Top 10 Fly Sheets for Horses You Should Consider

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I’ve got the top 10 best fly sheets for horses in one place, so you don’t have to go looking!

We all know how annoying getting bit by flies or mosquitos is and your horse is no different.

Sometimes fly spray just isn’t enough to prevent insects from bothering your horse.

Using a flysheet is one of the best solutions.

Let’s start with a quick look at our top picks, then keep reading for all the glorious details.

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Fly Sheets for Horses Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editor's Choice
Rambo Protector Fly Sheet, Oatmeal/Navy White & Beige 78_6'6"
Top Benefit
Provides great protection and comfort
Check Latest Price
Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Sheet 78
Top Benefit
Keeps out the smallest of insects
Check Latest Price
WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential Mesh II Combo Neck Sheet White/Purple/Black 78"
Top Benefit
65% UV protection
Check Latest Price
CHALLENGER 68" Horse Mesh Light Weight Summer Sheet Spring Airflow 73401B
Top Benefit
Good price for the budget-conscious
Check Latest Price

10 Best Horse Fly Sheet (Reviews)

While we can completely get rid of flies and other pesky bugs, we can greatly reduce how much they can irritate our horses.

Modern flysheets are much better than what was available many years ago. They have features that provide as much protection as possible and come in long-lasting fabrics.

Here are some of the best on the market from reputable brands.

#1 Rambo Protector Fly Sheet (WINNER)

Rambo Protector Fly Sheet, Oatmeal/Navy White & Beige 78_6'6'

Rambo is a top-of-the-range line from Horsewear. This line has a reputation for excellent quality that lasts for multiple seasons. Horsewear is always innovating with its blanket designs to makes the horse as comfortable as possible.

As Rambo is its premium line, you will always get the latest blanket designs and technology with these items. This, of course, includes this wonderful fly sheet.

It provides fantastic protection for your horse from those horrible biting insects. I love how it has a belly flap, as this area is often neglected with some fly sheets.

It is extra long in the leg area to help keep bugs off sensitive parts of the upper leg.

I really love how the tail flap is extra long. Many horses that get bitten by bugs in this area can get itchy and ruin their tail by scratching. Keeping incests off the tail will prevent this.

The front closure uses Horsewear’s V-front design. This reduces pressure across the chest when the horse is grazing. It is more comfortable for the horse and less likely to cause blanket rubs.

The neck cover uses a close contact fit that helps reduce the likelihood of flies getting under it without compromising the horse’s comfort.

This fly sheet has a nice mesh that is not too open but still very breathable. It does a good job of protecting horses in hot weather without them getting too warm.

Physical Attributes

  • Belly guard
  • V-Front closure
  • Supersized tail flap
  • Close contact hood
  • Nylon lining at shoulders

Quantitative Measurements

  • 65% UV protection
  • Color is oatmeal with navy trim
  • Lightweight Polyester & Polypropylene Outer Shell
  • Sizes 63” to 87”
Extra-long tail flap and in the leg area for extra protectionExpensive
3 belly strapsSmaller sizes cost just as much as the larger
UV sun protection
Comfortable and durable
The V-front closure removes pressure

How it Compares to Others and Why

This Rambo fly sheet is one of the best fly sheets for horses available. It is well worth the price if your budget can cover it.

If you have a horse with very sensitive allergies or sweet itch, this is a good option, but a true sweat itch fly blanket is often the better choice than this one.

Expert Tips

To protect your horse’s face from flies, especially if they get irritating eyes, I suggest getting the matching fly mask.

Rambo Protector Fly Sheet, Oatmeal/Navy White & Beige 78_6'6"
  • New hood shape; close contact hood with an improved fit and extended chest coverage. Offering maximum protection against flies and insects.
  • V-Front closure allows your horse to graze comfortable. Removes pressure and prevents rubbing of the shoulder.
  • 65% UV protection.
  • Extra depth to knee, to give better protection.
  • Supersized tail flap with silky lining.

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#2 Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Sheet

Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Sheet

As I just mentioned, certain horses will usually need a special type of flysheet. This Shires product is one of the best horse fly sheet options for very sensitive horses or those with sweet itch.

The mesh on a sweet itch blanket has extremely small holes that prevent gnats from biting the horse. It is the saliva from these very annoying bugs that set off the terrible itch that horses with this condition.

This blanket has full coverage with a neck that fits over the ears. All you need to add is a fly mask.

Physical Attributes

  • 600 denier ripstop fabric
  • Stretch ears
  • Anti-Rub lining
  • Deep shoulder gussets
  • Belly flap
  • Adjustable surcingles

Quantitative Measurements

  • White with navy trim
  • Sizes 69” to “84
Keeps out the smallest of insects Even though it is lightweight, some horses might get too hot in this during very high temperatures
Long tail flap

How it Compares to Others and Why

Not every horse will need this type of flysheet.

