How to Choose the Perfect Horse Name Tags

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Looking for some really neat horse name tags?

Perhaps you’re curious why you’d even need one?

Either way, we’re here to help!

Just keep reading for the answers to all of your questions.

Looking for some really neat horse name tags? Wondering if you even need one? Check out all the answers & recommendations here!


Just like any other animals around us, horses get to be part of the family.

We’re out with them a lot, and of course, we need to make sure they have the best. 

Believe it or not, horses can get lost too.

Some time ago, a friend of mine used to say that he’s going out to find his horse who was having fun in their neighbors’ yards.

Even though most people knew Thunder, she still had a horse name tag, so it would be easy for anyone to just call him to pick her up.

As this is important, I’d say we take a look at some of the most adorable horse name tags I found and where you should attach the name tag!

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Where to Attach a Horse’s Nametag?

We’re used to seeing adorable dogs with nametags on their collars, but this doesn’t stand for horses too.

You don’t wear collars, but there are alternatives.

You can attach is to the harness, lead or saddle, and know that you have full control, no matter where he goes.

Horse Name Tags

Now that you know why it’s important to use a name tag, let’s check out some of my favorites!

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1. Resin Horse Name Tags

This resin name tag is available on Etsy, and it comes in two sizes and four marbled colors.

You can have it personalized with your horse’s name and your phone number, so you always find him if he goes for a walk.

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2. Saddle Name Tag

horse name tags stamped

This is one of those name tags you attach to the saddle, and it’s beautiful.

You can have it personalized with your horse’s name and up to two phone numbers, and it’s available on Etsy

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3. Embroidered Name Tags for Horses

horse name tags

An embroidered name tag is perfect to attach to your horse’s harness.

You can have his name and your contact details written on it, and get it from Etsy.

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4. Military-Style Name Tags

horse name tags

These military name tags are by far the most popular for horses, and for good reason.

They are pretty and practical, as you can write quite a lot of information on them.

These are available on Etsy and you can choose from up to eight colors!

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5. Colorful Horse Tag

colorful horse name tags

If a tag is colorful, then it will stand out.

These ones come in 10 colors and two sizes and are deep engraved with the information of your choice.

Find them on Etsy!

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6. Leather Horse Tag

leather horse name tags

This is one of the fancy horse tags out there and perfect to attach to the lead or saddle of your horse.

You can have two phone numbers on it, along with your horses’ name.

It’s available on Etsy.

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7. Unique Horse Name Tag

If you’re looking for a unique horse tag, then you’ll definitely love this one.

It’s got a very interesting shape, and you can customize all four sides.

BlueSkyCreations Personalized Tag ID Custom Dog Collar Tag Puppy Name Tag Unique Pet Tag Engraved bar
  • Engraved on all 4 sides - Available in Aluminum / Brass / Cooper
  • Pet Bar is the perfect present for your furry friend
  • These are made especially for pets and owners - Comes in a cute organza bag
  • Created And Designer for BlueSkyCreations
  • please put your Custom Message in Area "Customize Now "

You can find it on Amazon.

8. Colorful Military Name Tag

military horse name tags

If you like military name tags but don’t want something basic, then you’ll absolutely love these ones.

You can find them on Etsy and order one of the nine colors available! 

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I’m really hoping that you’ll enjoy these adorable horse name tags.

Which of these horse name tags is your favorite? Let me know below!

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