Custom Made Horse Riding Boots – 8 Top Luxurious Options

Many equestrians want their horse riding boots custom made, custom dressage boots, designer riding boots, luxury riding boots,

Many equestrians want their horse riding boots custom made, custom dressage boots, designer riding boots, luxury riding boots, bespoke riding boots etc.

This is because it allows them to design boots just the way they want them, without compromising on anything.

Here is my guide to the top brands in the US that make beautiful, custom made leather riding boots

8 Brands That Are Offering Custom Made Horse Riding Boots

These are the top brands that sell custom equestrian boots in the United States. They are not listed in any particular order, so feel free to select the company you like best.

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#1 LM Custom Riding Boots 

LM  (1) has been making handmade Spanish leather riding boots for English disciplines such as hunter jumper and dressage since 1906. 

If you choose LM boots, you will get to design and order your ideal pair of tall boots from start to finish using the online boots creator.

Their customer service team will work with you until you are fully satisfied and have beautiful boots to wear.

You can ask for help from one of their master fitters to ensure you get the right size boot, or they will send you the measuring instructions.

All of the boots start at $750 and you can customize them however you like, and they come with a one-year warranty in case of any damage.

I would recommend LM boots because they have been making Spanish Leather riding boots for over fifty years and they have no break-in time because they are made just for your feet.

On the downside, some riders have found their boots delayed in arriving and have had some fit problems.

If you spend a lot of money on luxurious riding boots, you will want to learn how to care for them. This video will show you.

These could be used as mountain horse riding boots, especially for beginners!

Check out some of the best ice boots in this video!

#2 Parlanti Roma Custom Riding Boots

Parlanti (2) has been hand-making boots for more than 30 years and is the number one riding boot manufacturer in the world. 

On their website, you can create your own bespoke riding boot orders.  With beautiful designs and the choice of everything from the boot style (field boots or dressage boots), the color, the leather, and additional options like the embroidered initials.

Once you are done designing your boots, you put in your information to place the order and schedule a fitting with one of their master fitters. From the time of fitting, the estimated delivery time is 6-8 weeks for custom options.

I would recommend Parlanti because they will do everything they can to make your perfect riding boots from the finest leathers, and they have a 3-month warranty on all their products.

These boots are extremely popular but one of the drawbacks is that the fine, buttery leather they use, while comfortable, can wear out more quickly than tougher leather.

Here’s a quick overview of the company in this video.

Don’t forget to also check out horse riding boots for wide feet and steel toe horse riding boots.

#3 Celeris Riding Boots 

Looking for your next pair of custom riding boots? Look no further than Celeris (3). Celeris is an artisan bootmaker specializing in custom horse riding boots.

You can make your own beautiful, custom-made leather riding boots using their online order form, from dress boots to foxhunt boots, to polo boots, to paddock boots, and fill in your information with your credit cards for a fitting to get the proper boot sizing

The average manufacturing time for these boots is 12-18 weeks, which is longer than most brands. So if you are in a hurry this might be a drawback for you.

I would recommend Celeris because they have the widest range of customizable options of any custom horse riding boots with beautiful models.

Here’s a quick view on one of their riding boots!

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#4 Bootmakers 

Bootmakers (4) is an excellent company to consider if you want to add to your collection of boots. Over 300 polo clubs wear their polo boots, and they pride themselves on maintaining the highest boot quality.

Choose from tall boots or paddock boots styled with a full-length zipper. The order process is simple, just choose your boot style and color, reach out to get measured, and have your custom boots delivered to your home in 4-6 weeks.

I would recommend Bootmakers if you are looking for comfortable boots that can be used both as daily riding boots and competition boots.

Unfortunately, for hunter jumper riders, they don’t yet make boots in the lace, field boot style.

#5 Der Dau New York 

Der Dau  (5) has crafted handmade riding boots from Italian leather for more than 50 years. Choose from a wide variety of custom models in their online shop, from dressage models to showjumping models to western boots.

All of their boots have an elegant design and are a common choice among top equestrians and the wealthy that use riding boots as part of their fashion.

To place an order for custom-fit boots, you have to contact a Der Dau sales rep for a fitting. They will ensure you have another top-notch pair to add to your collection of boots.

I would recommend Der Dau if you have a lot of money saved up and only want handmade horse boots made of the finest leather with a formal style. These boots will not disappoint.

On the downside, some riders find the leather of these boots is too thin and have had trouble getting repairs done correctly.

Here’s a quick look at their riding boots.

#7 The Dehner Boot Company

The Dehner (6) Boot Company has been making custom riding boots and other leather products in the US since 1875. They handcraft boots from high-quality leather.

To order boots from Dehner, print out their order form and mail it or visit a recognized Dehner dealer in your state.

On the order form, you can customize every aspect of the boot from the sole (cushioned sole, a composition sole,  double sole, etc) to the top, to the heel (leather heel, rubber heel, dressy heel, etc.)

The more complex the design, the more you will have to pay because of each additional charge. You can even get a pair of embroidered boots if you wish.

I would recommend Dehner Boot Company if you want to design your own pair of boots from the ground up, They are a fantastic choice for custom riding boots because they want to make sure you are satisfied with every detail.

However, the introductory customer boots are pretty expensive before you even start to add in extras, so they might out of some people’s budgets.

Check this documentary if ever you’re interested in the product!

#8 Vogel NYC

Vogel NYC (7) is a New York-based riding company that crafts bespoke and elegant shoes and riding boots custom-made to order since 1879.

The boots come in a variety of sizes and styles including elastic gusset, zipper to the calf, and full-length zipper in multiple leather types.

To order Vogel Boots book an appointment for a fitting or contact an atelier by calling the store at 718-522-3899. You can also reach out to an authorized retailer like your local Dover Saddlery.

I would recommend Vogel NYC if you live on the East Coast and want an excuse to visit NYC because Vogel is committed to providing all of their customers with their dream pair of boots.

Vogel is a boot-making institution, and at one point before some of the newer brands, nearly everyone in the hunter jumper world had a pair.

If you look after a pair of Vogel boots. My friend has a pair she got made that are 20-years old!

These boots are durable, but that means breaking them in can be tough and make your legs sore initially.

Here are some tips on how to break in new tall riding boots.


If you live in the US, you have lots of options to get a pair of horse riding boots custom made.

One of the many benefits of custom boots is that you can ensure they provide the correct support for your foot, something mass-produced boots don’t always have. (8)

Whether you choose Parlanti or Vogel NYC, you are sure to have a fabulous experience.

Custom Made Horse Riding Boots Brands

Which one of these custom-made horse riding boots best suits you? Let us know what you think down below!


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