This flysheet is one of the strongest and most durable on this list. It will last better than the soft mesh options. The mesh is fine so that it will keep out most insects.

User Reviews/Testimonials

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ripshield users praise its durability, even for horses that typically destroy fly sheets.

This lightweight and breathable sheet offers excellent coverage and is easy to clean.

Many customers have found it to fit well without causing any rubbing or discomfort, and even horses that are hard on their blankets seem to leave it alone.

Despite one reviewer’s concern about breathability, the consensus is that this fly sheet holds up well, covers effectively, and looks good on horses.

Expert Tips

Use a full-face mask with UV protection for horses with pink noses that get sunburnt.

The WeatherBeeta Ripshield fly sheet offers a durable and comfortable solution for horses that spend significant time outdoors or are tough on blankets.

Where to Buy

Pick up the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ripshield on Amazon and Chewy and provide your horse with durable protection against pesky flies and rips!

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#8 Horseware Ireland Amigo Flyrider – DESIGNED FOR RIDER CONVENIENCE

No products found.

While you can’t ride in a standard flysheet, you can buy one designed for this purpose.

These are great for horses that get agitated by flies or if you plan on going on a trail ride through buggy areas.

The Amigo Flyrider is one option and is a full-coverage riding flysheet.

It covers the neck and has a long tail flap. The sides are cut so the rider can still use their leg without getting caught in the sheet.

It also fits around the saddle, so you don’t have to worry about rubs or pressure points.

Physical Attributes

  • Long tail flap
  • Neck cover
  • No surcingles
  • Tail strap
  • Comes in blue

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes range from small to extra large
Maximum cover for riding The neck might rub the mane
Detachable hood for versatilitySlow delivery time
Lightweight for comfort during rides
Good-length tail cover for protection
Fits around the saddle, preventing rubs or pressure points

How it Compares to Others and Why

Compared to other fly sheets, the Amigo Flyrider is explicitly designed for riding, setting it apart from everyday blankets intended for use in the paddock.

Its unique design accommodates the rider and saddle, but its shorter sides and lack of surcingles make it unsuitable as a standard fly sheet.

User Reviews/Testimonials

The Horseware Ireland Amigo Flyrider receives glowing reviews from users in various countries.

They appreciate its lightweight design and perfect fit, which ensures the horse remains comfortable even in warm weather.

The numerous Velcro fastenings make it easy to put on and take off, while the neck strap helps keep the sheet in place during faster gaits.

Some users suggest adding more fastenings between the neck and body for a better fit. Overall, customers highly recommend this practical and effective fly sheet.

Expert Tips

The Amigo Flyrider is perfect for light riding or trail rides where your horse needs extra protection from flies.

Measure your horse correctly to ensure a proper fit and avoid discomfort or rubbing during rides.

The Amigo Flyrider offers a specialized solution for those seeking a fly sheet designed for riding.

Where to Buy

Jump on Amazon or Chewy to grab the Horseware Ireland Amigo Flyrider, and let your horse ride in fly-free bliss all summer!

No products found.

#9 Harrison Howard Climax Horse Fly Rug – PROVIDES EXTENSIVE COVERAGE

No products found.

If you want some light protection or something suitable for heavier schooling, look at this fly rug.

It is the same idea as a quarter sheet many riders use in the winter, but it is made with soft mesh instead of wool or fleece.

Physical Attributes

  • Comes in blue, red, or purple
  • Ultra-soft mesh material
  • Reflective strips for visibility
  • Fits around the saddle for ease of use
  • Tail protection for additional coverage

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes range from small to extra large
Very soft and flexible for riding comfortOnly suitable for riding, not for turnout
An inexpensive option for budget-conscious riders
Loops around the saddle for easy attachment
Lightweight and breathable


  • Very soft and flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Loops around the saddle
  • Inexpensive


  • Only suitable for riding, not turnout

How it Compares to Others and Why

Compared to other fly sheets, this lightweight fly rug is designed specifically for riding, making it unsuitable for use during turnout.

However, its affordable price makes it an attractive option for riders seeking a dedicated riding fly sheet.

User Reviews/Testimonials

The Harrison Howard Climax Horse Fly Rug receives mixed reviews.

Many are pleased with its easy placement and breathable material, which doesn’t trap heat during the summer.

The bright color stands out during deer season, making it suitable for riding in the woods.

However, some customers find the rug quite large, even for bigger horses.

Overall, the fly rug boasts good quality and has received positive feedback from users in other countries.

