300+ Unique Friesian Horse Names [For Male & Female Horses]

There are many reasons why people love Friesians. They’re beautiful, intelligent, and have a kind heart – all qualities you want in your horse!

These special horses deserve special names. If you’re looking for perfect Friesian horse names, I’ve got you covered.

From Dutch translations such as “spirit” or “gallop” ́to more traditional English variations including Freddie Mercury the respective Musical Pride Of England; I’ve got everything here.

Check out this video for interesting facts about Friesian horses!

Before going to the long list, here is a list of our favorite Friesian horse names.

Friesian Horse Names for StallionsFriesian Horse Names for Mares

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59 Friesian Horse Names for Stallions

The Friesian horse [1] is known for its elegant form and robust build. For this reason, many people opt to name their male horses with bold names or powerful-sounding like “Borris” or “Champion”!

Here’s our list of the best horse names for your male equine stars:

  1. Angus- Strength
  2. Apollo- The destroyer
  3. Ash- The happy one
  4. Atlas- Bearer of the heavens
  5. Blackberry- Secure
  6. Boris- Fight
  7. Brutus- The heavy one
  8. Buzz- The village in the woods
  9. Caesar- Ruler
  10. Carbon- The black one
  11. Champion- Warrior
  12. Clyde- From the riverbank
  13. Cola- People of victory
  14. Colonel- Commander
  15. Deputy- My assistant
  16. Dexter- The fortunate one
  17. Dracula- the devil
  18. Dusty- brave warrior
  19. Eagle- Impressive
  20. Elvira- Beautiful
  21. Fury- Fierce one
  22. Graphite-Shiny and strong
  23. Gunner- Warrior
  24. Hamilton- The flat topped hill
  25. Hendrix- The ruler of the estate
  26. Hero- Brave one
  27. Jagger- The rolling stone
  28. Jameson- Supplanter
  29. Jethro- Excellence
  30. Kaiser- Leader
  31. Magic- Friend of the Elves
  32. Maverick- The independent one
  33. Maximus-The greatest
  34. Merlin- Sea of fortress
  35. Morticia-The undertaker
  36. Mystery-Provocative
  37. Pacino- Calm
  38. Phantom- Ghost
  39. Presley- Priest’s meadow
  40. Omen- Faithful
  41. Orion- The rising star
  42. Onyx- the shiny black stone
  43. Osiris- With strong eyesight
  44. Ranger- Guardian
  45. Rebel- The resistant one
  46. Remington- The place in a riverbank
  47. Romeo- Pilgrim from Rome
  48. Ryker- The rich one
  49. Sarge- Just
  50. Sirius- Glowing
  51. Socrates-Brilliant
  52. Stirling- Pure
  53. Stormy- Tempest
  54. Thunder- Stormy tempered
  55. Tramac- The rock
  56. Ulysses- The hater
  57. Warlock-Joyful
  58. Xander- Protector
  59. Zeus- Shine

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57 Friesian Horse Names for Mares

If you’re looking for the perfect female Friesian horse, then check out this list of names. They all have that European flair and gracefully feminine sound to them!

Here is a cute video of a Friesian mare.

