Clydesdale Horse Names: 290+ Great Ideas for Mare & Stallion

If you’re anything like me, when you hear the word “Clydesdale,” the first thing that comes to mind is a big, beautiful horse with a thick mane and a gentle nature.

You might not know this, but Clydesdales are actually named after the river Clyde in Scotland!

In this post, we’ll take a look at some Clydesdale names. Stay tuned – it’s going to be a wild ride! (pun intended) 😉

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Top Clydesdale Names

The Clydesdale is a horse breed that is known for its gentle temperament, powerful build, and heavy coat.

It is believed that they descended from flemish horses that came to Scotland in the 19th century. The flemish stallion then mated with the Scottish mares.

clydesdale horse eating

These horses are often used as working animals on farms and in other equine industries.

Derek Cey’s owner of a Clydesdale Horse farm near Scott, Sask., southwest of the Battleford says, “They travel so softly and gracefully. They are just a nice animal with a great disposition.” [1]

Here are some of our favorite filly names for Clydesdales you can pick.

Clydesdale Horse Names for StallionsClydesdale Horse Names for Mares

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93 Clydesdale Horse Names for Stallions

The Scottish horse is known for its large size and muscular build.

And, if you’re looking for an intimidating name for your big guy (or girl), then look no further.

Clydesdale with hairy feet

Here are some of the interesting names to give to your Clydesdale stallion charger and the meaning of each name.

  1. Aaran- Strong
  2. Abott- loving
  3. Ailein- A green meadow
  4. Aklen- little rock
  5. Alasdair-defender
  6. Allister-Protector
  7. Baen- Fair skinned
  8. Balmoral-His majesty
  9. Blane-slender
  10. Boyd –Fair haired
  11. Braden-brave or wise
  12. Bryston- strong
  13. Cailean- triumphant
  14. Calan- slender
  15. Calder- Rocky water
  16. Campbell-Crooked mouth
  17. Culloden- wise
  18. Cunningham-leader
  19. Daileass- from the waterfall
  20. Dallas- relaxed
  21. Dalziel- The small field
  22. Doug- black
  23. Duff- dark
  24. Duncan- Brown haired
  25. Erskine- High cliff
  26. Farquharson- Dear one
  27. Fergus-masculine
  28. Gavan-White falcon
  29. Gawen- white hawk
  30. Harry- home ruler
  31. Ian- Gift from God
  32. Jamie- Friendly
  33. Johnson- God is gracious
  34. Kai-  Protector
  35. Kameron- Crooked nose
  36. Kenny- handsome
  37. Kenzie – Good looking
  38. Kin- royal
  39. Laochailan-waning
  40. Laren-symbol of victory
  41. Lennox- Elm grove
  42. MacBeth- Son of life
  43. Maxwell- Great stream
  44. Mitchell- Gift from God
  45. Montgomery- ruler’s mountain
  46. Neill- champion
  47. Ness- Headland
  48. Niall- Champion
  49. Peyton-Fighting man’s estate
  50. Quinn-wise
  51. Ramsey-Garlic island
  52. Reed-Ruddy complexion
  53. Roy- King
  54. Sandy- Defend

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These powerful horses are so strong they’re usually used to pull farm equipment.

Other Stallions names include:

   55. Abernathy

   56. Abhainn

   57. Ailsie

   58. Baen

   59. Baigh

   60. Banner

   61. Bram

   62. Broden

   63. Bryston

   64. Caillen

   65. Camron


   67. Carson

   68. Chisholm

   69. Dougall

   70. Douglas

   71. Evan

   72. Ewan

   73. Gaven

   74. Gavin

   75. Gilleasbuig

   76. Hamish

   77. Harris

   78. Iain

   79. James

   80. Kenneth

   81. Kinney

   82. Lamont

   83. Leo

   84. Mac

   85. Macauley


   87. Malcolm

   88. Noah

   89. Norris

   90. Ray

   91. Rory

   92. Royal

   93. Scot


101 Clydesdale Horse Names for Mares

For your Clydesdalen Mares here is a list of names to choose from.

  1. Adaira- From the oak tree ford
  2. Aileana- from the green meadow
  3. Aileen-Bright
  4. Ansley- From The Hermitage Field
  5. Blaire- Dweller on the plain
  6. Bonelle- Beautiful
  7. Cadha- From the steep place
  8. Caillen- victory
  9. Caitir-Pure
  10. Camden- winding valley
  11. Cameron- Crooked nose
  12. Cora- maiden
  13. Dallas- Dwells by the waterfall
  14. Dallis- The valley meadows
  15. Dolina- dale
  16. Donaldina-World mighty
  17. Drew- Strong
  18. Eara-From the east
  19. Elspeth- The chosen one
  20. Elsea- Pledged to God
  21. Emer- swift
  22. Emily- industrious
  23. Fia- wise
  24. Finnea- wood of the ford
  25. Fiona- Fair
  26.  Forba- Headstrong
  27. Greer- Vigilant
  28. Grizela- Gray haired
  29. Halleigh- Hall near meadow
  30. Iona- Blessed
  31. Jaimie- I love
  32. Jamee-He who supplants
  33. Jamia- Collector or gatherer
  34. Jesanie- Under the blessings of gracious
  35. Jessica- God beholds
  36. Kamdyn-Valley
  37. Kenna-Born of fire
  38. Kenzie- the fair one
  39. Leann- Gracious or merciful
  40. Leith-Broad river
  41.  Lesley- Holy garden
  42. Leslie- Joyful
  43. Lochellen- The one from Ellen’s lake
  44. Machara-Plain
  45. Mackenzie- child of the wise leader
  46. Mairi- Beloved
  47. Maisie- Pearl
  48. McKenna- Ascend
  49. McKenzie- born of fire
  50. Meribeth- The utmost beautiful
  51. Morag- star of the sea
  52. Nairna- Dwells at the alder tree river.
  53. Nathaira-Serpent
  54. Neale- champion
  55. Peigi-Pearl
  56. Rhona- Fair lance
  57. Robina- bright fame
  58. Seonag-God is gracious
  59. Sileas- heaven
  60. Sima- great listener
  61. Tara- star or hill
  62. Torberta- Brilliance of Thor
  63. Torrey- Little hills
  64. Tosia- reaper

