Top 10 Horse Boots for Trail Riding (Review Guide)

Last week, a few friends and I decided to go riding, and since it had rained earlier, we decided our horses needed special horse boots for trail riding for comfort and safety.

It made me think about how hard it is to choose the best options, especially for those of you who are newer to riding.

So, I thought, why not share my expertise and give you a hand!

Below are my top picks for the best boots you can buy for trail riding, starting with a quick peek at my absolute favorites!

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Horse Trail Boots Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Best Budget
Weaver Leather Ballistic No-Turn Bell Boots Black, Large
Best Trail Boots for Casual Riders: EasyCare Trail Hoof Boot
EasyCare Trail Original 5
Best Design
EasyCare Easyboot New Trail Hoof Boot Size 2
Best Trek Boots for Rough Terrain - Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot
Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boots, Size 4
Top Benefit
Made with high-quality ballistic material
The boots open completely and have simple closure - for easy on/off
Well-designed hoof boot with easy slip-on facility and secure Velcro
Designed for very rough terrain as they come with shock-absorbers and can prevent abrasion, concussion, and injuries.
Best Budget
Weaver Leather Ballistic No-Turn Bell Boots Black, Large
Top Benefit
Made with high-quality ballistic material
Check Latest Price
Best Trail Boots for Casual Riders: EasyCare Trail Hoof Boot
EasyCare Trail Original 5
Top Benefit
The boots open completely and have simple closure - for easy on/off
Check Latest Price
Best Design
EasyCare Easyboot New Trail Hoof Boot Size 2
Top Benefit
Well-designed hoof boot with easy slip-on facility and secure Velcro
Check Latest Price
Best Trek Boots for Rough Terrain - Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot
Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boots, Size 4
Top Benefit
Designed for very rough terrain as they come with shock-absorbers and can prevent abrasion, concussion, and injuries.
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Horse Boots for Trail Riding – 2022 Top 10 Picks

Now that you know which I like best, let’s find out why they’re so amazing. Keep reading for in-depth reviews of all of my top 10 picks.

1. Cavallo Hoof Boots – Winner!

No products found.

I chose Cavallo hoof boots based on my farrier’s suggestion and I must say that the decision was great. My mare is unshod and these boots protected her hooves beautifully on the trail.

Cavallo is a reputed brand and their website explains the sizing of boots which can make it very easy to select the right pair for your horse. [1] (We have covered how to measure your horse for hoof boots, later in this guide).


  • Provides all-terrain protection
  • Made with genuine leather upper and thermoplastic urethane outsoles
  • Recessed outsole in the center to prevent pressure
Multipurpose leather boots – can be used not only for trail riding but also for trailering, breeding, for horses with laminitis, abscess, or simply as a ‘spare tire’ if your horse loses a shoe.Tend to make a squeaking noise after prolonged use.
No irritation or chafing – very comfortable for horses
Beneficial on all kinds of terrain – rocky, rough, slippery, desert

How they compare

Cavallo hoof leather boots are the best investment you will make – whether you have an unshod horse or if you happen to take your horse frequently on trail rides.

They have an excellent sizing guide and their high-quality materials ensure they last long.

Check out the video below for another perspective:

Important Tips

Please trim your horse first and then measure each hoof. Measure again before ordering. My mare required two different sizes in the front and back. 

No products found.

2. Best Budget: Weaver Leather No-Turn Bell Boots

Weaver Leather No-Turn Bell Boots

Weaver Leather hoof boots are an affordable way of protecting your horse’s hooves on rough and uneven terrain.

They are made with high-quality ballistic material and are also precisely designed to prevent legs from turning.


  • Constructed with 2520 D (denier) nylon ballistic material
  • Feature shock-absorbing neoprene
  • Have a double hook-loop system for snugly attaching them and easy on/off
  • Available in numerous attractive colors
Strong stitching, sturdy Velcro, soft in the front, added cushioningColor may be different than the one you order
Attractive designSize issues – most boots run large

How they compare

Some horse owners used these pairs of boots only for flat riding and not trail riding. The fact that they run larger could mean that the hoof slips inside them.

It is best to order a size smaller than usual. Weaver boots are great for people on a budget but they tend to wear out sooner.

