Must-Watch Video: Adorable Horse Shows Off Its Ball Skills!

Horse playing with ball!

“A horse playing ball is a dream come true,” a wise man once said.

Sure, what trouble could they cause; They’re just big puppies.” 

But then, you toss the ball to your horse, and suddenly you’re in a high-speed game of dodgeball with a 1000-pound animal as the opponent.

Next thing you know, you run for dear life, trying to avoid getting trampled by your equine teammate – reminds me of Walker, the Halfinger, who beat his owner at playing ball (Don’t die laughing!):

Meet Walker, the Haflinger Ball-playing Pro

Let me introduce you to Walker – the Haflinger ball-playing pro who takes his game seriously. This little guy is more obsessed with balls than a dog in a tennis ball factory.

When it comes to playing ball, Walker is a true master.

He’s got skills that would make any footballer jealous. With lightning-fast reflexes and incredible agility, this Haflinger can take on any ball that comes his way.

So, if you’re ever in the mood for a ball game with Walker, you better bring your A-game because he’s not messing around. Get ready to be amazed and amused by this ball-playing pro.

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Horsing Around: The Joy of Playing Ball with an Equine Friend

A fun fact: balls — as seen in the video above — are a shiny jewel in the world of horses.

A study about how horses respond to ropes and jolly balls had a notable finding (1):

Both objects were equally interesting, but the ball maintained the horse’s interest over a longer period.” 

So it’s clear why Walker had such a great time playing ball: it’s kind of in his DNA.

But it’s not just about physical exercise – playing ball provides mental stimulation for horses. Just like humans, horses can get bored with the same old routine.

If I ride my horse and he gives me ‘that look,’ I know I should entertain him more with something more unique…

Introducing a ball into their playtime can provide a fun and exciting new challenge for them to enjoy.

Now, you may be thinking, “But what kind of ball do I use for my horse?” Fear not; there are plenty of ball options specifically designed for horses.

From giant exercise balls to durable rubber balls, there’s a ball for every equine personality.

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Why playing ball with horses is a great idea: Join the PARTY

Want to know something cool? Ball games are as old as dinosaurs – or at least, they can be traced to more than 3000 years ago (2)!

If you haven’t played ball with your horse yet, you miss out on some serious fun.

Sure, horse toys like jolly balls and ropes are cool, but have you seen a horse try to play fetch with a string? It’s like watching a dog try to fetch a cat – it’s just not gonna happen.

But Walker can have some serious fun with a ball for horses, like the ones with durable covers.

Playing ball with horses also provides mental stimulation, which is substantial for their overall health and happiness. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your horse and show them some love.

Be like Walker: DON’T miss out on the fun – grab a ball for horses and get ready to laugh your tail off…

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Horse galloping


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