420 Best Horse Show Names: Ideas to Get Inspiration From

Two years ago, I had to choose a horse show name for my Thoroughbred. I wanted something unique but not weird, something super cute but not too obvious.

And I must say, it was a jittery experience balancing these dreamy specs and finally settling for a name that is worth flaunting.

If you’re shopping for horse show names and not sure how to go about it, I’ve got some exciting ideas for you!

Giddy up and explore this summary table showcasing a wide range of good show names for horses!

Cute Show NamesA Fall Evening, A Night Out, A Touch of Sunshine, Always be with you, Beware of Cat
Unique Horse Show NamesA Mild Shave, A Royal Gaze, A Taste of Wealth, A Thousand Nights, A Thousand Points of Light
Good Horse Show NamesAlluring Blossom, Alluring Delight, Autumn Leaves, Beyond Infinity, Blazing Dragon
Cool Show NamesA Campfire Singer, A Courageous Romance, A Pure Treasure, Aesir Dream, Alert N Tactical
Horse Show Names for JumpersAmong the Stars, Beyond the Clouds, Chief Master, Command and Conquer, Dancing Giant
Horse Show Names for MaresMidnight Sonata, Serenade of Stars, Whispering Willow, Enchanting Embrace, Moonlit Melody
Horse Show Names for StallionsThundering Titan, Regal Renegade, Majestic Monarch, Dashing Daredevil, Noble Knight
Horse Show Names for GeldingsA New Level, Bay Gelding, Black Gelding, Can’t Keep Me Waiting, Cardinal Pointer
Elegant Show Horse NamesEnchanting Elegance, Serene Symphony, Graceful Belle, Regal Enigma, Majestic Charm
Traditional Show Horse NamesClassic Legend, Time-Honored Tradition, Majestic Monarch, Noble Knight, Royal Heritage
Exotic Show Horse NamesMystical Mirage, Enigmatic Oasis, Silk Road Wanderer, Arabian Nights, Celestial Sands

35 Cute Show Names for Horses

Horses come in an array of colors so that you could have brown horses, bay horses, etc. Color can play a central role in the names you give your horses.

man riding a jumping horse with jump saddle pad

Don’t look too far if you’re looking for a cute name for your horse. I have an amazing list here for you.

  1. A Fall Evening
  2. A Night Out
  3. A Touch of Sunshine
  4. Always be with you
  5. Beware of Cat
  6. Big Seer
  7. Biscuits N Gravy
  8. Blue Water
  9. Cafe au Lait
  10. Café Mocha
  11. Chocolate Truffles
  12. Cinnamon Spice
  13. Cuddle Bug
  14. Cup of Joe
  15. Get me a Rose
  16. Give me Honey
  17. Joyful Bouncer
  18. Leap of Faith
  19. Maverick Token
  20. Melodic Satin
  21. Out of the Morning
  22. Over the World
  23. Oxford Blue
  24. Peppermint Baby
  25. Perfect Polaroid
  26. Photo Chance
  27. Pink Bubble Bath
  28. Red Velvet
  29. Royal Ride
  30. Ruling Prince
  31. Sign of Peace
  32. Sparkling and Shining
  33. Sweet Brown
  34. Wild Black Yonder
  35. Wildest Dream

Check out this TikTok with more awesome show horse names.

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35 Unique Horse Show Names

We all love to be singled out from the crowd and identified with adorable features. Horses do too.

equestrian lady riding a jumping horse with jump saddle pad

If you own a show horse, you’d likely want your horse to be easily discernible from a long list of names.

Adopting a conventional name may not do the job well in this case. Check the list of unique names for horses below!

  1. A Mild Shave
  2. A Royal Gaze
  3. A Taste of Wealth
  4. A Thousand Nights
  5. A Thousand Points of Light
  6. Angel’s Raisin
  7. Arctic Sea Ice
  8. Aurora Borealis
  9. Autumn Dew
  10. Baltic Ocean
  11. Blazing Lamp
  12. Blazing Mountainside
  13. Dressed in Dreams
  14. English Countryside
  15. Falling for you
  16. Gold Magic
  17. Heights of Mahogany
  18. Mackies Straight Parade
  19. Many Happy Returns
  20. Midnight Love
  21. Midnight Wine
  22. Nacho Pena
  23. One Java
  24. Onward March
  25. Onyx Stone
  26. Orion’s Northern Glare
  27. Riding through the Waves
  28. Running Red Lights
  29. Running White Lights
  30. Shining like a Catalyst
  31. Star of Peace
  32. Sunset Over the Horizon
  33. Susie Run
  34. Take a Picture
  35. Tasteful Splash

Check out these cool sassy show names for horses.

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35 Good Horse Show Names

Indeed, not everything that flies around in the name of horse show names is good enough for your favorite horse.