Watch this video to learn more:

Weaver Leather Ballistic No-Turn Bell Boots Black, Large
  • Precisely designed with an anatomical positioning bulb that helps prevent turning
  • 2520D Ballistic nylon material
  • Lined with shock-absorbing neoprene for exceptional protection to the hoof and coronet band
  • Boots protect bulbs on the heel while protecting from overreaching
  • Double-ply hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit

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3. Best Trail Boots for Casual Riders: EasyCare Easy Boot Trail

EasyCare Easyboot Trail

We used these for my daughter’s horse – she is a casual rider and rides no more than a few miles each week.

EasyCare hoof boot’s tread helped maintain stability and her horse was very comfortable in these hoof boots. If you don’t want to spend too much on hoof boots, this is a good choice..


  • Made of industrial-strength Cordura uppers [2]
  • Rear Velcro attachments keep the boots firmly in place
  • The boots open completely and have simple closure – for easy on/off
  • Have a front shield that helps endure wear and tear.
Ideal for horses with lost boots and for casual riding EasyCare trail hoof boots do not have air vents so they could cause sweating and bruising.

How they compare

Price-wise, they are a lot cheaper than our winning entry. Installation of these hoof boots is easy too. However, they do need a break-in period.

Some horses were known to experience some chafing and they may not be great for long-distance trail rides.

Check out this video for more:

EasyCare Trail Original 5
  • Easy Boot
  • Hoof Boot
  • Padded Leather Band
  • Cordura Fabric Exterior
  • Perfect for Casual Rider

4. Best Design: EasyCare Trail Hoof Boot

Easy Care Easyboot Trail Boots

While this one has the same name as the last one (confusing, right?), the design is different, and that’s where it really shines.

Many trail riding hoof boots for horses tend to have too many buckles and straps that make them difficult to install. EasyCare has removed this issue in this trail boot thanks to a wider opening and Velcro attachments. 


  • In addition to a wide opening, these well-designed trail boots for horses have a tough polyurethane sole that offers excellent grip on trails.
  • They also have a front shield to protect the front portion of the hooves that takes the most abuse on trails.
  • EasyCare hoof boots also have a rear strap that is reversible and replaceable.
  • Their aggressive tread pattern provides excellent grip on slippery areas.
Well-designed hoof boot with easy slip-on facility and secure VelcroSome horse owners found these slightly bulky.
Good traction and grip

How they compare

Most users loved the easy on/off design as well as the superior grip of EasyCare Trail boots compared to the pair above.

However, these boots tend to wear down a lot faster and that is an issue if you plan to go long-distance riding.

EasyCare Easyboot New Trail Hoof Boot Size 2
  • Opens wide to get hoof in & fastens with Velcro. No additional buckles or straps.
  • Tough polyurethane sole offers excellent durability and grip on all terrain
  • Front shield protects the area that takes the most abuse
  • Reversible and replaceable rear safety strap
  • Aggressive tread pattern provides serious traction and grip


5. Best Trek Boots for Rough Terrain – Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot

Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot

Cavallo Trek boots are designed for very rough terrain as they come with shock-absorbers and can prevent abrasion, concussion, and injuries.


  • Made with pro-mesh moulded TPU
  • Patented RES Velcro
  • ProMesh honeycomb design reduces weight and bulkiness
Simple to put on and removeThe price is per hoof boot – that makes them fairly expensive
Stay on securely

How they compare

Cavallo is a reliable name in hoof boots in the equine community. This Trek boot is lighter in weight than other hoof boots and also easier to install and remove.

However, the price could be a deterrent for many buyers especially if you want to buy multiple hoof boots. Also, the boots are more suitable for horses with oval-shaped hooves so sizing could be an issue.

Learn more in this video:

Cavallo Horse & Rider Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boots, Size 4
  • Simple to put on and remove, stays securely on hoof
  • Absorbs shock and concussion
  • Built-in drainage
  • Fits left or right hoof, available individually
  • Replaceable RES Velcro closure

6. Best Sports Brushing Boots: WOOF WEAR Sport Brushing Boots

WOOF WEAR Sport Brushing Boots

Woof Wear boots are designed to prevent fetlock joint injuries for horses that ride across different terrains or simply need more support when riding cross country. 


  • Made with neoprene foam
  • Feature breathable vents
  • Protect against impacts
  • Available in various bright colors
Ideal boots that provide adequate air circulation; protection without warmingSize issues.
Easy to install

How they compare

These are not regular hoof boots – more of brushing boots for preventing fetlock injuries. They are ideal for horses with thick or large legs.

