28 BEST Horse Shows on Netflix to Binge-Watch at Home!

If you are like an avid Netflix-watcher and me, along with being horse crazy, you should watch these shows.

These are certainly the best equestrian shows currently on Netflix. 

4 Best Netflix Series About Horses

1- Free Rein

A British drama series that shows the story of a 15- year old girl who spends her time at her mom’s childhood home and finds friendship with a mysterious horse.

A multi-awarded family tv series for children and those who are children at heart.

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2- Ponysitter’s Club

Skye and her friends become ponysitters. They discover that these loving animals become more than just animals in their journey. They become family.

3- Heartland

A Canadian family drama television series based on a book series by Lauren Brooke. Follow a family’s beautiful ranch life at the heart of Alberta and their many adventures.

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Want to watch a flick about horses? Check these suggestions below:

4- How to Be a Cowboy

Dale Brisby is a rodeo star with a huge online following. Follow him and his team in this reality series as they go through their funny, daily routine in their Texas ranch.

5 Best Documentaries About Horses on Netflix

True stories about humans and their horses.

1- All the Queen’s Horses

A multi-awarded documentary shows how one woman, city comptroller Rita Crudwell, was able to steal $53 million from public funds while building one of the country’s largest horse-breeding empires. [1]

2- Harry and Snowman

Snowman was a horse about to be sent to slaughter. Harry deLeye was an immigrant barely making ends meet in a country not his own.

A documentary about their struggles on their way to becoming champions in the world’s biggest horse races.

3- My Heroes Were Cowboys

Robin Wiltshire loved all those Westerns. In this short documentary, this man’s fascination for horses drives him to live his dreams by training these beloved animals for the big screen.

4- 7 Days Out

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most challenging horse races in the US. [2] What does it take to win the race? Get to know more about horse racing and see what happens behind the scenes.

5- Wild Horse, Wild Ride

What does it take to train a wild horse? A wild mustang? Join these men through 100 days of training and witness the hardships in their attempt to tame the wild.

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13 Feature Films About Horses On Netflix

Stories are sure to touch your heart and inspire you or make you feel fuzzy all over. Here are the best horse films on Netflix.

1- Walk. Ride. Rodeo

Amberley Snyder was 19 when she met an accident that left her paralyzed waist down.

Based on a true story about a rodeo champion who beats the odds and, through sheer determination, goes back to the world of barrel racing.

2- Adventures of Dally and Spanky

Friendship knows no boundaries and differences between species. A miniature horse and a terrier build a company that brings them to a life of fame and adventure.

3- Riding Faith

The family ranch is about to get foreclosed, and she is about to lose her beloved horse. A girl struggles to balance keeping their family ranch and her particular horse.

4- The Mustang

Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre directorial debut is about a wild horse taming an ex-convict, through a rehabilitation program, by showing him what it means to have a restless spirit. 

5- Concrete Cowboy

Based on a novel by Greg Neri, a troubled 15-year old is sent to Philadelphia and finds out how life is in a community of Black cowboys.

While based on fiction, this film gives us a glimpse into society’s culture that we barely knew about.

6- The World We Make

Can an equestrian girl and her boyfriend overcome racial prejudices in this world that we live in?

7- Rodeo and Juliet

A city girl gets schooled by a horse and young cowboy as she falls in love and learns how to barrel race.

8- A Champion Heart

Can a wounded horse teach a troubled teen the meaning of hope and healing in this heartwarming film of bonding between a human and a loving creature?

9- Roped

A traveling rodeo show with all their horses ends in a conservative town, and a romance develops between a wild cowboy and the councilman’s daughter.

10- Geronimo: An American Legend

Apache Indians and the US Army battle with their horses in this movie set in the 1800s.

11- Horse Girl

A psychological drama film about a girl who spends time with her horse in a horse stable, claiming that she’s been abducted by aliens.

12- Albion: The Enchanted Stallion

Enter the mystical world of Albion as 12-year Evie and her magical stallion try to save the kingdom from their tyrannical ruler in this action-adventure film.

13- Black Beauty

A well-loved classic film about the bond between a girl and her prize-winning black stallion.

3 Best Foreign Films About Horses On Netflix

Discover films from other countries and dive into different cultures that feature horses from across the globe.

1- Rock My Heart

A German film showing the heart of a true champion as a woman faces a heart defect, surgery, and a risky horse race. With everything stacked against her, will she still be able to overcome all odds?

2- Dynasty Warriors

One of the good horse movies of the Chinese that feature warlords, warriors, and horses in all their gallantry in ancient China as they battle it out in this fantasy tale of adventure. 

3- Bibi and Tina

Bibi and Tina are best friends who spend their summer riding school. But Bibi is a witch with special powers who turns the riding school upside down with her many magical abilities.

3 Best Animated Films and Series about Horses on Netflix

These shows feature colorful animations meant for children and teens.

1- My Little Pony

What little child won’t be left fascinated with the different ponies from the enchanted land of Equestria?

2- BoJack Horseman

This Emmy-nominated animated sitcom features a horse living the life of an ordinary human.

3- Spirit Riding Free

An interactive animated short lets you join Lucky and her friends on a wild mission.

In Conclusion,

Horses always bring out that spirit of adventure in every one of us. Their presence speaks of gallantry too!

Check out these flicks and watch these horses spark different kinds of emotions in you!


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What are your favorite horse shows on Netflix? Let us know below!


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