Some names do a better job of giving your horse the get-up it deserves. Check out the list below for good horse show names.

  1. Alluring Blossom
  2. Alluring Delight
  3. Autumn Leaves
  4. Beyond Infinity
  5. Blazing Dragon
  6. Blazing Ocean
  7. Blue Boy
  8. Blue Skies Ahead
  9. Bright Skies
  10. Candy Roll
  11. Catch Me Now
  12. Charming Peach
  13. Dancing Diva
  14. Dark and Bold
  15. Dash to the End
  16. Deluxe Dream
  17. Destiny Watcher
  18. Double Blessings
  19. Dream Duchess
  20. Dreaming Knight
  21. Effortless Grace
  22. Emperor’s Delight
  23. Fancy Hare
  24. Holy Chaser
  25. I’m a Girl
  26. Incredible Quest
  27. Lucky Girl
  28. Magic in Action
  29. Magic King
  30. Pure Faith
  31. Purple Skies
  32. Red Apple Alley Cat
  33. Rising Falcon
  34. Rumbling Brook
  35. Soldier with a Plan

35 Cool Show Names for Horses

Hunting for a name that tells us how pleasant your horse is?

Most people want to find out if a horse is non-aggressive and friendly to relate with. So, a cool name might be perfect for introducing your horse!

Look no further. I have that list here as well!

  1. A Campfire Singer
  2. A Courageous Romance
  3. A Pure Treasure
  4. Aesir Dream
  5. Alert N Tactical
  6. Armor Suit
  7. Barn Tiles
  8. Bay Whale
  9. Buckle Up
  10. Canadian Dream
  11. Carol Light
  12. Coast of Barbary
  13. Drummer Boy
  14. Dusty Bay
  15. Dynamic Finale
  16. Let’s Get Wild
  17. Mammas Girl
  18. Moments of Sunshine
  19. Morocco Moonlight
  20. Native Giant
  21. Never Second
  22. New York Avenue
  23. No Apology
  24. Orient Devil
  25. Our White Girl
  26. Pleasant Toffee
  27. Queen of Hearts
  28. Race for Honor
  29. Smart Detective
  30. Solid Heart
  31. Strawberry Field
  32. Tattooed Fire
  33. Tiger on the Islands
  34. Winding Cobblestone Road
  35. Yellow Bullet

Here are some more cool names for horses.

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35 Horse Show Names for Jumpers

Horses with exceptional jumping abilities deserve notable names.

Some quarter horses may not be effective enough for long-distance races but may be excellent jumpers.

I have an impressive list of names here for you to choose from.

A jockey with a horse jumping a bridge under title horse show names
  1. Among the Stars
  2. Beyond the Clouds
  3. Chief Master
  4. Command and Conquer
  5. Dancing Giant
  6. Dawn of Ireland
  7. Hearty Chrome
  8. High Flyer
  9. Hot-Air Balloon
  10. Jagged Rock Quarry
  11. Jumping for Joy
  12. Keep our Oath
  13. Leaping Frog
  14. Legal Business
  15. Light Up the Air
  16. Majestic Landing
  17. Nablus Brother
  18. Night Crossing
  19. Noisy Flame
  20. Offsides
  21. Olympic Flyer
  22. Ominous Threat
  23. Possessed to Impress
  24. Premium Cowboy
  25. Ready for Takeoff
  26. Rumor Breaker
  27. Soaring Across the Sky
  28. Spatial Colony
  29. Starry Sky
  30. Storm Puzzle
  31. Taking Off
  32. Tide Master
  33. Unbridled Fury
  34. Up in the Air
  35. Winged and Fierce

50 Horse Show Names for Mares

  1. Midnight Sonata
  2. Serenade of Stars
  3. Whispering Willow
  4. Enchanting Embrace
  5. Moonlit Melody
  6. Blossom Queen
  7. Velvet Symphony
  8. Mystical Mirage
  9. Radiant Rose
  10. Dazzling Diva
  11. Sparkling Spirit
  12. Golden Goddess
  13. Jewel of Eternity
  14. Stardust Seraph
  15. Royal Rhapsody
  16. Dreamcatcher’s Grace
  17. Crystal Cascade
  18. Silken Siren
  19. Luna’s Legacy
  20. Shimmering Pearl
  21. Passionate Poetess
  22. Divine Dancer
  23. Whirlwind Whisper
  24. Enchanted Essence
  25. Mystic Moonbeam
  26. Starlight Serenade
  27. Graceful Glimmer
  28. Diamond Dreamer
  29. Belle of the Ball
  30. Songbird Sonata
  31. Enigma’s Echo
  32. Sunflower Symphony
  33. Radiant Reverie
  34. Willow Whisperer
  35. Moonlit Mirage
  36. Golden Glitter
  37. Harmonious Heart
  38. Velvet Vixen
  39. Celestial Siren
  40. Ethereal Elegance
  41. Dazzling Dusk
  42. Jewel of the Night
  43. Serene Sapphire
  44. Heavenly Harmony
  45. Midnight Muse
  46. Whimsical Willow
  47. Golden Grace
  48. Enchanted Echo
  49. Mystique Mirage
  50. Seraphic Sonata

