Top 10 Cooling Blankets for Horses (Complete Buying Guide)

Our vet suggested the use of a horse cooling sheet for our horse, Tucker, to help wick sweat, keep it dry, and prevent fungal issues post riding.

We exercised him a couple of times each week and it wasn’t a good thing if he cooled off too rapidly – especially in winters.

Horse cooling sheets help regulate the horse’s body temperature and keep it comfortably dry. 

In this guide, I have the 10 best horse cooling sheets with honest reviews so you can make an informed decision while buying.

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Horse Cooler Sheets Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet, Purple, Large
Best Budget
TuffRider Cooler Sheet
Best Neck Cover Cooler Sheet
Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler Combo Neck Sheet Navy/Silver/Red 75"
Best Lightweight
Horseware Amigo Mio Fleece Cooler
Best Premium
Weaver Leather CoolAid Equine Cooling Blanket
Versatile - use for layering or cooling horses in winters post sweaty riding.
Anti-pilling therefore easy to clean
Being lightweight, most horses take well to it
Fabric stays 30% cooler than the horse’s body temperature
Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet, Purple, Large
Versatile - use for layering or cooling horses in winters post sweaty riding.
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Best Budget
TuffRider Cooler Sheet
Product Name
Anti-pilling therefore easy to clean
Check Latest Price
Best Neck Cover Cooler Sheet
Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler Combo Neck Sheet Navy/Silver/Red 75"
Check Latest Price
Best Lightweight
Horseware Amigo Mio Fleece Cooler
Being lightweight, most horses take well to it
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Best Premium
Weaver Leather CoolAid Equine Cooling Blanket
Fabric stays 30% cooler than the horse’s body temperature
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10 Best Horse Cooling Sheets Reviews – 2022 Top Picks

From affordable options to luxurious splurges, I’ve rounded up the best of the best for you below. Let’s jump in, starting with my favorite of all!

1. Winner: Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet

My horse Tucker loved this Tough-1 fleece liner sheet. He did not attempt to remove it and it fit him snugly as well. I loved the fact that his skin felt dry under the sheet.

Its excellent material regulated my horse’s temperature, wicked away sweat, and also prevented it from getting too chilly.


  • Available in several attractive colors and multiple sizes (68′ to 70’)
  • Features several buckles and surcingle to snugly wrap around your horse
  • Made with soft, wool-like fleece. 
  • Can be used all year-round. Great as a warmer and cooler.
Tail tie and front buckle helps enhance the fitSome horses ripped off the blanket or the straps
Attractive colors
Soft, polar fleece material is easy to wash
Versatile – use for layering or cooling horses in winters post sweaty riding.

How it compares

Most users, myself included, loved the Tough-1 polar fleece cooler sheet. It is easy to clean, available in attractive colors, and is ideal to use when keeping a sweaty horse in the stables.

You can also use it all year round – spring, summer, and in winters for layering. On the downside, the sizing could run a little big for most horses. Price-wise, this is a great buy in the $50 to $100 range.

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet, Purple, Large
  • Adjustable bucket front
  • Warm as wool without added fabric
  • Great for warmth or as a cooler/liner

2. Best Budget: TuffRider Cooler Sheet

CO-Z Topnotch Weatherproof Indoor Outdoor Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch Cat Shelter Guinea Pig House

I use this cooling sheet for my stabled horse after bathing. It stays on well and wicks moisture. It is also easy to clean. The anti-pilling material makes it very attractive!


  • Anti-pill technical polyester fleece sheet
  • Easy to take on/off
  • Plastic closures
  • Available in 2 colors and several sizes.
Anti-pilling therefore easy to clean – but not exactly machine-washableThe plastic closures break easily.

How it compares

A few users received different colors than the ones seen on the monitor. The buckles tend to break off easily so it isn’t recommended to machine wash the sheet.

Leaves and debris stick to it so you need to brush the sheet. Best suited for stabled horses. Price-wise, this sheet is budget-friendly and affordable.

