300+ Regal Draft Horse Names Perfect for Mares & Stallions

Are you struggling to get a name for your draft horse? Check the list provided for a perfect name for your pony.

When I bought my first horse, I was confused about its name. I wanted an easy name even for my kids to pronounce and recall.

I had to perform thorough research from a wide range of sources to get a perfect name for my colt. I created a list of popular names for your mare, stallion, and spotted charger from the research.

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Top 10 Draft Horse Names

Whether you’re a long-time horse lover or getting ready to adopt your first draft/ Draught horse [1].

Figuring out the perfect name for your new pet is a vital job.

The names below will help give you the inspiration you need to pick out the perfect moniker.

Male Draft Horse namesFemale Draft Horse Names

38 Mare Names for Draft Horses (With Meanings)

Draft horses are among the most incredible breeds of horses in existence. Their gigantic size, strength, and often-gentle nature make them a favorite among horse owners.

A draft mare under title draft horse names

Check out these perfect names for different types of horses.

  1. Ada- noble
  2. Andarta- Strong
  3. Antonia- praiseworthy
  4. Arnia- strong as an eagle
  5. Audrey- noble strength
  6. Bella- lovely and beautiful
  7. Beren- Clever and strong
  8. Berta- Bright
  9. Bryna- strong one
  10. Calypso- she who hides
  11. Catherine- Pure and clear
  12. Damia- untamed
  13. Darcy- the dark one
  14. Durga- unassailable
  15. Embra- the just one
  16. Epona- Great mare
  17. Fiona- White, fair
  18. Filomena- A friend of strength
  19. Flecka-peaceful ruler
  20. Grizelda- endless patience
  21. Isla- Island
  22. Kali- A maiden
  23. Karla- strength
  24. Lady- Bread kneader
  25. Millicent- industrious
  26. Olympia- from mount Olympus
  27. Passion- strong desire
  28. Princess- Royal
  29. Rhiannon- divine queen
  30. Sadie-princess
  31. Sahara- Desert
  32. Sheeba- Promise
  33. Shyla-Daughter of the mountain
  34. Tara- star or hill
  35. Tulpa-winged horse
  36. Valerie-brave
  37. Xena- hospitable
  38. Zelda- gray fighting maid

I love this cute video of draft mares.

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60 Stallion Names for Draft Horse

Did you know Draft horses have long been associated with knights and royalty in history?

Knights often used the large horses [2] to help them charge into battle.

2 draft stallions under title draft horse names

Here are some regal horse name ideas for your stallion.

  1. Aiden- Fiery
  2. Antoine- Praiseworthy
  3. Armstrong- strong arms
  4. Atticus- From the Attica
  5. Audie- noble strength
  6. Baron- warrior
  7. Beast-Giant creature
  8. Boaz- swiftness
  9. Bolt-tough and strong
  10. Buck- Deer
  11. Buddy- Friendly
  12. Cam- Crooked nose
  13. Charlie- Free man
  14. Chucky- freeholder
  15. Dan- God is my judge
  16. Dexter- skillful
  17. Duke- Leader
  18. Farris-strong
  19. Ferocity- wild
  20. Frank- The free one
  21. Gothard- brave
  22. Hank- home ruler
  23. Jacob- holder of the heel
  24. Mack- the greatest
  25. Malcolm- Devotee of Saint Columba
  26. Maximus- The greatest
  27. Monty- Mountain belonging to the ruler
  28. Oscar- champion warrior
  29. Percival- One of pierces the valley
  30. Randy- Protector
  31. Remo-strong
  32. Robert- Bright shining
  33. Roman- Powerful
  34. Russell- The little red
  35. Soldier- warrior
  36. Steve- victorious
  37. Tiergan- Strong-willed
  38. Valentino- strength
  39. Valiant- The brave one
  40. Varro- the strong one
  41. Victor- Conqueror
  42. Zenobio- the strength of Jupiter
  43. Angus
  44. Arnau
  45. Balor
  46. Bruce
  47. Carlos
  48. Cisco
  49. Clyde
  50. Drew
  51. Ethan
  52. Ike
  53. Legionnaire
  54. Opie
  55. Roland
  56. Rustle
  57. Sven
  58. Tucker
  59. Valor
  60. Warrior

Here is an absolutely gorgeous white horse.