It is designed for horses with specific conditions that might otherwise prevent them from enjoying time outside. The belly flap offers very good coverage and is a must for any flysheet.

Expert Tips

Just because you use a flysheet, does not mean you won’t need fly spray. It is particularly buggy, I like to spray the sheet as well as the horse.

Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Sheet 78
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Blocks over 90% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Anti-rub lining on neck, chest, and shoulders
  • Adjustable chest buckle closures
  • Deep shoulder gussets

#3 WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential

WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential Mesh II Combo Neck Sheet White/Purple/Black 78'

WeatherBeeta is a  familiar equestrian brand know for making the best quality horse blankets. This fly sheet is excellent for someone that wants protection for their horse but doesn’t need a specialist design.

It has a belly flap, which I always feel is necessary as flies can really irritate a horse in this sensitive area. 

Physical Attributes

  • Shoulder and tail nylon lining
  • White with purple trim
  • Belly flap
  • Soft mesh
  • Removable adjustable hind leg straps

Quantitative Measurements

  • Attached neck
White helps reflect the sun, preventing overheating Hook in buckles
Long tail flap
65% UV protection

How it Compares to Others and Why

I really like this flysheet and it is a good price for one with a belly band. The front closures are the traditional buckles that you hook in. While these are generally efficient, I prefer straps you close with a pin-type buckle as they are more adjustable.

This flysheet does not provide as much coverage as the Rambo or Shires, but it is still a very good option at a more reasonable price.

Expert Tips

Make sure you measure your horse for an accurate fit, especially for blankets that have the closures seen on this product.

WeatherBeeta Comfitec Essential Mesh II Combo Neck Sheet White/Purple/Black 78"
  • 50-100, EXTREME, fly-sheet, integrated-neck, pony-fly-sheets, sale, size-69, spring19, weatherbeeta

#4 HORZE Freja Durable Mesh Combo Fly Sheet

HORZE Freja Durable Mesh Combo Fly Sheet with Belly Guard and Detachable Neck Cover | UPF 50+ UV Protection

HORZE always comes out with some great products for everyday equestrians. This is one of my favorite horse fly sheets with a belly band that comes from them.

It has a lovely soft mesh fabric that isn’t too heavy and has small holes.

Physical Attributes

  • Bell flaps
  • 3 Surginles
  • 2 gussets on each side
  • Light blue with navy trim

Quantitative Measurements

  • Polyester mesh
  • Sizes from 63” to 84”
UV radiation protectionDetachable neck might not stay in place as well as an attached one
Detachable belly guard
Detachable neck cover

How it Compares to Others and Why

This fly protection sheet is made with a very nice lightweight mesh. It is cheaper than the premium options but is still a great choice.

Expert Tips

If your horse gets reactions from bugs make sure to start using a flysheet in the spring before the fly season can set off itchiness or hives.

HORZE Freja Durable Mesh Combo Fly Sheet with Belly Guard and Detachable Neck Cover | UPF 50+ UV Protection - Light Blue - 72 in
  • ✅ Full Protection Fly Sheet - The Freya fly sheet comes with a long tail flap and detachable neck and belly guards to give your horse peace from pesky insects all summer long!
  • ✅ Guards Against UV Radiation - The mesh sheet guards against UV radiation while providing fantastic airflow so your horse stays cool and safe on hot, sunny days.
  • ✅ Comfortable, Non-Irritable Fabric - The polyester sheet has a smooth satin lining at the neck and shoulders with high gussets to alleviate rubbing.
  • ✅ Detachable Neck and Belly Guard - Choose the best option for your horse to stay comfortable and safe with removable neck and belly guards.
  • ✅ Secure Fit - Double front closures and surcingles allow this fly sheet to stay put, even when your horse is out in the pasture.

#5 Challenger Horse Mesh Summer Sheet

CHALLENGER Horse Mesh Light Weight Summer Sheet Spring Airflow 73401B

If you need something for your horse quickly but don’t have the budget to get something link the Rambo, this is one of the better lower-priced flysheets.

Each side has 3 gussets which allow for great freedom of movement.

Physical Attributes

  • Belly flap
  • Gussets
  • Neck cover

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes 60” to 84”
Good price for the budget-consciousShort tail flap
No center seamSome find the fabric a bit heavy
Belly flap

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is one of the cheapest options on my list. I wanted to make sure you had a decent choice that wasn’t too expensive. It’s not perfect as the tail flap could be longer but if you’re under pressure I’d suggest this option.