TuffRider Cooler Sheet
  • Technical fabric | Anti-Pill Polyester Fleece
  • New Twin Thermal Plastic Clozease Closures - Easy On, Easy Off
  • Hi Wicking Action
  • Low Cross Surcingles with Clozease
  • Standard Neck

3. Best Neck Cover Cooler Sheet- WeatherBeeta Cooler + Neck Cover Combo 

Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler Combo Neck Sheet

Most horses need a neck cover in addition to the cooling sheet. WeatherBeeta’s combo cooler and neck sheet are perfect for traveling and can even be used as a layer on very cold days.


  • Nylon lining
  • 100% polyester fleece
  • Several surcingle, buckles, and loops to secure it in place
  • Has a tail cord
  • Three colors/patterns and several sizes available.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
Stays on wellHigher price.
Versatile sheet – use for travel, post bathing, or workout
Neck cover which most coolers do not have

How it compares

Compared to other cooling blankets for horses, WeatherBeeta horse cooling sheets come with a neck wrap. Price-wise, they are on the higher side.

However, the sheet is lightweight, available in attractive colors, and multiple sizes. They are also versatile for use after clinic, travel, post-bathing, and workout.

Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler Combo Neck Sheet Navy/Silver/Red 75"
  • Lightweight: This warm and versatile synthetic fleece sheet is excellent for travelling, cooling, or as an under sheet
  • Breathable: Sweat-wicking material allows your horse to quickly cool off extra body heat
  • Anti-Pill: This sheet helps to prevent pilling/bobbling to offer a sleek, elegant finish
  • Anti-Rub: Comes with nylon overlay at the shoulders to help prevent stretching and rubbing
  • Adjustable: Fully equipped with low cross surcingles, twin chest straps, and a tail cord

4. Best Lightweight: Horseware Amigo Mio Fleece Cooler

Horseware Amigo Mio Fleece Cooler

My friend has been using this fleece cooling sheet for several years. She loves it and thinks it has done its job well. Being lightweight, most horses take well to it.


  • Nickel-plated hardware
  • Velcro closures
  • Made with light-weight anti-pill fleece
  • Detachable surcingles
  • Corded tail strap
LightweightLack of color and size choices on top retail sites.
Eay to clean

How they compare

This is a mid-range, affordable cooling sheet. It is well-made and lasts long. However, the lack of size and color choices can be limiting.

Horseware Amigo Mio Fleece Cooler
  • Lightweight cooler with classic cut
  • Single front velcro closure
  • Detachable surcingles and fillet string
  • Lightweight anti-pill fleece.
  • 5’6 - 7’0 (115cm -160cm)

5. Best Premium: Weaver Leather CoolAid Equine Cooling Blanket

Weaver Leather CoolAid Equine Cooling Blanket

As with everything else – when it comes to equine products, you often get what you pay for. Weaver Leather CoolAid cooling blanket might cost more, but it is totally worth it.


  • Chemical-free cooling blanket
  • Made with award-winning CoolCore material
  • Cooling and drying ability lasts throughout the lifetime of the sheet
  • 100% machine washable
Suitable for post-bath use as well as after sweaty winter ridesPricey
Removable belly-straps and leg-straps for washing
The fabric stays 30% cooler than the horse’s body temperature

How it compares

This is a premium cooling sheet and you won’t regret spending the money. It is lightweight, washable, and the cooling ability is dependable as well. Your horse will thank you for it!

Weaver Leather CoolAid Equine Cooling Blanket
  • Great for cooling down your equine athlete after exercise, competitions, hauling or on hot summer days
  • Removable belly and leg straps for easy washing
  • Chemical-free cooling performance never washes away

6. Best FlySheet + Cooler: HORZE – Horse Durafit Fly Sheet, Stay Cool, Protect Against Insects, Great for Summer & Spring 

HORZE - Horse Durafit Fly Sheet, Stay Cool

I love HORZE products and they are dependable, long-lasting, and efficient. This flysheet and cooler from HORZE is ideal for the spring and summer months.

It will protect your horse against bugs and flies while also keeping it cool and dry underneath.


