Top 7 Quarter Sheets for Horses for 2024 Review

Looking for a horse quarter sheet to keep the winter cold winter months at bay?

05/27/2024 04:02 pm GMT

After researching what’s available, I’ve put together this guide to my all-time favorite equine exercise sheets.

Let’s take a look. If your horse could smile when you put this on during a freezing day he will!

Horse Quarter Sheets Top Picks at a Glance

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Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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7 Best Quarter Sheets for Horses (Buying Guide)

There are three styles of quarter sheets for horses. Traditional, cutaway, and those that just cover the hindquarters. It is tough to find a traditional quarter sheet these days with modern designs easier to use and more popular.

Are you ready to make your horse happy? If so read on to find him the perfect quarter sheet.

#1 Harrison Howard Climax Horse Exercise Sheet (WINNER)

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I love this horse quarter sheet for its price, color choice, and versatility. It is perfect for riding on cold days and in drizzly weather. The polar lining helps keep your horse warm. It is particularly good for clipped horses.

The fleece helps draw moisture from your horse, keeping it comfortable during exercise. The outer layer is made from 210D nylon, which keeps light rain out. It is durable and contains reflective strips, which are needed for trail riding.

If you do go trail riding I suggest going for the fluorescent green color option.

I really like this style of quarter sheet for horses as it is contoured and has a cut-out for the saddle. This makes it really easy to put on and it does not get in the way of your legs or bunch up under your saddle.

Users have tons of great things to say about this exercise blanket: Holly: “Lovely fit. Doesn’t slip or move at all when riding”. Francie: “Love this!! The color is super bright, the reflective stripes are really visible and the material is perfect”

Physical Attributes

  • Waterproof outer fabric
  • Reflective strips
  • Contoured design
  • Saddle cut design
  • Polar fleece lining
  • Tail strap

Quantitative Measurements

  • 240g polar fleece lining
  • 210D nylon shell

Benefits & Drawbacks of Rambo Newmarket Fleece Quarter Sheet

Six color choices – purple, champion blue, azure blue, black, dark red, fluorescent greenEven though it is listed as ‘waterproof’ it is more water repellant and will not work in heavy rain
Excellent priceBest for the coldest days as might get too hot
Repels water
Keeps your horse warm
Reflective strips on both sides
Attaches in front of the saddle

How it Compare to Others and Why

For the price, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this horse quarter sheet. It combines several great features that you don’t always get with others in the same price range.

Expert Tips

A contour quarter sheet is one of the easiest to put on. It can go under your saddle flap or over your thighs to help keep you warm. Learn how to put on a quarter sheet with this rider’s easy method.

#2 Rambo Newmarket Fleece Quarter Sheet

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05/27/2024 04:02 pm GMT

If you want some tradition but with a modern twist, take a look at this cool fleece quarter sheet. It is designed after the traditional wool quarter sheets that are commonly used on racehorses. Instead of wool options, this sheet is made with cozy polar fleece.

You have two color choices. The traditional black, gold, and red stripes; one of my favorites or the more subtle navy, cream, and light blue stripes. 

The fleece is high-quality double bonded. You will want to wrap up in this yourself! It is anti-pill, so will last you a long time, and has an easy velcro closure. The shape is contoured and has a saddle cutaway. 

Physical Attributes

  • Horizontal stripes
  • Velcro closure
  • Cutaway design
  • Fillet strap
  • Double bonded fleece

Quantitative Measurements

  • Anti-pill
  • 2 color options
  • Sizes are small to extra large

Benefits & Drawbacks of Rambo Newmarket Fleece Quarter Sheet

ThermalNot waterproof
Good wicking abilityExpensive
Thick, quality fleece

How it Compare to Others and Why

While I really like this quarter sheet for horses, it is more expensive than many of the others. It is not waterproof as it doesn’t have an outer shell but the thick fleece will help protect from very light rain.

Expert Tips

Horsewear is famous for its innovative and quality horse blankets in all weights and styles. Check out this review of this exercise sheet from an expert in equestrian products.

#3 Derby Originals Classic Horse Polar Fleece Keyhole Quarter Sheet

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05/27/2024 04:05 pm GMT

“I really like this quarter sheet! It blocks the wind but isn’t too heavy that my fuzzy boy gets sweaty/too hot.” That’s what one rider had to say about this good value quarter sheet.

This quarter sheet comes in classic navy or a pretty hunter green. Both color choices have white piping, which I think gives it a classy look. Plus the price is great!

Physical Attributes

  • White piping
  • Tail chord
  • Polar fleece
  • Keyhole design

Quantitative Measurements

  • Comes in navy and hunter green
  • Two sizes – average horse or large horse


Lightweight Not waterproof
WarmCan run small
Can use over your upper legs

How it Compare to Others and Why

This is one of the best value options I’ve included in this guide. The price suits even those on a tight budget. 

Expert Tips

When riding on the road or in the countryside safety is essential. Here are some expert safety tips for riding in these conditions, including using a high visibility quarter sheet.

#4 TGW RIDING Horse Quarter Sheet

While most modern quarter sheets for horses come in a contour shape, I really love how this one looks. A lot of thought has gone into making sure it doesn’t interfere with the rider’s legs and that the horse’s back and haunches are covered.

Physical Attributes

  • Cutaway design
  • Fleece lining
  • Water repellent outer
  • Neoprene attachment straps

Quantitative Measurements

  • Four color choices – purple, black, brown, and grey
  • Comes in medium, large, and extra-large

Benefits & Drawbacks of TGW RIDING Horse Quarter Sheet

Good for use in light rainNot waterproof
Machine washableNo bright colors
Excellent shape

How it Compare to Others and Why

One of the most unique features of this quarter sheet is its neoprene closure. This makes it extra soft over the withers, something the others don’t offer.

