400+ Mesmerizing Names for Chestnut Horses

Chestnut horse names are gorgeous, aren’t they? Ever wonder what are good names for chestnut horses?

If you have a chestnut horse, you’re probably incredibly proud of its reddish-brown coat.

If you take good care of your horse and its coat starts to glisten and shine, you’ll notice that the reddish coat color takes on a fiery glow in the sun, just like an Irish redhead.

Please keep reading to discover my list of cool horse names for stallions, mares, and geldings with stunning chestnut-colored coats!

Key Takeaways

  • Chestnut horses are a popular color for horse naming, with many names inspired by their distinctive reddish-brown coat.
  • Popular chestnut horse names include Ginger, Copper, Chestnut, Rusty, and Red.
  • Famous horses inspire some chestnut horse names with a chestnut coat, such as Seabiscuit and Trigger.
  • Other chestnut horse names are inspired by nature, such as Autumn and Hazel.

Below is a quick list of the top 10 best names for chestnut horses:

  1. Apricot
  2. Blaze
  3. Copperglow
  4. Flying Bolt
  5. Ladybug
  6. Maroon
  7. Panther
  8. Reese
  9. Tango
  10. Starlight


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A Brief Explanation of Chestnut Horses And Their Distinctive Reddish-Brown Coats

Are you aware of just how much horses mean to people? Here’s what researcher Krista Mehari, PhD. from the University of South Alabama, has to say about horse names [1]: 

Throne names and horse names were used solely by the emperors and the ruling class.”

From here, the topic of Chesnut horse names is much more anchored, showing you the importance of picking the right horse name!

Something cool about Chestnut horses: they are known for their gorgeous reddish-brown coat color, which sets them apart from the typical black horses.

This color results from a specific gene combination that produces a warm, vibrant hue unique to chestnut horses.

The distinctive coat color of chestnut horses has made them popular among horse enthusiasts and has inspired many horse name ideas that reflect their warm, rich appearance.

In Greek mythology, chestnut horses were associated with the sun and were believed to be a symbol of vitality and energy.

This connection to the sun has been perpetuated through the ages, and chestnut horses are still widely regarded as powerful and full of life.

The character of chestnut horses is often seen as warm, friendly, and energetic, making them a popular choice for horse owners who want a companion with a nice, outgoing personality.

Whether you’re looking for a horse to add to your stable or want a unique and exciting name for your pet, the rich history and character of chestnut horses make them a great choice.

Keen to be verbally coached on the best horse names for your chestnut? Check out this video:

When naming chestnut-colored horses, there are many BETTER options to choose from…

Some of the most well-known and loved famous horse names for chestnut horses include Ginger, Copper, Chestnut, Rusty, and Red.

These names reflect the warm and distinctive orange-red color of the horse’s coat and have become favorites among horse owners.

Chestnut-colored horses can be found in various breeds, such as Thoroughbreds, Paint horses, and sport horses.

Thoroughbred chestnuts, with their impressive performance abilities in races and sporting events, are especially popular among horse enthusiasts.

Chestnut stallions are also highly sought after for breeding, as they are known to pass on their good looks and athletic abilities to their offspring.

Whether you choose a classic or unique name, the color of your chestnut horse is sure to play a significant role in your decision.

With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect name that represents your horse’s personality and beauty.

But first, make sure to watch this heartwarming Chestnut horse rescue video:

400+ Chestnut Horse Names

For horse parents who are not that creative, the most common name for a chestnut-colored horse is “Chestnut”!

Remember the loyal beauty belonging to Caroline Channing from Two Broke Girls?

But since you are here, it’s understandable that you don’t want to go for such a prominent name! You want a unique name for your gorgeous pet.

So take a look at the different types of chestnut horse names…

74 ChestNut Horse Names for Stallions

Let’s face it – horses can be charming and adorable! If you have a cute stallion in your stable, I have many amazing names for your pet.