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  1. Aleid- Noble kind
  2. Annika-Gracious
  3. Aphrodite- Goddess of love and beauty
  4. April- Open
  5. Astrid- Divinely beautiful
  6. Athena- Goddess of wisdom
  7. Bailey- Fortification
  8. Beatrice- The one who brings happiness
  9. Bear-Brave
  10. Black beauty- dark and pure
  11. Bliss- Perfect joy
  12. Bullet- sturdy and swift
  13. Bridget- The powerful one
  14. Clara-Bright
  15. Cleo- Glory
  16. Comics- Humorous
  17. Cosmo- Beauty
  18. Dahlia- Elegance
  19. Delilah- Delicate
  20. Diamond- Strong one
  21. Duchess- Royal
  22. Eliza- Pledged to God
  23. Elsa-Oath of God
  24. Esme-Beloved
  25. Esther- Star
  26. Falcon- Relating to falconry
  27. Fantasia- Fantasy
  28. Fenna- Peace
  29. Fiona- Fair
  30. Freja- Goddess of love
  31. Gracie- Blessing
  32. Gypsy- Noble and ready
  33. Hannah-Grace
  34. Hershey- Everything
  35. Isabelle- God is perfection
  36. Ilsa- Pledged to God
  37. Josephine- Jehova increases
  38. Lakshmi- Sign of Good luck
  39. Leopard-Bright one
  40. Liberty-Independence
  41. Nebula-Misty
  42. Noelle- Birthday
  43. Ophelia- Helper
  44. Oreo- Mountain
  45. Panda- Intelligence
  46. Pandora- All gifted
  47. Pepsi- sweet poison
  48. Petra- The rock
  49. Puma- The mountain lion
  50. Raisin- Rise and shine with a beautiful face
  51. Ravan- The power holder
  52. Saskia- Protector of mankind
  53. Sheba- daughter of an oath
  54. Sofie-Wisdom
  55. Vader- Father
  56. Victoria- winner
  57. Zorro-Sly

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36 Famous Friesian Horse Names

The Fresian horse is one of the most sought-after breeds [2] in Europe. They’re even more popular than their Spanish counterpart, with many famous horses coming from this breeding stock!

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Here’s a list you can use as inspiration when naming your next mount:

  1. Adiah- Gift from God
  2. Alexander- Defender
  3. Arya- faithful
  4. Baron- Nobility
  5. Bella- Beautiful
  6. Cache- Hidden collection
  7. Celestina- Heavenly
  8. Crusader- To carry
  9. Dallas- Relaxed
  10. Ducati- Patient
  11. Faith- Confidence
  12. Frederik- A peaceful ruler
  13. Grace- Goodness
  14. Gunner- Warrior
  15. Hazel- God has seen
  16. Isa- Strong willed
  17. Isadora- Gift of
  18. Jack- God is gracious
  19. Keva- Gentle and beautiful
  20. Lexington- Town of the new law
  21. Mazikeen- harmful spirits
  22. Merlin- Sea of fortress
  23. Miramar- Sea sight
  24. Nico- People of victory
  25. Noble- Lofty character
  26. Sarai- My princess
  27. Sephia- wisdom
  28. Starlite- the just one
  29. Stellar- Relating to stars
  30. Strider- unknown
  31. Triton- God of the sea
  32. Velvet- The soft one
  33. Warhorse- Fighter
  34. Wilco- will comply
  35. Xanti- Follower of Saint James
  36. Zena- Belonging to Zeus

49 Fantastic Names for Friesian Horses

To capture Friesians’ beauty and majestic nature, here are some tremendous fantastic horse names.

  1. Ajax- Strong and courageous
  2. Apache- Morning dove
  3. Arya- faithful
  4. Axl- Father of peace
  5. Bandera- the flag
  6. Bond- landowner
  7. Bowie- Blond
  8. Cercei- Godess of magic
  9. Chaos- little and fiery
  10. Coconut- cool
  11. Copa- God is gracious
  12. Dillinger- from Dillingen
  13. Electra- Shining and bright
  14. Figaro- Cunning one
  15. Floyd- gray haired
  16. Escober- overgrown with bush
  17. Gambit- Tricky one
  18. Gadiela-God is my happiness
  19. Goliath- Power, and dignity
  20. Huntress- Great hunter
  21. Jamun- Black fruit
  22. Justice- righteous
  23. Khan- The ruler
  24. Lex- Defender
  25. Loki- Trickster God
  26. Magnus- The great one
  27. Marley- Pleasant seaside meadow
  28. Merlot-Sweet grape
  29. Kraven- Water from heaven
  30. Malice- Independent
  31. Mayhem- Smart
  32. Moxie- Energetic
  33. Nemesis- Goddess of vengeance
  34. Oracle- Holy greetings
  35. Petunia- Black and expensive flowers
  36. Reno- Happy
  37. Riggs- one who lives on the ridge
  38. Ruger- The tough one
  39. Rogue- Mischievous
  40. Siege- Victory
  41. Stonewall- strong
  42. Sampson- Bright sun
  43. Serpico- Friendly
  44. Shiva- beautiful
  45. Spider- Mortal woman
  46. Ursul- little female bear
  47. Viola- Beautiful flower
  48. Winchester- The dweller at the Roman fort
  49. Zanzibar- Black coast

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32 Names for Black Friesian horses

Here are the names that suit black Friesian horses.