  • Made with expandable and durable polyester material
  • For hot summer/spring days
  • Comes with leg, tail and cross-belly straps for adequate coverage and tightening
Shoulder gussets are expandable and allow free movement.Some horses tore up the lightweight sheet.
Cools and protects against bugs and flies.A few sizing issues were reported. There isn’t much choice in sizes and colors

How they compare

HORZE products are reliable and you can trust them to do what they are supposed to do. Priced under $50. The lack of sizes and colors is a drawback.

HORZE - Horse Durafit Fly Sheet, Stay Cool, Protect Agaisnt Insects, Great for Summer & Spring (81")
  • PROTECT - Protect your horse agaisnt excessive heat, insect bites, bugs and more! Excellent for hotter days when you need to keep your horse comfortable without overheating them.
  • COOLING - The white color is excellent for reflecting extra heat, keeping your horse cool and dry throughout the spring and summer seasons. Stay warm at night and cool throughout the day.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS - Equipped with frontal, legs, belly, and tail buckle straps for optimal fastening security and coverage.
  • SHOULDER GUSSET - Expandable material allows for great freedom of movement and for much needed air circulation throughout the body.
  • POLYESTER - This breezy mesh sheet is made of durable polyester netting and provides a barrier against annoying insect

7. Best Horse Cooling Sheet with UV Protection: Interlock Mesh Horse Combo Fly Sheet and Attached Neck Cover

Interlock Mesh Horse Combo Fly Sheet

This horse fly sheet does it all! It comes with a neck cover to protect your horse’s neck, guards against flies and bugs, and also provides superior UV protection to your horse.


  • Comfortable and soft polyester in 300 D thread count
  • Interwoven mesh with Lycra material keeps the sheet stretchy
  • Prevents bugs 
  • Suitable for mild summers, spring, and winters
  • Euro fit with neck cover
  • Has several buckles, belly band, and hook and loop closures
  • Available in 10 sizes in 2-inch increments
Lightweight and breathable Could get slightly hot and heavy for very hot climates. 
80% UV protection
Can be used all-year-round

How it compares

Interlock Mesh horse flysheet is not exactly a cooling sheet – more of a fly sheet that is ideal for mild summers. It could end up being too warm for some areas.

However, if you want UV and fly protection, this sheet is sure to provide much-needed relief to your horse.

Interlock Mesh Horse Combo Fly Sheet and Attached Neck Cover | Breathable Comfort Includes UV Ray Protection | Bellyband Closure | Maximum Body Protection | for Equines Sized 84"
  • HORSE SIZED 84 INCHES – Traditional Euro Contour Fit with attached neck has a bellyband closure for a snug and secure fit
  • INSECT BITE INSURANCE – Keep biting flies and midges from harming and constantly annoying your equine friend as the sheet covers those itchy areas
  • BEST SUN PROTECTION – Comfortable and soft opaque 300D polyester interlocking mesh prevents 80% of harmful sun rays lessening exposure damage
  • STAY COOL IN THE HEAT – The interlock mesh allows for better airflow along with excellent insect protection
  • LIGHT PLAY DURABILITY – Interwoven for strength and durability, the mesh sheet combo also includes an integrated neck cover attached with heavy lycra stretchy enough to put their head down while grazing

8. Best Durable TurnOut Sheet: Dura-Tech RipStop Mesh Horse Fly Sheet

Dura-Tech Ripstop Nylon Mesh Horse Fly Sheet

Bugs and UV rays can harm your horse during turnout. But with the durable turnout sheet from Dura-Tech, you get ripstop material that prevents the sheet from tearing or ripping.


  • Soft, durable ripstop nylon mesh 
  • 65% UV protection
  • Belly band, buckle, and loop closure
  • Euro-fit with fleece at the wither
  • Insect protection
Multipurpose sheet for turnout Higher price over $100
Cool for all-year-round use, does not overheat in warm weatherSizing issues
Cleans well and dries quickly
Lining protects against chafing
Non-clingy sheet

How it compares

Dura Tech sheet is a great fly sheet for turnout. It is lined around the chest which prevents rubbing. The sheet is lightweight and the mesh allows good airflow. The price is on the higher side compared to other sheets.

