55 Best Black and White Horse Names for Males

Black and white horse names for males are pretty cool!

There is something about a black and white horse that makes it look so stunning.

It’s a pretty rare coat color combination, and it only appears in a handful of horse breeds, including the Gypsy Vanner, Paint, Appaloosa, and Shetland Pony.

Now, if you own a male black and white horse, you might be at a loss of words on what to name him, so here are some of our favorite ideas!

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a male black and white horse standing on the grass suitable for black and white horse names for males
  1. Pongo– after the black & white dog from 101 Dalmatians.
  2. Chester– inspired by the game of chess.
  3. Namash – the Arabic version of the word “freckle”.
  4. Panda – based on the animal-panda animal
  5. Goofy – inspired by the cartoon character from Mickey Mouse.  
  6. Almond Joy – after the candy bar, of course!
  7. Zorse – it’s the offspring resulting from a cross between a horse and zebra.
  8. Oreo – borrowed from the famous cookie. 
  9. Penguin – inspired by the coolest bird (pun intended).
  10. Snoopy – after the Peanuts dog (who else?).
  11. Skunk – an animal with striped black and white colors.
  12. Barcode – it’s a funny black and white name, don’t you think?
  13. Bear – the majority of bears are either black or pure white.
  14. Puffin – inspired by the seabird that lives in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  15. Jeeves – his signature look is a black and white tuxedo.
  16. Ace of Spades – one of the most coveted in a deck of cards.
  17. Chaplain – like the legendary black and white movie star from the U.K.
  18. Domino -derived from the tile-based game.
  19. Holstein – borrowed from the mammoth Holstein cattle breed.
  20. Magpie – like the medium-sized Australian bird.
  21. Orca – referring to the killer whale.
  22. Salt N Pepper – based on the colors of these cooking ingredients. 
  23. Dice – some dice are designed in a black and white color scheme.
  24. Tux – short for “tuxedo,” also perfect for black horse names.
  25. Storm Cloud – for a greyish black and white horse.
  26. Cookies n’ Cream – inspired by the snack. Yum!
  27. Starry – imagine the stars shining brightly against the darkness of the night. 
  28. Inkblot – in reference to the contrasting colors of dark ink on white paper.
  29. Zorilla – (aka Polecat) a creature with a distinct black and white striped coat.
  30. Patches – for a horse whose white & black color patterns appear in patches.
  31. Lemur – native to Madagascar, has a clear black and white pattern.
  32. Tapir – the Malayan tapir has a white patch on black coloring.
  33. Valais – similar to the coloration on the domestic goat Valais Blackneck. 
  34. Frappe – borrowed from Starbuck’s famous frappuccino. 
  35. Cloudy – like different colors of clouds, which range from white to dark. 
  36. Hellebore– the flower has petals so dark purple, they’re almost black.
  37. Junior Mint – named after the cute tiny candy called Junior Mint.
  38. Dalmatian – referring to the large-sized dog breed with a white coat and black spots.
  39. Mickey – based on the cartoon character from Disney.
  40. Moonlight – the brightness of the moon against the darkness of the night. 
  41. Black Beauty – perfect for a black-coated horse with few white patches.
  42. Gemini – the astrological sign appears in black and white. 
  43. Dotty – suitable for a horse whose color pattern is dotted. 
  44. Harp Seal – has a grayish coat with black spots.
  45. Harly- a masculine version of Harlequin.
  46. Galaxy – inspired by the appearance of stars at night.
  47. Pirate -inspired by the pirate’s black and white flag.
  48. Bingo – based on the colors of the playing cards in this game.
  49. YinYang – derived from the ancient Chinese dualism concept.
  50. Onyx – refers to a type of rock with black and/or white bands.
  51. Silhouette – similar to the way a dark object appears against a white background.
  52. Black tie – it’s a dress code requiring men to wear tuxedos.
  53. Ermine – referring to the dark-brown & white mammal.
  54. Swallowtail – a gigantic butterfly with a black and white color scheme. 
  55. Soccer – as in a soccer ball, which, until recently, used to be black and white. 

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If you want to know my favorite black and white horse names for males, it’s a tossup between Orca and Oreo. Both are so cute!

black and white male horse

What are your favorite black and white horse names for males? share with us below!


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