Top 10 Highly-Recommended Horse Riding Breeches

Best horseback riding pants? Most comfortable riding breeches?

The best riding breeches take some time to weed out from the hundreds of choices you come across.

To save you time and frustration, I’ve put together 10 highly recommended options in this handy guide.

Let’s get started and find you the best pair, whether you are one of the many competitive riders or enjoy your weekly lesson, there is something for you here.

Best Riding Breeches Top Picks at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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10 Best Riding Breeches (Review Guide)

I’ve done the hard work to save you time and put together this guide to the best breeches for horse riding. 

It includes those that provide maximum comfort and the different seat options you will come across, so let’s get started.

#1 TuffRider Women’s Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (WINNER)

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These are my top choice for everyday horseback riding breeches. The price is excellent and you get good quality so they will last for many rides.

I love that they are thick. I’m not a fan of thin fabric horse riding breeches.

I find them unflattering and not as comfortable. The knee patch is TuffRider’s patented UltraGripp fabric which helps give you the feeling of more security in the saddle. They are finely ribbed which gives them more flexibility.

For the price, you can get multiple more than one pair of breeches to keep you going throughout the week. Making them the perfect schooling breeches.

Physical Attributes

  • Hook and Loop
  • Faux suede knee patch
  • Belt loops
  • High waist
  • Ridge free ankle closures

Quantitative Measurements

  • 92% Polyester
  • 8% Spandex
  • Regular length
  • 8 Colors
Keep shapeThe fine ribbing means these aren’t suitable for horse shows
Very comfortablePrice varies a lot between sizes & sellers
Super priceSome sizes go out of stock quickly
Suit curvy riders
Lots of color choice
Thick so good for cooler weather

How it Compare to Others and Why

You can’t beat this pair of TuffRider riding pants when it comes to value you for money. They are comfortable and suit a lot of body shapes, which some of the others don’t do.

Expert Tips

Some find that the size 8 is equivalent to a 28-inch waist with these breeches sizing.

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#2 Ovation LDS SoftFlex Classic FullSeat

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These aren’t exactly denim breeches but they have that look. I like the smart but casual look of this style. They are mid-weight so they are a good thickness and will work for riding in colder temperatures.

I really like that Ovation has used a breathable fabric that will help you from getting too hot when in the saddle. These breeches are suitable for riders of any level and great for dressage riders as they have a full seat.

Physical Attributes

  • Low waist
  • QuadFlex
  • Soft fabric
  • Front pocketsVery soft to the touch
  • Denim look

Quantitative Measurements

  • 60% Cotton
  • 40% Polyester
  • 5 colors
  • 2-inch waistband
Very soft to the touchA little too much cotton fabric for my liking
4-way stretchy fabric
Full seat

How it Compare to Others and Why

These full-seat riding breeches come in at a great price, especially when you look at how expensive equestrian pants can get!

As the name implies, they have full seats, which some people find more secure. However, if you don’t like a full seat, then you will prefer one of the others on this list.

Expert Tips

Make sure to wash your breeches according to the instructions. This is usually washing them on a cool wash and air drying.

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#3 FitsT4 Women’s Full Seat Riding Tights

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I think these are one of the best riding breeches for summer. Riding tights are not as hot to ride in. They have a full seat with cute horseshoe silicone grips. I find the fabric of riding tights more slippery, so a grippy full seat is essential.

What is great about riding tights is that they have no hook or button waist closures. Think of it like riding in yoga pants tweaked for horse riding.

They are super comfortable and have become extremely popular in the last few years. I also love that they have a leg pocket for your phone.

Physical Attributes

  • Silicone grip
  • Four-way stretch
  • Cell phone pocket
  • Elastic waistband
  • Waistband with belt loops

Quantitative Measurements

  • 83% Polyester
  • 17% Spandex
  • Available in black
Affordable priceSome people find them too thin
Very comfortable
Sleek and stylish look

How it Compare to Others and Why

These riding tights come in both kids and adult sizes. If you are on a budget, these riding tights are the perfect alternative to the more expensive Kerrits that everyone raves about.

Expert Tips

Use the brand’s sizing chart to help you find the pair that will fit you the best. 