Dura-Tech Ripstop Nylon Mesh Horse Fly Sheet | White/Lime - Size 74 | Stay Cool in The Sun | Bellyband Closure | Double Front Buckle Chest Design | Ideal for Turnout
  • WHITE/LIME, SIZE 74 – Great airflow helps to stay cool during warm days keeping your horse comfortable with this soft, lightweight and shiny reflective nylon mesh and not overheat
  • PROTECT YOUR FRIEND – The excellent 65% UV protection will help ensure your equine friend does not get sunburned while being turned out for the day to have their fun
  • SHOO FLY – Keep pesky flies, gnats and other annoying insects from bothering your horse allowing them to avoid getting bit
  • BELLY BAND CLOSURE - Provides greater protection from flies and midges biting along the sensitive underbelly-line
  • SNUG CHEST - Double-Buckle front with Hook & Loop Closure allows you to adjust to the perfect amount of snugness at the front of the chest

9. Best Evaporative Blanket: HyperKewl Evaporative Horse Blanket

HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Horse Blanket

This cooling blanket will keep your horse cool and comfortable on those 100+ temperature days.

It works a bit differently than other cooling sheets: you spray or soak it in water and as the water evaporates, your horse remains cool and dry under the sheet.


  • No harmful chemicals or gels
  • Cools for 5-10 hours per soak
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors
Ideal for hot summer days.Very small size.

How it compares

Compared to other cooling blankets, this sheet needs you to work hard. You have to remember to spray it with water after every 5 hours.

Also, the sheet gets heavy once it is soaked in water and it becomes difficult to place it on the horse. However, it is a good cooling sheet for those hot days.

HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Horse Blanket, Large, Blue
  • Cools for 5-10 Hours Per Soak
  • Multiple Sizes to fit all ages and breeds
  • HyperKewl DOES NOT use any toxic chemicals, harmful ice or slimy gel crystals
  • Country Of Origin: China

10. Best Exercise Cooler Blanket: Challenger Horse Wear Polar Fleece Cooler Exercise Blanket 

Challenger Horsewear 78

This affordable post-exercise cooling blanket from Challenger is perfect to use after exercise to regulate your horse’s body temperature, prevent rapid cooling, and also for layering under a thicker blanket in cold weather.


  • Has a Zebra pattern with a turquoise trim
  • Moisture wicking
Can be used all-year-roundNo choices in size and pattern/colors

How it compares

Challenger sheet is an affordable cooling or layering sheet for under $50. It is perfect for layering and also for summertime use to keep horses dry.

Challenger Horsewear 78" Horse Sheet Polar Fleece Cooler Exercise Blanket Wick Zebra 4340
  • 78 inches
  • Zebra Turquoise Trim
  • Wicks away your horse sweat/moisture after riding and keeps your horse dry.
  • Perfect for Summer Spring Season
  • Great for use under the blanket for added warmth.

What to Consider Before Buying Cooler Sheets for Horses?

Here are some factors to consider before using a horse cooling sheet or blanket:

1. Does Your Horse Need a Cooling Blanket?

a horse with one of the best blankets on it

Not all horses need a cooling blanket. A cooling blanket is needed if you exercise your horse in winters and it sweats heavily.

To prevent rapid cooling (which can cause chills and shivers), a cooling blanket can come in handy. [1]

Horse cooler sheets also wick away moisture rapidly to the surface from where the moisture gets evaporated. This keeps your horses dry and cool at the same time.

You can also use a horse cooling sheet if you bathe your horse and want it to dry off quickly.

(While you can always towel dry your horse, a horse cooling sheet does the job more effectively and is definitely worth it if you own several horses).

Learn more on this horse blanketing guide.

2. Types of Horse Cooling Blankets

Horse coolers come in different types:

A) Neck and Cooling Sheet Combination Blanket

This type of blanket comes with a neck protector and that can be handy when you want more coverage.

