Top 12 Horse Trailer Companies in the US

Are you in the market for a reliable horse trailer?

If you are simply hauling one or two horse/s to the shows or other equine events, a basic 1 or 2-horse trailer should be adequate.

But if you choose to invest in a huge trailer equipped with living quarters then you can even haul your friends’ horses across the country!

In any case, this guide will you make an informed choice when it comes to selecting a company having the reputation for making the best horse trailers.

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12 Best Horse Trailer Companies in US

From well-known national brands to smaller yet just as reliable smaller companies, you should have no problem finding just the right horse trailer from the list below.

1. Cimarron

Cimarron Trailer Company is considered one of the best horse trailer brands. It stands by its motto: reputation, innovation, and constant evolution.

Cimarron Trailers make high-quality aluminum horse trailers as well as livestock trailer. Both have received great reviews in the market for their sturdy and comfortable designs.

Aluminum trailers, as we all know, are lightweight and won’t exert your vehicle. It also lasts long, provided you maintain it well.

Cimarron’s horse trailer line – Norstar – is a blend of safety, durability, and style. You can choose from 2-8 horse trailers either in slant or straight load or gooseneck and bumper pull varieties.

In short: you can entrust Cimarron to safely haul your horses for work or play. Here are its features in detail:


  • Winstar Gooseneck – available for 3, 4, 5, 6 horses. Width 6’10.
  • Rear single gate
  • Optional side ramp
  • Built with rock-solid integrity
  • Fully customizable upgrades including hay room, different exterior color options, etc.
  • Best aluminum horse trailers ranging in size from 2 horses to 11 horses.
  • The company started in 2000 and employs 135 people while operating out of a 90,000 sq.ft. property.

Watch this review:

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2. Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite stock trailers, located in Iowa, promise to take your horses safely to the trails or shows. Their all-aluminum construction ensures durability and a smooth and secure ride for the long haul.

The Company, which has been around for over 45 years, also gives 10-year structural warranties on most of their trailers, making them a popular choice among horse owners.

Moreover, you get a 3-year limited hitch to bumper warranty on many of the newer Featherlite.

You can choose from the bumper pull, gooseneck, and living quarters, or have a trailer customized for your specific needs.


  • Customizable color choices with the option to add graphics
  • Additional tie rings
  • Option to add sofas inside the trailer.
  • Airflow divider option and several fans to keep your horses well-ventilated
  • Aluminum wave panels on the bottom
  • Stylish dual side sheets.
  • Easy-care flooring
  • Aerodynamic hay racks
  • LED load lights and LED strips for additional visibility
  • Rear ramps for convenient loading.
  • Adjustable saddle racks.

Take a look at this Liberty series:

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3. Sundowner Trailer Corporation

Sundowner has been making aluminum horse trailers for the past 45 years so you consider them as pioneers in the industry. They are especially known for their best horse trailers with living quarters.

Sundowner Trailer Corp. is also one of the only top horse trailer brands that make both simple and luxury trailers with living quarters within the same facility.

This gives buyers a common point of contact for service, warranty, and repairs. Check out the features of Sundowner trailers:


  • Huge selection of bumper, custom, and gooseneck aluminum trailers. You get almost 10 different varieties in gooseneck trailers and 8 in bumper pull trailers. Some are large enough to haul 10 horses. Sundowner’s endless variety of trailers for various needs is highly reputed.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Most trailers come with an 8-year warranty.

Check out this video:

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4. Lakota Horse Trailers

Lakota claims to be America’s No.1 horse trailer and livestock provider. They have a combined experience of more than 200 years in the industry!

Visit Lakota’s website and you can even take a virtual 3D tour of their all-aluminum horse trailers. Here are some of their salient features:


  • All trailers are manufactured in one facility. They can be customized to the various needs of horse owners.
  • The brand has great after-sales service
  • Their horse trailers with living quarters range from 7 feet to 19 feet.

Take a look at this brand new trailer:

5. 4-Star Horse Trailers

4-Star Trailer Company is another leading brand known for its aluminum horse trailers in gooseneck and bumper style.

The Company is located in Oklahoma and their use of WERM horse trailer floors keeps the units long-lasting and easy to maintain.

