150 Lovely Female Horse Names for Mares & Fillies

If you’re on the hunt for some amazing female horse names, stick around!

Fillies and mares are gorgeous, graceful creatures, so they deserve names that stand out, right?

It might take a while to choose the right name for your girl, but the job can become easy if you have our list handy!

Start with a quick glance at our favorites on the table below, then keep reading for the complete list.

Mare and Filly Names: Top Picks at a Glance

Ada – Meaning “noble” in German and Turkish
Bella – An Italian name meaning “beautiful”
Candy –  A name given to fillies or mares that have a sweet nature
Adsila – A Cherokee name for a female horse meaning “blossom”
Daisy – A feminine name for female horses, inspired by a flower
Ellen – Meaning “sun rays” or “shining light” in Greek
Fairy – An English word referring to magical, winged creatures, perfect for swift young mares 
Gaea – A Greek name meaning mother of the Earth
Haley – A Gaelic name meaning “ingenious”
Jamilah – Meaning “graceful” and “lovely” in Arabic

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brown mare and filly suitable for lovely female horse names

Top 150 Mare and Filly Names

Let’s check out a list of some great names for female horses:

  1. Ada – Meaning “noble” in German and Turkish
  2. Adalind – A modern horse name meaning “noble” in German
  3. Adira – A Hebrew name meaning “strong and noble”
  4. Adsila – A Cherokee name for a female horse meaning “blossom”
  5. Aine – A Celtic name for the goddess of summer and wealth
  6. Alette – A Greek horse name meaning “a small, winged being”, often used as a fairy name
  7. Aliah – An Arabic name meaning “heavenly”
  8. Almas – An Arabic name meaning “diamond”, used for mares with a white marking
  9. Alsie – A Greek name meaning “strong-willed”
  10. Amalthea – Meaning “tender goddess” in Greek, popularised recently by The Last Unicorn
  11. Amber – Referring to a kind of gemstone, usually given to a domesticated horse
  12. Amelia – An English name for “industrious” and “striving”, famous due to the aviator Amelia Earhart
  13. Angel – A popular name for a female horse to signify her lovable quality
  14. Anne – A Latin name meaning “grace” or “favored by the Almighty”
  15. Arwen – A Welsh name that means “noble maiden”, well-known for Lord of the Rings horse
  16. Ashera – A Hebrew name meaning “fortunate”
  17. Ashray – A unisex horse name for a light-colored horse inspired by faeries in Scottish mythology
  18. Asta – Old Norse and Greek name meaning “star-like”
  19. Athena – The Greek Goddess of wisdom
  20. Aubrette – An Old German name meaning “a magical being” or “elf”
  21. Audrey – Anglo-Norman name meaning “nobility” and “strength”
  22. Aurora – A Latin word for “dawn”, famous as Disney’s Little Mermaid
  23. Beatrice – A French name meaning “someone who can spread happiness”
  24. Beauty – A simple but popular name for a beautiful filly or mare
  25. Bella – An Italian name meaning “beautiful”
  26. Black Beauty – A black horse name inspired by a well-known book of the same name
  27. Bonnie – A Scottish name meaning “stunning”
  28. Breeze – A female horse name signifying speed, wildness, or grey color
  29. Bridget – A Gaelic name that means “power”
  30. Brownie – A unisex horse name that refers to faeries in Scottish mythology
  31. Cadhla – An Irish horse name meaning beautiful or graceful
  32. Candy –  A name given to fillies or mares that have a sweet nature
  33. Canotila – A wild horse name referring to forest spirits in Sioux folklore 
  34. Cara – An Irish name for a female horse, meaning “friend” 
  35. Catherine – Meaning “pure” in Greek
  36. Chang’e/Chang’o – A white horse name meaning the goddess of the moon in Chinese mythology
  37. Chenoa – A North American name meaning “white dove”
  38. Chepi – A Native American fairy name
