200+ Clever Horse Names ( Downright Funny Ideas)

Did you know that horses balance their weight on one digit of each of their feet when standing? Besides that, they are some of the most intelligent animals. 

If you are looking for a horse’s name and appreciate some equestrian humor, these horse names will make you chuckle. 

Some are funny, some are clever, while others are downright silly.

Here are my absolute favorite names that have made me laugh just by writing them down.

Clever Horse Names for MaresClever Horse Names for Stallions
Bitney SpursHarry Trotter
Teeny TurnerBored Bronco
Smokin Paddy LassieHorsen Around
Low RiderGaits of Hell
Just Mare-IedSlim Pickens
Riding Miss DaisyTalk Derby to Me
Miss DungenialityMane Event
Hay GirlMarco Polo
Cheeky ChesterAster Lane
Miss Bee HavinCannonball Run

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93 Best Clever Horse Names

Picking a name for your horse [1] can be a fun, creative task, so enjoy it! 

Here is a cool video of horse names.

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While many people like to stick with a theme (names of famous racehorses, names of famous equines in history or fiction, etc.), others want to go in another direction entirely.

The following list contains some funny, clever, and unique horse names. 

  1. Harry Trotter
  2. Badly
  3. Flurry Heart
  4. Aster Lane 
  5. Wisteria Meadows
  6. Pinkie Pie
  7. Peggy Sue
  8. Filly Cent
  9. Bitney Spurs
  10. Teeny Turner
  11. Mustang Muse
  12. Kate Winsalot
  13. Cherish 
  14. Miss Bee Havin
  15. Meadow River 
  16. Lil Filly
  17. Frou Frou
  18. Kolt Kardashian
  19. NightMare
  20. Gypsy
  21. Smokin Paddy Lassie
  22. Kleo
  23. Sunset Shimmer
  24. Twilight Glimmer
  25. Alysheba
  26. Mustang Sally
  27. Tempest Shadow
  28. Get ‘Er Dun
  29. Lil E Tee
  30. Hay Girl
  31. Meridian
  32. Flying Ebony
  33. Lucy Goosey
  34. Mare ‘N Go
  35. Velvet Rose 
  36. Miss Dungeniality  
  37. Her Butts A Dragon  
  38. Tipsy Fandango
  39. Charismatic
  40. Just Mare-Ied
  41. Princess Cadence
  42. Hermioneigh
  43. Victorias Secret
  44. Horsen Around 
  45. Halma
  46. Gaits of Hell
  47. Whatshesaid
  48. Talk Derby to Me
  49. Hoofy Heart 
  50. Odor in the Court
  51. Walk of Shame
  52. Mane Attraction
  53. Bored Bronco
  54. Equine Intervention
  55. Foalin Around 
  56. Whinny the Horseshoe
  57. Fifty Bales of Hay
  58. Just Mare-ied
  59. Long Face
  60. Junk in the trunk
  61. Always Neighing
  62. Sofa Can Fast
  63. Hot to Trot
  64. Riding Miss Daisy
  65. Mane Event
  66. No soup foryou
  67. Maythe horse be with you
  68. Wheres the Beef
  69. Horse Power
  70. Pony of my Ownie
  71. Rogue One
  72. Sofa Can Slow
  73. What the Buck
  74. Bob Zilla
  75. D’Apples Are Swee
  76. Edgar Allen Pony
  77. Pony Montana
  78. Pony of my Ownie
  79. Eat My Dust
  80. Pony Express
  81. Stud Muffin
  82. Wild Zephyr
  83. Cheeky Chester
  84. Treasure
  85. Slim Pickens
  86. Puff
  87. Low Rider
  88. Tiny Dancer
  89. Napper
  90. Noodles
  91. Scrumptious
  92. Yo-yo
  93. Priceless

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36 Stallion Clever Horse Names

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your horse’s name and make it something that fits their personality, looks, or pedigree.

A race horse under title clever horse names

Here are my favorite female horse names.

  1. On Comet
  2. Cranberry Muffins
  3. Al Capony
  4. Puddles
  5. Quackers
  6. Cannonball Run
  7. Pretty Puff
  8. High Flyer
  9. Sticky
  10. Steamer
  11. OP
  12. Marco Polo
  13. Mane Event
  14. Freckles
  15. Bubblegum
  16. Sweet Suds
  17. Tootie Tails
  18. Bunkie
  19. DJ
  20. Saddle Up
  21. Nightcap
  22. Tubby Tubkins
  23. Buzzer
  24. Prudence
  25. Bandit
  26. Puff
  27. Clear So Far
  28. Heidi
  29. Houdinin
  30. Chewbacca
  31. Napoleon Dynamite
  32. Darth Vader
  33. Buttercup
  34. Twilight Sparkle
  35. Kissyfur
  36. Nacho Libre

46 Mare Horse Pun Names to Consider

A horse with a braided mane under title clever horse names

Here are my favorite female horse names.

