Moe’s Dive: An Equine Adventure and Heroic Rescue

In a surprising turn of events in Pasco County, Florida, a horse found itself in a precarious position within the confines of a swimming pool.

The entire neighborhood came together to rescue the distressed animal in a stunning show of camaraderie and quick thinking.

Cindy Buckel, the owner of the horse named Moe, describes him as a creature of tranquillity, a picture of calmness and sweetness.

“Upon my return each day, I embrace him warmly, his head resting gently on my shoulder,” she recalled, evoking an image of the deep bond she shares with Moe.

An unexpected twist occurred on a sunny Tuesday afternoon when Moe took a leap of faith into an above-ground pool in the Buckel’s backyard.

Cindy and her husband were attending to their yard work, having shifted their horses, Moe and Huey, to another area within sight.

But their peaceful afternoon took a dramatic turn as they discovered Moe in an unlikely place – the pool.

“I turned around for a mere moment, only to find Huey cornering Moe near our pool,” Cindy elaborated. “

And then, in what seemed like an Olympic-worthy dive, there was Moe, standing in the pool.”

Despite the surprise, Cindy recounted how Moe swam gracefully, making it a sight to behold despite the ensuing concerns.

She wasted no time, leaping into the pool herself to comfort Moe and ensure his safety until further help could arrive.

Cindy and her husband contacted their vet and the Pasco County Fire Rescue, respectively, to devise a rescue plan for their beloved horse.

With Cindy keeping Moe calm in the pool, a neighbor arrived with his tractor.

The fire rescue team, equipped with specialized animal rescue gear and harnesses, joined them to aid the operation.

A testament to the spirit of community and swift action, they efficiently orchestrated the rescue mission.

“He brought his tractor while the firemen, one of them even joining me in the pool, prepared for the rescue,” Cindy said.

Moe was lifted out of the water carefully, ensuring he was brought back onto the ground without any injuries.

Throughout her years of experience with horses, Cindy expressed that she had never witnessed an event like this.

Yet, in the face of the unexpected, the Buckels and their community rose to the challenge, proving that in times of crisis, unity, and quick thinking could overcome even the most unforeseen obstacles.

Reflecting on the rescue operation, Cindy praised the efforts of everyone involved.

They handled Moe with incredible care, lifting him out of the pool gently and setting him down with equal caution,” she said, gratefully.

Now safe and sound, Moe is in high spirits, seemingly undeterred by his adventurous leap.

“Moe’s resilience is astounding,” Cindy expressed, “and this incident just adds another feather in our cap of equine experiences, introducing us to water rescue!”

This tale of neighborhood heroism and a horse’s adventurous leap serves as a heartening reminder of the strength of community and the bonds we share with our animals, sometimes leading us into unexpected situations and inspiring acts of rescue.

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Emily Donoho
Emily Donoho

Emily is a native of Colorado, currently living in Glasgow, Scotland, working as a freelance writer. She is a long-time horsewoman, having started riding at the age of 6, then competing in dressage around Colorado and Massachusetts, where she finished her undergraduate degree in psychology.

Following a move to the UK and a PhD, she worked for a few years as a freelance horse trainer in Central Scotland. She’s interested in holistic horsemanship, fostering better communication and understanding between horses and humans, riding with lightness and softness, and she’s forever seeking out the newest research into equine behavior and psychology. When not writing, she can be found at the barn with her two equine partners, Foinavon, an ex-feral Highland pony, and Hermosa, a young Andalusian.
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