What is a Good Name for a Fast Horse?

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Looking for a really good name for a fast horse?

We’ve got you covered!

Below, we found 100 ideas (split between fillies and stallions) that are just right for your speedster.

Let’s check them out!

Male Names for Fast Horses

  1. Ajax – Greek name meaning “eagle.”
  2. Apollo – after the space mission.
  3. Ares – after the Greek God of war.
  4. Blaze – for a very fast horse.
  5. Blitz – great name for a fast horse.
  6. Bolt – after the fastest man on Earth!
  7. Buck – because deer are some of the fastest animals! 
  8. Bullet – for an incredibly fast horse.
  9. Chaos – the cool name for the fastest horse out there. 
  10. Chatan – Sioux name meaning “hawk.”
  11. Choovio – Hopi name meaning “antelope.”
  12. Colt – for a young and very fast horse.
  13. Dart – great name for a fast horse.
  14. Dolphin – because dolphins are incredibly fast!
  15. Efron – Hebrew name meaning “young stag.”
  16. Ferrari – after some of the fastest cars out there.
  17. Filipe – Spanish name for a fast horse.
  18. Flare – cool name for a fast horse!
  19. Flux – for a horse who won’t stop running!
  20. Gavin – English name meaning “hawk.”
  21. Gepard – this is the Czech word for cheetah.
  22. Gyrfalcon – after the animal who flies at 80 mph! 
  23. Hart – this name means “deer.”
  24. Honovi – The Hopi name for a strong deer.-2 
  25. Kele – this name refers to a sparrow hawk.
  26. Lotus – after one of the fastest cars.
  27. Marlin – this is the fastest fish in the world!
  28. McLaren – after the fast and fabulous cars.
  29. Merlin – the French word for falcon.
  30. Nitro – for the fastest horse out there!
  31. Osama – Arabic name meaning “lion.”
  32. Peregrine – this is the fastest bird out there.
  33. Rabbit – after the cute and very fast animals.
  34. Racer – this one speaks for itself.
  35. Rambo – after Stallone’s epic character.
  36. Riptide – after the incredible phenomenon.
  37. Roadrunner – this is one of the fastest birds! 
  38. Roo – after the fast and funny kangaroos
  39. Secretariat – one of the fastest horses in history.
  40. Shahin – African name meaning “hawk.”
  41. Shark – because they are quite fast.
  42. Speedo – this one speaks for itself.
  43. Thor – for the fast speeds he travels with.
  44. Tiburon – Spanish name meaning “shark.”
  45. Titan – for a horse who can’t be stopped.
  46. Trapper – great name for a fast horse.
  47. Wildebeest – after some of the biggest and fastest antelopes.
  48. Zevi – Israeli name meaning “deer.”
  49. Zippy – for a cute and funny horse.
  50. Zwi – Norse name meaning “gazelle.”

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Female Names for Fast Horses

female names for fast horses
  1. Arinya – Australian name for “kangaroo.”
  2. Arya – after the quick fighter from Game of Thrones.
  3. Aston – this is one of the fastest cars out there.
  4. Athena – after the Greek Goddess of war.
  5. Blitz – for a very cute and fast horse.
  6. Bonito – this is a very small and fast fish.
  7. Cha’risa – The Hopi name for a very fast one.
  8. Cheetah – this is the fastest animal on Earth!
  9. Chuchip – Hopi name meaning “deer.”
  10. Coyote – after the fast African wild dog.
  11. Danuta – Polish name meaning “deer.”
  12. Dorcas – Greek name meaning “gazelle.”
  13. Fanta – this is the fastest dog on Earth!
  14. Fawn – This is how you’d call a baby deer. 
  15. Filly – great name for a young female horse.
  16. Flash – because she’s fast like that!
  17. Gazelle – everyone knows gazelles are incredibly fast!
  18. Golden – after the Golden Eagle
  19. Harley – after the motorcycle brand.
  20. Hera – after the mother of Gods.
  21. Hummingbird – because these birds are incredibly fast!
  22. Huntress – a huntress moves quickly!
  23. Hurricane – the cool name for a fast horse!
  24. Jinx – great name for your fastest horse!
  25. Justice – badass name for a fast horse!
  26. Kanga – after the fast and cute kangaroos.
  27. Litonia – African name meaning “hummingbird.”
  28. Lulu – Native American name for a fast rabbit!
  29. Mite – did you know these mites can jump 322 body lengths per second?
  30. Namir – Afghani name meaning “swift.”
  31. Needletail – this is one of the fastest birds out there.
  32. Pengana – Australian name meaning “hawk.”
  33. Pigeon – very common birds, yet incredibly fast.
  34. Raven – amazing name for a black horse.
  35. Rebel – for a horse that will just run!
  36. Rima – Arabic name meaning “antelope.”
  37. Rocket – for the fastest horse out there!
  38. Sadira – Arabic name meaning “ostrich.”
  39. Shika – Chinese name meaning “deer.”
  40. Springbok – after the fastest African antelope.
  41. Sprint – maybe this is her favorite activity.
  42. Sweep – great name for a fast horse.
  43. Swift – for an incredibly swift horse!
  44. Tesla – after the amazing and fast cars.
  45. Usagi – Japanese name meaning “rabbit.”
  46. Vixen – for a cool and fast lady!
  47. Xena – after the mighty princess warrior!
  48. Yan – Chinese name for a fast one!
  49. Yutu – Miwok name meaning “hunter.”
  50. Zoom – because zooming is fast!

All names sounds great, right? I would love to name the fastest horse Nitro! Ooh, I also love Zwi for a boy. It’s so unique.

For girls, Litonia is beautiful. I love hummingbirds, so it’s perfect for me.

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