70 Sweet & Funny Irish Horse Names For Your New Foal

Looking for some sweet or funny Irish horse names for your new steed?

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We’ve got you covered!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and funny horse names inspired by the Emerald Isle.

Let’s dive in!

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  1. Houdini – perfect funny horse name for a horse with a tendency to disappear.
  2. Anntoin – perfect for your favorite horse because it means priceless.
  3. Guinness – the origin of this dry stout is Ireland. 
  4. Bailey – a popular cream-based liquor in Ireland. 
  5. Dow – suitable if you have a dark-colored horse.
  6. Finbar – it means white hair in Irish.
  7. Raghnall – best name for a strong horse breed like the Shire or Belgian Draft.
  8. Shanley – translates to “ancient”
  9. Patrick – in honor of St.Patrick, the 5th-century missionary born in Ireland. 
  10. Kieran – for a horse that is dark-haired but also stunning.
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  1. Donegal – inspired by the name of a town in Northwest Ireland. 
  2. Niall – a masculine name, which means a “champion.”
  3. Aidan – if your horse is always full of energy, this is the perfect name!
  4. Bailintin – it’s the Irish version of valiant.
  5. Gruagh – a suitable name for a giant horse breed, such as Suffolk Punch.
  6. Maher – meaning generous
  7. Abracham – it’s the Irish version of “Abraham” and it means father of many.
  8. Scanlon – ideal for a horse that always gets into trouble; it means a scandal.
  9. Cashel – named after a remote town located to the south of Ireland.
  10. Grady – this is derived from the Irish word, gráda, which means noble.
  11. Cathal – from two Irish words: cath meaning battle and val meaning rule.
  12. Boynton – town near the Boyne, the 70-mile long river in northeast Ireland.
  13. Cahir – a name that is popular in Ireland; translates to “battle man.”
  14. Carlin – means “little champion, so it’s a perfect racehorse name!
  15. Finley – in reference to a fair-haired hero.
  16. Brody – the Irish translation for “from the muddy place.”
  17. Caomh – it means kind or lovable in Irish.
  18. Owen – it means youth.
  19. Finn – of Irish origin, meaning “fair” or “white”
  20. Galway – named after a sheep breed with long wool
  21. Limmerick– after the often-naughty Irish joke!
  22. Cody – from the word of O’Cuidighthigh, aka the helpful one.
  23. Tyrone – ideal for a male horse, it means “From The Land Of The Yew Tree”
  24. Fergus -means “powerful and manly”, which makes it perfect for a well-built mount.
  25. Aghy – it means a friend of horses

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  1. Aisling -Irish translation for “dream”
  2. Darby – it means “liberty”, great for naming a horse born on the 4th of July.
  3. Celt – as a tribute to one of the first communities that settled in Ireland.
  4. Ita – named after the 6th-century Irish saint. 
  5. Shamrock – it’s a clover-like plant
  6. Daithi – ideal for a male horse, it means swift.
  7. Shandy – this is another kind of drink that is quite common in Ireland.
  8. Cathmore – this translates to the great fighter.
  9. Quinn – derived from the old Irish name Conn, meaning wise.
  10. Sheahan – derived from the Irish word, síocháin, which means peace.
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  1. Flossie McDougal: This Irish name means “cotton floss”
  2. Roisin – means “little rose”; perfect for a miniature horse breed!
  3. Puca – borrowed from the Celtic folklore, where it’s believed to bring both good and bad luck. 
  4. Ailbhe – the name of a female warrior, based on Irish legend. Check more female war horse names!
  5. Erin – the Anglicized version of the word, Eireann, or Ireland.
  6. Aghamore– which means “from the great field”
  7. Forba – appropriate for a territorial horse, it means “owns the fields.”
  8. Muireann – inspired by the mermaid that was transformed into a woman.
  9. Orla – meaning “golden princess” is ideal for a horse that acts gracefully.
  10. Brennan – translates to little raven.
  11. Goldie – it’s the short form for golden, and it means one with golden hair.
  12. Mairead – in Irish, it’s the translation for the name Margaret
  13. Cliodhna – a feminine name meaning “shapely”.
  14. Aine – in honor of the Irish goddess of wealth; the name means radiance. 
  15. Sadhbh – perfect for a mare, it means sweet or goodness.
  16. Shea – the contracted form of “O’Shea”, meaning fortunate. 
  17. Molly – best suited for a mare, and it means “star of the sea.”
  18. Piritta – derived from the Celtics name brig-o, meaning power or strength.
  19. Ailin – this means handsome in Irish.
  20. Keeva – it’s the same as “Caoimhe” in Irish, and it means precious or gentle.
  21. Lorcan – this is a masculine name, translating to “little fierce one.”
  22. Saoirse – particularly popular in the 1920s, and it means freedom. 
  23. Keely – this means something beautiful.
  24. Greannmhar– literally a funny Irish name, as it means “funny”!
  25. Lassie Dearg: Means “red lass” and comes from a story about a horse.

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