Expert Tips

If your horse stomps or kicks a lot due to the bugs, try using fly leg wraps. These are loose, mesh wraps that cover the lower legs.

CHALLENGER 68" Horse Mesh Light Weight Summer Sheet Spring Airflow 73401B
  • 68 inches
  • Turquoise
  • Made from 600D soft mesh fabric to allow air circulation.
  • Adjustable belly, Surcingle and Leg straps. Fleece on the wither
  • Velcro Closure keeps it in place. Heavy reinforced�stitching for durability.

#6 Loveson Zebra Fly Rug

Loveson Zebra Fly Rug

At first glance, you might think this flysheet looks a bit crazy! I mean it is a zebra print, which is pretty out there. However, there is a reason behind using this particular print on a flysheet.

There are some theories that believe the zebra pattern confuses insects as they get close to the animal. This causes them to abort landing, thus protecting the zebra, or in the case of this flysheet, your horse.

Physical Attributes

  • Belly cover
  • Zebra pattern
  • Neck hood
  • Shoulder gusset
  • Long tail flap
  • Black and white

Quantitative Measurements

  • 100% polyester
  • Sizes 60” to 84”
Shoulder gussetShoulder gusset could be a bit longer
Good value
Extra-long tail cover

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is another great value flysheet that is less expensive than some of the others. It is more unique as it uses a zebra pattern to add even more protection from the bugs.

Expert Tips

If your horse is tough on blankets, you might find this flysheet isn’t as durable as some fabrics. Look for a material that is cool but extra strong for this type of horse.

#7 WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ripshield

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Detach-a-Neck Fly Sheet

If your horse spends a lot of time outside or is hard on blankets, you will need something made with a touch fabric. That is exactly what WeatherBeeta’s Ripshield flysheet is aimed at.

It is made with extra strong fabric that resists tearing, yet remains light and breathable.

Physical Attributes

  • Cross hatch weave
  • Removable neck
  • Shoulder, mane, and tail lining
  • Belly flap
  • White and blue or burgundy and white color options

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes 66” to 84”
  • 1200 denier
Durable Some people might not like the stiffer material
Fine mesh screenA bit on the pricy side (but not the most costly)
Deep shoulder gusset
Lond tail flap
Belly flap

How it Compares to Others and Why

This flysheet is one of the strongest and most durable on this list. It will last better than the soft mesh options. The mesh is fine, so it will keep out most insects.

Expert Tips

For horses with pink noses that get sunburnt, use a full face mask with UV protection.

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus with Belly Wrap Detach A Neck - White/Blue - 78"
  • WeatherBeeta mesh sheet made to protect your horse against flies and UV
  • The durable fine mesh outer has a 1200 denier polyester cross hatch weave which helps to control and limit tears
  • Removable neck offering great versatility
  • 210T nylon lining at the shoulders mane and tail flap
  • Traditional side gusset for natural movement

#8 Horseware Ireland Amigo Flyrider

Horseware Ireland Amigo Flyrider Medium

While you can’t ride in a standard flysheet, you can buy one designed for this purpose. These are great for horses that get really agitated by flies or if you plan on going on a trail ride through buggy areas.

The Amigo Flyrider is one option and is a full-coverage riding flysheet. It covers the neck and has a long tail flap. The sides are cut so that the rider and still use their leg without getting caught in the sheet.

It also fits around the saddle, so you don’t have to worry about rubs or pressure points.

Physical Attributes

  • Long tail flap
  • Neck cover
  • No surcingles
  • Tail strap
  • Comes in blue

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes range from small to extra large
Maximum cover for riding The neck might rub the mane
Detachable hoodSlow delivery
Good length tail cover
Fits around the saddle

How it Compares to Others and Why

This flysheet is not like the others in that it is designed for riding. You can’t use this as an everyday blanket for out in the paddock as it is shorter on the sides and has no surcingles.

Expert Tips

This blanket is great for light riding or trails but I suggest using a different type of fly cover for more intensive riding.

Horseware Ireland Amigo Flyrider Medium
  • Breathable
  • Detachable Hood
  • Loops for attachment
  • Reflective Strips

#9 Harrison Howard Climax Horse Fly Rug

Harrison Howard Climax Horse Fly Rug Soft Mesh Air Permeability Fly Exercise Sheet Fly Protection for Horse

If you want some light protection or something suitable for heavier schooling, take a look at this fly rug. It is the same idea as a quarter sheet that many riders use in the winter, but instead of wool or fleece, it is made with soft mesh.

Physical Attributes

  • Comes in blue, red, or purple
  • Ultra soft mesh
  • Reflective strips
  • Fits around saddle
  • Tail protection

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes small to extra large
Very soft and flexible Only suitable for riding not turnout
Loops around the saddle


  • Very soft and flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Loops around the saddle
  • Inexpensive


  • Only suitable for riding not turnout

How it Compares to Others and Why

This is a riding-only flysheet, unlike some of the others that are made for use in the paddock. However, if you need one of each, this sheet is a very good price.