  39. Clara – A Latin name meaning “bright” and “popular”
  40. Cloud – A horse name given to a grey horse
  41. Clover – A horse name inspired by the caring mare in Animal Farm
  42. Daenerys – The mother of dragons in Game of Thrones
  43. Daisy – A feminine name for female horses, inspired by a flower
  44. Dana – The name of the Celtic goddess of fertility
  45. Dela – A Latin word meaning “delightful.”
  46. Derya – A unisex name meaning “sea” in Turkish
  47. Dianthe – Meaning “divine flower” in Greek
  48. Dream – Inspired by the racehorse Beauty Alliance in Dream Horse
  49. Ellen – Meaning “sun rays” or “shining light” in Greek
  50. Elsa – A German name meaning “pledged to the Almighty.”
  51. Elvina – Meaning “a good friend” in Old English
  52. Epona – The Goddess of horses in Celtic mythology
  53. Evaki – A South American name referring to the goddess of Day and Night
  54. Fairy – Magical, winged creatures, perfect for swift young mares 
  55. Farah – Meaning “joy” in Irish and Urdu
  56. Fay – An Old English name meaning “fairy” or “confidence”
  57. Fayetta – Means “little fairy” in French, great for a young female horse name
  58. Flicka – Means “a peaceful ruler”, popularized by the filly in My Friend Flicka
  59. Flora – A Latin word for “flowers” and the goddess of spring.
  60. Gaea – A Greek name meaning mother of the Earth
  61. Genuine Risk – A popular name for fillies and mares.
  62. Goldikova – The French racemare who won the Breeder Cup thrice
  63. Grace – A name for racemares inspired by Havre de Grace
  64. Haley – A Gaelic name meaning “ingenious”
  65. Havre de Grace – The name of the American Horse of the Year in 2011
  66. Hera – The goddess of womanhood in Greek mythology
  67. Hermione – A Greek name meaning “well-born”
  68. Honey – A favorite horse name to capture a horse’s sweet nature
  69. Hope – A name for a calm horse, meaning “wish” or “desire” 
  70. Jamilah – Meaning “graceful” and “lovely” in Arabic
  71. Johara – Meaning “jewel” in Arabic
  72. Juno – A Latin word for “the queen of heavens”, and Roman queen of gods
  73. Kalila – An Arabic name for sweet-natured horses, meaning “sweetheart”
  74. Kayla – An Irish name usually given to horses that are tall and slim
  75. Khalida – Meaning “eternal” or “immoral” in Arabic
  76. Kimana – A Native American name meaning “butterfly”
  77. Kimmela – A Sioux name meaning “butterfly”
  78. Kolt Kardashian – Putting a spin on “Khloe Kardashian” for a “colt” edge
  79. Lady Eli – A new favorite as a mare name, inspired by the famous racehorse
  80. Lady Scathach – A well-known warrior in Scottish mythology
  81. Lady’s Secret – A popular choice for female horses.
  82. Lanette – An English name meaning “fair and beautiful”
  83. Lara – Meaning “protection” in Latin
  84. Leila – An Arabian horse name, meaning “born at night”
  85. Lily – Refers to a flower, a horse name for a white or light-colored mare or filly
  86. Lina – Meaning “sunlight” in Persian and Greek 
  87. Linette – A Welsh and Old French name for a small songbird
  88. Lollypop – A funny horse name for a sweet horse
  89. Luna – Meaning ‘moon” in Roman, great name for light-colored horses
  90. Macha – A female horse name meaning “Aurora” or “dawn” in Sioux
  91. Maia – Meaning the goddess of mountains in Greek
  92. Malika – An Arab name meaning “queen”
  93. Marguerite – A French name meaning “pearl” or “daisy”
  94. Mariah’s Storm – A female racehorse name.
  95. Mariam/Miriam – French or Hebrew name that means “star of the sea”
  96. Marica – The name of a nymph in Romanian mythology
  97. Maya – Meaning “magic”, “illusion”, “generosity”, etc., in different cultures
  98. Melody – A Greek name meaning music
  99. Meriol – Meaning “sea”, “nymph”, or “light” in Gaelic
  100. Minerva – The Roman goddess of wisdom.
