7 Best Horse Blankets to Keep Your Horse Warm (Reviews)

Below, we’ll go over all of your options and help you narrow down your search for the perfect blanket!

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Check this comparison table for a quick guide. Read the review for further details.

Types Of Horse Blankets

There are two main types of horse blankets, stable and turnout.

A turnout is the best waterproof blanket. In fact, it is the only type that is waterproof.

Turnouts come in different strength fabrics, which we will touch on here.

group of horses wearing their best horse blankets in the winter

A stable blanket is more breathable and only for indoor use, as it is not waterproof.

If you are looking to purchase a blanket, it is likely that you will need a couple of different types, depending on your environment and how you keep your horse.

Comparison Of Different Blanket Types and Air Temperature

10 – 30 F20 – 40 F40 – 50 F40 – 50 F
300 – 400 grams200 – 280 grams80 – 100 gramsNo fill
Turnout and StableTurnout and StableTurnout and StableTurnout and Stable

*The air temperatures are a guideline. If a horse is clipped it might need something warmer.

Additionally, some horses may get too hot in anything at 50F, while others might need a heavyweight at 20F.

Check our in-depth when to blanket a horse temperature guide.

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Our Top 7 Turnout Horse Blankets

Turnout blankets are designed to withstand wet weather, keeping your horse dry from the rain.

They are also made from a tougher material than stable blankets since they get exposed to other horses, wind, sand, and stones.

#1 B Vertigo Georgina Medium Weight Turnout Blanket

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02/22/2024 08:30 am GMT

The B Vertigo Georgina is an excellent quality turnout blanket that takes horse comfort seriously.

This is an excellent winter blanket option that is similar in style to the Horseware Ireland Optimo.

Physical Attributes

  • Shoulder gussets for good range of motion
  • Combo neck
  • Waterproof
  • Wither relief pad
  • 1200 denier exterior material
  • 250 grams mediumweight polyfill

Quantitative Measurements

  • Comes in a dark navy color
  • Comes in 81-inch size
WindproofLimited sizes available
WaterproofOnly comes in one color
Comes with a neck cover
Extra shoulder lining
Very high gussets
Detachable leg straps
Adjustable breast strap

More Benefits

What we like the most about this choice are the extra high shoulder gussets.

These are great for giving horses plenty of freedom of movement or for horses with big shoulders.

It comes with a removable neck so, you can make some adjustments, depending on the temperature or weather.

It also has an extra-long tail flap and detachable leg straps.

The wither area is padded with neoprene, and the blanket is lined with 210T lining. It is water and wind-proof and breathable.

The denier is 1200, which means that the fabric is not quite as durable as the first option. However, 1200 is still quite strong and will hold up to a lot of abuse.

The B Vertigo has 250 grams of insulation, which makes it slightly warmer than the Baker turnout.

The medium-weight gives you more value as it is useful for more days during the year than a heavyweight blanket. It provides adequate warmth for most temperatures.

 If it does get very cold, you can add a liner underneath for extra warmth. Liners usually cost less than a blanket.

How it compares to others and why

Compared to Baker, this option is a better value for money, despite it costing more.

This is because it comes with a detachable neck. Whereas Baker’s neck is sold separately, which costs more in the end.

The shoulder gussets on this option are the best of all the options in this list and provide the most freedom of movement.

Finally, it has a long tail flap and provides excellent overall winter protection for your horse.

Expert Tips

The detachable neck makes it easy to add extra protection for the cold season. You can add this to help your horse stay dry and warm without making it too hot.

If you don’t have a suitable washing machine, look for an equine laundry service. You should wash your blanket at least once per year.

Check our complete horse riding equipment list and other must-haves.

#2 Baker Medium Weight Turnout Blanket

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horse wearing a baker blanket

Baker is one of the most recognizable names in horse wear.

Its name is synonymous with the checked pattern it uses for all its fabrics.

Here we will talk about the medium weight option, as it is the one, you will most likely need.

Physical Attributes

  • The outer fabric is breathable
  • 1500 denier ripstop material
  • Comes in Baker’s traditional checked pattern
  • Medium weight with 200 grams of Curvofil IV insulation
  • Gusset shoulders
  • Satin Smooth lining
  • Waterproof
  • Leg straps
  • Tail flap

Quantitative Measurements

  • Blanket size starts at 52-inches and go up to 86-inches, making it suitable for ponies and large horses
DurableExpensive. Baker makes high-quality products, but this is reflected in the price
Freedom of movement200 grams of insulation is not warm enough for very cold temperatures and you will need a heavyweight blanket
Friction-free liningDoes not have an permanently attached neck style, which some people might want
Removable elastic leg straps

More Benefits

The outer fabric of this breathable blanket is made with 1500 denier outer ripstop material.

