Top 9 Cozy Winter Riding Breeches (Reviews)

A friend of mine was keen on participating in English-style riding and needed the best winter riding breeches for the purpose. Best winter breeches!

05/15/2024 04:08 pm GMT

She asked me to accompany her to the tack store to help her choose; after all, the sheer variety in breeches was certainly overwhelming.

The great thing about the experience was that I got to learn a lot in the process, and today, I will be sharing that knowledge with you!

Start with a quick look at my top picks of the best breeches brands, then read on for the full list and in-depth reviews.

Best Winter Riding Breeches Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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9 Best Winter Riding Breeches for Horse Riding (Review)

Below, we will cover 9 of the best winter riding breeches – between my friends and me, we have personally used all of them.

1.      TuffRider Unifleece Pull- Breeches (Winner!)

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02/21/2024 01:18 am GMT

My friend selected these breeches from TuffRider because she loves this brand. TuffRider is indeed a reliable and popular name among us equestrians.

She also loved the fact that these warm breeches felt just like sweatpants – fleece-lined, comfy, and super-stretchy.

They eased her movements in the saddle – considering the fact that English riding requires a lot of movement – so the breeches have to be very flexible.


  • Made with super-stretchy Spandex and warm fleece lining.
  • Zippered pockets
  • Available in 4 gorgeous colors and six sizes.
Ideal for cold winter rides – keeps legs warm even in Alaskan winters.The breeches piled after one wash
Drawstring at the waist keeps them in place.

How they compare

TuffRider equestrian products have been around for decades. So, there is no doubt about their quality.

These breeches are warm, thick, comfortable, and allow plenty of room for movement needed in horseback riding. They have plenty of size and color choices.

The only drawback is the pilling- but you can avoid it by hand-washing or dry-cleaning them. All in all: they’re a great affordable pair of winter riding breeches under $75.

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2.      Kerrits Lightweight Super Stretchy Winter Breeches

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You need not stop riding when winter arrives. Kerrits has made these super-lightweight breeches just for the season.

They are lined with fleece, stretchy, and allow a lot of room for movement. And, in addition to their flexibility, they are warm and cozy too.


  • Come with Kerrits signature hounds-tooth print
  • The extra wide 3” waist band allows greater comfort.
  • 4-way stretchability – need we say more?
Super comfy stretchy, flexibleThe hip pocket is pretty useless
Very warm even in freezing Montana wintersThese breeches do not really protect against wind chill.
Wash well

How they compare

The fleece-lined Spandex is reliable for peak winters. Kerrits is a reliable brand trusted by equestrians.

3.      Kerrits Sit Tight ‘N Warm WindPro Kneepatch Breeches

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As the name suggests, Kerrits WindPro protects against rain and wind making it perfect for those wet winter riding sessions.


  • Kerrits WindPro breeches feature a belt closure and Polartec Fabric
  • The knee patch offers flexibility and ease of movement.
Perfect for riding in the winter monthsThe color might be different than that seen on the screen.
Well-designed breeches that sit well under riding boots

How they compare

As always, when you have a popular brand you know you can blindly trust their products. You can certainly rely on Kerrits WindPro Kneepatch breeches to keep you warm and comfortable and they are high-quality winter riding breeches under $100.

4.      HORZE Winter Breeches

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I love HORZE products – I have used their tall boots, cooling shirts, and stretchy gloves. My friend has a pair of their winter-special fleece-lined breeches and she raves about them all the time.


  • Leather knee patches provide superior grip in the saddle.
  • Attractive colors and nearly 10 different sizes
  • Fleece lined
Horze Active Womens Winter Silicone Knee Patch Tights
Extremely warmPilled after washing
Can even be worn with thermal innerwear in minus wind-chill

How they compare

Price-wise these are very affordable winter breeches under $50.

They come in great colors, and are thoughtfully designed for the saddle, and are perfect for gifting too. All in all a wonderful offering from a well-loved brand.

5.       TuffRider Women’s Ribb Knee Patch Breeches

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02/21/2024 01:49 pm GMT

We keep coming to TuffRider breeches, don’t we? Well, when you have such a reliable brand, would you go anywhere else?

These breeches are warm although they are not lined with fleece. I’d recommend them for lighter winter months and their Spandex-polyester material combo makes them perfect for riding all year round.


  • Shape retention PU-Spandex
  • Hook-loop closure
  • UltraGripp for superior comfort in the saddle.
Available in attractive colorsHigh-waist style might look too baggy on petite riders. The waist almost reaches the lower seam of the bra – might be better suited for taller women.
Stretchy, warm, flattering, long-lasting.Thick materials could prove too hot for peak summers
Value for money.