Other mare Clydesdale Horse Names

   65. Adairia

   66. Ailsa

   67. Annabel

   68. Ava

   69. Crissy

   70. Daracha

   71. Donella

  72. Elspeth

  73. Fina

 74. Grisell

  75. Jaine

  76. Jamesina

  77. Jami

78. Jaymie

79. Jean

80. Kennedy

 81. Kenzy

82. Kilmeny

83. Levene

84. Lorna

85. Lyndsey

86. Machara

87. Maisy

88. Maizey

89. Maizy

90. Marjary

91. Maysie

92. Nairne

93. Paisleigh

94. Paisley

95. Parlan

96. Pate

97. Sloan

98. Sophie

99. Taye

100. Torrie

101. Vertie

13 Budweiser Clydesdale Horse Names and Their Meanings

  1. Albe- stable and responsible
  2. Aodh- splendor or brightness
  3. Birk- brave protector
  4. Broca- a badger-like person
  5. Camp- crooked mouth
  6. Cory- from the round hill
  7. Dearg- Red-haired
  8. Errol- army commander
  9. Gair- the small one
  10. Grant- great and tall
  11. Grace-Goodness and generosity
  12. Janet- God is gracious
  13.  Laire- Mare

14 Most Popular Clydesdale Horse Names

Below are some of the most common Clydesdale cob Names

a couple of Clydesdale cobs
  1. Adair-Fortune
  2. Aileene- bright shining light
  3. Amelia- industrious
  4. Bryce- Ambitious
  5. Caley- brave
  6. Charlotte- Free
  7. Dunmore- Big fortress on the hill
  8. Earie- From the east side
  9. Edine- intelligent
  10. Erroll- warrior
  11. Lachlan- From the land of lakes
  12. Luthais- Famous warrior
  13. Wynfreda- Peaceful
  14. Yvaine- Evening star

14 Beautiful Clydesdale Horse Names

Here are some cute names you can give to your Clydesdale filly

  1. Aleck- warrior
  2. Bruce- from the brushwood thicket
  3. Christal- ice
  4. Colina-people of victory
  5. Clyde- the keeper of the keys
  6. Gordana- love to lead
  7. Graeme- from the gray homestead
  8. Janneth- clever and skillful
  9. Kamron- crooked nose
  10. Keith- from the battleground
  11. Lainie- Beautiful and shining
  12. Linsey-Lincoln island
  13. Mhairi- North star of the sea
  14. Roth- The red one

62 Other Clydesdale Horse Names to Consider

Clydesdale horses deserve royal names because they come from noble history.

clydesdale horse walking
  1. Jaimee
  2. Alexander
  3. Gordon
  4. Olivia
  5. Bonnibel
  6. Neilan
  7. Monroe
  8. Cambeul
  9. Camden
  10. Scott
  11. Colina
  12. Daviana
  13. Davida
  14. Davina
  15. Davona
  16. Erwina
  17. Munro
  18. Everallin
  19. Fletcher
  20. Fraser
  21. Leane
  22. Gavina
  23. Blaine
  24. Alaster
  25. Jaimi
  26. Jaymee
  27. Kamryn
  28. Kelsey
  29. Makiya
  30. Kenina
  31. Kamron
  32. Tormaigh
  33. Kendrick
  34. Kennan
  35. Frasier
  36. Lileas
  37. Logan
  38. MacLaren
  39. MacNab
  40. MacPherson
  41. Maesie
  42. Maggie
  43. Nes
  44. Malmuira
  45. Marcail
  46. Mhairi
  47. Mhari
  48. Minnie
  49. Brody
  50. Morrison
  51. Evanna
  52. Murray
  53. Bonnie
  54. Keltie
  55. Nessa
  56. Olgilhinn
  57. Blake
  58. Oliver
  59. Ross
  60. Cameron
  61. Scotty
  62. Kendrew

To learn more about Clydesdale Horses watch this video.


What are some great names for a black horse?

friesian horse running fast

Some of the top names for black colt include Kellina, Jackie, argyle, Makiya, Creighton, Morrison, Scotty, Munro, Davita, and Cromwell.

What should I consider when giving my Clydesdale Horse name?

Some of the factors to consider include color, gender, mood, behaviors, and language.

Why is it important to name my Clydesdale Horse?

Just like your kids or pet, your Clydesdale nag deserves a good name that helps you identify and develop a strong bond with it.

What makes Clydesdale Horse stand out from the others?

You can distinguish Clydesdale Horse from others with its powerful and large body structure. [2]

What are the major colors of the horses?

Clydesdale bronco colors range from brown, chestnut, and black.


From the above list of Clydesdale Horse names, you can pick a great name for your Clydesdale mount depending on your preference, gender, behavior, and color.

You can choose any of the names as long as it deems perfect for you.

Make sure you pick an easy name and one that will make your horse unique from the others. Choose a name that you will not want to change later on.

clydesdale horse standing

What are your favorite Clydesdale horse names? Please share with us below!


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