1500 is one of the strongest deniers available. Just a note for all blankets that you’re looking at, take note of the denier.

The higher the number, the most durable the fabric is.

Now back to the Baker Medium Weight blanket. This blanket has 200 grams of insulation, making it suitable for a variety of air temperatures.

While it might not have enough warmth for very cold weather, it will keep horses happy in most temperatures.

All Baker turnout blankets have gusseted shoulders. These gussets are an excellent feature.

They provide your horse with more freedom of shoulder movement, which is more comfortable and reduces the chances of rubs.

The inside of the blanket is lined with satin smooth, a fabric that is soft against your horse’s skin and helps polish the coat.

Even though the blanket is waterproof, it is breathable, allowing moisture produced by the horse to escape.

Finally, this great horse wear option has a removable leg strap for extra security and a tail flap for extra protection.

How it compares to others and why

Baker has a reputation for making high-quality horse blankets, so when you buy this, you know the blanket will fit well and provide the protection it promises.

The high shoulder gussets are better than some other options.

It is one of the most durable blanket options available. However, price-wise, this choice isn’t in everyone’s budget.

The traditional fabric pattern is instantly recognizable in the equestrian world. The equestrian world is sometimes a little snobby.

Using a Baker blanket will help you fit right in if that is something that concerns you. It is close to the perfect blanket.

Expert Tips

For very cold months, Baker also makes a heavier winter horse blanket with 400 grams of insulation and an extreme option for even more warmth.

The traditional Baker stable sheet is still very popular for horse show wear or a chilly summer evening.

The blanket does not have a full neck, but Baker does offer separate detachable neck covers in a wide selection of weights if you want to give your horse the ultimate protection. 

Wash the blanket according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is a good idea to re-waterproof the blanket each year.

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#3 Tuffrider TuffRider 1200D Outer Armor Turnout Sheet

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If you’re looking for a very warm and durable horse blanket, check out this option.

Physical Attributes

  • 1680 denier blanket with triple weave fabric
  • Reflective strip
  • Adjustable straps
  • Low cross surcingles
  • Neck cover
  • Wither padding
  • Waterproof protection

Quantitative Measurements

  • Available in Tawny Port color, which is a shade of burgundy
  • Sizes start at 69-inches and go up to 87-inches
Memory foam wither reliefTraditional shoulder gusset height
Good priceNo sizes available for smaller ponies
Triple weave fabric
Heavyweight for a cold winter climate
Lightweight without sacrificing warmth
Stretchy gussets for natural movement

We love that it is made with a very high denier of 1680, great if your horse is tough on blankets.

The insulation is 360 grams, making it super cozy and good for keeping your horse warm.

We like that this blanket uses Thermo Manager lining, which adds warmth without making the blanket feel too heavy.

The gusset is interesting. It is a section of stretchy fabric, which is different than most other options.

However, we do prefer the extra high gusset of other options for maximum freedom of movement.

How it compares to others and why

For a heavier blanket this option is a great price.

Since it is heavier, you might not get as much use out of it as the medium-weight options highlighted here, but it is cheaper.

The Clozease Chest Closures make the blanket easy to put on, but limit its adjustability.

This could make it more difficult to fit on some horses with a broad or very narrow chest.

Expert Tips

If you have a very broad horse contact TuffRider directly regarding the fit of this blanket.

They do not publish the chest measurements but will be able to help you determine if this will fit your horse’s body type.

#4 Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 300g

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02/23/2024 03:25 am GMT

For a heavy weight turnout blanket, the Tough-1 is a good price.

Physical Attributes

  • 1200 denier outer material
  • Heavyweight
  • 300-gram polyfill
  • Fleece wither protection
  • semi-customizable fit
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Shoulder gussets
  • Waterproof
  • Snuggit neck

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes availalbe from 69-inches to 84-inches
  • Comes in eight colors
Fun color optionsTail flap is a little short
WaterproofDoes not come with a neck cover
Adjustable neck (Snuggit)
High shoulder gussets
Great value for money
Double sewn nylon binding and stress points

More Benefits

It has two great features. One is the color choices it comes in.

While color isn’t a practical feature, it is fun for those who want something other than the usual black or blue options.

But what we really love about this choice is the snuggit neck. The snuggit closure is a strap built into the upper part of the neck area.

