35 Pretty Halloween Costumes for Your Horses to Try

Holidays are a great time to have some fun with your horse and friends especially if it’s Halloween. 

If you are looking for horse Halloween costume ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve put together some of my favorite horse outfits, horse costume ideas, Halloween costumes for horses, some of which are really easy to put together with a little creative thinking.

35 Halloween Horse Costumes

Take a look at the 35 Halloween horse costumes I’ve curated for you. Some are really easy, some need artistic flair, and some require a tolerant horse and lots of patience on your part. There is something for everyone here!

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#1 Harry Potter Horse Costume

Even though the Harry Potter books and movies have long finished they remain extremely popular. These can make a super cute Halloween costume and it is one of my favorite ideas, being a Harry Potter fan myself.

First, you need to decide which Hogwarts house you and your horse will represent so you know which colors to use on your witch or wizard cloak. Then you’ll need matching ties for you and your hose. 

A little makeup, such as lipstick can create your scars, and shaping some black wire will cheaply and easily make your round glasses. That is if you are going has Harry.

Another, though more complicated idea is to dress up as one of the main characters and to dress your horse up as Buckbeak the Hippogriff. Check the video below for inspiration.

#2 Unicorn Horse Costume

unicorn horse costume

Dressing your horse up as a unicorn is a super idea for kids that have a white pony. You can even buy unicorn horns that are designed to fit horses.

A little pastel rainbow paint can color the pony’s mane and tail, just make sure it is safe to use on your equine friend.

#3 Prisoner

This horse costume is pretty simple but might require a bit of sewing if you can’t find a ready-made inmate costume for horses. You could play with this idea in a couple of ways.

You and your horse can be prisoners. Or you can be a police officer while your horse is the prisoner, or even funnier the other way around.

#4 Pumpkin Horse

Even thinking about this horse Halloween costume makes me smile. It is just adorable. It will need a little sewing but the result is well worth it. I suggest using a comforter covered in an orange duvet cover.

Stitch in the ridges of the pumpkin and use black fabric to make the face. The rider can dress in green to make the stem.

#5 Headless Horseman

If you want something on the creepier side using this character from the classic story Ichabod Crane is perfect.

This is also a great idea for horses that don’t love wearing all kinds of extra ‘clothes’ as they will be playing the part of a horse. 

#6 Skeleton Horse

If you are good at drawing, this is a fun and inexpensive costume for horses. All you need is some horse safe paint (like Critter Paint). Paint the skeleton on the horse, following the horse’s anatomy.

You yourself can also dress as a skeleton or another character such as a spooky witch or vampire. 

#7 Witch Costume

Of course, I can’t leave out a witch costume when talking about Halloween. This Halloween staple gives you a lot of room for creativity. If your horse is amenable it can wear a witch’s hat and even striped stockings.

If you don’t want to be a witch, how about a wizard? 

#8 Zebra

Painting Zebra strips on your horse will take some patience but it is an inexpensive cute idea. You can dress up as many things such as a witch or wizard.

One idea I really like is dressing as the rider from the family film Racing Stripes.

#9 Scarecrow

You will need a chilled-out horse to use this Halloween costume. Find a bit straw hat that will fit your horse with holes cut out for his ears.

Stitch together some burlap bags to put overalls on the front of your horse and a few corn stalks tied behind the rider will create a great picture.

#10 Superman or Wonderwoman Horse

These classic comic book heroes always make for great horse Halloween costumes. Sew a Superman badge on the front of a blue lycra horse hoodie and add some red polo wraps and a red sheet for the cape.

Your horse can be Superman and you can dress as Wonderwoman.

#11 Horse and Rider

Take your usual roles and reverse them. You can dress up as a horse and your horse as a rider. Of course, you will still ride your horse, which I’m sure will get some laughs from the crowd.

Check out the video below for some inspiration (and even more laughs).

#12 Bunch of Grapes

For this costume, your horse has to be ok with balloons. You will need several purple balloons that you tie together and drape over your horse. The effect is better if you use a purple sheet on your horse.

A garland of green leaves around the horse’s neck will polish up the look.

#13 Taco

If you want a funny horse costume, why not dress up as a taco? All you need is some cardboard or thick colored paper for the shell and ingredients.

Use some green tissue paper at the top of your shell to create lettuce. Make two sides for the horse and dress yourself as one of the fillings.

#14. Giraffe

This is another simple and inexpensive Halloween costume for your horse. The only thing it requires is some patience, as it will take a while to paint the giraffe markings on your horse. 

You can dress in safari clothes to create a savannah theme.