  1. Bob Zilla
  2. Pony Montana
  3. Eat My Dust
  4. Edgar Allen Pony
  5. Stud Muffin
  6. Pony of my Ownie
  7. Cheeky Chester
  8. Pony Express
  9. Treasure
  10. Wild Zephyr
  11. Slim Pickens
  12. Puff
  13. Low Rider
  14. Tiny Dancer
  15. Napper
  16. Noodles
  17. Yo-yo
  18. Scrumptious
  19. Priceless
  20. On Comet
  21. Cranberry Muffins
  22. Al Capony
  23. Puddles
  24. Quackers
  25. Cannonball Run
  26. Pretty Puff
  27. High Flyer
  28. Sticky
  29. Steamer
  30. Mane Event
  31. OP
  32. Bubblegum
  33. Marco Polo
  34. Sweet Suds
  35. Freckles
  36. DJ
  37. Tootie Tails
  38. Nightcap
  39. Bunkie
  40. Tubby Tubkins
  41. Saddle Up 
  42. Buzzer
  43. Coffee N’ Cream (a delicious name)
  44. Sugar Rush (for a playful horse)
  45. Nova (a fun Latin name)
  46. Black Magic (for a strong black horse)

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45 Funny Horse Show Names

As a whole, I’m a fan of (clever) puns, and I’m also highly interested in forming opinions based on anecdotal experiences. 

So, while I could be dismissed as biased, it is clear that my horses are happier when they have punny horse names.

A show horse in 1st place

So here are my favorite unique horse show names.

  1. Twisty Tail
  2. Bandit
  3. Little Lenny
  4. Flash Gordon
  5. Tangles
  6. Wiggles
  7. Fabio
  8. Seawinkle
  9. Munchy
  10. Blue Grass
  11. Cloud Puff
  12. Optical Illusion
  13. Salty
  14. Sand Digger
  15. Slugger
  16. Pony Soprano
  17. Nugget
  18. Shaggy
  19. Tumbleweed
  20. Tattles
  21. Heidi
  22. Skippity Doo
  23. Nibbles
  24. Alimony Pony
  25. Batman
  26. Dasher
  27. Sqeezer
  28. Baby Snippy
  29. Plush & Perfect
  30. Beach Ball
  31. Woosie
  32. Lucky Winner
  33. Trickles
  34. Sniffles
  35. Country Bumpkin
  36. Jabber
  37. Circle Dancer
  38. Little Honey Pie
  39. Whizzer
  40. Smokey Joe
  41. Bucking Bud
  42. KissMeintheMoonlight
  43. Kiss My Assets
  44. Western Pleasure
  45. Drink Boogie Repeat

Check out this video of racehorse names.

Tips For Picking The Perfect Clever Horse Name

Finding the right horse name can take time. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some tips on choosing the best name for your new equine friend.

  1. Think about your horse’s personality [2]. Is he a friendly little guy? Does he like people? Is he shy or easily frightened?
  2. What does he look like? Is he big and strong? Small and delicate? Does he have unusual markings or coloring? Is there something about his appearance that makes him stand out from other horses?
  3. What does he do? Is he an athletic jumper or barrel racer? A calm trail horse? A hard-working ranch hand?
  4. Pronunciation. Try saying the name out loud, and make sure you can do so without choking on it. Also, choose a name that is easy for everyone else to pronounce, including announcers at shows who may not know how to say it (or even what language it comes from).
  5. Brevity. Shorter is usually better than longer (especially if you’re dealing with several syllables). A short name will be easier to yell across the ring or at a show, and it won’t get butchered by announcers who have a limited amount of time


There you have it. A creative, unusual list of horse names that will leave anyone who hears them unable to resist adding these equine monikers to their list of potential names.

A cute laughing horse

What are your favorite clever horse names? Please share below!


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  • 2. Rankins EM, Wickens CL. A systematic review of equine personality. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 2020;231:105076. doi:10.1016/j.applanim.2020.105076
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