7 Amazing Country Songs About Riding a Horse

There’s definitely no shortage of country songs about riding a horse (I mean, it’s pretty much THE definition of “country-western,” right).

In fact, there are so many that it’s hard to choose just a handful to add to your playlist.

No worries, though; we gathered just the top 7 that will give you all sorts of nostalgia. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy them at your next Country festival while wearing beautiful country concert outfits.

Check them out!

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#1 Big & Rich – Save A Horse [Ride A Cowboy]

Yes, that means exactly what you think it does, so this definitely isn’t a good song about horses for toddlers or kids!

However, it’s still a quintessential country-western song about riding horses, so definitely worthy of your playlist.

Check out the official music video below.

#2 Toby Keith – Beer For My Horses

At it’s heart, this Toby Kieth classic is a victory song. Who doesn’t love a story about a win over the bad guys?

On the other hand, it also describes how there is too much corruption involved in everything, including the justice system.

In this song, people are celebrating their win by offering whiskey for men and beer for the horses (but not literally, because beer is bad for horses, of course).

cowboys riding a horse on the mountain while listening to the country songs about riding a horse

Check out the video below, with Keith joined by the legendary Willie Nelson.

#3 Taylor Swift – White Horse

Have you ever been lied to by your beloved or, worst, betrayed? If yes, then this song can light you up, It’s all about the fact that by the time a guy realizes he’s done a woman wrong, it’s too late for him to even think of coming back to her.

To sum this up, a song about knowing your self-worth and that there is a hell of a lot more in this world than a guy. A song by Taylor Swift can never disappoint you in any way.

#4 Templeton Thompson- Girls & Horses

In this beautiful ode to just how much girls love horses; how they talk about them, dream of them, and think of them every moment of the day.

The singer says that the horse’s gentle eyes are full of magic, and when she feels like giving up, she looks into them and feels courageous to face all the obstacles.

Here’s a peek at the official music video for this one:

#5 George Strait – If Heartaches Were Horses

The name of the song is confusing, so let me clear that first for you. It means if horses were the reasons for his heartbreak, then the singer would ride them away, but it’s she who left him because of his lifestyle.

It’s also about how, in some alternate world, she still loves him and their life together continues. Check out the video below, it’s easier to understand if you hear it.

#6 No Reins – Rascall Flatts

This classic country song about horses comes from Rascall Flatts. It compares a girl’s journey to leaving a “clown” to a wild horse running free without reins.

The song is a beautiful testament to finding yourself, and a must for anyone going through a rough breakup.

If you love songs that are written a bit differently, but in an alluring way, then this one is for you. Here’s a look at the music video for it:

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#7 Toby Keith – Should’ve Been A Cowboy

We definitely can’t talk about country songs about riding a horse without mentioning this one by Toby Keith.

Even if you’ve never been a country fan until now, I bet you’ve heard it at least once before.

At its heart, it’s a song about regret and remorse over choices in life. The singer wishes he had chosen to be a cowboy instead of the path he took.

A song for all the future cowboys and the things they are going to live through. Check out the music video below to hear it.

There really are so many country songs about riding a horse (or horses in general). Read our list of best and folk songs about horses too.

Like I said, you really can’t be “country-western” without loving horses!

These are just a few of our favorites. We’d love to hear yours!

a man riding a horse with text " 7 amazing country songs about riding a horse.

What are your favorite country songs about riding a horse? Share with us below!


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