#15 For Sale: Great With Kids

Every year I see versions of this hilarious horse outfit pop up. I just love it! All your horse needs is a for sale sign hooked over its neck.  The sign should detail how wonderful the horse is with kids.

The handler then dresses up in riding clothes with a few twists. A black eye, crutches, an arm in a sling, you get the idea. All things that are completely the opposite of a horse that is great with kids!

#16 Hippie

Add a little tie-dye here and there and you have a hippie horse! It’s simple, fun, and easy. Some groovy glasses are a great touch.

You can modify the ideas in the video below to fit your horse.

#17 Racehorse and Jockey

If you can get hold of a racing saddle all you will then need are the racing silks. To make it even more fun, you can dress your horse up as a famous racehorse using the colors that they raced under.

#18 Historical Lady

This works especially well if you can ride side-saddle, or at least appear to be riding this way. Of course, you will need the era-appropriate dress to complete the look.

#19 Hotdog

If you like the idea of a food-themed costume but a taco doesn’t quite do it for you, what about a hotdog? You will need to make the bun using pillows in a beige sheet.

For the ketchup and mustard, put that along the top of the horse with some red and yellow fabric.

#20 Cow

Shape a white sheet and sew black patches on it to make a cow suit for your horse. If your horse doesn’t mind wearing costumes add a pink udder to make it really funny.

If you have a black and white horse, all you need is the udder!

#21 Ghost

With this horse costume, you can be as simple or extravagant as you want. A simple white sheet can make a spooky ghost out of your horse.

#22 Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Dress as one of both of the popular Disney characters. You will need a couple of pairs of mouse ears, some polka dot clothes, and stick some yellow bell boots on your horse to finish up the outfit.

#23 Fairytale Princess

What you need for this costume is pretty self-explanatory. You will need some frilly fabric and of course a tiara.

#24 Ballerina

This Halloween outfit for horses is particularly cute if you have a pony. A fluffy tutu is a must of course!

#25 Robot Horse

This is a fun idea that will take a bit of work to put together. But with some painted cardboard and string, you’ll have a pretty cool costume. If you love Star Wars, why not dress up as R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Or use this real robot horse as inspiration:

#26 Angel Horse

If your horse doesn’t mind wearing wings why not try out this idea. If you want to give it more of a Halloween feel, dress one of you as the angel and the other as the devil.

#27 Candy Corn Horse

Candy Corn is a traditional Halloween treat. Dressing your horse up as giant candy corn will fit right in with any activities for this spooky day.

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#28 Viking and War Horse

You won’t see this costume too often making it a great choice if you want something unique. Dress your horse as a warhorse and yourself as a Viking.

You can make a Viking shield and sword out of cardboard and paint it. Or follow the ideas in the video below.

#29 Knight

If you don’t want to be a Viking, you can be a medieval horse and rider. All you need is some fake armor for your horse, a colorful ‘silk’ sheet, and battle gear for the rider.

Knight and horse costume

#30 Hula Dancer

A Hawaiian grass skirt and some flowers will quickly come together to create this fun, colorful costume.

#31 Batman

Superheroes are always a well-received choice. Batman is one of my favorites. You can use a black lyric horse bodysuit for your horse.

All you have to do is sew on the batman symbol and add some ears if your suit doesn’t have them.

Your rider can also go as batman or could dress as his sidekick Robin.

#32 101 Dalmations Horse

If you have a white horse, this is a really cool idea. Paint black spots all over your horse and dress yourself up as the wicked Cruella de Vil.

Or take the easier route and dress him up like The Captain.

#33 Pirate

For this costume, you can dress as a generic pirate, eyepatch and all, or pick a well-known character from movies, like Captain Jack Sparrow.

Just be careful about using an eyepatch on your horse as it may not like it. You are better of using the patch on yourself.

#34 Bumblebee and Flower

You will need a tolerant horse for this costume but if you do, it is just super cute. You can pair this whatever way you want. You as the flower and the horse as the bee or vice versa.

#35 Wizard of Oz

Pick from a couple of characters from the classic movie the Wizard of Oz. I really like the lion and Dorothy combo. Just put together a lion’s mane for your horse and you will need a blue and white Dorothy dress.

Take a look at this video for more great ideas:


Dressing up your horse for Halloween is fantastic fun. However, always make sure you take the safety of the horse and rider into consideration when making your costume.

Use non-toxic paint that is easy to wash off and make sure you get your horse used to its costume slowly in advance.

Make sure no parts of the costume can be stepped on as this could lead to an accident. Finally, have fun!

horse with sunflower hat as her Halloween costumes

Which one is your favorite horse Halloween costume? Please share with us below!

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