Top 100 Gelding Names: Full Guide To Naming Your Horse

Picking the perfect gelding name can be just as fun as those thrilling moments spent in the saddle!

In the delightful world of equestrianism, a name speaks volumes about your horse’s character, history, and spirit.

Imagine strolling into the barn, calling out an enchanting name, and seeing your gelding trot towards you. It’s not just a name — it’s a heartwarming narrative that enhances your bond with your equine friend.

Here is a quick peek at our top 10 favorite gelding names and unique gelding names, each with its unique charm and significance:

1ApolloNamed after the God of the Sun. It represents a radiant personality
2BuddyIdeal for your friendliest gelding companion
3DukeConnotes a sense of nobility and dignity
4FrostPerfect for a white or gray gelding
5MaximusLatin for “greatest”, perfect for a powerful gelding
6PhoenixRepresents renewal, ideal for a rescued or rehabilitated gelding
7RocketSuits a fast and energetic gelding
8SpiritSymbolizes vitality and vivacity
9SundanceSuggests joy and energy. It’s ideal for a lively gelding
10WhisperIdeal for a quiet, gentle gelding

50 Popular Gelding Names

Gelding names often showcase their personality or physical characteristics. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite horse names:

  1. Apollo – God of the Sun and light, symbolizing a radiant personality.
  2. Bear – For a big, strong, and affectionate gelding.
  3. Blizzard – For a white horse or one with a stormy personality.
  4. Bolt – For a fast and energetic gelding.
  5. Breeze – For a laid-back, easy-going gelding.
  6. Buddy – For your friendliest gelding companion.
  7. Chip – Perfect for a friendly, lovable gelding.
  8. Cobalt – Perfect for a horse with a blue-gray coat.
  9. Copper – For a reddish-brown coated gelding.
  10. Duke – Perfect for a noble and dignified gelding.
  11. Echo – For a gelding who has a lasting impact or distinctive voice.
  12. Eclipse – Perfect for a dark-coated gelding or one born during an eclipse.
  13. Frost – Perfect for a white or gray gelding.
  14. Gallant – For a brave and noble gelding.
  15. Hercules – After the legendary hero. Amazing for a strong and courageous gelding.
  16. Hickory – Suits a strong and reliable gelding.
  17. Honey – For a sweet-tempered and lovable gelding.
  18. Jazz – Ideal for a gelding with rhythm and flair.
  19. Jester – Ideal for a playful, mischievous gelding.
  20. Jet – For a fast, sleek, black horse.
  21. Jupiter – After the Roman king of the gods, for a regal gelding.
  22. Kodiak – For a strong, resilient gelding.
  23. Lucky – For a gelding who brings good luck and happiness.
  24. Maverick – For a gelding that is independent and doesn’t follow the herd.
  25. Maximus – Latin for “greatest,” suited for a powerful gelding.
  26. Merlin – After the legendary magician, for a mysterious or magical gelding.
  27. Midnight – Great for a dark-coated or mysterious gelding.
  28. Misty – For a white or gray gelding or one with a gentle and calm demeanor.
  29. Moose – For a large and sturdy gelding.
  30. Noble – For a gelding with a dignified and noble demeanor.
  31. Oak – Represents strength and endurance.
  32. Peanut – For a small, charming, and loveable gelding.
  33. Phoenix – Representing renewal, ideal for a rescued or rehabilitated gelding.
  34. Quicksilver – For a fast and agile gelding.
  35. Ranger – For a gelding who loves to roam.
  36. Raven – For a dark-coated, intelligent gelding.
  37. Rocket – Suits a fast and energetic gelding.
  38. Romeo – For a charming and affectionate gelding.
  39. Rusty – Ideal for a reddish-brown gelding.
  40. Scout – Ideal for a curious, exploratory gelding.
  41. Sequoia – For a tall and majestic gelding.
  42. Shadow – For a gelding with a darker coat or an elusive persona.
  43. Smokey – Perfect for a gray or smoky-colored gelding.
  44. Spirit – Represents vitality and vivacity.
  45. Storm – For a powerful, untamed gelding.
  46. Sundance – Represents joy and energy, ideal for a lively gelding.
  47. Tango – For a gelding with a rhythmic gait or spirited energy.
  48. Voyager – For a gelding that loves long rides and explorations.
  49. Whisper – For a quiet, gentle gelding.
  50. Zephyr – After the Greek god of the west wind, for a fast and free-spirited gelding.

Transitioning from these popular horse names, let’s explore a selection of names that work beautifully for both geldings and stallions.

These names encompass their majesty, strength, and undeniable charm.