The price is affordable and their fun colors are attractive. Compared to other hoof boot entries here, Woof Wear boots are budget-friendly because they come in pairs and not in a single piece.

Check out this video for more details:

Woof Wear Sport Brushing Boots Small Orange
  • 5.5mm hardy neoprene
  • Durable full coverage strike pad
  • Ergonomic design to mold around the leg and fetlock joint
  • Perfect for all disciplines
  • Long-lasting stitching and workmanship

7. Best Set of Trail Boots for Horses – Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set

Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set

Tough-1 set of hoof boots is easy to clean and fit well. The brand recently changed the design of these sport boots so buyers can expect them to be a lot better than the previous offering.


  • Easy-to-clean, perforated and breathable neoprene
  • Quick-grip closures
  • Available in 8 attractive colors
Lightweight, less bulky Several issues with Velcro straps reported
Fit well due to contoured designDifficult to clean.

How they compare

These are well-made boots and Tough-1 is a reliable brand. However, the boots have several sizing issues.

For most users, the Velcro did not hold up and the boots kept slipping. Also, weeds, hair, dirt, and stickers stick to the fabric so they could be difficult to clean.

Check this video for another perspective:

Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set, Black, Large
  • Form fitting Extreme Vented Sport Boots with an even closer contour fit
  • Air-flow perforated neoprene to allow the leg to breathe by releasing heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Three strong "quick grip" closures make these boots easy to put on correctly every time
  • Fits like a second skin to protect your equine athlete while keeping dirt out

8. Best Splint Boot: PetTx Lightweight Neoprene Vented Sport Exercise Boots

PetTx Lightweight Neoprene Vented Sport Exercise Boots: Horse Equine Breathable Medicine Boot Supports and Protects Legs, Pack of 2

PetTx splint boots are made with lightweight, breathable, and easy-to-clean neoprene.

These are not your regular hoof boots but they are splints that are ideal for sports, exercise, and trail. Protect your horse from cuts, bruises, and dirt with these exercise boots for horses.


  • Perforated with air vents for breathability and sweat-free comfort
  • Available in 2 sizes – small and medium. Ideal for horses between 13 to 15 hh.
  • Rubber grips and conforms to the fetlock joint and protects tendons and ligaments.
  • Velcro closures provided
PetTx Lightweight Neoprene
SturdyNeed more size options for larger/draft horses
Easy to wash

How they compare

These high-quality splint sports boots come well-packaged in a case with a zipper. They fit most small horse breeds and can protect them on pleasure rides, trails, or at work. The price is also attractive.

PetTx Lightweight Neoprene Vented Sport Exercise Boots: Horse Equine Breathable Medicine Boot Supports and Protects Legs, Black, Pack of 2, Medium
  • VENTED FOR COMFORT: Each splint boot has perforated vented air holes with wicking fibers in the filling allowing air to circulate to draw away sweat and moisture with anti-rub protection
  • STRONG NEOPRENE: Flexible durable made from synthetic rubber to conform to the fetlock and support to crucial ligaments, built for natural movement to withstand a daily workload out on the farm, in the arena, or out for a pleasure ride
  • LEG PROTECTION: 4 strong velcro straps that secures the horses lower leg of both front and rear keeping out dirt and debris to protect from typical cuts, bruises, scrapes, pain, discomfort, or any soreness
  • EASY CARE: Wash with soap and water either by hand or in a washing machine
  • DIMENSIONS: 15 - 15.3 Hands

9. Best Fetlock Protective Splint Boots- Classic Equine Flexion Splint Boots

Fetlock injuries can be debilitating to horses and as a horse owner, you must ensure protecting your horses from these. [3]

The Classic Equine Flexion Splint boots use special technology that protects against abrasion and impacts. The best part is that they do so without affecting its natural movement.


  • Splint boots with advanced technology
  • Three color options
  • Comes in small, medium and large
Comfortable function splint bootsNeed more sizing options.
Great for trail riding, races, and show horses

How they compare

These are great splint boots slightly over 100 bucks. They do the job well and have protected many horses from flexion cradle joint injuries.

