100 Amazing Giant Horse Names for Your XL Filly or Stallion

If you’re looking for giant horse names, this list will definitely help you choose an epic one!

We found ideas inspired by some of the greatest forces and most ginormous places in the galaxy!

There’s plenty each for fillies and stallions.

Let’s go ahead and take a look.

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Giant Horse Names for Females

From gargantuan states to ginormous trees, we’ve turned to the world’s largest things for these ideas!

  1. Alaska – after the largest US state.
  2. Amazonia – referring to the female warriors.
  3. Arctic – for the large frozen plains.
  4. Athena – after the Greek Goddess.
  5. Avalanche – after the most powerful snow event!
  6. Baleen – this is the name of a very big whale.
  7. Baroness – for a giant ruler.
  8. Beastie – because she may just be an adorable beast.
  9. Bertha – referring to “Big Bertha.”
  10. Bestla – a Norse frost giant.
  11. Blue – after the Blue Whale.
  12. Cleopatra – after the famous Egyptian ruler.
  13. Daiki – Japanese for a giant tree.
  14. Denali – this is the biggest North American mountain.
  15. Diana – one of the most famous Amazonian women.
  16. Elektra – this is one of the coolest villains.
  17. Eureka – after a big and awesome idea. 
  18. Fantasia – a very popular Disney movie.
  19. Gerd – this used to be a frost giant.
  20. Grida – Norse name for a peaceful giant.
  21. Helga – this is the name of a giant! 
  22. Hera – after the mother of Gods.
  23. Huntress – For a big and brave hunter.
  24. Jinx – after the best fighter.
  25. Jolly – after the Jolly Green Giant.
  26. Juno – Greek Goddess, Jupiter’s wife.
  27. Justice – for a very strong one.
  28. Kahuna – Hawaiian name meaning “large.”
  29. Katniss – after the famous Hunger Games character.
  30. Koa – this is a huge Hawaiian tree. 
  31. Kouta – Japanese name meaning “giant peace.”
  32. Leia – after one of the strongest princesses.
  33. Liberty – cool name for a giant horse.
  34. Mama – for a very protective and giant horse.
  35. Medusa – after the legend!
  36. Mig – after the Russian air fighter.
  37. Mystique – this is a very sophisticated hero!
  38. Oni – Japanese name meaning “giant.”
  39. Ookii – Japanese for “big.”
  40. Pacifica – after the gigantic Pacific Ocean.
  41. Raven – for a very strong horse.
  42. Sable – after the giant sable antelope.
  43. Sahara – after the massive desert.
  44. Sequoia – this is the largest tree on Earth.
  45. Sheba – after the gigantic Queen of Sheba.  
  46. Skadi – referring to a Norse warrior.
  47. Ursula – after the giant, evil squid.
  48. Vishal – Sanskrit name meaning “giant.”
  49. Vixen – for a big and brave horse.
  50. Xena – after the princess warrior.

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Giant Horse Names for Males

From ancient mythology to favorite literary characters, we found tons of inspiration for giant male horse names!

  1. Albion – after the Greek titan.
  2. Altas – this is the titan who managed to lift the world.
  3. Amazon – after the gigantic river.
  4. Anzo – Germanic name meaning “giant.”
  5. Baloo – after the gigantic and lazy bear.
  6. Bane – after Batman’s enemy. 
  7. Beowulf – after the legendary hero.
  8. Hagrid – after Harry Potter’s giant friend.
  9. Big Ben – this is the giant clock in London.
  10. Boomer – great name for a giant horse.
  11. Bozorg – Persian name meaning “giant.”
  12. Brutus – after the Roman brute.
  13. Buffalo – this is one of the largest animals.
  14. Caesar – after the famous emperor.
  15. Chewie – because Chewbacca was a giant!
  16. Clifford – after the huge red dog.
  17. Dane – great name for a giant horse. 
  18. Da-Xia – Chinese name meaning “big hero.”
  19. Everest – after the world’s tallest mountain.
  20. Giant – this one is pretty straightforward.
  21. Godzilla – after the movie giant.
  22. Groot – everyone knows how big Groot is. 
  23. Gunner – for a very big horse.
  24. Harley – after the huge motorcycle manufacturer.
  25. Hercules – after the legendary demi-God.
  26. Hulk – everyone knows who Hulk is!
  27. Humphrey – this name means “giant peace.”
  28. Jupiter – after the largest planet in our solar system.
  29. Marmaduke  – after the giant Great Dane.
  30. Moby – after the famous whale.
  31. Montaro – this name means “big boy.”
  32. Neptune – after the God of the seas.
  33. Polaris – this is what people call the North Star.
  34. Rambo – after the famous movie character.
  35. Reis – Israeli name meaning “giant.”
  36. Rion – after the mythological giant.
  37. Samson – after the man with titanic strength.
  38. Shamu – after the huge killer whale.
  39. Shrek – everyone’s favorite green ogre!
  40. Snuffy – after the biggest Muppet on Sesame Street.
  41. Spartacus – after the legendary character.
  42. Tank – because he’s huge like that!
  43. The Hound – after the Game of Thrones character.
  44. The Mountain – after the gentle giant in Game of Thrones. 
  45. Thor – the Norse god of thunder!
  46. Titan – after the mythological gods in Greek legend.
  47. Vader – after the mighty Darth Vader!
  48. Whale – for a very big horse.
  49. Yeti – great name for a giant and white horse.
  50. Zeus – after the father of Gods.

It’s hard to choose favorites, as these are all such neat names!

Personally, I really love Bestla from the girl’s list. I find Norse mythology very intriguing.

From the boys lists, I love Thor (for the same reason).

Looking for some amazing giant horse names for your XL filly or stallion? We've got you covered! Check out 100 clever ideas that love!

Your turn! What are your favorite giant horse names? Share below!

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