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EasyBoot Trail Options at a Glance

EasyCare offers their EasyBoot in two styles and many different sizes. Here’s a quick guide.

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EasyCare Easyboot Trail Review 

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Owners have relied on metal horseshoes for centuries to protect horses’ feet, reduce the risk of injury, and correct hoof shapes.

However, in recent years, owners have started to use boots instead of shoes, especially for barefoot horses.

EasyCare Inc. is one of the companies that produce a wide variety of hoof boots and is often mentioned when people talk about horse boots. 

Naturally, you get to wonder how good their Easyboot Trail boot is and if it can live up to the expectations.

That’s why we’re here to review it in depth. 

But before we talk about the key features of Easyboot Trail, let’s explain the benefits of boots for horses.

Then will learn more about EasyCare Inc. 

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What Are the Benefits of Hoof Boots?

A tall horse using an EasyBoot Trail hoof boots. It is good to know the EasyBoot Trail reviews.

Does horseshoes hurt the horse?

While horses wearing boots might sound stupid, you can actually get horse boots instead of shoes.

They might also be the only option for horses that can’t be shod.

Unlike shoes, boots don’t hinder horses’ natural foot movement, support the entire hoof wall, and protect the hooves from injuries. 

They can give your horse extra traction on different surfaces, keep the hooves sound during transportation, and reduce chronic pain. 

Many horse boots double as therapy boots and can be useful for chronic conditions, such as laminitis and navicular disease.

Moreover, hoof boots for barefoot horses are cheaper in the long run because they’re durable, and you don’t have to replace them every six to eight weeks. 

Who Is EasyCare Inc? 

EasyCare Inc goes back to the 1970s, and they’ve got a lot of experience in creating innovative products to provide the ultimate equine hoof protection. 

A quick look at the company’s brochure and website reveals that they’ve got boots for every type of situation – from pleasure riding to therapy and rehabilitation. 

Striving to produce the best possible products, EasyCare uses quality materials and employs the latest technology.

They test how their products perform under real circumstances, in different weather conditions, on aggressive terrains, and on endurance rides.

EasyCare believes so much in their design that they back up their products with a 45-money-back guarantee.

As such, it’s no wonder if EasyCare has attracted your attention with its wide variety of equine boots and accessories. 

5 Benefits of EasyBoot Trail Reviewed 

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You’ve got to wonder what makes Easyboot Trail so special and why people talk so much about it and not about other brands.

So, let’s see what makes this horse boot so unique and if it’s really suitable for trails. 

#1 Available in Different Sizes

One of the first things you notice about Easyboot is that you can choose from more than10 sizes, making it easy to find the one that fits your horse the best.

Remember that a tight boot might exacerbate injuries, cause discomfort, and make it painful for your animal to walk.

On the other hand, a loose fit means that your horse can lose the boots along the way, trip over obstacles, or suffer an injury. 

Moreover, you’ve got a detailed size chart on the websites in inches and mm for your reference.

Just make sure that you take the correct measurements after a fresh trim.

Check out the video below for tips on how to fit your horse for boots:

#2 Easy to Put On

Only people who’ve never tried to put a shoe on an unwilling animal can think that booting a horse is an easy job. 

But you don’t have to worry about getting the boot on and off, thanks to its innovative design.

It opens up completely so that you can slide it over any hoof shape during the trim cycle. 

Once you put the boot on the hoof, all that’s left to do is fasten the Velcro straps and the rear safety straps.

You can be ready to go trail riding in less than five minutes.

Moreover, you can watch a video on the company’s website that shows the whole process. 

#3 Comfort and Protection

When trail riding, especially on rocky, washed-out trails, you want the best protection for your horse’s feet.

Easyboot strives to deliver optimum performance with their tough protective shield and durable neoprene band.

Moreover, Easyboot doubles as a therapy boot, which means that it’s designed to provide maximum support and comfort. 

The sole shape is longer than wider to allow most horse breeds to wear this boot without any discomfort and pain.

It also features drainage holes to ensure that water and mud don’t build up inside the boot. 

#4  Excellent Traction

Easyboot offers excellent traction due to its aggressive tread pattern, and that’s one of our favorite features.

No matter how long horse can run, you can be sure that your animal won’t slip and fall. 

Moreover, you can get EasyCare gaiters (sold separately) for additional grip if you ride your horse on slippery surfaces. 

#5 Affordable

In general, hoof boots are more expensive than horseshoes. But unlike horseshoes, you won’t have to pay a farrier to shoe your animals. 

Moreover, Easyboot has more affordable prices than other brands with similar features and sizes. 

To learn more about the benefits and features, check out the video below.

3 Drawbacks of EasyBoot Trail Reviewed

Unfortunately, no horse boot is ever perfect, and Easyboot Trail is no exception.

But its cons are minor when compared to its design, performance, and durability. 

#1 Not Sold in Pairs

Most people expect manufacturers to sell boots in pairs. But when it comes to boots for horses, most companies tend to sell singles.

It makes sense because not all horses need two or four boots, but it can be an unpleasant surprise if you don’t read the description well.

But, it’s always better to have more boots on your hands than you need because you never know when your horse will lose a sho or injured hoof. 

#2 Not the Easiest to Clean

While Easyboot has drainage holes to prevent waterlogging, customers say that it’s not the easiest boot to clean. 

That’s because debris might get inside the boot through the drainage holes. You’ll have to check the boots well after trail riding to ensure nothing is stuck inside. 

#3 Mileage Limit 

According to EasyCare, the boots are best suited for casual riders and medium-mileage ones who ride up to 25 miles per week on average. 

As such, EasyBoot isn’t your best choice if you’re thinking about enrolling in an endurance race or spend most of your time riding. 

Check the video below for more information.

Easyboot Trail Reviews FAQs

Not that we’ve reviewed Easyboot Trail’s pros and cons, you probably still have questions about this item, and we’re there to answer them. 

How Do You Measure Trail?

First, take your horse for a fresh trim to ensure that you get the right measurements. Otherwise, the boot might be too loose after trimming. 

Then measure from the heel’s buttress line to the toes without including the heel bulbs to get the length. To determine the width, measure the hoof across the bottom at its widest points. 

Do I Need the Same Size for Front/Rear Hooves? 

The front and rear hoof sizes might differ. You should measure all hooves separately if you’re getting boots for different legs.

Horses can wear boots on all four legs, but most owners prefer to boot the front feet since they carry most of the weight. But rear boots might be necessary for injuries to the back legs. 

Can I Put Easyboots Over Horseshoes?

Unlike other brands and models, you can fit Easyboots over metal horseshoes. To get the correct size, measure the hoof right after new shoeing.

However, using Easyboots with horseshoes will nullify the warranty, and you might not be able to return the item. 


Getting the right hoof boots is as important as getting the right boots for you when working with horses. 

You want something that fits well and ensures your horse’s comfort. 

Easyboot Trail is one of the best affordable boots for horses because it’s light, durable, and protects your horse’s feet from injuries.

It’s perfect for trail riding in the toughest condition, and you can rely on it to provide good traction on various surfaces. 

Moreover, you can always return the product within 45 days if you’re not satisfied with its performance. We highly recommend it.

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brown horse using EasyCare EasyBoot hoof boots

What do you think about our Easyboot Trail review? Have you ever used EasyCare boots and products? Tell us about your experience in the comment section. 

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