Expert Tips

Are you an eventer? If so, you probably use or would prefer to use a monoflap saddle. These saddles are slightly different than your standard jumping saddle. To use a quarter sheet with one, learn how from this eventing rider.

#5 Shires, Equi-Flector Exercise Sheet

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As you learned earlier from a safety expert, high viz is extremely important for some riding conditions. If you are an avid trail rider, I recommend you add something like this to your equestrian gear.

Physical Attributes

  • Reflective stripes
  • Tail rope
  • Whither fastening

Quantitative Measurements

  • Nylon mesh material
  • Comes in bright yellow or pink

Benefits & Drawbacks of Shires, Equi-Flector Exercise Sheet

Lightweight Not lined, so you need something warmer for cold days
High visibilityOnly suited for trail or road riding
Suitable for warm weather

How it Compare to Others and Why

This is one of the best options available if you want something that will make you seen. It is also lightweight, so it is usable during warmer weather.

Expert Tips

The British Horse Society offers some excellent tips for riders on the road. They recommend that all riders whether on or off-road use multiple items of high viz, “We would recommend riders wear LED lights wherever possible, ideally in a pattern that highlights their width (lights on their shoulders and the flanks of their horse, for example) as recommended in our report” [1]

#6 Bucas Recuptex Therapy Quarter Sheet

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Bucas is one of my favorite horse blanket brands. They are well designed and high quality. Though unfortunately, on the pricey side. However, I really like this quarter sheet for its unique feature and ease of use.

Physical Attributes

  • Waterproof
  • Rip-stop outer
  • Silk feel lining
  • Fillet string
  • Rear reflective stripes
  • Special steel yarn

Quantitative Measurements

  • Hook & loop attachments
  • Comes in navy

Benefits & Drawbacks of Bucas Recuptex Therapy Quarter Sheet

The special yarn used stimulates blood flowExpensive
Helps horses muscles warm up more quicklyComes in only one color

How it Compare to Others and Why

This is horse quarter sheet is unique due to the material used. It has no fleece, yet still helps keep your horse’s back and muscles warm. The lack of fleece also means it is easier to keep clean! As you like me, love fleece but hate how everything sticks to it!

Expert Tips

This quarter sheet does not need to go under your saddle. It attaches in a different way, which many riders might find easier. Learn how to secure it from MHS Equestrian.

#7 Harrison Howard FocalMax Quarter Horse Exercise Sheet

If you love the design of the Bucas quarter sheet but just don’t have the budget this is another cheaper option. While the FocalMax does not use special material, it does, however, have the simple stirrup loop attachment straps.

Physical Attributes

  • Wide reflective strips
  • Tail flap
  • Fleece lining
  • Water repellent

Quantitative Measurements

Four color choices – black, blue, fluorescent green, and pink

Sizes range from small to extra large

Benefits & Drawbacks of Harrison Howard FocalMax Quarter Horse Exercise Sheet

Good for trail ridingIt could use a little more contouring so it doesn’t fall under your leg
Good value for money
Warm, perfect for cold days

How it Compare to Others and Why

One happy rider had this to say about it “Very nice quality for the price. It fits my warmblood perfectly. It has a nice quality fleece lining to keep their back warm, so it can also be used as a quarter sheet if riding in the school.”

In addition to its good value, this quarter sheet attaches to the stirrup leather saddle loops. Unlike most of the others that have a cutaway design that goes under the saddle flaps.

Expert Tips

After analyzing a study on how the cold affects the lungs of horses Total Equine Vets make some other recommendations for horse riding in cold weather. “You can also consider a quarter sheet to cover your horse’s hindquarters. This will help to keep some heat in, without being restrictive, especially if your horse is body clipped.” [2]

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How to Choose the Right Quarter Sheet for Horses

To choose the right quarter sheet for horses you only have to consider a few things.


The temperature where you live will vary depending on your location. If it gets very cold, then you will want something warm made with wool or that has a fleece lining. If you live somewhere milder and just want to take the chill off your horse, then 


A horse quarter sheet has similar sizing to standard horse blankets. However, for an exercise sheet, you will need a smaller size. For the styles that have straps that attach to your saddle’s stirrup leather loops, you measure from halfway down your saddle flap straight back.

For a cutaway design, use a soft measuring tape starting on top of the withers and going straight back along the spine to the tail. [3]


What is the purpose of a horse quarter sheet?

The purpose of a horse quarter sheet is to help a horse warm-up and cool down in cold weather. It helps keep the muscles warm and loose and prevents chills.

How do you measure a horse for a quarter sheet?

A lady about to wear her horse quarter sheet

To measure a horse for a quarter sheet use a soft measuring tape and place it at the top of the withers. Then run it straight back over the spine to the top of the tail. This is for a keyhole style sheet.


Unless you live in a location that is over 50F all year round, then considering adding a quarter sheet to your horse equipment is a smart decision. It will help keep your horse healthy and happy, especially if it is clipped.

Final Recommendation

Luckily horse quarter sheets are pretty standard in design and don’t come with the same overwhelming amount of choice that you see with standard blankets. This makes choosing one pretty easy. I love all the options I’ve included in this guide but my #1 winner provides the best value for money.


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horses wearing the Best Horse Quarter Sheets for winter

What are your favorite horse quarter sheets? Let us know in the comments below!

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