100 Outstanding Brown Horse Names for Males & Females

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On the hunt for some really fabulous brown horse names for your new foal?

We’ve got you covered below!

Check out 100 ideas inspired by all shades of earthy color!

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Brown Horse Names for Males

  1. Acorn – after the beautiful nuts.
  2. Bean – because beans can be a wonderful reddish brown.
  3. Bear – for the horse who looks tough.
  4. Brandy – after the brown alcoholic beverage.
  5. Braun – German word for “brown.”
  6. Brown Bear – just to make it a little more complex.
  7. Brownie – for a deliciously cute horse.
  8. Brown Sugar – very cute name for a grown horse.
  9. Brun – Swedish name meaning “brown.”
  10. Buff – for a dark brown horse.
  11. Butterscotch – adorable name for a brown horse.
  12. Cadbury – because he is lice chocolate.
  13. Cannoli – after the delicious chocolate dessert.
  14. Carob – after the brown spice.
  15. Charlie – after Charlie Brown.
  16. Chestnut – adorable name for a brown horse.
  17. Chewbacca – after the famous Star Wars character.
  18. Cheyenne – beautiful name for a brown horse.
  19. Chili – after the reddish brown spice.
  20. Chip – for the adorable chocolate chip you have.
  21. Clove – after one of the most versatile spices.
  22. Cola – after the brown color of Cola.
  23. Copper – for a light brown horse.
  24. Fawn – great name for a gracious brown horse.
  25. Guinness – after the beer brand.
  26. Heath – after the brown and dry biome.
  27. Hershey – this is one of the most delicious chocolate brands.
  28. Hickory – for a brown horse who loves to live on the farm.
  29. Kahlua– after the Mexican liqueur. 
  30. Kobicha – the Japanese word for brown.
  31. Marron – this is how the French say the color.
  32. Molasses – after the brown natural sweetener.
  33. Moose – for a giant brown horse.
  34. Mudd – do you know horses like playing in mud too?
  35. Nestle – after the cereal brand.
  36. Peanut Butter – for the sweetest horse out there.
  37. Rolo – after the delicious dessert.
  38. Russet – after the reddish-brown veggies.
  39. Rusty – perfect name for a light brown horse.
  40. Saffron – after the delicious spice.
  41. Sesame – because sesame seeds are light brown.
  42. Shiraz – after the shiraz wine.
  43. Snickers – after the chocolate and caramel bar.
  44. Tanner – cool name for a brown horse.
  45. Taupe – referring to a dark-brown color.
  46. Teak – after the giant trees.
  47. Teddy – for a cute brown horse.
  48. Teddy Bear – for an even cuter brown horse.
  49. Topaz – after the precious stone.
  50. Umber – this is a shade of reddish brown.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved clever food names for horses.

Rolo is super cute, but Russet or Sesame is adorably classy.

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Brown Horse Names for Females

On the hunt for some really fabulous brown horse name for your new foal? Here are 100 amazing ideas split between males and females!
  1. Almond – for the cutest brown horse.
  2. Amaretto – after the beverage.
  3. Amber – for a copper-brown horse.
  4. Ambrosia – for a golden horse. 
  5. Autumn – beautiful name for a brown horse.
  6. Bambi – after the adorable Disney character.
  7. Beige – for a light brown horse.
  8. Biscuit – because she is this adorable!
  9. Brunette – this one speaks for itself.
  10. Burgundy – perfect name for a reddish-brown horse.
  11. Caramel – for the horse with golden hair.
  12. Cashew – wonderful name for a browh horse. 
  13. Cayenne – beautiful name for a dark brown horse.
  14. Cinnamon – for a reddish-browh horse.
  15. Cocoa – great name for a pure brown horse.
  16. Coffee – amazing name for a dark brown horse.
  17. Cookie – because she is sweet and brown like a cookie.
  18. Daffodil – after the orange shades in daffodils.
  19. Espresso – perfect name for a dark-brown horse.
  20. Fox – perfect name for a reddish browh horse.
  21. Ginger – beautiful name for a ginger horse.
  22. Godiva – after the dark chocolate brand.
  23. Goldy – perfect name for a golden brown horse. 
  24. Hazel – after the light brown tree.
  25. Hazelnut – perfect name for a sweet dark brown horse.
  26. Honey – for the sweetest horse out there!
  27. Ivory – perfect name for a light-brown horse.
  28. Java – after the dark coffee.
  29. Khaki – beautiful greenish-brown color.
  30. Latte – for a brown and white horse.
  31. Leather – for the horse with the perfect brown color.
  32. Merlot – after the red wine.
  33. Mocha – great name for a brown horse, especially if you love coffee.
  34. Nutella – after the delicious dessert.
  35. Penny – English name for a forest dweller.
  36. Raisin – perfect name for a golden brown horse.
  37. Rose – if you love brown roses, this is the perfect name.
  38. Ruby – for a beautiful reddish-brown horse.
  39. Sahara – after the light brown desert.
  40. Sandy – because sand is brown!
  41. Savannah – after the biome with the most beautiful shades of brown.
  42. Scarlett – for a reddish-brown horse.
  43. Sepia – for the brown effects on old pictures.
  44. Sienna – this is a beautiful share of dark brown.
  45. Summer – when all the flowers start blooming.
  46. Terra – after the planet we all live on.
  47. Tootsie – after the delicious dessert.
  48. Truffle – after the delicious chocolate.
  49. Tuscan – after the Tuscan shade of brown.
  50. Waffles – after the delicious golden dessert.

Like I said, food names are so fun! However, for a brown girl horse, I really love Terra!

Your turn! What are your favorite brown horse names? Share below!

On the hunt for some really fabulous brown horse names for your new foal? Here are 100 amazing ideas split between males and females!
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