50 Horse Show Names for Stallions

  1. Thundering Titan
  2. Regal Renegade
  3. Majestic Monarch
  4. Dashing Daredevil
  5. Noble Knight
  6. Midnight Marauder
  7. Royal Ruler
  8. Golden Gladiator
  9. Bold Baron
  10. Galloping Guardian
  11. Emperor’s Pride
  12. Phantom Fury
  13. Silver Stallion
  14. Braveheart Majesty
  15. Magnificent Maverick
  16. Valiant Victor
  17. Dynamic Duke
  18. Legendary Lionheart
  19. Radiant Rebel
  20. Thunderbolt Titan
  21. Sovereign Spirit
  22. Onyx Obsidian
  23. Majestic Maximus
  24. Midnight Majesty
  25. Noble Narcissus
  26. Regal Ramesses
  27. Thunderous Triumph
  28. Golden Goliath
  29. Gallant Guardian
  30. Courageous Conqueror
  31. Black Diamond
  32. Bold Buckaroo
  33. King of Hearts
  34. Noble Noir
  35. Baron of Bravery
  36. Victor’s Valor
  37. Valiant Vanguard
  38. Dynamic Dominator
  39. Emperor’s Enigma
  40. Phantom Pharaoh
  41. Silver Serpent
  42. Bold Bandit
  43. Radiant Ravager
  44. Thunderous Tempest
  45. Sovereign Scepter
  46. Midnight Mirage
  47. Noble Nemesis
  48. Regal Riot
  49. Golden Gambit
  50. Gallant Gladiator

35 Horse Show Names for Geldings

Geldings are exceptionally cool, friendly, and focused. Here are some unique names for your highly prized gelding!

black stallion playing under title show horse names
  1. A New Level
  2. Bay Gelding
  3. Black Gelding
  4. Can’t Keep Me Waiting
  5. Cardinal Pointer
  6. Catch Me
  7. Chestnut Gelding
  8. Clear Midnight
  9. Concluding Fortune
  10. Cool Easter Morning
  11. Free Rider
  12. Gain Captain
  13. Heavens Wing
  14. Home Comer
  15. Honorable
  16. Hunter Seat
  17. Journey With Me
  18. Magic Boy
  19. Mayhem in the Midnight
  20. Might and Pride
  21. Mile Goer
  22. Moonlight Glow
  23. Morning Frost
  24. Night Before Dawn
  25. Northern Money
  26. Off the Grid
  27. Rainy Runner
  28. Returning Comet
  29. Rise and Shine
  30. Roman Salute
  31. Shadow Chaser
  32. Star of the West
  33. The Right Command
  34. Weekend Racer
  35. Tumultuous Tornado

20 Elegant Show Horse Names

When it comes to showcasing elegance and grace, your show horse deserves a name that reflects its refined nature.

Here are some elegant show horse names to consider:

  1. Enchanting Elegance
  2. Serene Symphony
  3. Graceful Belle
  4. Regal Enigma
  5. Majestic Charm
  6. Distinguished Duchess
  7. Noble Legacy
  8. Sophisticated Serenade
  9. Enigmatic Grace
  10. Elegant Twilight
  11. Radiant Pearl
  12. Opulent Affair
  13. Refined Majesty
  14. Timeless Beauty
  15. Exquisite Dreamer
  16. Elegant Obsidian
  17. Delicate Whisper
  18. Enchanted Velvet
  19. Tranquil Moonlight
  20. Aristocratic Aura

20 Traditional Show Horse Names

For a classic touch, traditional show horse names evoke a sense of heritage and timelessness. Consider these names for your show horse:

  1. Classic Legend
  2. Time-Honored Tradition
  3. Majestic Monarch
  4. Noble Knight
  5. Royal Heritage
  6. Timeless Triumph
  7. Regal Splendor
  8. Grand Finale
  9. Legendary Hero
  10. Noble Victory
  11. Prestigious Legacy
  12. Imperial Glory
  13. Classic Elegance
  14. Everlasting Honor
  15. Traditional Treasure
  16. Majestic Dynasty
  17. Stately Legacy
  18. Resplendent Regent
  19. Valiant Champion
  20. Enduring Spirit

