12 Best Horse Blankets for Winter (Buying Guide)

I’ve had numerous occasions to buy the best winter horse blankets because I gift them to my equestrian friends and family members (in addition to using them for two of my older horses).

05/15/2024 03:54 pm GMT

The sheer variety available in winter blankets for horses is enough to confuse anyone.

These 12 great blankets for horses will help you zero in on the best one for your horse’s needs.

Let’s check them out, starting with my absolute favorites top rated horse blankets!

Winter Horse Blankets Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites top horse blankets!

12 Best Winter Horse Blankets (Reviews)

From budget-friendly to luxurious, these 12 blankets below will help you keep your horse warm all winter long.

1. HORZE Dakota Medium Weight Turnout Blanket 1200D (Winner!)

Equestrians love the HORZE brand so it is no wonder this one is the perfect blanket in our books.

This is a medium-weight blanket which means it is ideal for changing temperatures. If you live in a place that is warmer during the day and very cold at night, then this is a great choice.

Physical Features

  • Durable and breathable nylon exterior
  • 1200 D thread count (more about this in the later section!)
  • Contains 200 g of fill (grams of polyfill) which will keep your horse neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Has a 3000 mm waterproof shell
  • Long gussets and long tail flaps
  • Printed HORZE logo
  • Available in several sizes and colors
Prevents escape and is ideal for horses that roll- thanks to the quick snap closing and double-cross surcinglesInner lining tends to get sticky after a while.
Allows free range of motion due to long gussets and tail flap

How it compares to others

Price-wise, this is a mid-range horse blanket for winters under $150. The higher thread count of 1200 D is sure to keep your horse comfortable in harsh winters.

It is also waterproof so you can use it for turnout in the rain. I have 3 of these blankets and I found the clips broken on one of them after a few months of use.

The other two are still looking good after all these years and this is despite the fact that my horses have destroyed other blankets in the past. Horze blankets have withstood their beatings well!

2. Best Budget Buy: Intrepid International Free Runner Mid Weight Turnout Blanket

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05/23/2024 10:44 am GMT

I purchased this 600 Denier blanket for turnout for my sister’s horse as a gift. It is perfect for Oregon winters and she found it sturdy and waterproof.

She also loved the fact that it did not make her horse sweat and yet provided a layer of warmth in windy weather.

Physical Features

  • Available in 5 awesome colors and several sizes from 71 to 83 inches.
  • Made with ripstop nylon. Ripstop technology prevents small tears and cuts in the blanket from spreading – making it long lasting.
  • Contains 220 g of fill.
  • Lined with satin.
Perfect for spring/fall – lightweight Many users experienced size issues – run smaller or larger.
Attractive colorsOnly three colors
Value for money
Sturdy and durable
Easy to clean
Water slicks right off – keeps horses nice and dry without sweating.

How it compares

Intrepid horse blankets are waterproof and warm and offer complete value for money. They are available in great colors.

The downside is the sizing issues – some users had to deal with the hassle of shipping it back to the manufacturer.

Expert tip

It is important to measure your horse accurately before buying heavy-duty winter horse blankets – I have covered this in a later section.

3. Best Horse Blanket for Chewers – Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 300g

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05/27/2024 04:24 pm GMT

As the name indicates, Tough-1 horse Snuggit blankets are made for chewers and rollers – horses that are known to destroy their blankets. Their heavy-duty constructions help them withstand wear and tear.

Physical features

  • 1200 D thread count
  • 300g of polyfill
  • Polylining is 210 D – helps maintain horse’s shiny coat
  • Seamless spine
  • Waterproof shell
  • Available in more than 10 attractive colors and several sizes.
Heavy-duty winter horse blankets perfect for the coldest nightsToo warm for some regions and can cause overheating or sweating of horses.

How it compares

Tough-1 Snuggit tough blankets are breathable and tough. Their sturdy construction sets them apart from other horse blankets.

Price-wise, the Tough-1 horse blankets are comparable to most entries here. It is a good investment if you have a horse that rolls or bites blankets.