These are cute male names for chestnut horses. Check them out:

  1. Alchemist
  2. Alev
  3. Anemone
  4. Apricot
  5. Aster
  6. Bert
  7. Blaze
  8. Boysenberry
  9. Bremen
  10. Burgundy
  11. Candy Apple
  12. Carnation
  13. Carrots
  14. Castana
  15. Celtic Sun
  16. Chardonnay
  17. Cherry
  18. Chester
  19. Copper
  20. Coral
  21. Cortland
  22. Cosmo
  23. Cowboy
  24. Crimson
  25. Currant
  26. Curry
  27. Demon
  28. Donut
  29. Dragon
  30. Elmo
  31. Fiery
  32. Fire
  33. Firefly
  34. Flame
  35. Flare
  36. Flash
  37. Fox
  38. Gala
  39. Golnor
  40. Hades
  41. Irish
  42. Jasper
  43. Kastanie
  44. Kegan
  45. Mahogany
  46. Maroon
  47. Mars
  48. Mars
  49. Meatball
  50. Merlot
  51. Mufassa
  52. Niran
  53. Pele
  54. Phoenix
  55. Red
  56. Red Devil
  57. Rouge
  58. Rowan
  59. Rua
  60. Rusty
  61. Saffron
  62. Salmon
  63. Sangria
  64. Saffron
  65. Saturn
  66. Simba
  67. Spice
  68. Sumac
  69. Sunny
  70. Titian
  71. Tormund
  72. Vanhi
  73. Vulcan
  74. Zodiac

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a running chestnut stallion with white marking on the face

75 Chestnut Horse Names for Mares

The cute mare in your stable deserves a name worthy of her beauty. You’ll find amazing names if you want to pick names of immortal horses or characters from Greek mythology.

So take a look at our list of cute female horse names:

  1. Alev
  2. Amber
  3. Annie
  4. Apple
  5. Ariel
  6. Autumn
  7. Bentley Red
  8. Blazing By
  9. Brandy
  10. Cayenne
  11. Cool Under Fire
  12. Copper Sunrise
  13. Copper Glow
  14. Coral
  15. Coraline
  16. Dahlia
  17. Dana
  18. Daphne
  19. Ember
  20. Etain
  21. Fan the Fire
  22. Far Out Fox
  23. Fiamette
  24. Fiona
  25. Flame Broiled
  26. Flat out Foxy
  27. Foxy
  28. Ginger
  29. Gloriana
  30. Harvest Moon
  31. Hazel
  32. Henna
  33. Hibiscus
  34. Jean
  35. Kalama
  36. Knight’s Rose
  37. Ladybug
  38. Lucille
  39. Marigold
  40. Merida
  41. Pansy
  42. Paprika
  43. Pebbles
  44. Peony
  45. Peony
  46. Petunia
  47. Pippi
  48. Pomegranate Martini
  49. Poppy
  50. Puffy
  51. Red Lobster
  52. Robin
  53. Rosa
  54. Rose
  55. Rosy
  56. Ruby
  57. Salsa
  58. Scarlet
  59. Scottish Affair
  60. Scully
  61. Sea Horse
  62. Shirley
  63. Snaps
  64. Spicy
  65. Strawberry
  66. Strawberry Fields
  67. Sumac
  68. Sunshine
  69. Sweet Pea
  70. Tangerine
  71. Tulip
  72. Venus
  73. Wildfire
  74. Ygritte
  75. Zinnia
a tall chestnut gelding with long dark brown tail

61 Chestnut Horse Names for Geldings

You know how chestnut horses look gorgeous when their reddish-brown coat catches the light of the sun? The more reddish the hair color is, the fierier it looks.