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18 Common Black Draft Horse Names

Coat color is one of the significant factors you need to consider when naming your equine friend.

black draft horse under title draft horse names

Below are some of the common names given to the black horse.

  1. Bernt- strong and brave
  2. Black Beauty- Good looking
  3. Black Stallion- King
  4. Blackbeard- man with black beard
  5. Dark Knight- Superhero
  6. Ebony- deep black wood
  7. Eclipse- Gift of the moon
  8. Fury- the fierce one
  9. Inky- Ambitious
  10. Jaguar- Beast of prey
  11. Jet- The home ruler
  12. Knight- soldier
  13. Midnight- goddess of the night
  14. Noir- the dark and black one
  15. Onyx- black or red gemstone
  16. Shadowfax- The grey-haired
  17. Soulless- Creative nature
  18. Stormy- Powerful

Check out this awesome video of black draft horses.

@jolene_41 The curtains draw back as Shipshewana welcomes these two brothers into heat 1 of the Classic Series Six Horse Hitch World Finals. #drafthorses #finals ♬ Thunderstruck – AC/DC

35 Popular Names of the White Draft Horses

A white draft horse is a popular breed known for its majestic beauty, friendly demeanor, and docile temperament.

white draft horse under title draft horse names

Check out these fabulous names (including monikers for famous Horses) for your white or grey horse.

  1. Alabaster- the white stone
  2. Avalanche- leader
  3. Blanca- Pure and white
  4. Blizzard- Vitality
  5. Brilliant- Sparkling
  6. Diamond- tough one
  7. Eggshell- Delicate and fragile
  8. Ivory- white and pure
  9. Jennifer- the fair one
  10. Luna- Roman goddess of the moon
  11. Milky- the quiet one
  12. Platinum- Precious
  13. Sallow- one who dwells in the willows
  14. Snow Crystal- pure white
  15. Sterling- Pure
  16. Sun Spirit- fabulous
  17. Waxen- powerful
  18. White Gold- the precious one
  19. Yeti- Abominable snowman
  20. Angel
  21. Argent
  22. Blanch
  23. Casper
  24. Gleam
  25. Iceberg
  26. Ivory
  27. Moonlight
  28. Pearly
  29. Sallow
  30. Snow dazzle
  31. Snow white
  32. Snow drop
  33. star shine
  34. White wash
  35. Wintergreen

Check out this closeup of a white draft horse.

@peppertharp Two Percheron Mighty Mare Sisters, in their turnout after Tori and I rode.#percheron #percheronhorse #whitehorses #drafthorses #horsesontiktok ♬ original sound – peppertharp

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17 Cute Draft Horse Names

The list below shows some of the beautiful names you can give to your colt.

  1. Azul- Sky blue
  2. Brandy- Burnt wine
  3. Bucephalus- black with a white large star
  4. Cinnamon- spice
  5. Dynamite- Nobel blasting power
  6. Ferris- Rock
  7. Fire Angel- Lion of God
  8. Hale- Hero
  9. Kelpie- the heifer
  10. Lord- the king
  11. Magnum- The great one
  12. Pharaoh- The ruler
  13. Phoenix- Dark red
  14. Sapphire- Blue gemstone
  15. Spitfire- Emotional one
  16. Viking- defender
  17. Zeal- passionate and enthusiastic

37 Names of Draft Horses with Spots

Here are some of the names you can give your spotted cob.

  1. Yin Yang
  2. Checker
  3. Spot
  4. Skunk
  5. Dapple
  6. Kit Kat
  7. Domino
  8. Pirate
  9. Droplet
  10. Stipple
  11. Freckles
  12. Splotch
  13. Sparkle
  14. Dice
  15. Lacy
  16. Taffeta
  17. Mosaic
  18. Motley
  19. Oreo
  20. Patch
  21. Pebbles
  22. Pigment
  23. Dot
  24. Salt-n-Pepper
  25. Dalmatian
  26. Jigsaw
  27. Spatter
  28. Gypsy
  29. Confetti
  30. Spotted Eagle
  31. Sprinkle
  32. Flake
  33. Marble
  34. Tapestry
  35. Tie Dye
  36. Tweed
  37. Blot

Here is a cool video of this huge horse.

