3 Hilarious Horse Videos of Happy Equines | Watch Now!

Laugh yourself sick with these 3 horse videos featuring hilarious ball-playing antics!

As a seasoned horse parent, I can confidently say that these 3 ball-playing videos are the cream of the crop – you won’t find anything better out there.

From hilarious head-butting to adorable nuzzling, these videos showcase the silly side of these majestic creatures that you won’t want to miss.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, get comfy, and get watchin’!

#1 Horsing Around: Galloping and Rolling Like No Tomorrow

Look at this fellah being the center of attention!

Galloping onto the scene like a four-legged superstar, this horse knows how to make an entrance.

As a horse parent and expert, I learned that this horse has more personality than most people I know – if only it could talk, I bet it would have some hilarious stories to share!

Horses may not have opposable thumbs, but that doesn’t stop them from playing ball like a pro – this one could give Messi a run for his money!

#2 King of The Castle: The Spotted Equine

Move over, Tarzan! This horse is the king of the jungle gym, perched on his very own tree stump throne.

One of the essential aspects of horse care is providing daily exercise says experts at equimed.com [1]:

“Daily exercise is essential for the over-all health of your horse.

With all the talk about plant-based diets these days, it’s no wonder this horse is feeling so at home on his very own organic, locally-sourced tree stump.

#3 Burd the Mustang’s Trail Ride Adventure: A Wild Horse Tamed!

Allow me to introduce you to Burd – a five-year-old Mustang with a wild and free spirit.

I’ve been working with her since the end of the summer, helping her learn to trust humans.

Despite her previous life in the wild, she’s already a pro at trail rides! Witness her remarkable transformation from a wild Mustang to a confident trailblazer – her story is truly inspiring.

Burd’s journey is a testament to the power of patience, love, and trust in forming a solid bond with a horse.

Be sure also to check out our videos featuring a playful horse enjoying with a ball and a lovely mare in action. You won’t want to miss these amazing displays of equine joy and beauty!


1. What is the importance of daily exercise for horses?

Daily exercise is essential for maintaining the overall health of horses. It helps improve their cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and bone density.

2. Can horses play with balls?

Yes, horses can play with balls. Playing with balls is not only fun for horses but also a great way to provide them with mental and physical stimulation [2].


Saw some AWESOME horse videos and can’t stop laughing. You bet, and I couldn’t too!

Horses are not only majestic creatures but also have a silly and playful side that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The three videos showcased in this article demonstrate the fun-loving nature of horses and their ability to play with balls like pros.

Remember to make them exercise as they love it:

a happy stallion


1. Your Horse’s Daily Workout | Equimed – Horse Health Matters [Internet]. EquiMed. 2017. Available from: https://equimed.com/health-centers/fitness-and-conditioning/articles/your-horses-daily-workout

2. Logan AA, Nielsen BD. Training Young Horses: The Science behind the Benefits. Animals. 2021;11:463.

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