4. Best Adjustable Horse Blanket – Tough-1 Snuggit 1200D Turnout Blanket Belly Wrap

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05/23/2024 10:56 am GMT

Compared to the other Tough-1 Snuggit blanket listed above, this one comes with a belly wrap that snugly fits across your horse’s belly. It also has adjustable leg straps and neck closures that make it fit any horse with ease. The sturdy construction is fit for horses that bite their blankets.

Physical features

  • 1200, ripstop nylon construction.
  • 250 g poly filling
  • 1200 D waterproof shell
  • Removable leg straps and tail flap
  • Available in 4 colors and 6 sizes
Belly strap is a great addition to keep your horse’s belly warmPricier compared to most horse blankets.
Adjustable neck, leg, and belly straps make fitting easier.

How they compare

Some users found the belly strap useless as it wasn’t as adjustable as it ought to be.

The durability of the blanket isn’t that great too since some aggressive chewers easily ripped the belly strap in a couple of uses. Not value for money compared to the other Snuggit Tough-1 blanket.

5. Best Design in Turnout Blanket : Horseware Ireland Amigo Bravo 12 Plus Turnout Heavy 400g

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The Horseware Store brand is well-known in the equestrian community for its premium and thoughtfully-designed equestrian products.

This heavy-duty turnout blanket allows easy movement to horses while grazing thanks to its V-front, leg arches, and disc closure.

Physical features

  • Comes with 100g or 300g liners so you can change them according to the temperature.
  • 50g outer rug
  • Detachable hood
Versatile, flexible, thoughtfully designed horse blanketAvailable only in single size and color
Greater freedom of movement for grazingExpensive
Reflective strips for visibility in low light

How it compares

Horseware blanket is nearly $100 more expensive compared to most entries here. There is not much choice in size and color but we love the thoughtfully designed blanket which allows you to choose the lining according to the temperature changes. Horses will also love the freedom of movement they afford. The brand is one of the best equestrian brands out there.

6. Best Design in Stable Blanket: Horseware Amigo Stable Blanket

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05/15/2024 03:54 pm GMT

The above Horseware Ireland blanket is better for turning out horses as it is designed to offer greater freedom of movement.

The Amigo blanket from Horseware is more suitable as a stable blanket because it prevents heat loss when your horse is resting.

Physical features

  • Vari-layer technology prevents heat loss in horses when stabled.
  • The varied layering includes: 450g on back, 350 g on the sides, and 150g fill on the bottom.
  • 600 D thread count makes it suitable for spring and fall.
  • Detachable hood
  • Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes
Innovative design and use of technologyPricier than most entries here.

How it compares

The price is one deterrent and the other may be the lack of sizes. Some horses also ripped off the filling with ease. The outer shell held up well for most users.

7. Best Waterproof Heavy-Duty Blanket Under $100: Challenger 1200 D Turnout Waterproof Blanket

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05/23/2024 11:24 am GMT

If you are buying several horse blankets on a budget, then these waterproof, heavy-duty blankets from Challenger won’t disappoint.

Physical Features

  • 1200D ripstop fabric
  • Waterproof, breathable material
  • 400g insulating material plus 300 g polyfill to keep horse warm and dry
  • Shoulder gusset and tail flaps, adjustable neck, leg straps for snug fit
  • Double buckle snap closure
  • Available in 4 sizes
Affordable blanketsSome users found it heavy/bulky
Great value for moneyA few sizing issues

How they compare

Budget shoppers will love the Challenger horse blankets under $100. It is suitable for extreme cold weather. The blankets may be too bulky for some regions and could cause sweating.

The waterproofing feature may not be reliable too as a few users found that their horses were soaked in the rain.

8. Best Light/No-Filling Horse Blanket: Teke Ultimate Horse Turnout Sheet

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Sometimes, our horses only need a lightweight blanket especially when they are grazing.

Their slow forward movements combined with the grass they graze on increase their body heat. So a lightweight sheet like this offering from Teke is just what they need.