B) Fly Sheet

Some coolers also repel bugs, gnats, chiggers, flies, and mosquitoes thanks to their special material, mesh lining, and other features. Look for such fly sheets for horses if you live in an area that has these bugs.

C) Evaporative Blankets

This type of horse cooler needs you to work hard. You have to keep soaking the blanket and keeping it saturated with water.

The moisture evaporates and cools the horse down in very hot temperatures. Select this kind if you live in a very hot region.

D) Gel/chemical Treated Coolers

Some horse cooling blankets are treated with special chemicals or gels which provide the cooling effect.

However, the problem with these is that the chemical tends to wear off and the cooling effect tends to reduce if that happens.

3. Ease of Use/Features

two brown horses wearing horse blanket

The most important consideration to make while selecting a horse cooling blanket is the ease of using it and the features it has.

  • Tail flap – make sure the cooler has a tail flap to protect your horse’s tail.
  • Straps and buckles – The blanket should come with adequate buckles, Velcro straps, or surcingle to secure it around the belly and shoulders. If needed, it should come with nylon or elastic shoulder and leg straps to prevent shifting.
  • Gussets – look for a sheet with shoulder gussets that allow your horse to move freely.
  • Type of closures – there are different kinds of closures in horse cooling blankets – front, quick-clip closure, etc. Look for the type that you are comfortable using.

4. Fit

To ensure proper fit and sizing, measure your horse properly. Use the following steps when measuring:

  • Stand your horse straight.
  • Seek help from a buddy when measuring. Use fabric tape.
  • Start from the center of the horse’s chest and measure across its widest part of the barrel to the widest part of the rump before its tail. If you get an in-between size, select the higher size in the blanket.

For a perfect fit:

  • The top of the front closure should line perfectly the horse’s shoulders and neckline should lay smoothly without pulling.
  • The cooling sheet should not be too tight- you should be able to slip a hand between the sheet and the withers.
  • Lengthwise, the sheet should cover the barrel of the horse entirely.

5. Materials

Horse cooling sheets come in a variety of materials and this naturally decides its features.

For example, sheets made of polar fleece will be warmer while those made with nylon or polyester will be cooler, water-resistant, and also more durable.

These days, you also get coolers made of cotton, mesh, acrylic, microfiber, and high-tech materials like DuraTech. They all have different properties like bug-repellent, UV protection, etc. and their cost also varies.


What does a cooling sheet do for horses?

a horse in a ground with cooling sheet on it

Cooling sheets regulate a horse’s body temperature. They also wick away moisture from the horse’s skin and bring it to the surface for faster evaporation. This cools the horse down without chilling it. It is ideal to use on horses after a sweaty workout in cold weather or in summers to prevent sweating.

Can you leave a cooler on a horse overnight?

a horse with cooling sheet on it

On hot days, you can leave a cooler on the horse overnight. Also, if you ride later in the day, then you can use a cooling sheet on the horse overnight to prevent sweating and avoid chilling the horse rapidly.

How long should you leave a cooler on the horse?

You can leave the cooler on the horse for a few hours. If you ride later in the evening, then you can also leave it on overnight.

Final Recommendations

Horse cooling sheets or horse cooling blankets are must-have horse accessories if you ride in winters.

They help regulate your horse’s body temperature and prevent it from cooling too rapidly. In summers, they help wick away sweat and moisture and keep your horse cool and dry. [2, 3]

We recommend the Tough-1 fleece cooling sheet which is versatile, durable, and useful all year round. It cools horses, prevents sweating, and can also be used for layering in harsh winters. There are multiple sizes and colors available in it as well.

Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner/Sheet, Purple, Large
  • Adjustable bucket front
  • Warm as wool without added fabric
  • Great for warmth or as a cooler/liner

Do check out our other recommendations too.


  • 1. Why Do Some Horses Wear Blankets? Even in the Summer? Horse Racing Sense. Published April 30, 2021. Accessed November 29, 2021.
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horse wearing a horse cooling sheet to keep her warm

What is your favorite horse cooling sheet? Let us know in the comments below!

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