Expert Tips

If your horse shakes its head when riding, consider using a fly bonnet. These are designed specifically for fitting under the bridle and cover the horse’s ears.

Harrison Howard Climax Horse Fly Rug Soft Mesh Air Permeability Fly Exercise Sheet Fly Protection for Horse-Champion Blue
  • ULTRA SOFT MESH MATERIAL: A choice of soft and breathable mesh material offers horse a skin-friendly outer and dry & comfort experience
  • DECENT AIR PERMEABILITY: The mesh material has a special pineapple-like pattern that ensures great air circulation in and out of the fabric
  • SUPERB ROAD SAFETY: Reflective stripes on both sides add extra visibility on road, especially when you are riding in a darker environment
  • WIDER-ANGLE VISIBILITY: The sheet has a tail flap design to avoid the sheet flying up, plus reflective stripes designed on tail flap provide double precaution
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT: Adjustable straps and elastic belt design ensure that the sheet easily and securely attaches to saddle, easy for riders to manage

#10 Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet

amiGO Evolution Fly Sheet

Like the zebra print flysheet, this blanket also uses color and patterns to help deter fly bites. Not only does it incorporate those features, but it also has an extra long tail flap and sides.

Physical Attributes

  • Knitted polyester net
  • Adjustable Belly wrap
  • Velco stomach closures
  • Attached neck
  • Disc-front closure

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes 66” to 84”
Lightweight sheetNot the best choice for rough playful horses
Uses modern technologyExpensive shipping
Uses colors that deter insects
Breathable fly sheet
Mane and shoulder lining

How it Compares to Others and Why

The unique color combination of orange and aqua used in this flysheet is thought to be hard to see to insects, thus not attracting them. The other sheets on my list do not have this feature and instead stick to traditional light colors.

Expert Tips

If you live in an area that gets lots of bugs, it is a good idea to provide your horse shelter in the form of a shed or stable that they can retreat to. This gives them a place they can go where they can escape constant irritation from insects.

AMIGO Evolution Fly Sheet 78 Aqua/Orange
  • The knitted polyester net body is soft, absorbent and strong with sun reflecting properties
  • Supersized tail flap with silky lining, leg arches, shoulder and mane lining
  • Belly flap with Velcro closures for full belly coverage, three straight surcingles, integrated neck cover and fillet string
  • In addition, it also features our new disc front closure system (35grm) to create a super lightweight, high tech product

Things to Consider Before Buying Horse Fly Sheets

There are a lot of horse fly sheets available, which makes choosing one pretty confusing. Before you make a purchase consider the following so that you get the best horse fly sheet possible for your needs.

Durability and Quality

Buying a flysheet can be expensive. Consider the environment your horse will be living in. If it is spending a lot of time outside, you will want a more durable fabric with good-quality straps and closures.

horse wearing a green and black fly sheet

Horse fly sheets with UV protection are a must. They will protect your horse from sun bleaching and actually help keep it cooler.

Fabric and Coverage

The type of fabric and how much of your horse it covers are also important features to consider.

Horse fly sheets with a belly band are an absolute must in my opinion. This usually means spending a bit more but I think it’s worth it for a happy, comfortable horse.

The more breathable the fabric, the better. Try to avoid mesh that is too heavy as this can increase the likelihood of your horse getting too hot.

Check out these great cooling blankets for horses!


Are fly sheets good for horses?

Horse With Turnout Blanket- When To Blanket a Horse Temperature Guide

Yes, flysheets are great for horses and protect them from biting insects which can cause reactions and distress.

Can horses overheat in fly sheets?

While it is possible for a horse to overheat in a flysheet, most shouldn’t. The mesh material provides airflow. That combined with UV protection can actually help keep your horse cooler. The exception is sweet itch blankets for horses that have very small holes.

Can you ride with a fly sheet on?

You can’t ride with a standard flysheet on but you can use a specially designed one. These riding flysheets are cut so that they don’t interfere with the rider, the horse, or the tack. I’ve included two great options on this list.


Owning a decent flysheet is something every horse owner should have in their gear collection.

I’ve put this list together to show you some of the best options available in a variety of price ranges. I hope you’ve found it helpful!

Final Recommendation

Rambo, my winner is my first choice for how much protection it provides and its quality. If it is out of your budget, I’ve included what I think are some of the best flysheets at a more affordable price.

two horses wearing grey fly sheets

What is your pick for the best fly sheets for horses? Let us know in the comments below!

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