100 Adorable and Funny Horse Names for Your New Foal

Looking for some really cute funny horse names for your brand new foal?

We’ve got you covered!

We turned to the most hilarious characters in books, movies and more to come up with 100 ideas.

Check them out!

Looking for some really cute funny horse names for your brand new foal? Check out 100 that we' love!

Funny Horse Names for Males

  1. Bart – after the wise-cracking Simpsons son.
  2. Bean – after the legendary Mr. Bean.
  3. Bender – this is the funniest robot in Futurama.
  4. Bilbo – it may be ironic, as Bilbo couldn’t ride by himself.
  5. Blutarsky – after John Blutarsky from Animal House. 
  6. Brian – after the talking dog from Family Guy.
  7. Bruiser – from the Legally Blonde movie.
  8. Burns – for Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.
  9. Butkus – from the Rocky movie.
  10. Butters – after South Park’s cutest character.
  11. Cartman – if you have two horses, name one of them Butters. They’re gonna have a blast!
  12. Chon – after Shanghai Noon’s Chon Wang.
  13. Deadpool – everyone loves this one!
  14. Derek – from the Zoolander series.
  15. Donkey – a little ironic, but this is Shrek’s best friend.
  16. Ferb – great name if you have two horses (see Phineas below)!
  17. Fonzie – this one speaks for itself.
  18. Frankenweenie – this is one of the funniest pet names!
  19. Fry – after Futurama’s derpiest character.
  20. Geenie – for a magical and funny horse.
  21. Gidget – one of the mischievous pets from Secret Life of Pets.
  22. Glenn – this is Family Guy’s funniest character.
  23. Harvey – from the E.T. movie.
  24. Hester – after Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter.
  25. Homer – he’s THE Simpson!
  26. Hooch – inspired by Turner & Hooch.
  27. Jack – after the one and only Jack Sparrow.
  28. Jenga – for the funny game that ruins friendships! 😀
  29. Jerry – after K9s Jerry Lee.
  30. Joey – for F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’s funniest character.
  31. Moby – after the mighty Moby Dick.
  32. Paddington – this is probably the cutest bear!
  33. Peter – this is Family Guy’s main character.
  34. Phineas – great horse name for brothers.
  35. Pikachu – after the funniest Pokemon.
  36. Ron – after Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy.
  37. Rowlf – after Rowlf the Dog from Muppets.
  38. Sherlock – if you can imagine a horse with a hat!
  39. Shrek – the world’s funniest ogre!
  40. Spitz – inspired from Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  41. Stewie – after the most mischievous baby of all times.
  42. The Tramp – from the Lady and the Tramp movie.
  43. Tootie – funny name for any horse.
  44. Toto – inspired from The Wizard of Oz.
  45. Urkel – adorable name for a horse.
  46. Verdell – inspired from As Good As It Gets.
  47. Walter – after Walter Lee from A Raisin in the Sun.
  48. Willy – after the famous Willy Wonka.
  49. Winky – from the Best in Show.
  50. Zuri – inspired from Pride.
Looking for some really cute funny horse names for your brand new foal? Check out 100 that we' love!

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I absolutely love Futurama so I’d probably go with one of those names.

Donkey is also a really hilarious name, especially if you have a majestic steed (irony is fun)!

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Funny Horse Names for Females

  1. Anna – after the funniest Frozen princess.
  2. Ariel – just think about the fork scene.
  3. Barbie – after the cutest doll.
  4. Betsy – after the famous Bestsy Wetsy.
  5. Betty – after the funnie Betty Spaghetty.
  6. Bonnie – this is one of the most ironic Family Guy characters.
  7. Candy – inspired after the Candy Land movie.
  8. Chance – from Homeward Bound.
  9. Cruella – I think everyone knows this one!
  10. Daisy – after the funny duck!
  11. Drizella – this is one of Cinderella’s evil sister.
  12. Edna – after Edna Mode from The Incredibles.
  13. Eep – from The Croods.
  14. Elle – after Elle Woods from the Legally Blonde series.
  15. Ellie – this is the funniest Ice Age lady.
  16. Fiona – after Shrek’s wife.
  17. Freckles – cute and funny name for a horse. 
  18. Gloria – this is the adorable hippo in Madagascar.
  19. Fa – this is Mulan’s grandmother.
  20. Harley – she proves that you can be funny and look incredible!
  21. Hermione – after Harry Potter’s favorite lady.
  22. Holly – after Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  23. Jane – after Jane Willoughby. 
  24. Judy – after the adorable rabbit in Zootopia.
  25. Katniss – after the one and only Katniss Everdeen.
  26. Leia – after Futurama’s cutest cyclops.
  27. Lilo – if you have a pair, name them Lilo and Stitch!
  28. Lois – after Family Guy’s favorite mother.
  29. Lollipop – because she is cute like that.
  30. Luna – after Luna Lovegood.
  31. Mavis – after the adorable vampire from Hotel Transylvania.
  32. Meena – this is the talented elephant in Sing.
  33. Meg – if you watched Family Guy then you probably love Meg!
  34. Morticia – after Morticia Addams.
  35. Nutmeg – because she is cute and funny like that.
  36. Peggy – after the famous Peggy Bundy.
  37. Penny – this is a funny character from the Big Bang Theory.
  38. Phoebe – after Phoebe Buffay.
  39. Piggie – this is inspired from the Muppets.
  40. Pink – after the Pink Panther!
  41. Polly – this is inspired by the cute Polly Pocket.
  42. Puffy – from Something About Mary.
  43. Rapunzel – everyone loves her, right?
  44. Roz – after the pink Monster Ink character.
  45. Ruth – this is baby Ruth, the Willoughby’s baby!
  46. Spark – because she is cute like that.
  47. Summer – this is Rick’s sister!
  48. Tinkerbell – after the mischievous fairy.
  49. Vanellope – after Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck It Ralph.
  50. Yzma – this is THE funniest Disney character!

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Looking for some really cute funny horse names for your brand new foal? Check out 100 that we' love!

I really love Holly Go Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Plus, it’s a great name for a sure-footed filly!

Your turn! What are your favorite funny horse names? Share below!

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