16 Best Horse Blanket Name Tags in 2024

Need name tags for horse blankets? Bridle tags for horses? Personalized horse blankets?

02/21/2024 08:57 pm GMT

I’ve scoured the marketplace and found some exciting choices. 

Let’s see if one of these is a perfect addition to your horse blankets.

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Cheap Horse Blankets Tags – Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

16 Best Name Tags for Horse Blankets

1. Hoobynoo Horse Tack ID Watercolor Tag

Horse Tack ID Tag  Personalised Horse Bridle Tag  image 1

This first choice is an adorable, “lightweight aluminum” blanket tag with 37 selectable horse illustrations. But there is still extra room for the name, contact details, and other info. 

So it’s a full-service name tag that lets everyone know what blanket belongs to your horse.

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2. The Queen Of Polos Custom Blanket Name Tags

Custom Horse Blanket Tags image 1

Everyone loves custom name tags with an easy attachment process. These tags use a straightforward clasp mechanism to hook onto the blankets or other meaningful items. 

In addition, they have selectable fonts and threads to make sure your horse stands out from the rest.

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3. Endless Etc Engraving Blanket Name Tag 

BRIDLE 1 or BLANKET TAG Thick Custom Engraved Solid image 1

Nothing beats a blanket tag with an engraved name. This beautiful circular name tag comes in solid brass or silver ($3 extra dollars) to provide even more elegance. 

I also love how you can add lines onto these custom items, such as a home address or owner’s name.

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4. Light Feather Handmade Horse Blanket/Bridle Tag

Horse blanket or bridle tag / equestrian tag name tag barn image 2

Is your horse always on the move from show to show? I don’t see how this excellent custom circular name tag wouldn’t be a perfect fit as a ride-along item.

It’s hard to imagine anything causing the raw brass or aluminum tag to fall off a horse’s blanket.

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5. Lauren Brooke Shop 719 Horse Blanket Tag

Horse Name Tag/Horse Tag/Horse Gifts/Bridle Charm/Horse Bridle image 1

Show your horse some love by giving them a heart-shaped name tag. This love will last a long time as it’s from high-quality aluminum material. 

If needed, adding your phone number onto the name tag only costs a small extra fee.

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6. Lucky Line 100 Pack Plastic Tags

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02/21/2024 08:33 pm GMT

Need to label a large number of blankets? Here are 100 name tags made with durable and water-resistant plastic. All I need is a permanent marker to mark them, and even my horses will never get the wrong blankets again.

7. Brandy Miller 788 Leather ID Horse Blanket Tags

Leather ID Tag image 1

I’ve always thought leather meshed well with a horse’s aesthetic. These tags aren’t any different and fit your horse’s name, along with a phone number. You can even place them on key rings to attach them onto the tail flap or wrap them around a strap. 

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8. Lucky Line 25 Pack Round Label-It Plastic Tags

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02/21/2024 08:57 pm GMT

This 25-pack is another sizable option with multiple colors. Each horse will get a choice of name tags that are blue, lime, lemon, magenta, melon, and lilac. 

It makes matching their name tag to their personality a lot easier. Plus, the item ships and arrives much faster than standard shipping. 

9. Emily Equine Creations Custom 1″ Blanket Tag

Custom 1 Blanket Tag  Emily's Equine Creations image 1

If I was feeling a bit fancy, this engraved tag made from silver will be a suitable choice. It even offers a set of three for an affordable price. 

Honestly, I can’t imagine a bargain buyer not considering these name tags.

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10. Carols Stitchery Blanket or Horse Tack Tags

3 or 4 Lines Horse Blanket Tags Bag Tag Luggage Tag image 6

Need three or four lines on your horse’s blanket tag? These qualifying items offer enough room while providing multiple colors. 

I’ve found their stainless steel material also has proven to be better than the average blanket tag.

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11. Livestock Identification Blank Ear Tags

Ear tags aren’t normally associated with blanket tags. But these 100 tags are made with practical, durable TPU materials that adapt well for our purposes. They’ll attach onto horse blankets without issue and never come off even under extreme duress.

12. Ryder Regalia Blanket Tags for Horses

Horse blanket tags image 1

Blanket tags for horses don’t get much more noticeable than these 6-inch long ones. The vast number of thread and fabric choices don’t hurt, either. Throw in the easy clasping mechanism and it’s a clear worthwhile option that I can’t overlook.

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13. Uniclife 40 Pack Plastic Key Tags 

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Bargain buyers will love this 40-pack option filled with assorted colored name tags. You simply slide a piece of paper into the tags. 

From there, every horse will have their colored blanket tag attached to a personal item.

14.  Turkey Knob Engraving Blanket ID Circle Tag

1 Horse Blanket ID Tag Circle image 1

Circle tags don’t often have both high-quality acrylic designs and beautiful engravings. I’d take advantage of this option as it’s affordable with reasonable shipping speeds. 

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15. Mini Skater 25Pcs Large Plastic Label Tags 

Tie one of these label tags around your horse’s blanket strap for easy organization. There’s even has a large writing area to fit all the information. Equipped with five separate colors to further help keep the collection of blankets organized. 

16. Hoofbeat Designs Personalized Horse Halter Bridle Tag

Personalized Horse Halter Bridle Tag for Horse Tack Horse image 2

Versatility is what makes these raw brass/nickel silver tags stand out. [1] They can serve multiple roles with being usable as blanket, halter, saddle, or bridle name tags. It makes buying several of them very appealing to a person like myself.  

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Name Tags for Horse Blankets FAQs

What is the blanket on a horse called?

The blanket on a horse is called two different terms. The categorization ends up depending on its type as it could be a “turnout or stable” blanket. [2]

How do you label a horse blanket?

You label a horse blanket using a name tag or using “a permanent marker, writing on belly or leg straps.” I’d recommend investing in some quality name tags as it’s a bit more effective and long-lasting than a permanent marker. [3]


I hope these name tags for horse blankets can help solve your issues. Let me know which one was your favorite among all of these options. You can also leave a post below with any leftover questions or concerns.


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leather name tag for horse blankets

What are your favorite name tags for horse blankets? Please let us know in the comments below!

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