Equestrian’s Final Wish: A Heartrending Farewell to Beloved Horse

In the twilight of her life, Karina Courtmanche had one final desire—to bid a heartfelt farewell to her cherished horse, Bella, after a bond spanning 28 years.

As Courtmanche faced the inevitable end of her journey on a Sunday, a unique collaboration involving the Mary Wade nursing home in New Haven and the American Medical Response team saw that her wish was fulfilled.

“Understanding the deep connection Courtmanche held with her horse, and realizing the significance this held in her final moments, filled us with a sense of purpose. We were delighted to be part of the team, alongside Mary Wade and CT Hospice, that brought this final wish to fruition,”expressed Andrew Rennie, the Director of Business Development at American Medical Response.

Courtmanche experienced an emotional reunion that Sunday morning. She was transported to her farm for a last, precious encounter with Bella, her loyal equine companion.

This story touches upon the depths of human-animal bonds, the importance of honoring final wishes, and the collaborative efforts of care providers to ensure a serene transition for individuals at the end of their life’s journey.

Courtmanche’s final wish was a poignant personal moment and a testament to the strength of her bond with Bella.

The proactive involvement of Mary Wade nursing home and American Medical Response, an emergency medical service, underscores their commitment to patient-centered care.

This core value extends beyond routine medical services. It is not just about physical comfort but also emotional peace and closure.

Andrew Rennie’s statement further emphasized this commitment, highlighting each organization’s role in honoring Courtmanche’s final wish.

By allowing her this moment of closure with Bella, they provided her with emotional support, demonstrating that end-of-life care involves understanding and catering to a patient’s needs and desires.

The tearful farewell between Courtmanche and her beloved Bella was more than a touching moment; it symbolized a life-long companionship celebrated until the end.

The narrative is a testament to the strength of bonds formed over the years, and a gentle reminder of the love and companionship animals bring into our lives.

To sum it up, this story provides insight into compassionate care at the end of one’s life, the strength of the human-animal bond, and the importance of collaborative efforts in healthcare to ensure that a person’s final wishes are respected and fulfilled.

Bryanna Tanase
Bryanna Tanase

Bryanna is a 23-year-old Florida-based Grade 1 Para-dressage rider based in Florida and she has been riding for 5 years. Horses are her passion and her ultimate goal is to be selected for the US Para-Equestrian Team and represent the US at the Paralympics. She rides at Quantum Leap Farm and Emerald M Therapeutic Riding Center and her equine partners are Shane, an American Paint Horse, and Cappy a Welsh x Thoroughbred. When she is not helping at the barn, riding, or training, she is learning about horses, writing articles about them, and using her social media platforms to raise awareness for therapeutic riding and para-equestrianism, shares her journey, and advocates for greater inclusion of para-equestrian in the media and equestrian sport at large.
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