You can adjust this strap to get the best fit for your horse. The outer fabric is made with 1200 denier outer waterproof material, and it has 300 grams of insulation.

The surcingles have added elastic, another good feature to provide your horse comfort.

The front closures are also adjustable, a feature we feel all horse blankets need to ensure a good fit.

How it compares to others and why

The price of this blanket is fantastic, especially for heavy horse winter blanket.

We love the unique blanket style with the adjustable neck. This feature is not available in a standard blanket design.

It is the cheapest waterproof winter blanket for the lowest temperature we’ve talked about here.

Despite a more budget-friendly price, it still has a good 1200 denier outer shell. 

The tail flap on the other options is better than this blanket, but that is minor considering the other features and price.

Expert Tips

If you have a limited budget this is one of the best options. It is especially good for narrow horses or young horses where neck fit is often a problem.

Best 3 Stable Blankets

If your horse spends a lot of time in its stable, you will need a stable blanket for cold temperatures or when he is clipped. Here are some of our favorite options.

#1 Tough-1 600D Stable Blanket W/Belly Wrap

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02/21/2024 04:26 am GMT

If you have a horse that loves to get dirty, this is the blanket for you.

You will especially know the struggle of keeping a horse clean if you own a grey horse!

Physical Attributes

  • 600 denier
  • Belly flap
  • Shoulder gussets
  • Elbow gussets
  • Stifle gussets
  • 250 grams insulation

Quantitative Measurements

  • Available in 69-inch to 84-inch sizes
  • Comes in black or royal blue with black binding
Belly flapLimited color choice
Extra gussets for great freedom of movementLow denier can cause an issue for rough horses
Reasonably pricedNo tail flap
This option is a medium weight with 250 grams of insulation

more Benefits

The outer fabric is 600 deniers, which is the weakest type of material used in horse blankets.

However, in the stable, there is less risk of damage, and most horses will do just fine in this material. 

Now to the two best features of this blanket. It has high shoulders gussets, and best of all for those dirt loving horses, a belly flap! 

How it compares to others and why

This is a good value stable blanket for horses that don’t wreck their clothes.

The belly flap is a feature that is hard to find and doesn’t come with the other options we’ve covered.

The mediumweight means you can use it for several months of the year, unlike our heavyweight option.

Expert Tips

The belly flap is great for grey horses that seem to know how to get dirty!

If the weather gets very cold, you can layer with this blanket, making sure you have a cozy horse.

#2 Horze Nevada Medium Weight Blanket

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03/03/2024 01:06 am GMT
horze nevada blanket

Horze is a well-known brand that makes a variety of equestrian equipment.

Physical Attributes

  • 400 grams insulation
  • Cross surcingles
  • Adjustable leg straps
  • Fleece over withers

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes range from 66-inches to 84-inches
  • Comes in black
Heavyweight for the coldest temperaturesShoulder gussets could be longer
Simple designOnly comes in one color
Decent price for a heavy winter blanketChest straps are not adjustable
Soft lining

More benefits

The Nevada stable blanket is appealing for its simple and comfortable design.

The lining is a soft polyester that helps prevent rubbing and keeps the coat shiny.

It has a good should gusset, double-cross surcingles, and adjustable leg straps. The neck area has rings, so you can attach a neck cover.

With its soft feel and look, and 400 grams of filling, this is a super warm, cozy winter horse blanket at a good price.

How it compares to others and why

For a heavy winter blanket, this one has a great price.

In most cases, you won’t need extra layers for the coldest days, unlike the other stable blankets on our list.

Expert Tips

If you have a very broad-chested horse, a blanket with an adjustable chest strap is probably a better option than this one.

Check Latest Price

Horze Nevada Medium Weight Turnout Blanket 200g Horze

#3 Weatherbeeta ComFiTec with Therapy-Tec Channel Quilt

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02/21/2024 04:27 am GMT

Even though the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec is one of the most expensive options, it is one of the best.

Weatherbeeta is one of the most recognized names in a blanket for horses styles. They make quality and innovative options.

Physical Attributes

  • High shoulder gussests
  • Detachable neck
  • ceramic lining
  • 220 grams insulation
  • Padded wither
  • 600 denier fabric

Quantitative Measurements

  • Sizes available range from 60-inches to 87-inches
  • Black with red and silver bindings
Comes with a removable neckExpensive
Memory foam with padding
Long gussets for freedom of movement
Helps muscle recovery

More Benefits

As far as features go, this style of blanket covers everything for the winter season.

