100 Beautiful Black Horse Names for Fillies & Stallions

Looking for some of the best ever black horse names?

We’ve got you covered!

Check out 100 exception ideas for your Black Beauty or Stallion that we absolutely adore!

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Black Horse Names for Females

From words that mean black in other languages to amazingly gorgeous ebony-colored things in nature, you’ll find the perfect female horse names below!

  1. Amaya – Arabic name meaning “rainy night.
  2. Anise – perfect name for a black lady.
  3. Barli – Swiss name for “little black bear.”
  4. Blackberry – after the delicious forest fruits.
  5. Black Pearl – after Jack Sparrow’s ship.
  6. Black Velvet – beautiful name for a classy lady. 
  7. Brena – Irish name for a black-haired one.
  8. Cerin – Gaelic name meaning “dark.”
  9. Cerny – Czech name meaning “black.”
  10. Cethin – Welsh name meaning “dark.”
  11. Charna – the Yiddish name for “dark.”
  12. Ciardha – Irish name meaning “black-haired.”
  13. Cinders – after Cinderella in her dark clothes.
  14. Coffee – just because everyone loves dark coffee.
  15. Cola – after the most famous beverage. 
  16. Dahlia – after the black flower.
  17. Devaki – an Indian name meaning “black-haired.” 
  18. Domino – after the domino pieces.
  19. Duff – Celtic name meaning “dark.”
  20. Dusk – amazing name for a black horse.
  21. Elvira – after the well-known mistress of the dark.
  22. Gethen – Celtic name meaning “dark.”
  23. Hershey – probably the most famous dark chocolate.
  24. Inky – cute name for a black horse.
  25. Isra – Arabic name meaning “night journey.”
  26. Jetta – Latin name referring to “jet black.”
  27. Kahlua – after Mexico’s coffee-flavored liqueur.  
  28. Kala – Hindi name meaning “black.”
  29. Kanika – Kenyan name meaning “black.”
  30. Krasa – Russian name meaning “dark beauty.”
  31. Leila – Arabic name for the one with dark hair.
  32. Licorice – for a deliciously cute one.
  33. Marble – precious name for a black female horse.
  34. Maroulis – Greek name meaning “dark.”
  35. Maura – Latin name meaning “black.”
  36. Melaina – Greek name for a black one.
  37. Misty – adorable name for a black and fast horse.
  38. Morticia – after the Addams Family character.
  39. Nerissa – Italian name for a black haired horse.
  40. Nisha – Hindi name meaning “night.”
  41. Noche – this is how you say “night” in Spanish.
  42. Nocturna – for a very black horse.
  43. Noir – French name meaning “black.”
  44. Onyx – just one of the very cool horse names for a black mare.
  45. Pepper – classic name for a dark-haired horse.
  46. Raven – beautiful name for a black and fast horse.
  47. Semira – Arabic name meaning “nighttime.”
  48. Shadow – because she’s fast like a shadow.
  49. Sheba – after the African Queen of Sheba.
  50. Storm – perfect name for a restless hose.
Looking for some of the best ever black horse names? We’ve got you covered! Check out 100 beautiful ideas for fillies and stallions!

Black Male Horse Names

  1. Anubis – after the ancient God of the underworld.
  2. Ash – cute name for a black horse.
  3. Assam – Indian name meaning “black.”
  4. Aswald – Arabic name for a black one.
  5. Batman – after the dark knight!
  6. Bear – this is perfect for a loving horse.
  7. Beetle – especially if you think about black beetles.
  8. Bronson – this name refers to the son of a black one.
  9. Carbon – this one of the coolest male horse names for a black stallion.
  10. Cardew – Welsh name meaning “dark.”
  11. Charcoal – this one speaks for itself.
  12. Cole – this name refers to “coal.”
  13. Cocoa – for the cutest black horse.
  14. Corbin – beautiful name meaning “crow.
  15. Cosmos – for he is beautiful like the cosmos.
  16. Cricket – adorable name for a black and noisy horse.
  17. Darth – after the Star Wars villains.
  18. Duggen – Irish name meaning “black.”
  19. Erebus – Greek name meaning “darkness.”
  20. Espresso – because we all love coffee, in all its forms.
  21. Goth – fancy name for a black horse.
  22. Graphite – very cool name for a black horse.
  23. Guinness – after the dark, Irish beer.
  24. Hesper – Greek name meaning “evening star.”
  25. Jet – referring to Jet Black.
  26. Kerwin – Gaelic name meaning “black little one.”
  27. Knight – this one is pretty straightforward.
  28. Kuro – Japanese name meaning “black.”
  29. Maurice – Latin name meaning “dark.”
  30. Mauricio – Italian name for a dark one.
  31. Midnight – beautiful name for a dark horse.
  32. Nacht – German word for “night.”
  33. Natt – Swedish name meaning “night.”
  34. Nero – popular Italian name meaning “black.”
  35. Night – this one is pretty clear.
  36. Ninja – everyone loves ninjas, but no one ever sees them.
  37. Noir – French name meaning “black.”
  38. Obsidian – after the toughest material.
  39. Omen – maybe he brings you signs all the time.
  40. Oreo – after the famous biscuit.
  41. Orpheus – after the Greek symbol of darkness.
  42. Phantom – after the famous ghosts.
  43. Pirate – most pirates used to wear black.
  44. Shadow – beautiful name for a black horse.
  45. Sirius – after the Dog Star.
  46. Smoke black and white horse names for stallion.
  47. Tarmac – referring to the black tar.
  48. Tux – for a very elegant black horse.
  49. Twilight – beautiful name for a black horse.
  50. Zorro – after the legend!

With so many awesome ideas, it’s hard to choose just one favorite!

From the girl’s list, though, I particularly love Kala and Dahlia.

For boys, I’m partial to Obsidian or Nero. Both sound so majestic for a stallion!

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Looking for some of the best ever black horse names? We’ve got you covered! Check out 100 beautiful ideas for fillies and stallions!

Your turn! What are your favorite black horse names? Share below!

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