100+ Canadian-Themed Horse Names: Unleash Your National Pride

Get ready for a wild ride through the Great White North with these hilariously Canadian-themed horse names!

From ‘Moose Tracks’ to ‘Tim Hortons’ and ‘Hockey Stick’ to ‘Maple Syrup’, these names will have you laughing and embracing your Canadian pride.

Buckle up to read our suggested lists of horse names. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Key Takeaways:

  • Canadian-themed horse names draw inspiration from Canadian culture, landmarks, and wildlife. Examples include “The Mountie” and “Moose Hunter.”
  • These names can add a unique and personal touch to your horse while also showing your appreciation for Canadian culture and heritage.
  • Some popular themes for Canadian-themed names for stallions include hockey, the wilderness, and national symbols like the maple leaf.

Our Favorite Canadian-Themed Horse Names

Canadian-Themed Horse Names for StallionsCanadian-Themed Horse Names for Mares
The MountieMaple Leaf
Canadian ThunderCanadian Dreamer
Hockey StarPoutine’s Princess
Moose HunterThe True North Star
Hockey HeroBeaver Tail’s Beauty
The Great White NorthCanadiana’s Queen
Hockey LegendLoonie’s Lady
Canadian PrideToque’s Treasure
The Canadian ChampionCaribou’s Crown
Hockey GoalieNanook’s Noble Mare


  1. Maple – a tree that is native to Canada and is a symbol of the country.
  2. Churchill – named after the Canadian town of Churchill, Manitoba, known for its polar bear population.
  3. Nanook – meaning “polar bear” in Inuit, a reference to Canada’s northern regions.
  4. Moose – a large mammal found in Canada’s forests and wilderness.
  5. Hudson – named after Hudson Bay, a large body of water in Canada.
  6. Caribou – a type of deer that is native to Canada’s northern regions.
  7. Hockey – a reference to Canada’s national sport.
  8. Calgary – named after the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.
  9. Ottawa – named after the capital city of Canada.
  10. Canuck – a slang term for a Canadian.
  11. Beaver – a rodent native to Canada and a symbol of the country.
  12. Canadiana – a reference to Canadian culture and heritage.
  13. Saskatoon – named after the city of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  14. Moose Jaw – named after the city of Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  15. Whistler – Named after the famous ski resort in British Columbia, Canada.

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110 More Canadian Themed Horse Names

white spotted horse
  1. Moose Tracks
  2. Maple Syrup
  3. Maple Candy
  4. Hockey Puck
  5. Tim Hortons
  6. Beaver Dam
  7. Canadian Shield
  8. CN Tower
  9. Mountie
  10. Poutine
  11. The True North
  12. Beaver Tail
  13. Hockey Stick
  14. Loonie
  15. Toque
  16. Hockey Night
  17. Canadian Club
  18. Mountie’s Pride
  19. Canadian Dream
  20. The North Star
  21. Hockey Fever
  22. Hockey Rink
  23. The Canadian
  24. Canadian Honor
  25. The Mountie’s Horse
  26. The Great Canadian
  27. Canadian Heritage
  28. Moose Crossing
  29. Canadian Spirit
  30. Hockey Skates
  31. The Canadian Dream
  32. Canadian Legend
  33. The Canadian Way
  34. Canadian Warrior
  35. Hockey Player
  36. Canadian Mustang
  37. Hockey Goal
  38. Canadian Hero
  39. The Canadian Spirit
  40. Canadian Dreamer
  41. The Canadian Dream Horse
  42. The Great Canadian Horse
  43. Canadian Warrior Horse
  44. Hockey Player Horse
  45. Canadian Mustang Horse
  46. The Canadian Champion Horse
  47. Hockey Goal Horse
  48. Canadian Hero Horse
  49. The Canadian Spirit Horse
  50. Hockey Puck Horse
  51. Canadian Dreamer Horse
  52. The Canadian Dream Horse
  53. Hockey Stick Horse
  54. Canadian Thunder Horse
  55. Hockey Goalie Horse
  56. The Great Canadian Horse
  57. Moose Tracks Horse
  58. Canadian Warrior Horse
  59. Canadian Mustang Horse
  60. Canadian Hero Horse
  61. The Great Canadian Horse
  62. Canadian Warrior Horse
  63. Hockey Rink Runner
  64. Canadian Explorer
  65. Cheval Canadien
  66. Moose Meadow
  67. Hockey Stick Galloper
  68. The True North Runner
  69. Beaver Dam Cruiser
  70. Canadian Shield Stallion
  71. CN Tower Trotter
  72. Mountie’s Mount
  73. Canuck’s Colt
  74. Nanook’s Noble
  75. Niagara Falls Noble
  76. Poutine’s Pony
  77. The Great White North Galloper
  78. Beaver Tail’s Beauty
  79. Hockey Stick’s Hoofer
  80. Canadiana’s Colt
  81. Loonie’s Steed
  82. Toque’s Trotter
  83. Caribou’s Charger
  84. Hockey Night’s Hoofer
  85. Moose Jaw’s Maverick
  86. Canadian Club’s Colt
  87. Mountie’s Pride’s Pony
  88. Hockey Star’s Stallion
  89. Moose Hunter’s Mustang
  90. Hockey Hero’s Hunter
  91. The Mountie’s Mare
  92. Canadian Dream’s Stallion
  93. The North Star’s Steed
  94. Hockey Fever’s Filly
  95. Moose Tracks’ Mustang
  96. Hockey Rink’s Racer
  97. Canadian Honor’s Stallion
  98. Hockey Legend’s Hunter
  99. Maple Leaf’s Mare
  100. The Mountie’s Horse’s Hunter
  101. Hockey Stick’s Stallion
  102. Canadian Pride’s Pony
  103. The Great Canadian’s Colt
  104. Canadian Heritage’s Hunter
  105. Hockey Goalie’s Galloper
  106. Moose Crossing’s Colt
  107. Canadian Spirit’s Stallion
  108. Hockey Skates’ Stallion
  109. Canadian Thunder’s Trotter
  110. Canadian Legend’s Stallion

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1. Why should I consider giving my horse a Canadian-themed name?

horse with name Jackie but can you rename a horse

Giving your horse a Canadian-themed name can add a personal and unique touch to your horse. It can also be a fun way to show your love and appreciation for Canada.

2. Are there any specific types of Canadian themes that are popular for horse names?

Yes, popular Canadian themes for horse names include Canadian landmarks, wildlife, and culture, such as “Mountie”, “Beaver Dam”, “Tim Hortons”

3. Can I come up with my own Canadian-themed horse name?

Yes, you can definitely come up with your own Canadian-themed horse name. You can draw inspiration from anything Canadian that you find meaningful or exciting.

4. Are there any guidelines I should follow when choosing a Canadian-themed horse name?

As I previously mentioned, you can be creative and draw inspiration from anything about Canada that you love and that fits your horse.

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In conclusion, Canadian-themed horse names offer a unique way to show appreciation for Canadian culture and heritage, while also adding a personal touch.

These names draw inspiration from a wide range of Canadian themes, including landmarks, wildlife, hockey, and national symbols.

Whether you choose a name like “The Mountie” or “Hockey Star”, you can be sure that your stallion will stand out with a Canadian-themed name.

Overall, these names can be a fun way to celebrate your love for Canada and your horse at the same time.

lady riding a horse in the snow

What’s your favorite Canadian-themed horse name? Please share below!


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