DIY Horse Trailer Camera [Why You Need It & Step By Step Guide]

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The other day I was hauling my new horse home and began wondering how a DIY horse trailer camera is made.

As I was deep in thoughts, the horse made some commotion and I had to pull over,  get out of the truck, and walk behind to check.

This was stressful and took up time, so I resolved to educate myself on how to make my owner trailer camera once I reached home.

I successfully set up my own camera and wanted to share what I learned with you.

Read on, and don’t forget to check out some of the biggest horse trailers for your animal companion.

Why Would You Need a DIY Horse Trailer Camera For?

The main reason for a DIY trailer camera is so that you can monitor your horses while driving.

A horse trailer carrying horses

Hauling a horse trailer or any other trailer is a task that requires lots of concentration and skill. I can say this from experience because, during my first truck hauling days, perfect trailer parking and coupling were really difficult to master!

Additionally, hauling a horse trailer can be challenging, especially if you do not have a visual of what is happening in your rearview.

And since anything can happen, you need to have your eyes on the road and on the trailer, too, which you cannot manage despite your level of expertise, thus the need for a back camera.

A horse trailer camera will help you know when the trailer doors swing open if they were not well secured. The device can also help you know if the latches get loose or if a horse becomes untied.

Also, if you feel movement or hear something from your horses, you can easily check the video monitor to see if they are ok or if something has happened, such as a horse falling.

It is important to keep an eye on your horse when traveling as they are at higher risk of illness or injury. [2]

Another reason warranting the need to get a camera is for when you drive at night. If you go for a camera with auto night vision, it will allow you to monitor the trailer in the dark.

These and other reasons stand out as to why you should invest in the best camera for inside a horse trailer.

Also, note that if you have coupled two or more trailers, you will need extra cameras and an LCD monitor having DVR quad split monitor capability.

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DIY Horse Trailer Camera

Now that you know the importance of a horse trailer camera, how do you assemble one?

The following procedure is simple to follow, and what’s more, the accessories needed are readily accessible in online stores and retail joints near you.

Here is what you need.

  1. Camera module(s)
  2. WiFi signal transmitter
  3. Mobile device


#1 Take the camera module and the wifi transmitter, and join the wires as labeled: each wire matching the other.

#2 Wire the transmitter’s DC IN cable to your trailer lights or a 12V power source. Moreover, note that a power inverter providing 12-24V DC power can do and if you are in for a portable battery, go for a power bank.

#3 Download the streaming application onto your android device or iPad and connect to the same digital signal or WiFi link as the transmitter.

#4 At this point, your streaming will be live, and you can see what is happening back there through your mobile device. 

#5 Mount the camera module in a strategic place on the trailer, ideally, a high part of your custom horse trailer. This will give you a 360-degree view of your precious cargo, and hopefully, you can catch transit incidents before they escalate.

An Australian study on horse transportation found that “24.7% of participants reported transportation-related injuries to their horses.” [1]

For a more visual guideline, you can check out this YouTube tutorial from Dawn P on how to wire your DIY horse trailer camera.

Also, note that you can get a screen monitor instead of a mobile device to keep an eye on your horse. Since some horse trailer camera setups come with a separate 7-inch high-quality LCD screen, it is possible to buy the monitor screen separately.

If you get a monitor screen, will follow the above procedure and then mount the screen monitor onto your windshield. Plug the screen into a 12-volt DC connection where it can get full-time power; ideally, your cigarette lighter port will do.

Now connect the antenna unit of the wireless horse trailer camera to the screen and mount it outside your truck. With this type of connection, you can toggle between 1-full screen mode or 2-split screen modes if you have additional cameras.

For this setup, check out this Video from Dover Saddlery.

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Do I have to spend lots of money on a DIY horse trailer camera setup?

No, there are idiot-proof system setups with affordable price tags that do a perfect rear view monitoring job. However, avoid the most affordable option left in stock and instead choose a dedicated horse trailer camera setup.

How do I power my new horse trailer camera?

There are various ways to power your camera set up. They include splicing onto your trailer electric system, cigarette lighter, a rechargeable battery pack, power inverter, or a power bank. 


A horse trailer camera will help ease some of your hauling challenges. I know this because I, too, had the parking, towing, and constant worry of what was happening on my gooseneck horse trailer.

However, with a few dollars, I managed to take the pain away, and you can too. Depending on the type of horse trailer you have, you can never go wrong with a DIY horse trailer camera setup, so get one today and follow the above guide for setup.


Do you have a horse trailer camera set up that you love? If so, let us know!


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