20 Exotic Show Horse Names

Embrace the allure of the exotic with these captivating show horse names inspired by faraway lands and mystical elements:

man having a barrel racing with his black horse
  1. Mystical Mirage
  2. Enigmatic Oasis
  3. Silk Road Wanderer
  4. Arabian Nights
  5. Celestial Sands
  6. Captivating Sirocco
  7. Enchanting Amara
  8. Sahara Starfire
  9. Seraphic Mirage
  10. Exotic Enigma
  11. Desert Dreamer
  12. Jewel of Jannah
  13. Zephyr’s Whisper
  14. Enthralling Serenade
  15. Enchanted Oasis
  16. Mystic Moonshadow
  17. Sahara Sunrise
  18. Bedouin Beauty
  19. Oasis Opulence
  20. Nomadic Harmony

50 Show Horse Names By Breeds

Every horse breed possesses its own unique qualities and characteristics. Here are show horse names tailored specifically for different breeds:

  1. Arabian:
    • Desert Rose
    • Aladdin’s Legacy
    • Mirage Dancer
    • Arabian Jewel
    • Oasis Firestorm
    • Desert Prince
    • Enchantress of Arabia
    • Golden Gazelle
    • Bedouin’s Pride
    • Majestic Mirage
  2. Thoroughbred:
    • Fleetfoot Phantom
    • Thundering Spirit
    • Racing Royalty
    • Midnight Thunder
    • Equestrian Express
    • Noble Gallop
    • Speeding Comet
    • Sterling Stride
    • Victory Lap
    • Bold Elegance
  3. Paint Horse:
    • Colorful Canvas
    • Picasso’s Pride
    • Vibrant Strokes
    • Brushstroke Symphony
    • Chromatic Charmer
    • Pinto Picasso
    • Painted Serenade
    • Artistic Impressions
    • Splash of Majesty
    • Dappled Dreamer
  4. Quarter Horse:
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Quickdraw Maverick
    • Thundering Hooves
    • Turbo Charger
    • Speed Demon
    • Western Legend
    • Cowboy’s Pride
    • Rapid Dash
    • Quarterback
    • Power Surge
  5. Appaloosa:
    • Spotted Majesty
    • Dappled Dreamcatcher
    • Tribal Treasures
    • Polka Dot Prince/Princess
    • Mystic Moonspot
    • Speckled Stardust
    • Spotted Mirage
    • Dreamcatcher’s Pride
    • Patterned Perfection
    • Appaloosa Aurora

Why Do Horses Have Show Names?

We give horses show names for quite a variety of reasons. Some of them include:

1. Uniqueness

Most times, you’ll find similar horse breeds at horse shows. The best way to make your horse stand out is by giving it a name.

However, please bear in mind that countries often have different regulatory bodies charged with the duty to provide rules for determining the kind of names to choose for your show horses.

For example, the American Jockey Club (1) does not permit using names already registered on the International List of Protected Names.

Typically, while some names can be picked at random, other names are derived from a combination of a part of the sire and dam’s name.

2. Advertising a special feature of horse

Horse names hint at the outstanding qualities of a horse.

Different horse breeds (e.g., Arabian, American, and Andalusian) have specific features and areas of strength, and their names can help highlight that attribute.

A horse with a braided mane under title show horse names

For example, Arabian horses are known for top racing performance (2) because of the specific genetic parameters. Therefore, it’s a great idea to show off your horse’s outstanding features through its name.

3. Creating a bond

It is human nature to give a personalized name to someone or something we consider dear to us.

Most animal owners, including horses and pet owners, go all the way to show how much they cherish their animals by giving them human names, including those with sentimental values.

This endears you more to your horses.

4. Training

Training a named animal (3) is one way to get them trained easily. Sometimes, simply calling out your horse’s name can send them the command you’re trying to communicate efficiently.

With time, your horse will learn to identify with the name, and it, therefore, becomes easier to relate with them.


Can I Change My Horse Show Names?

You can change your horse’s name. However, there are processes involved, and there are criteria that your horse must meet.
You will need to fill out a horse name change form. You can check out other requirements for your horse here (4).

How Do Show Horses Get their Names?

Horse owners are responsible for naming their horses, and there are several ways they go about that. One common way is to derive the name from the horse’s pedigree.
A portion of the sire’s name can be combined creatively with a portion of the dam’s name to give the horse its name.


Naming your horse is an enjoyable experience, so it’s okay if your first name choice doesn’t feel like it.

Provided you’re yet to register a final name. You get to shop for monikers till you’re satisfied with your choice.

I clicked that you’d like to know – I named my Thoroughbred ‘Ignatius the Great.’

Quite fancy and fiery, don’t you think?

A show horse with a prize medal on the head under title horse show names

What are your favorite horse show names? Let us know below!


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