The color black is often used to name Friesians. Some examples include Jett/Jetta, coal, or anything that resembles this dark tone of greys and blacks in their appearance.

Here is a fantastic video on black Friesian names.

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To make it more interesting, try adding some flair by using words like “beauty” instead of just saying ‘black.’

  1. Anise
  2. Bourbon
  3. Cavier
  4. Char
  5. Cosmos
  6. Deva
  7. Diablo
  8. Dianthus
  9. Duff
  10. Grim
  11. Hecate
  12. Indigo
  13. Kellen
  14. Knight
  15. Kuro
  16. Legend
  17. Lestat
  18. Lugosi
  19. Magic
  20. Midnight
  21. Mud
  22. Nimbus
  23. Nightshade
  24. Nocturne
  25. Nyx
  26. Omen
  27. Othello
  28. Pitch
  29. Poe
  30. Raven
  31. Stoker
  32.  Styx

Top 39 Friesian Horses Names in Dutch

Friesian horses originate from the Netherlands, so you find most of the names in Dutch. Here are some of these Dutch names.

  1. Aart
  2. Amira
  3. Bastiaan
  4. Betje
  5. Bram
  6. Casper
  7. Ciel
  8. Dutch
  9. Elin
  10. Elke
  11. Fenna
  12. Franz
  13. Gabriel
  14. Greta
  15. Gustaaf
  16. Hanne
  17. Henick
  18. Hilde
  19. Hogarth
  20. Ilse
  21. Jacobin
  22. Jan
  23. Johan
  24. Joris
  25. Kyra
  26. Lars
  27. Lotte
  28. Luc
  29. Luca
  30. Marja
  31. Otto
  32. Una
  33. Rhona
  34. Roel
  35. Sjef
  36. Tess
  37. Viggo
  38. Wilhelmina
  39. Zuzanna

How cool is this Friesian horse?

@olga_bazhutova Results ❤️ black friesian stallion and girl With coloured hair #friesian #horse #friesianhorse ♬ Epic – Joystock

38 Sweet Names for Friesian Horses

Looking for a nice name for your Friesian horse? One of these names will work perfectly for you.

  1. Aria
  2. Artemis
  3. Asgard
  4. Bane
  5. Baron
  6. Beau
  7. Beaumont
  8. Beauty
  9. Blackjack
  10. Booker
  11. Caspian
  12. Carlotta
  13. Czar
  14. Echo
  15. Diesel
  16. Divinity
  17. Galaxy
  18. Godiva
  19. Goliath
  20. Luna
  21. Majesty
  22. Nebula
  23. Noble
  24. Obsidian
  25. Queenie
  26. Rex
  27. Ruger
  28. Rogue
  29. Rowan
  30. Sequoia
  31. Titan
  32. Thor
  33. Siren
  34. Stella
  35. Storm
  36. Vader
  37. Voodoo[1]
  38. Xena

To learn more about Friesian Horses, watch this video.


What are some great names for a black horse?

Some of the great names for black horses include Diablo, mud, cosmos, Tux, Pitch, Tux, Deva, Poe, and Kuro.

Where did Friesian Horses originate?

friesian horse gracefully walking

The horses are from Friesland, in Northern Netherlands.

How do I identify Friesian Horses from other breeds?

The horses have strong, sloping shoulders, compact, and muscular bodies. They are black and feature a long, thick tail.


Depending on your preference, you can give your horse any of the above Friesian horse names. Give a name that makes it easy to recall and identify your horse.

It’s also good to give a name that the horse can master to allow for easy communication when you are out there in the field.

Friesian horse galloping gracefully


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