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#4 ELATION EuroSeat Breeches

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I really like the wide waistband on these Elation breeches. They are made with what is called technical fabric in the equestrian world.

This is a modern fabric that is stretchy, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and comfortable.

This particular style is the Brooklyn Platinum which is nice enough for the showering but also great for schooling.

Physical Attributes

  • Double button closure
  • 4-way stretch
  • 2 pockets
  • Piping on waistband

Quantitative Measurements

  • Come in navy or beige
  • 93% Nylon
  • 7% Spandex
Technical fabricLimited color choice
Stretch ankles

How it Compare to Others and Why

If you want breeches that are nice enough for the show ring these are some of the best options on this list.

For showing they are a great price compared to others that match the quality criteria to enter the ring at competitions. 

Expert Tips

Keep your beige breeches for shows and pick other colors, like navy for everyday riding. Darker colors won’t show up as much dirt and will stay looking great longer.

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#5 Kerrits Griptek II Full Seat Breech

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Kerrits is one of the most popular brands and you will regularly see them show up in lists of the best riding breeches reviews. For good reason!

They are modern, sporty, and fashionable on top of being comfortable and taking the rider’s needs into consideration.

They look like pull-on pants but have a cleverly hidden snap and zipper closure. These are on of the best dressage breeches around.

Physical Attributes

  • Hidden zip
  • Hidden snap closure
  • Lined with Coolmax

Quantitative Measurements

  • 90% Nylon
  • 10% Spandex
No-slip gripSome people find they lose shape after a while

How it Compare to Others and Why

If having fashionable riding clothes is important to you, then with Kerrits, you can’t go wrong. You won’t get funny looks that you might get for wearing your great quality but budget TuffRider’s.

Expert Tips

It is a good idea to dry these in the air lying flat.

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#6 BALEAF Girls Riding Pants Equestrian

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If you’re looking for great value kids breeches, these are perfect! They come in some fun colors that children will love and have an elastic waist so they are super comfortable.

Even the knee patches are flexible but still grippy.

Physical Attributes

  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Knee pads
  • Mid-rise waist

Quantitative Measurements

  • 75% Nylon
  • 25% Elastane
Very stretchySome find the sizing hard to figure out
Grippy fabric without silicone
Good leg length for taller kids

How it Compare to Others and Why

Compared to the others on this list these riding breeches are designed specifically with kids in mind. They are the only option that has an elastic waist, which children will find more comfortable than a snap closure.

Expert Tips

Make sure you wash these horse riding pants on cold and separately to keep them in the best condition.

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#7 Tailored Sportsman TS Trophy Hunter

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Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter’s are the ‘it’ breeches. If you go to an A-rated show you will see these on every other rider. If they don’t have these breeches on, they are probably wearing Equiline.

Tailored Sportsman became very popular in the 1990s and since then their popularity has never waned. They are made with great stretch but a thick fabric that comes in very flattering styles. You will find options with different waist heights and plenty of cool colors.

They are expensive breeches but in my opinion, they are well worth it if you can stretch your budget to them.

Physical Attributes

  • Side zip or front zip closure options
  • 2 pockets
  • Clarino knee patches

Quantitative Measurements

  • 2-inch wide waistband
  • 73% cotton
  • 20% microfiber
  • 7% Lycra
Made in the USAExpensive
ComfortableVery limited sizes
Show ring style
Thick but not overly hot fabric

How it Compare to Others and Why

These are one of my favorite breeches brands. The only reason they are not my winner is because of the price. I’ve owned several pairs of these over the years and find they last well when looked after properly.

They are the most expensive option on this list but you get what you pay for with these!

Expert Tips

Tailored Sportsman has options with either a side or front zipper. Personally, I find the side zipper much more flattering and suggest riders try this style out.

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#8 HORZE Active Women’s Horse Riding Full Seat Breeches

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If you want something comfortable, grippy, and with some cool color options take a look at this style from HORZE. They come in a fun dark purple or a hunter green as well as more conservative colors.

The price is reasonable and they have a small zipper pocket that is perfect for sticking in a mint or two for your horse.