Top 50 Gelding and Stallion Names

galloping black horse with sky as the background
  1. Ace – For a horse that outshines others.
  2. Admiral – For a horse with a commanding presence.
  3. Archer – Represents precision and focus.
  4. Atlas – For a strong and steadfast horse.
  5. Avalanche – For a powerful and overwhelming horse.
  6. Bandit – For a horse with a playful or mischievous character.
  7. Bandito – For a horse with a mischievous streak.
  8. Beacon – For a horse that guides or stands out.
  9. Blaze – Suits a horse with a fiery spirit or a facial blaze.
  10. Buck – For a horse with a spirited or lively nature.
  11. Centaur – The mythical half-man, half-horse creature. Great for a horse with a close bond to humans.
  12. Champion – For a top-performing horse.
  13. Comet – For a swift and brilliant gelding or stallion.
  14. Cosmo – For a horse with a dazzling personality.
  15. Czar – Denotes authority and leadership.
  16. Dynamo – For a horse with boundless energy.
  17. Falcon – For a horse that is fast and strong.
  18. Firefly – For a horse with a sparkling or effervescent personality.
  19. Galaxy – For a horse that stands out impressively.
  20. Goliath – Signifies great power and size.
  21. Gryphon – After the mythical creature, symbolizing power and majesty.
  22. Hawk – For a horse with a sharp and keen demeanor.
  23. Hercules – After the Greek demigod, for a horse with great strength.
  24. Knight – For a brave and noble horse.
  25. Legend – Perfect for a horse that leaves a lasting impression.
  26. Lynx – For a horse that is quick and sharp.
  27. Majestic – For a horse that carries itself with great dignity.
  28. Majesty – Exuding grace and royal dignity.
  29. Neptune – Named after the Roman god of the sea, symbolizing depth and mystery.
  30. Orion – Named after a prominent constellation and suits a notable horse.
  31. Panther – For a sleek and powerful horse.
  32. Pegasus – Named after the winged horse from Greek mythology.
  33. Phantom – For a horse with an elusive or mysterious personality.
  34. Rebel – For a horse with a bold, independent streak.
  35. Rider – For a horse that loves being ridden.
  36. Rodeo – For a horse that loves to show off its skills.
  37. Rumble – For a horse that makes a big impression.
  38. Samson – After the Biblical figure known for his strength.
  39. Spartan – Connotes bravery and strength.
  40. Stallion – For a horse that exhibits all the noble qualities of its kind.
  41. Taurus – After the zodiac sign, for a strong and resilient horse.
  42. Thunder – Depicting a strong, commanding presence.
  43. Titan – Reflecting immense power and endurance.
  44. Torrent – For a horse that is unstoppable.
  45. Trojan – After the ancient city known for its strong horses.
  46. Viking – Representing strength and bravery.
  47. Viper – For a horse with a quick and decisive character.
  48. Vortex – For a horse that is mesmerizing and hard to ignore.
  49. Zenith – For a horse that stands above all others.
  50. Zeus – After the king of Greek gods, for a dominant and powerful horse.

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6 Tips for Naming Your Gelding

Naming your gelding can be a delightful opportunity to reflect on your horse’s personality, aspirations, and bond.

Over the years, I’ve named several geldings, each with their unique personality traits and quirks. Below are some tips that will help you name your gelding.

dun horse

1. Observe His Behavior:

My first gelding, a spirited yet gentle creature, got his name, Breeze, from his calm and soothing demeanor. It always felt like a refreshing gust of wind being around him.

2. Get Inspired by Personal Stories or Experiences:

A gelding who has overcome significant health issues could be named Miracle to celebrate his tenacity and willpower.

Similarly, a horse that has traveled many miles with you could be aptly named Journey, reflecting the shared adventures and experiences.

3. Celebrate Your Relationship:

The quote “Love the horse first, and the sport second” shows a sentiment that should guide you as you name your gelding.

Choose a name that resonates with his spirit and celebrates your relationship. Remember, the bond you share with your horse is unique and personal.

4. Consider Physical Characteristics:

Take into account your gelding’s physical characteristics. A horse with a chestnut coat might inspire names like Rusty or Copper.

A horse’s size and stature can inspire names like Giant or Titan. Even a distinctive marking can suggest a name — Blaze suits a gelding with a facial stripe.

5. Honor His Ancestry:

When choosing a name, it’s also important to consider the horse’s breed and heritage.

Traditional horse names can often denote the horse’s lineage and ancestry. For example, an Andalusian horse might suit a name like Estrella, which means star in Spanish.

6. Be Patient:

Many gelding owners find waiting a bit before deciding on a name helpful.

Observing the horse’s behavior, quirks, and character can provide valuable inspiration for a fitting name.

For example, a horse who loves to explore might be called Scout, while a playful, mischievous gelding might suit Jester.

In the end, naming your gelding is about expressing your special relationship with your horse.

So take your time, enjoy the process, and know that whatever name you choose will be the start of a wonderful journey together.

Check out this video if you want to learn more about horse genders:


1. What should I consider when choosing a name for my gelding?

beautiful black paint horse

Consider factors like your interests and your gelding’s personality, physical traits, and breed history. Choose a name that sounds good when called out and is easy for the horse to recognize.

2. Can I change my gelding’s name if he already has one?

Yes, you can, but remember that horses may recognize and respond to their original names, especially if they’ve had them for a while. It might take some time for them to adjust to a new name.

3. Are there any traditions or superstitions about naming horses?

Some equestrians believe it’s bad luck to change a horse’s name, but this is pure superstition. Many famous horses have had their names changed without ill effect.

4. How do I officially register my gelding’s name?

equestrian riding a horse in the outdoor arena

Depending on the breed of your gelding, you’ll need to contact the appropriate breed registry or association. They’ll have specific rules on naming, including name length, uniqueness, and acceptable characters (1).

5. Can I use my gelding’s name on horse shows?

Yes, you can. Many competitors use their horses’ unique names to stand out and showcase their horses’ personalities or lineage.


Finding the right name for your gelding is a journey, an opportunity to express the unique connection between rider and horse.

It’s about embracing tradition, showcasing personality, and narrating a story. It’s the joy of galloping through the fields, whispering a beloved name into the wind.

Each gelding name is a testament to our profound love and respect for these magnificent animals.

So, as a horse lover, are you ready to embark on this rewarding quest to find the perfect name for your gelding?


1. AQHA. Naming Your AQHA Foal – AQHA [Internet]. 2018. Available from:


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