WERM stands for We Eliminate Rubber Mats. This type of horse trailer flooring is easy to install and lasts even longer than aluminum floors.


  • You get nearly 8 varieties in slant load trailers, 4 varieties in straight load trailers, and 4 in central load trailers.
  • You also get customizable options like different skin colors and graphics.
  • 4-Star Trailer is also the official trailer sponsor of the National Barrel Horse Association

Learn more in this video:

6. Shadow Horse Trailers

With Shadow Trailers, you get a wide variety of bumper pull quality trailers, living quarters, and gooseneck.

This Company calls itself a ‘product built by American Horse People for the American Horse Population’ and has a true understanding of horse owners’ expectations regarding trailers.

They constantly innovate their trailers keeping in mind the comfort of the horses.

Accordingly, you get extra-large rear tack, larger windows for added ventilation, and sliding mid-tack combined with innovative safety features for the long haul.

Check out this video review:


  • Trailers come with safety features like pan doors and windows, an interlocking aluminum floor, and a fully insulated horse area with roof vents.
  • This all-aluminum trailer ensures durability and easier maintenance.
  • Wide selection of trailer models for every budget and need.

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7. Kingstar Trailers

The Kingstar Company was started in 2018 by two brothers in Michigan. They redesigned the horse trailer with the aim to focus on the needs of both the horses and their owners.

You will see many innovative design features like efficient corral and hay movement, automatic watering systems for horses, and elegantly redesigned and re-engineered hydraulic systems.


  • Kingstar trailers come in 2 or 3 horse gooseneck and bumper pull designs.
  • You get finely appointed interiors with amenities for a weekend or longer horse hauls
  • LED lights, USB outlets, hat racks, and mirrors are available for individual needs.

Check them out in this video:

8. Logan Coach Trailers

Logan Coach horse trailer company designs intelligent trailer systems for hauling horses.

It features clean lines and smart styling with built-to-last elite trailers for all budgets. Check out some of their amazing features:


  • SureGrip permanent rubber floor which self-drains and eliminates the need to drain holes in the floor
  • Galvanized structural tubing frame that does not rust
  • Vortex rubber coating is easy to clean, protects against oxidation, and preserves the trailer’s look.
  • Multiple offerings in slat load, straight load, stock and combo, living quarters, etc.

Check them out in the video below:

9. Adam Trailers

This is a leading manufacturer of aluminum as well as steel trailers for the past 40 years. They are based out of Southwest Virginia and are well-known for their horse trailers, toy haulers, utility trailers, car haulers, etc.

Adam horse trailers are available in various configurations for hauling 1 to 12 horses and you can select from bumper pull horse trailers and gooseneck trailers.

There are several options like living quarters, dressing rooms, tack storage, and feed managers. You also get ramps on most models for easy loading.


  • Built for equestrians from the ground up on sturdy aluminum frames
  • Various options are available in gooseneck and bumper pull models.

See one of their popular options here:

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10. Merhow Trailers

Merhow trailers, located in Michigan, have a solid reputation of more than 60 years in the horse trailer industry.

They manufacture their all-aluminum trailers in the same facility so you get sales, warranty, and after service with the same point of contact.

 Merhow offers horse owners two categories of trailers to choose from: Bronco and Next Generation.

In Bronco, you can choose from straight or slant load as well as the bumper pull and gooseneck varieties. In the Next Generation non-LQ, you can choose from slant or straight load configuration.

Their horse trailers with Living quarters come in Stampede (super premium) and Next Generation varieties.

Check out one of their high-tech options:


  • All Merhow trailers come with an 8-year structural warranty
  • Their Stampede horse trailer with living quarters comes with premium vinyl and hardwood fascia and cabinet doors that look elegant and are also sturdy
  • Heavy latches and tie-downs; built like a tank

11. Hart Trailers

When you buy a Hart Trailer you get beauty, safety, reliability, and convenience.

The family-owned company has been manufacturing all-aluminum trailers in Oklahoma for decades (since 1948) and their excellent service and manufacturing have inspired confidence in their buyers.