Physical Attributes

  • Button closure
  • Polka-dotted seat with silicone grip
  • Full seat

Quantitative Measurements

  • 10 color choices
  • Mid-rise waist
  • US size 20 to 34-inch waist
Jersey like feel fabricSome people might find the full seat silicone too grippy
Variety of colorsPrices vary significantly depending on size & seller
Comfortable fabrics
Great school breeches
  • Some people might find the full seat silicone to grippy

How it Compare to Others and Why

Price-wise these are mid-range compared to the others. They provide the most grip compared to the other options.

However, they are most suited to casual riding or schooling and are not quite sleek enough for competing. They suit everyone from beginners to experienced riders.

Expert Tips

The size chart has waist and hip measurements which will be really useful to help find the perfect pair that will fit you the best.

#9 Equiline

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If I mention Tailored Sportsman in my list of the best breeches for riding, I can’t leave out Equiline.

Equiline is a premium brand the is extremely popular in hunter jumper disciplines and you will see them frequently at horse shows. They are one of the most trendy breeches brands.

They are made with a modern technical fabric that is supportive, grippy, and lightweight without being too thin. Equiline has a few different options, none of which are cheap.

Their least expensive style is the Boston, which has self-fabric, simple knee patches.

If you want a silicone grip knee patch, then look at the half-grip or X-shape options. They also offer styles for dressage riders, men, and children.

Physical Attributes

  • Ergonomic cuts
  • Technical microfibre
  • Stretch lower leg

Quantitative Measurements

  • Multiple color choices
  • 2 front pockets
Durable fabricCan be slim fitting

Expert Tips

Be careful when choosing your size as these are European breeches. Equiline is an Italian brand and sizes are based on what Italy uses. This can get confusing. For example, a size 40 is the equivalent of a US size 26.

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#10 Men’s ARIAT Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breech

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ARIAT doesn’t just make fantastic equestrian boots, they also offer some of the best men’s riding breeches.

Physical Attributes

  • V3 elastic V panel
  • CFS Calf Fit System
  • Hex Grip knee patch
  • Rear pockets

Quantitative Measurements

  • Regular or long leg length
  • 3 color choices
The CFS Calf Fit System helps prevent pressure pointsLimited colors
V3 elastic V panel in the waistband provides extra stretch for increased comfortNo short sizes, just regular and long
Keep their shape

How it Compare to Others and Why

Unfortunately, when it comes to men’s riding breeches there is less choice. While many brands have a men’s range, you will find it hard to get options outside of the basic color choices of beige, white, or navy.

All the high-end brands, such as Equiline and Animo offer options for men.

The price of these breeches is higher than many of the others options but they are good quality and stylish.

Expert Tips

Avoid breeches with velcro leg closures. To be fair most don’t have this feature anymore but if you do find it look for a pair with a modern, stretchy lower leg.

Velcro closures can create uncomfortable pressure points under your tall boots or chaps.

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How to Choose the Best Horse Riding Breeches

Everyone will have their own personal preferences in how they like their horse riding breeches to fit.

Luckily, today they are lots of styles with different cuts and prices to suit all budgets, so everyone will find a pair that they love.

Try On Different Styles Of Breeches

To choose the best horse riding breeches, I always suggest that people try on several different types. Try different brands and their various styles.

equestrian riding on a brown horse

You will find the pair that you find the most comfortable and suitable for your body shape.

If possible, test ride in full seat, fabric knee patch, a silicone grip breeches. The best way to do this without spending money is to borrow pairs from your friends that are the same size.

Take Some Simple Measurements

Before buying new breeches take a few simple measurements with a soft measuring tape. For mid-rise ladies, breeches measure your waist. If you like women’s low-rise cuts measure around your hips.

Also, take the measurement of your inseam to see if the brand’s length sizing will work for you. This applies to both men and women.

Can You Wash Riding Breeches?

Yes, absolutely! You can wash all types of riding breeches. I’ll get into the how next. But first, let’s take a look at the things you need to consider that will affect how you wash your breeches.

an equestrian modeling her full riding gear but what are breeches?

The last thing you want to do is ruin your new riding pants, especially if you invested in an expensive pair from Tailored Sportsman, Animo, or Equiline.

Dark colors are easier to keep clean than beige or white. That’s why most riders only use their light-colored breeches for shows. Plus, dark colors are more flattering.

