50 Stunning Names for Horses from Chinese Mythology [List]

Looking for a unique and meaningful name for your horse? Chinese names for horses? Look no further than the rich cultural heritage of Chinese mythology.

From gods and goddesses to mythical beasts and legendary heroes, the names on this list are sure to inspire and impress.

Discover the perfect name for your horse as you journey through the ancient legends and stories of China.

Let’s start exploring the mystical world of Chinese mythology and find the perfect name for your horse.

Our Favorite Horse Names From Chinese Mythology

Top 10 Horse Names From Chinese Mythology For StallionsTop 10 Horse Names From Chinese Mythology For Mares
Fuxi (god of civilization)Chang’e (goddess of the moon)
Sun Wukong (monkey king)Nüwa (goddess of creation)
Yang Jian (god of war)Qilin (mythical creature)
Yi (god of archery)Xiwangmu (goddess of immortality)
Zhen (god of thunder)Doumu (goddess of the north star)
Guan Yu (god of war and brotherhood)Xingtian (god of the sky)
Lei Gong (god of thunder)Xunzi (goddess of music)
Nezha (warrior god)Mofeng (goddess of the wind)
Qi (god of energy)Huaxu (goddess of the river)
Wenchang (god of culture and literature)Xingjun (goddess of stars)

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50 Names for Horses From Chinese Mythology

  1. Bixi (璧僖) – meaning “tortoise of the emperor’s jade”
  2. Chiwen (螭吻) – meaning “gargoyle with a dragon’s head”
  3. Daji (妲己) – meaning “beautiful and talented”
  4. Dongyue (東岳) – meaning “eastern mountain”
  5. Erlang (二郎) – meaning “second son”
  6. Fuxi (伏羲) – meaning “the god of civilization”
  7. Guanyin (观音) – meaning “goddess of mercy”
  8. Hongluan (红鸾) – meaning “red phoenix”
  9. Jiangshi (僵尸) – meaning “hopping corpse”
  10. Kui (夔) – meaning “mythical beast”
  11. Leigong (雷公) – meaning “god of thunder”
  12. Longmu (龙母) – meaning “dragon mother”
  13. Nüwa (女娲) – meaning “goddess of creation”
  14. Pulao (蒲牢) – meaning “whirlwind”
  15. Qilin (麒麟) – meaning “unicorn”
  16. Ruyi (如意) – meaning “as you wish”
  17. Shennong (神农) – meaning “god of agriculture”
  18. Tongtian (通天) – meaning “ascending to heaven”
  19. Xingtian (刑天) – meaning “god of punishment”
  20. Yang Jian (杨戬) – meaning “archer king” 21. Yin (隐) – meaning “hidden”
  21. Nezha – warrior God
  22. Yuanshi (元始) – meaning “primordial beginning”
  23. Zhenwu (真武) – meaning “true warrior”
  24. Zhong Kui (钟馗) – meaning “vanquisher of ghosts”
  25. Zhu Rong (祝融) – meaning “god of fire”
  26. Ao (鳌) – meaning “giant sea turtle”
  27. Bao (豹) – meaning “leopard”
  28. Chang (长) – meaning “long”
  29. Diao (雕) – meaning “eagle”
  30. Feng (风) – meaning “wind”
  31. Gao (高) – meaning “tall”
  32. He (和) – meaning “harmony”
  33. Ji (骥) – meaning “great horse”
  34. Kong (孔) – meaning “empty”
  35. Li (狸) – meaning “fox”
  36. Ming (明) – meaning “bright”
  37. Neng (能) – meaning “capable”
  38. Ping (平) – meaning “peace”
  39. Qi (麒) – meaning “unicorn”
  40. Rong (荣) – meaning “glory”
  41. Shui (水) – meaning “water”
  42. Tu (兔) – meaning “rabbit”
  43. Wu (武) – meaning “warrior”
  44. Xi (熙) – meaning “prosperous”
  45. Yang (阳) – meaning “positive”
  46. Yin (阴) – meaning “negative”
  47. Zhi (芝) – meaning “mushroom”
  48. Zhong (忠) – meaning “loyal”
  49. Zuo (左) – meaning “left”
  50. Zhiyao (智耀) – meaning “bright wisdom”

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1. What are some common themes in Chinese mythology for horse names?

female centaur hugging a white pillow

Common themes include gods and goddesses, mythical beasts and creatures, legendary heroes and warriors, and elements of nature such as wind, fire, and water.

2. Are there any specific characteristics that the name should reflect?

It depends on what you are looking for, but some people prefer names that reflect the horse’s physical characteristics or personality.
Some others prefer names with a specific meaning or symbolic significance.

3. Are there any restrictions on using Chinese mythological names for horses?

There are no specific restrictions on using Chinese mythological names for horses, but it’s always a good idea to be mindful of any cultural sensitivity when choosing a name.

4. Can I use a Chinese mythology name for a horse of any breed?

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Yes, Chinese mythology names can be used for any horse breed.

5. Can I give my horse a Chinese mythology name if I am not Chinese?

Absolutely! Chinese mythology is a rich and fascinating cultural heritage that is enjoyed and studied by people from all backgrounds.

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Choosing a name for your horse can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when it comes to names for horses from Chinese mythology.

These names not only have a beautiful sound but also carry a deep meaning and cultural significance.

Whether you’re looking for a name reflecting your horse’s physical characteristics or personality, or one with symbolic significance, Chinese mythology offers a range of options.

It’s important to remember that a good name should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and should reflect your horse’s personality and characteristics.

The names above are just a small selection of the options available from Chinese Mythology. I hope it has been helpful in your quest for the perfect name for your horse.

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