You can choose from the bumper pull and gooseneck trailers and get to enjoy many innovative features in them.


  • Variety of size and style choices. You even get starter trailer models that work with smaller trucks and shorter beds
  • Clean, smooth, and elegant features having an incredible function.
  • The durable trailer that can withstand years of wear and tear
  • Exceptional width – 6’ 8” wide. This also eliminates the disrupting interior fender.

Learn more about the brand in this video:

12. Hawk Trailers

Hawk Trailers are not your cookie-cutter trailers. They are designed by taking horse owners’ needs in mind.

Note that these are steel trailers so you are sure to get durability but they tend to be slightly heavy compared to their aluminum counterparts.

Galvanized steel frame keeps these trailers rust-proof. They are also three times stronger than aluminum trailers.


  • Galvanized steel walls for a rustproof trailer
  • Fiberglass roof reflects the sun but does not conduct heat, keeping animals comfortable.
  • Come in various colors and vinyl graphics as needed
  • Versatile horse area with removable parts, dividers, and gates
  • Extra-large windows keep horses well-ventilated.
  • Several safety features like low-angle ramps, strong walls, padding, etc.
  • Spacious and comfortable

Now that you know which trailer companies make the best horse trailers, let us move on to the features that make.

Here’s a quick video summary on how to choose horse trailer brands.

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How to Choose the Best Horse Trailers

Here are the factors to consider when buying a horse trailer:


The number one factor to consider when selecting a horse trailer is its construction. Aluminum trailers are lighter and easier on pulling vehicles.

Steel trailers are long-lasting and rust-proof. However, steel trailers tend to exert more pressure on the pulling vehicles. [1]

horse trailer

Do consider the vehicle you will use for hauling before selecting your horse trailer.


Consider how tall is a horse trailer, the horse trailer weight, and the number of horses it can haul. Also, consider the breed or the height of your horses.

If you have a large or draft horse breed, then select a trailer that is at least 7 feet high. This can ensure enough clearance and won’t make the trailer too cramped or congested for the horse/s. [2]

If you opt for horse trailers with living quarters, then you can even select luxurious trailers with options to add sofas, furniture, dressing room, etc.


A good trailer should be equipped with large windows and adequate vents to ensure proper ventilation and prevent your horses from overheating in the summer months.  [3]

If your trailer has a sunroof, make sure that it does not conduct heat and heat up the interiors.

two horses inside a trailer

With or Without Mangers

Trailers come in walkthrough and manager styles.

Some experts believe that it is best to avoid the latter as there is a risk that they could end up trapping the human once the horses have reached the front of the trailer. [4]

However, there is no straightforward answer here as there are several other factors at play here: the kind of loading (straight/slant), number and size of horses,  long or short hauling distances, etc.

Slant Load or Straight Load

Slant load trailers are generally more popular because they are inexpensive. However, for a longer haul, it may be better to select the straight load models, as horses tend to do better with them.

This is given the fact that they allow horses to balance evenly on both front and rear legs. If you do opt for slant load trailers, select ones with tubular head dividers, multiple access doors, and dual side ramps.

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Are Cimarron horse trailers good?

Cimarron horse trailers are great as they are reputed to be strong, comfortable, and safe for horses. Their doors are considered the strongest in the industry. They also come with bright LEDs, and their aluminum floors are corrosion resistant.

How good are Lakota horse trailers?

In 2019, Lakota Trailers topped the list of best-selling horse trailers. These elegant trailers are known for their structural stability, durability, and elegant horse trailers with living quarters.

What is the most expensive horse trailer?

Reports suggest that the Cimarron Norstar 4HLQ horse trailer cost as much as a Lamborghini – priced at a whopping $222,935!

Conclusion & Final Recommendations

Many horse trailer companies are known for their top-selling all-aluminum, steel, or hybrid horse trailers. Some of the mention-worthy brands include Cimarron Norstar, Lakota, Featherlite, Sundowner, etc.

These trailer companies have designed their products based on expectations from horse owners and are designed for the ultimate comfort of horses. We hope this guide helps you make an informed choice.


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stallion inside the best horse trailer

What are the best horse trailer brands do you love most? Please let us know in the comments below!

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