Check out this video for more:

Classic Equine Flexion by Legacy2 Front Support Boots
  • Flexion technology provides individual abrasive resistant cells on the Fetlock Cradle System with impact and wear protection never before seen in the equine leg protection space
  • Each Flexion cell can move and stretch individually, creating a flush, secure fit when wrapping the cradle around the horse’s leg
  • Same Legacy2 design provides suspensory support without inhibiting movement, reinforcing the horse’s natural motion while protecting the critical structures of the leg using nature’s design

10. Best Barrier Trail Hoof Boot: Davis Barrier Horse Hoof Boot

Davis Barrier Boot Hoof Protection Trail Boot Rubber Black Horse Equine (#2)

Davis brand is well-known among equestrians and it has been around for a while now. You can use it as a replacement for a lost shoe or for protection when your horse walks on snow, rocks, slippery gravel, etc.


  • Tough durable PVC
  • Comes with secure pull-on application
  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Available in one size only – 5 ¼ x 5 ½ (W x L)
Useful for trail riding, mountain climbing, parades, etc.Needs more sizes.

How they compare

Davis is a brand you can trust. However, the lack of size availability is restrictive.

Learn more in this video:

Davis Barrier Boot Hoof Protection Trail Boot Rubber Black Horse Equine (#2)
  • Davis Barrier Booot
  • Hoof Protection
  • Rubber
  • 5 1/4" Wide
  • 5 1/2' Long

How to Pick Trail Boots for Horses

As promised, let’s go over everything you need to know to pick just the right boots for your horse’s needs.

1. Measure Your Horse’s Hooves

  • Make sure you measure after a relatively fresh trim.
  • Use a standard ruler or a tape.
  • Measure the longest part of the hoof from tip to the end of the buttress line. Do not include the bulbs in the measurement. Just include the length of the weight bearing wall.
  • Measure across the width too.
  • Most brands also provide the steps for sizing- so follow those.
  • Once you note your measurements, compare them with the size chart provided and choose the correct size. [4]
  • Many horses need smaller sized boots on the front hooves and one size larger on the hind limbs. So measure each hoof that you wish to buy the hoof boot for.

2. Select the Material

Hoof boots for trail riding come in different materials like vented neoprene, PVC, leather, rubber, etc.

Select the material based on the use. For heavy trail riding with several miles, opt for higher-end boots made of leather or sturdy PVC.

Since most trails have rough terrain, always select high-quality boots that can withstand dirt, moisture, and muddy conditions. Avoid boots made of sheepskin or fabric if you ride in wet terrain.

3. Choose the Style

Some hoof boots for trail rides are short and bell-shaped.

However, you can also go in for splint boots that protect the upper legs, fetlock, all the way to the knees. It all depends on the kind of protection you are seeking.

Check out this quick video of the best ice boots for horses.


Do all horses need hoof boots?

a horse with trail riding boots

If a horse has lost its shoe, then it definitely needs a hoof boot. This can act as a spare tire until you get your barefoot horse shod. The hoof boot can help maintain balance. 
Also, on trails with rough terrain, rocks, sharp stones, etc. Hoof boots protect against puncture wounds and cuts and also prevent your horse from slipping under slippery conditions by providing more traction.

How long can horses wear hoof boots?

High-quality hoof boots can last for up to 1-2 years, even longer. Just make sure you check the hoof from time to time.

Final Recommendations

No products found.

Horse boots for trail riding can prevent injuries and bruises to hooves. They keep your horse comfortable on rough terrain and provide it with greater traction as well.

We recommend Cavallo leather hoof boots as they are made with high-quality materials and are multi-purpose as well. Cavallo is also a well-known brand for equestrian products.

Do check out our other recommendations too.

No products found.


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  • 2. CORDURA® | Leisurewear, Activewear and Workwear. Published 2020. Accessed December 3, 2021.
  • 3. Brokken MT. Disorders of the Fetlock and Pastern in Horses. Merck Veterinary Manual. Published April 11, 2019. Accessed December 3, 2021.,-joint,-and-muscle-disorders-in-horses/disorders-of-the-fetlock-and-pastern-in-horses
  • 4. How to Select Hoof Boots for Riding | Dover Saddlery. Published 2021. Accessed December 3, 2021.
couple riding horses wearing Horse Boots for Trail Riding

What are your favorite horse boots for trail riding? Let us know in the comments below!

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