Expert Tips

Consider using a fly bonnet if your horse shakes its head when riding. These are designed to fit under the bridle and cover the horse’s ears.

In summary, the lightweight fly rug offers an affordable and comfortable option for riders seeking a fly sheet designed specifically for riding.

Where to Buy

Secure the Harrison Howard Climax Horse Fly Rug on Amazon and give your horse the ultimate fly-fighting armor for a comfy summer experience!

No products found.

#10 Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet – ADAPTABLE FIT FOR COMFORT

No products found.

Like the zebra print flysheet, this blanket also uses color and patterns to help deter fly bites.

Not only does it incorporate those features, but it also has an extra long tail flap and sides.

Physical Attributes

  • Knitted polyester net
  • Adjustable Belly wrap
  • Velco stomach closures
  • Attached neck
  • Disc-front closure

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes 66” to 84”
Lightweight sheetNot the best choice for rough playful horses
Uses modern technologyExpensive shipping
Uses colors that deter insects
Breathable fly sheet
Mane and shoulder lining

How it Compares to Others and Why

The unique color combination of orange and aqua used in this flysheet is thought to be hard to see to insects, thus not attracting them.

The other sheets on my list do not have this feature and instead, stick to traditional light colors.

User Reviews/Testimonials

Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet has received rave reviews from users in the United States.

They appreciate the excellent fit, easy application, and well-thought-out strap locations.

Customers praise the sheet’s ability to provide relief from flies without causing horses to sweat during hot summer months.

The durable and breathable material, great coverage, and belly wraps have made it a favorite purchase for many.

While the sheet is perfect for gentle horses, it may not be suitable for rougher ones.

Overall, the Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet is a highly recommended product for fly protection.

Expert Tips

If you live in an area that gets lots of bugs, it is a good idea to provide your horse shelter in the form of a shed or stable that they can retreat to.

This gives them a place they can go where they can escape constant irritation from insects.

In summary, this flysheet offers a unique approach to insect deterrence through its color and pattern design.

Where to Buy

Snatch the Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet on Amazon or Chewy and let your horse evolve into a fly-free, comfy, stylish equine superstar!

No products found.

Things to Consider Before Buying Horse Fly Sheets

There are a lot of horse fly sheets available, which makes choosing one pretty confusing.

Before purchasing, consider the following to get the best horse fly sheet possible.

1. Durability and Quality

Buying a flysheet can be expensive. Consider the environment your horse will be living in.

If it is spending a lot of time outside, you will want a more durable fabric with good-quality straps and closures.

Horse fly sheets with UV protection are a must. They will protect your horse from sun bleaching and help keep it cooler.

horse wearing a green and black fly sheet

2. Fabric and Coverage

The type of fabric and how much of your horse it covers are also important features to consider.

Horse fly sheets with a belly band are an absolute must, in my opinion. This usually means spending more, but I think it’s worth it for a happy, comfortable horse.

The more breathable the fabric, the better. Avoid mesh that is too heavy, as this can increase the likelihood of your horse getting too hot.

Check out these great cooling blankets for horses!


Are fly sheets good for horses?

Horse With Turnout Blanket- When To Blanket a Horse Temperature Guide

Yes, flysheets are great for horses and protect them from biting insects which can cause reactions and distress.

Can horses overheat in fly sheets?

While a horse can overheat in a flysheet, most shouldn’t. The mesh material provides airflow.

That, combined with UV protection, can help keep your horse cooler. The exception is sweet itch blankets for horses that have tiny holes.

Can you ride with a fly sheet on?

You can’t ride with a standard flysheet on, but you can use a specially designed-one.

These riding flysheets are cut so that they don’t interfere with the rider, the horse, or the tack. I’ve included two great options on this list.


Picking the perfect fly sheet for your trusty steed shouldn’t be a hassle.

With many options, it’s all about keeping your buddy comfy and bug-free.

Remember, a fabulous fly sheet needs to be durable, lightweight, and breathable.

No one wants their horse to feel wrapped in a sauna, right?

So, whether you need a sheet designed for sensitive horses or one perfect for riding, there’s an ideal fly sheet waiting for you.

And who knows, maybe you’ll even find one with a funky zebra pattern or eye-catching colors to keep those bugs guessing!

So, what’s your go-to fly sheet for your equine BFF? Happy riding!

Final Recommendation

Rambo, my winner, is my first choice for how much protection it provides and its quality.

If it is out of your budget, I’ve included what I think are some of the best fly sheets at a more affordable price.

two horses wearing grey fly sheets

What is your pick for the best fly sheets for horses? Let us know in the comments below!

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