For a stallion or gelding with a fiery coat, here’s a list of horse names:

  1. Aarush
  2. Agni
  3. Aidan
  4. Anala
  5. Aodh
  6. Apollo
  7. Barak
  8. Basia
  9. Baskara
  10. Blaze
  11. Brando
  12. Branton
  13. Brent
  14. Brenton
  15. Brunello
  16. Cajun
  17. Calide
  18. Conleth
  19. Conley
  20. Cymbeline
  21. Cyrus
  22. Edan
  23. Egan
  24. El Dorado
  25. Elio
  26. Eye of the Storm
  27. Fiamette
  28. Finlo
  29. Fintan
  30. Flint
  31. Fuji
  32. Golnar
  33. Haco
  34. Hagan
  35. Hakan
  36. Helios
  37. Heulfryn
  38. Horus
  39. Hugh
  40. Hugo
  41. Ignacio
  42. Ignatius
  43. Inigo
  44. Ishaan
  45. Kenneth
  46. Kiran
  47. Kwasi
  48. Langa
  49. Mccoy
  50. Mogotsi
  51. Nuri
  52. Nuriel
  53. Oriane
  54. Pele
  55. Pumpkin
  56. Sampson
  57. Savita
  58. Seraphim
  59. Sulien
  60. Tyson
  61. Vulcan
chestnut mare and filly suitable for beautiful chestnut horse names

62 Chestnut Horse Names for Fillies

I am not yet done with names for fiery red horses! If stallions can be gorgeous, so can mares whose reddish-brown coats look like the animal has just come out of the blazing fire.

Remarkably, some may even say they are ‘hot heads’ [2].

So, you’d better not mess with them (they can beat you)!

So I’ve put together a list of songs that will fit well with gorgeous fiery red mares. Take a look:

  1. Aithne
  2. Akosua
  3. Alinta
  4. Anala
  5. Apollonia
  6. Arpina
  7. Aster
  8. Azar
  9. Blaise
  10. Brand
  11. Bren
  12. Bridget
  13. Brigid
  14. Britt
  15. Calida
  16. Cole
  17. Cyra
  18. Eilidh
  19. Eliane
  20. Elidi
  21. Elio
  22. Ember
  23. Enya
  24. Fiamma
  25. Fiammetta
  26. Hayden
  27. Helia
  28. Hestia
  29. Hugh
  30. Idalia
  31. Inego
  32. Kalama
  33. Kalinda
  34. Keahi
  35. Keegan
  36. Mckenna
  37. Mehri
  38. Mirri
  39. Mirrie
  40. Niran
  41. Nuri
  42. Nuria
  43. Plamen
  44. Ra
  45. Reese
  46. Rhys
  47. Salana
  48. Seraphina
  49. Shula
  50. Sol
  51. Solana
  52. Solania
  53. Solaris
  54. Soleil
  55. Sulien
  56. Sunniva
  57. Surya
  58. Tana
  59. Tanwen
  60. Titus
  61. Uri
  62. Vesta
a cute chestnut colt

68 Chestnut Horse Names for Colts

Chestnut is a color that miraculously matches the strength of a powerful, muscular horse.

If you are the parent of a chestnut horse that’s strong and amazing, you need to choose a name that goes well with its strength.

Take a look at our list of horse names for strong chestnut brown stallions:

  1. Abiz
  2. Amaryllis
  3. Angus
  4. Annemone
  5. Apple
  6. Arrogate
  7. Assault
  8. Azalea
  9. Beets
  10. Begonia
  11. Ben
  12. Bobi
  13. Brandy
  14. Bren
  15. Burgundy
  16. Cardinal
  17. Caesar
  18. Cera
  19. Chester
  20. Cide
  21. Clifford
  22. Conker
  23. Czerwony
  24. Dearg
  25. Eldur
  26. Elmo
  27. Fair Play
  28. Flying Bolt
  29. Garnet
  30. Goer
  31. Golnar
  32. Grulla
  33. Ignatius
  34. Jaffa
  35. Joideep
  36. Kastanie
  37. Keighan
  38. Kurumi
  39. Lillum
  40. Lobster
  41. Maroon
  42. Navis
  43. Nectarine
  44. O’Brien
  45. P.J
  46. Papreka
  47. Raggedy
  48. Redeca
  49. Redford
  50. Redina
  51. Roan
  52. Roja
  53. Rosso
  54. Rouge
  55. Rowan
  56. Ruby
  57. Rusty
  58. Seahorse
  59. Spark
  60. Spice
  61. Tiger
  62. Vanhi
  63. Vermelho
  64. Whirlaway
  65. Whisk Broom
  66. Winton
  67. Wise Dan
  68. Zircon
a cute chestnut foal with a golden tail

75 Chestnut Horse Names for Foals

It’s not just male horses that can be strong and gorgeous. Mares, too, can be as influential as the fantastic female characters and the world’s most incredible women.