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47 Funny Names to Give to your Draft Horses

Giving your draft hack a funny name makes it enjoyable calling or spending time with it.

draft horses running in the snow

Here are some funny names to choose from.

  1. Barn
  2. Robust
  3. Bear
  4. Bandit
  5. Robin
  6. Alien
  7. Captain
  8. Beefcake
  9. Zealous
  10. Bruiser
  11. Picante
  12. Bacardi
  13. Diesel
  14. Moxey
  15. Enforcer
  16. Grizzly
  17. Mandarin
  18. Bozo
  19. Drastic
  20. Peewee
  21. Butterscotch
  22. Widow maker
  23. Plucky
  24. Rage
  25. Dazzle
  26. Reaper
  27. Bandit
  28. Amazon
  29. Whippet
  30. Tank
  31. Severe
  32. Villa
  33. Yankee
  34. Toughy
  35. Stag
  36. Stalwart
  37. Scotch
  38. Tenacious
  39. Snyper
  40. Tower
  41. Wick
  42. Shrimp
  43. Rodeo
  44. Tuffy
  45. Piquant
  46. Sneakers
  47. Moose

Here is a cool video of more horse names.

@creator_of_the_void A pony of many names, some I had to leave out because they are not very nice 🙃 #clydesdale #bighorses #horse #horses #4u #equine #foryou #drafthorse ♬ That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings

55 Other Common Draft Horse Names

The following are some of the most common draft bronco names.

  1. Chewbacca
  2. Hermes
  3. Andre the Giant
  4. Pippi Longstocking
  5. Schwarzenegger
  6. Odysseus
  7. Atlas
  8. Big Ben
  9. Crazy Horse
  10. Sekhmet
  11. Budweiser
  12. Castor
  13. Rambo
  14. Cleopatra
  15. Boudica
  16. Darth Vader
  17. Jupiter
  18. Wilbur
  19. Gwenyfar
  20. Medusa
  21. Lord of the Rings
  22. Hercules
  23. Alexander the Great
  24. Horatio
  25. Houdini
  26. Julius Caesar
  27. Euryale
  28. King Arthur
  29. Lancelot
  30. Lassie
  31. Hektor
  32. Marc Antony
  33. Hades
  34. The Hulk
  35. Merlin
  36. Mr. Ed
  37. Napoleon
  38. Aries
  39. Peter Pan
  40. Picasso
  41. Angus Young
  42. Pollux
  43. Rambo
  44. Ajax
  45. RedRum
  46. Rembrandt
  47. Apollo
  48. Seabiscuit
  49. Ulysses
  50. Boxer
  51. Steve McQueen
  52. Mercury
  53. Thor
  54. Secretariat
  55. Goliath

For more information about draft horses watch this video.


What is a good name for a war horse?

The best name for a war horse is Adira which means the strong one. Other good names include tulpar, Pegasus, Dora, and sergeant reckless.

What are the main qualities of a draft horse?

Draft horses feature a tall stature and a muscular build. [3] They have upright shoulders and move in an upright position.

What is a cool horse name?

A cool filly name is one that you feel proud of, such as easy rider, barricade, Steeler, Elwood, microwave, or puff.

Can I give my draft horse two names?

It is up to you, but no need to give your draft horse two names. One fantastic name for your nag is enough.

What determines the name given to a draft horse?

Before giving your draft horse a name, you need to consider factors such as color, behavior, size, strength, and other qualities.


You can choose any of the above-listed draft horse names. Make sure that you give a name corresponding to your horse’s behavior and body qualities.

Yet, if you have a preferred name, you can still give it to your draft horse. Ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and remember.

The name you give your draft horse should also be easy to master. This ensures that whenever you call the name, the pony can respond.

2 black draft horses pulling a plough cart


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