Physical features

  • Heavy-duty 1050 denier sheet without filling with special weave.
  • Facility to add horse and owner’s name
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Polyester stain layer
  • Reinforced stitching to prevent wear and tear
  • Tail flap
  • Shoulder gussets allow easy movement
  • Available in 4 sizes and 4 colors.
Ideal for light winters/spring/fall Not for harsh winters
No sweat blanket

How it compares

The TEKE light, no-fill horse turnout blanket is good for mild winters. It can prevent sweating in horses when the weather turns warm.

At the same time, it is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about horses getting wet in wet weather. Price-wise, Teke blankets fall in the under $150 category.

9. Best Pony Blankets for Winter – Derby Originals Classic 600D Medium Weight Winter Mini Horse Pony Turnout Blanket 200g

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05/27/2024 04:05 pm GMT

If you need a blanket for your miniature horse or a small pony, then DERBY Originals 600 denier blankets are a fantastic choice.

These blankets are meticulously designed in the USA and are versatile to meet different needs of foals, ponies, and mini horse or donkey breeds. Did I mention that they are available in attractive colors too?

Physical features

  • 600 D breathable, waterproof, sturdy ripstop material with 200g filling ideal for mild to extreme winters, spring, and wet weather. There are three layers to keep your little guy or girl warm and dry.
  • Can be used as stable and turnout blanket
  • Several sizes and attractive colors
Great pony blankets for winter under $100Blankets keep sliding to the side on some ponies. Measure your pony properly to avoid this issue.

How it compares

Other than some sizing issues, this is one of the best pony blankets for winter and spring use. Many users have prevented rain rot in their animals with this blanket. The price is also attractive and their colors are gorgeous.

10. Best Layering Rug – Shires Warma Layering Horse Rug

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05/23/2024 11:34 am GMT

Whether your horse needs an extra layer under its main blanket or a lightweight sheet to stay warm and dry in mild winters, the Shires Warma rug will serve on both counts.

Your horse can wear it all day long without sweating or feeling stuffy. It is ideal for layering under other horse winter blankets if you have an older horse or a clipped horse.

Physical features

  • Available in 100 g and 200g filling with 9 different size choices
  • Elastic leg straps for adjustments and fastening
  • Compatible with other Shires Warma products.
High-quality, easy to secure, lightweightSome rugs had alignment issues between clips and loops at the back
Great as stable and turnout blanket

How it compares

As mentioned earlier, this may not be suitable as a standalone blanket for very harsh winters.

It is great as a layering rug under the main blanket or as a turnout sheet for milder weather. Excellent rug under $100 with several size choices.

11. Best Premium Horse Blanket – WEATHERBEETA Comfitec Heavy Horse Blanket

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05/15/2024 01:09 am GMT
weatherbeeta horse blanket

If you don’t mind spending a bit extra for your horse for a long-lasting heavy-duty winter blanket, then WEATHERBEETA’s Comfitec offering is a great choice.

Physical features

  • Features detachable neck and leg straps
  • Memory foam padding at shoulders
  • 1680 Deniers ballistic nylon with 360g filling
Long-lasting, extremely durable blanket Price – about $400

How they compare

With horse blankets, you get what you pay for. Compared to all the entries above, the WEATHERBEETA ComfiTec is higher in its Denier/thread count.

This means that this heavier blanket is sure to last your horse for its entire lifetime and more. The ballistic material prevents wear and tear. The price could be a deterrent for some buyers.

12. Best Medium Weight Stable Blanket – WeatherBeeta Comfitec 210D Channel Quilt Standard Neck Medium Horse Blanket

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05/13/2024 12:05 am GMT
horse wearing the best winter horse blanket

WeatherBeeta promises to keep your steed warm in the stable. This medium durable blanket is cozy and guaranteed to comfort an old or sick horse in the winter months.

Physical features

  • 210 D polyester shell with 220g polyfill
  • Has a quilted surface
  • 100% boa fleece
  • Available in 8 different sizes
Adjustable bucklesNeeds more color choices
Has a tail cord

How it compares

May not be suitable for peak winters. It is mainly a stable blanket and not for turnout ideal for temperature fluctuations.

How to Choose the Best Winter Blankets for Horse

Here are the factors to consider when selecting the best winter blankets for horses

Size and fit

The most important factor to consider regarding blanketing is the fit. Too small a blanket can cause rub marks and chafe on your horse’s skin.