Whoever thought white breeches were a good color to wear around horses would no doubt get an ear full from thousands of horse riders!

So, let’s get into the details and look at washing your riding pants.

How to Wash Riding Breeches?

So how do you wash riding breeches? I’ve outlined what to do and what to avoid below.

TIP 1. Use Cold Water

Wash all riding breeches in cold water, regardless of the type of fabric. Hot water is a no no. It will damage the spandex in the fabric which will cause premature wear.

It will also cause damage to the silicone that is used for knee and seat grip. The best water temperature to use is 60F or 80F. 

The temperature you can use can vary. It will depend on the fabric type. Your breeches should contain a tag that gives you the best water temperature.

It is not necessary to use a gentle cycle, a normal cycle is fine. It is best to a non-bio washing detergent.

TIP 2. Don’t Use Bleach

Avoid the temptation to use bleach on stains. This will cause yellowing on light breeches. This is because it weakens the fibers of synthetic materials, which is what most breeches are made with.

Other causes of yellowing are using fabric softener and the heat of a tumble dryer.

TIP 3. Use a Front Loading Washing Machine

When you run out of clean breeches and need to put on a wash try to use a front-loading washing machine if possible. These machines are more kind to fabrics than top loaders.

If you have stains, it is best to avoid soaking and instead, hand wash the affected spots before sticking them in the machine.

As you put your riding pant in for machine washing turn them inside out. This will help protect the silicone and reduce dark colors from fading.

Like your non-riding clothes, always wash light colors separate from darks to avoid any running. It would be a disaster if your expensive show breeches turned pink!

TIP 4. Air Dry

When the wash cycle is complete, let your breeches air dry, inside out, and out of direct sunlight. Don’t put them in the dryer or use an iron. Remember to remove your pants as soon as the cycle is done.

You can hang your breeches but it is best to lay them flat.

Some breeches have leather knee patches that can get stiff after washing. To combat this you can apply a leather material suitable for washable clothing.

Other Tips for Cleaning White Breeches

Avoiding stains on white breeches is basically impossible. So it’s a good idea to know some tips that will help you move any unwanted marks.

For organic stains, spot wash before putting your pants in the washing maching.

Start by rubbing an ice cube on the stain. The cold will help break down the organic particles. Next, add a tiny bit of white vinegar and gently work it into the stain. Be careful not to soak the material too much.

For tough greasy stains work the stain with a combination of percarbonate of soda and Marseille soap. Leave it to sit on the stain for around 30-minutes before sticking your pants in the machine.

Another tip I picked up that will help freshen up your white breeches it to wash them with VANISH Gel Oxi Action Gold White 30° and a mild detergent.

Dry Cleaning

You might think that dry cleaning is a good option to keep your breeches in perfect condition. However, some materials cannot be dry cleaned.

Always check the label or contact the brand to clarify if drying cleaning is ok. Sometimes it can do more harm than good.


Here I’ve answered some common questions about English riding breeches I hear from riders that will hopefully help you find the best riding pants for your needs.

What are the most flattering breeches?

This is a broad question and will greatly depend on your body shape. However, I find Tailored Sportsman and Equiline two of the most flattering breaches.

What are the best men’s riding breeches?

a men on a horse with one fo the best horse riding helmet

Equiline, ARIAT, and Animo make some of the best men’s riding breeches. Tuff Rider also offers some great options for men at reasonable prices.

What do full seat breeches do?

Full seat breeches have a larger area of grippy fabric. This area covers not only the knee but also the inner thighs and seat. Their purpose is to provide the rider with more security in the saddle. They are very popular with dressage riders.


I hope you have found my best riding breeches list helpful. I aimed to include a variety of styles and price ranges of great options so everyone has a choice to suit them.

If you’re looking for winter riding breeches, I’ve put together a special list just focusing on the best options.

Final Recommendation

My overall winner TuffRider is my favorite option for those looking for decent quality without spending an arm and a leg. They are a perfect option for riders of any level. If you want a premium brand, my top 3 are Tailored Sportsman, Animo, and Equiline.

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lady riding a horse while using her best riding breeches

What are your favorite best riding breeches? Please share with us below!

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