How they compare

Extremely well-constructed, warm, stretchy, winter riding breeches with zippered pockets to keep the keys. Very affordable breeches under $60 from a well-loved equestrian brand.

6.      Mountain Horse Polar Unisex Best Winter Full Seat Breeches

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These Unisex best full seat breeches from Mountain Horse Polar are breathable, windproof, and waterproof.

Note that they aren’t like the traditional ‘britches’ or ‘riding tights’ – rather they are insulated riding pants that can be worn over your regular thin breeches to enhance winter/rain protection.


  • Fully seam-sealed and made with waterproof faux leather
  • Ergonomically designed seat for superior gripping
  • They come with snow gaiters to keep out snow.
  • Fleece lined pockets to keep hands warm instead of wearing bulky winter glove
Extremely well-designed for winters and wet conditions.Most users found them too long
Not noisy while riding, unlike other synthetic pants!

How they compare

Mountain Horse Polar unisex breeches might not look like traditional breeches but boy are they warm, cozy, and comfortable.

They are made for cold weather riding and will definitely offer you the protection you are looking for. Priced under $200 – go for these if you want long-lasting winter riding pants!

7.  Ovation LDS Soft-Flex Classic Full-Seat

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05/15/2024 04:08 pm GMT

Experienced and beginner equestrians alike will love Ovation’s Soft-flex classic, full-seat breeches.

The brand carries great products across disciplines including show jumping, dressage, schooling, etc. I have personally used Ovation’s tall boots, helmets, and even their sulfate-free hair care products.


  • Made in the USA with ultra soft, moisture-wicking Comfortex fabric
  • Stretch and shape retention cotton-spandex combination
ComfortableA few riders found them too wide in the waist area but their belt loops might be handy
Roomy pockets
Value for money

How they compare

I am not sure if these are perfect for cold weather –especially if you have a major wind chill factor making it even more frigid.

They are not fleece-lined. They are great for the spring and early fall months. For breeches under $75, they do offer complete value for money.

8.  B Vertigo Women’s Thermo Full Seat Breeches – Silicone Grip

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02/22/2024 06:57 pm GMT

B Vertigo’s warm winter breeches will be your best friend for cold weather riding.


  • Silicone full seat breeches offer superior grip.
  • Their thermal lining is a blessing for those riding in snowy areas
  • Available in two gorgeous colors
B Vertigo Justine Womens Thermo Silicone Full Seat Breeches
High-waist feature flattens and flatters!Expensive compared to other entries here
Not tight in the calf area, unlike most breeches

How they compare

Attractive colors? Check

Comfortable and easy-to-grip saddle ?– Check!

Warm breeches for cold weather riding?- Check

Flattering for full-figure ladies – Check!

Need we say more?

9. Devon-Aire Women’s All Pro Classic Breech

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What are the key characteristics of breeches for cold weather riding? Well, firstly they should be warm.

Secondly, they should have a 4-way stretch and excellent memory and recovery of shape.

Thirdly, they should be flattering, form-fitting, and comfortable in and out of the saddle. Devon-Aire Pro classic breeches tick all these boxes.


  • Dev-Tex® moisture-wicking, expanding, soft, comfortable material
  • Ribbed texture for superior saddle grip
  • No inside seam to prevent chaffing
Excellent all-weather breeches for pairing with stylish winter bootsActual products differ from the images
No bulky Velcro
Soft, comfortable, warm, and moisture-wicking

How they compare

A few users complained about receiving different color breeches than ones shown online.  However, most loved the fact that they are not low-rise which prevents that unsightly back-gap in the pants while riding.

These form-fitting breeches also prevent a muffin top. Their ribbed texture is perfect for gripping the saddle.

Also, the elastic in place of Velcro prevents bulkiness. In short: they are awesome cold winter days riding breeches under $60!


What are full seat breeches?

Full seat breeches offer a firm grip with the saddle and are recommended for Dressage. They come with a gripping material from the knee to the thigh area. The seat of the breeches is also ‘stickier’.

What is the difference between jodhpurs and breeches?

The main difference is in their lengths. The jodhpurs are horse-riding trousers made with stretchy materials that extend down to the ankles often with a fastening to secure in the boots. The thighs are also flared in Jodhpurs for more comfort in the saddle. Breeches are shorter and skin-tight. They come with knee pads and inner linings for greater comfort and flexibility in riding. Breeches often have Velcro or elastic bands at the ankles for a snug fit.

Final Recommendation

If you are looking for breeches for winter riding, I recommend TuffRider UniFleece cozy winter Breeches as they are very warm, comfortable, and stylish too.

The brand is also popular and well-loved for its essential winter riding gear.

Do check out other recommendations too!


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What are your favorite winter riding breeches on the above list? Please share with us below!

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