Too large blankets tend to slip off and can even cause your horse to get dangerously tangled in it. Always choose a blanket that is not restrictive and allows freedom of movement for your horse. 

Here are the steps to measure your horse for blanketing:

  • Seek help from a friend when measuring your horse. You will need them to hold the tape at the end, start, and middle of the chest.
  • Do ensure your horse is relaxed when you measure.
  • Use fabric tape for the task.
  • Measure your horse from the center of its chest to the widest part of its rump.
  • If you get an odd measure round up or down depending on your horse’s build.
  • Also measure across the neck and on the back from withers to tail.
  • Always use the larger size when you get a middle reading.

Look for blankets with straps to secure and adjust properly around your horse.


There are different types of horse blankets and you can also get them in a wide variety of shapes, neck styles, and attractive colors.

You can choose blankets with belly bands and detachable hoods. These are designed for frigid temperatures and provide maximum protection in and outside the barn.

Stable blankets, as their name indicates, are ideal for use inside the stable. They may not be waterproof. Some of these are cozy and insulated and even come with a quilted design.

Turnout blankets are either light, medium, or heavy-duty depending on their filling, denier count, and materials.

You can get lightweight and weatherproof day sheets for milder weather or a heavy-duty waterproof turnout blanket with tail flaps and leg wraps to prevent cold, wet weather from harming your horse.

group of horses wearing a blanket

Waterproof and Breathable

No matter what style you choose, make sure your horse won’t get wet in rainy weather and sweat when it is slightly warmer. The outer materials should ideally also be breathable.

Thread Count/Denier

For harsh winters, opt for blankets with a higher thread count like 1200 D and above.

The Denier count also ensures higher durability. For horses that are known to chew through ropes and halters, it may be best to opt for a higher denier count.

If you need a lighter blanket then opt for a lower thread count like 600 D. You can also layer your horse with warm sheets or rugs under the blanket to provide more warmth as the weather gets chillier.


The filling of a horse blanket can decide the degree of protection it offers against the cold.

Most horses do well with medium weight poly or fiber filling of the order of 180-200 g. For very harsh winters, you can opt for heavy-duty filing.


A good durable blanket features ripstop or ballistic materials. Ripstop technology prevents wear and tear and stops the rips from spreading or increasing in length.

Ballistic materials are military-grade and made with high tenacity nylon that offers superior abrasion and wear resistance.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Larger winter horse blankets need a heavy-duty washing machine to wash them. You can also use public laundromats or horse blanket washing and repair services.

Whatever method you use, cleaning is very important.  A dirty horse blanket can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi and can give rise to infections like rain rot and other skin issues in your horse.

Check this helpful video:


What weight blanket should I use for my horse?

You can use a heavy-duty blanket with 300g to 400 g of polyfill if your horse is sick, old, or clipped and the ambient temperature drops below 20 F.

At what temperature do horses need blankets?

a horse with one of the best blankets on it

When the temperatures fall in the range of 20 to 40 F, then it is a good time to equip your horse with a winter horse blanket. However, the temperature should not be the only factor to consider for blanketing a horse.

You must consider your horse’s age, breed, overall health, and whether its body hair is or isn’t clipped. Most unclipped horses are able to use their body hair and coat to keep themselves warm. Check our horse blanket temperature guide.

When should you blanket your horse?

If your horse spends a lot of time outdoors and has been body-clipped, then you must blanket it. A sick or senior horse that is unable to warm itself or doesn’t feed properly will also need blanketing.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

A winter coat is the best insulation against wet and cold weather but some horses need the best winter horse blankets especially if they are old, sick, clipped, and when the temperatures drop below the 20-40 F range.

We recommend the HORZE Dakota Blanket as it is waterproof, will keep the horse warm, and is sturdy. It features a 1200 D thread count, 200 g of polyfill, and a 3000 mm waterproof layer.

The heavyweight blanket also allows ease of movement for your horse and its breathable material helps prevent sweating. Do check out our other recommendations as well.


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horse wearing a comfy horse blanket

For you, what are the best winter horse blankets on the above list? Let us know below!

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