No matter what breed of horse you have, you will love our list of horse names for strong chestnut mares:

  1. Acorn
  2. Agneyastra
  3. Alev
  4. Amazon
  5. Annie
  6. Ariel
  7. Autumn
  8. Azalea
  9. Ballerina
  10. Bandana
  11. Basia
  12. Blanca
  13. Blaze
  14. Blue Moon
  15. Blush
  16. Brigit
  17. Buttercup
  18. Calida
  19. Carrots
  20. Cashew
  21. Cayenne
  22. Cherry Garcia
  23. Chilli
  24. Conker
  25. Crimson
  26. Crunchie
  27. Dabka
  28. Empire
  29. Etain
  30. Fiona
  31. Firefly
  32. Flame
  33. Flare
  34. Fortune
  35. Geisha
  36. Gidget
  37. Gloriana
  38. Hestia
  39. Honeycrisp
  40. Jasper
  41. Justi
  42. Kalama
  43. Karma
  44. Kevin
  45. Lucille Ball
  46. Mandarin
  47. Marinara
  48. Marmalade
  49. Mimosa
  50. Natasha
  51. Ormenta
  52. Panther
  53. Penny
  54. Pentas
  55. Poppy
  56. Rapunzel
  57. Reba
  58. Red
  59. Roan
  60. Ruby
  61. Salmon
  62. Sangria
  63. Scarlet
  64. Sopa
  65. Sorrel
  66. Starlight
  67. Stimpy
  68. Sunny
  69. Sunrise
  70. Tango
  71. Testarossa
  72. Titan
  73. Valley
  74. Viola
  75. Zenzero
a huge chestnut mare with the other colored horses


1. What are the most popular chestnut horse names?

Ginger, Copper, Chestnut, Rusty, and Red are popular names for chestnut horses.

2. How do I choose a name for my chestnut horse?

Consider the horse’s breed, personality, and color when choosing a name.

3. Are chestnut horses popular for breeding?

Yes, chestnut stallions are highly sought after for breeding due to their good looks and athletic abilities.

4. Can chestnut horses be found in different breeds?

Yes, chestnut horses can be found in various breeds, including Thoroughbreds and Paint horses.

5. How does the chestnut horse’s color influence its name?

Horse color is often a factor in choosing a name for a horse, and the warm and distinctive chestnut color provides many options for names.


You may feel that the options available for your chestnut horse names are limited. But it’s not true. You now have several lists of names for your gorgeous red-haired favorite horse.

You can always look into Celtic mythology, Chinese mythology, Greek mythology, Scottish mythology, etc., for names.

But to make the job easier, I’ve put together these amazing names.

If you are looking for names of other horse colors, you can also try those. Don’t miss our list of gray horse names, either!

What are your favorite chestnut horse names? Please share your picks below!


1. Mehari K. Throne Names, Pen Names, Horse Names, and Field Names: A Look at the Significance of Name Change in the Ethiopian Political Sphere. Independent Study Project (ISP) Collection [Internet]. 2007 [cited 2023 Feb 7]; Available from: https://digitalcollections.sit.edu/isp_collection/198/

2. MA CL-L. Are Chestnut Horses Crazy? Not Necessarily, Scientists Say [Internet]. The Horse. 2016 [cited 2023 Feb 7]. Available from: https://thehorse.com/17323/are-chestnut-horses-crazy-not-necessarily-scientists-say/

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