  101. Moonshine – An alcohol-inspired name given to a horse with a shiny coat
  102. Morven – A Scottish name meaning “big gap” or “big peak”
  103. Mustang Sally – A famous racehorse name, inspired by Wilson Pickett’s song
  104. Naida – Meaning “water nymph” in Greek
  105. Nova – A female name meaning “new” in Latin
  106. Nuha – A Quranic name meaning “intelligent”
  107. Olympia – Meaning “from Mt. Olympus”
  108. Panola – Means “cotton”, often used for a white horse
  109. Pari – An Indian name meaning “fairy” 
  110. Pixie – A name for energetic horses.
  111. Pocahontas – A Latin American name meaning “a playful being.”
  112. Princess Celestia – A pony with magical powers from My Little Pony
  113. Rachel – A Hebrew name meaning “purity.”
  114. Raven – An excellent name for a black dog, meaning “a large crow”
  115. Reckless – Inspired by Sergeant Reckless, a well-known warhorse.
  116. Rosa – Another word for Rose in Spanish, Italian, and Spanish
  117. Rosie – A horse name derived from the flower.
  118. Ruffian – Meaning “to cause a tumult” or “to rage.”
  119. Ruhi – An Indian name meaning “of elevated spirituality and value.”
  120. Sage – A name for a female horse that’s wise and intelligent
  121. Sally – A Hebrew name meaning “princess”
  122. Sana – An Arabic name for “light” and “glow”
  123. Sapphira – A Greek and Hebrew word for “sapphire and a dragon in Eragon.
  124. Scarlet – A cool horse name inspired by the kind horse in Horseland
  125. Sedna – An Inuit name for the sea goddess
  126. Senga – A traditional Scottish name meaning “purity and chastity”
  127. Sequoia – A Cherokee name meaning “sparrow”
  128. Serena’s Song – The name of an American racemare.
  129. Skydancer – Inspired by Stormy’s horse in Rainbow Brite
  130. Skye – A Scottish name meaning “cloud”
  131. Soñador – A Spanish name meaning “dreamer.”
  132. Sophie – Meaning “wisdom”, often used as a name for intelligent horses
  133. Spirit – A unisex name given to a wild mare, inspired by the animated movie
  134. Summer – A modern horse name that depicts a sense of warmth & fun.
  135. Tablita – A Native American-Hopi name that means “crown” or “tiara”
  136. Tempest – A creative name meaning “storm”, perfect for a grey horse 
  137. Tethys – Meaning “the mother of the sea” in Greek
  138. Tormenta – A grey horse name, meaning “tornado” in Spanish
  139. Treve – Meaning “just” in Latin, referring to the French racemare
  140. Trudy – A German name meaning “spear of power”
  141. Utina – A Native American name meaning “a lady of my nation”
  142. Valentina – Roman name meaning “strong and healthy”
  143. Valerie – Meaning “strength” and “bravery”
  144. Venessa – A Greek name meaning butterfly, often used for sprightly mares
  145. Wenda – An Irish name referring to a pleasant or friendly personality
  146. Whisper – A name for a mare to denote softness of nature
  147. Winning Colors – A female horse name of American Hall of Fame racemare.
  148. Yasmine – An Arabic name for Jasmine.
  149. Zahra – Meaning “beautiful” and “shining” in Urdu
  150. Zenyatta – Meaning “peace” or calm” in Japanese culture.

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Final Words

You now have a list of good female horse names. Several names will feel like the perfect match for your girl horse.

To choose the right one for your favorite horse, select a name that says something about your horse’s color, personality, and lifestyle.

Or you can draw inspiration from exotic names, books, famous horse names.

You can also fall back on mythologies, like Scottish mythology, Celtic Mythology, Chinese mythology, Greek mythology, etc.

So take your time and pick the right name!

brown mare and filly walking

What are your favorite female horse names? What’s your mare’s name? Please share with us!

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