It has a detachable neck and 220 grams of polyfill insulation for medium warmth.

The extra-large shoulder gussets provide your horse with plenty of freedom of movement.

The wither area is padded with memory foam and Ezi clip front closures, and the outer material is made with 600 denier fabric.

What makes this different from most other options is the ceramic lining in the shoulder and hindquarters, making it a type of therapeutic blanket.

Weatherbeeta claims the ceramic helps improve circulation, which benefits the horse’s tight or sore muscles.

How it compares to others and why

Even though this blanket is expensive, it offers features that none of the others on our list do.

It is high quality and thought has gone into its design. For cold days, you will need to add another layer, unlike our heavyweight option.

Expert Tips

If your horse doesn’t do a lot of work in the winter, a cheaper option will be just as good as this great blanket.

When Does Your Horse Need A Blanket

Blanketing a horse is a sometimes hot debate.

Some people believe we should never put one on a horse, while others believe they are necessary. The best answer is somewhere in the middle.

Every horse is an individual, and certain breeds are more suited to living with nothing but their hairy winter coats, while others might need a sheet for rain protection.

Your environment also plays an important part in the blanket debate.

If you live in a region that gets cold temperatures or somewhere that gets a lot of rain, then a stable and turnout blanket is usually necessary.

Also, if you clip your horse in the winter, it will need a blanket.

A horse does a good job of staying warm with a winter coat in a dry environment. It is able to fluff up its coat to trap warm air next to the skin.

However, for many breeds when you add rain this process is diminished and the horse can no longer stay warm.

Rain also can lead to skin problems, such as rain scald.

Very young and senior horses can have a hard time staying warm and often need at least a lightweight blanket.

Best horse blankets FAQs

Does your horse have adequate shelter?

If your horse does not have an enclosed dry space that it can choose to go into if it is living outside, then it will nearly always need a turnout blanket, unless it is quite warm out.

Has your horse recently moved from a warm climate to a colder one?

If a horse is not acclimatized to cold weather, then it will need a blanket while its body adjusts to the new temperature.

Have you clipped your horse?

It is common to body clip are a horse that is ridden during the winter. This prevents too much sweat, which can take a long time to dry when it is cold and lead to your horse getting a chill. Any horse that is body clipped, unless when temperatures are very high, needs a blanket.

How long do horse blankets stay waterproof?

A horse blanket is not permanently waterproof. It is a good idea to re-proof the blanket yearly, especially after you wash it. This is easily done with a special re-waterproofing product you can purchase from a tack shop. Some cleaning services may also include this in their options.

Can you use a turnout blanket in the stable?

Yes, a horse can wear a turnout blanket inside. It is a good choice for a particularly dirty horse or one that is tough on blankets. However, while breathable, they are not as breathable as a stable blanket.

Additional Tips when buying horse blankets

  • If you are buying a blanket for a new horse, measure your horse first to find out the correct size. We’ve created a handy guide on how to measure a horse blanket to help you out.
  • Regularly get your blankets cleaned to keep them in good condition. A clean blanket is also better for your horse’s skin. Some horse blanket washing cleaners also offer a repair service, so you don’t have to throw out a ripped blanket or one with a broken surcingle. Check our step-by-step guide on how to clean horse blankets properly.
  • If your budget allows, it is a good idea to have more than one blanket in different types and weights.
  • Use a blanket liner to add warmth without the need to buy another complete blanket. Liners are a more affordable price and easier to wash regularly.
  • Make use of the tail cords to help keep the blanket or horse fly sheet in place.


Here we’ve covered some of the best winter blankets for horses.

Many of the options we’ve discussed come in different weights to suit different times of the year.

The styles we’ve featured should suit most horses and their body types.

If your horse is very large-bodied, it might need a specific style made for its body type.

Even though some horse blankets are expensive, there are many good quality options to suit a lower budget.

Final Recommendations

Since we covered both turnout and stable blankets, we will share our top pick for each.

Our favorite turnout blanket is the B Vertigo Georgina. We love that thought that has gone into making the horse comfortable.

The extra-long tail flap and high gussets, along with the removable neck piece make you feel like you’re doing everything you can to keep your horse warm, dry, and comfortable.

Our favorite stable blanket is the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec. Even though this is an expensive option, it is very well designed, with the horse in mind.

The ceramic lining makes it really special, giving your horse that little bit of extra care.

horse eating grass on the field while wearing a horse blanket

What are your favorite best horse blankets? Share with us below!

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