Horse Decals For Trucks and Trailers: 45 Unique & Cute Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique wedding gift idea for your brother, why not get him some horse trailer decals? They’ll add some personality to his trailer and show everyone that he’s a horse lover.

Plus, they’re a lot cheaper than buying a new trailer!

You can find a wide variety of decals online, so there’s sure to be one that your brother will love. Check out our selection today!

Here are the top horse decals suitable for high end horse trailers

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Our Favorite Horse Decals at a Glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

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45 Cute Horse Trailer Decals

1. Caution Horse Sign Truck Trailer Decal

This audacious trailer decal is beautiful and hard to miss. It makes for an ideal safety tool. 

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2. Life is Better When Riding

This beautiful black decal will speak to your brother’s heart with its majestic portrayal of riders on horses. Perhaps you should get two.

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3. That Might Not Be Rain on Your Windshield

Talk of fun and beauty in one piece. This cheeky gift will keep motorists a safe distance away for fear of what could rain on them.

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4. 5×5 Barrel Racing Decal 3-Pack

If your brother has been into barrel racing, get this 3-pack horse decal for trucks and trailers to remind him of his experience. It’ll give him bragging rights, but I know you don’t mind.

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5. Caution This Vehicle Makes Wide Turns Sticker

This glaring caution decal is as bold as they come. It is easy to spot during the day and night, making it an excellent safety tool.

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6. Riding Horse Trailer Vinyl

This decal captures the true beauty of horses [1], something that an equestrian will appreciate. It’s one of the most eye-catching horse trailer graphics I have seen. 

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7. Thoroughbred Equestrian Horse Trailer Decal Sticker Tack Supplies AA01

This majestic decal sticker is beautiful and adds a hint of luxury to a trailer or truck. At 23 inches wide, it is one of the larger horse decals for trailers.

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8. Thoroughbred Equestrian Horse Trailer Decal Sticker Tack Supplies SetA13

The decal is a precious addition to an equestrian’s collection. It combines the beauty of horses and the love for them in one graphic.

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9. Thoroughbred Equestrian Horseback Riding Horse RV Camper Trailer Camping Decal Sticker Graphic Mural MA10517

This mural will turn the face of any trailer or truck into an indefectible piece of art. I bet it’s one of your favorites. 

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10. Equestrian Horseback Riding Horse Trailer Vinyl Decals Enclosed Trailer Stickers Graphics Mural 221

The beautiful speckled horse on this decal is hard to miss. I think it’s a unique and authentic gift.

Equestrian Horse Decal horseback Riding Trailer Camping RV image 1

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11. Mountains Horses Trailer Equestrian Decals Horse Stickers HC4

Majestic and straight to the point, this breath-taking mural is one of the best horse trailer decal ideas. It is small enough to fit into any spaces on the body of the truck or trailer and large enough for other motorists to see it.

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12. Anxious Horse on Board

ANXIOUS HORSE on BOARD  Equestrian Horsebox Trailer Vinyl image 1

The sticker is a kind reminder to other motorists to keep a distance. It is an excellent safety precaution a horse lover will appreciate.

13. HORSES IN TRANSPORT Trailer Caution Back Door Horse Rider Sign

The decal informs motorists that horses are on board and warns them against following closely. An equestrian will appreciate it because it is hard to miss.

HORSES IN TRANSPORT Trailer Caution Back Door Horse Rider Sign image 1

14. Horse Trailer Decal, Safety Decal, Stay Off My Booty

There’s no better way to combine humor and a warning. Motorists had better stay off the horse’s booty.

Horse Trailer Decal Safety Decal Stay Off My Booty image 1

15. Custom Girl and Horse Decal

Use this customizable girl horse decal to welcome your new sister-in-law into her new equine family. Your brother will appreciate the gesture.

Custom Girl and Horse Decal  Lesson Horse Decal for image 1

16. Personalized Horse Box Stickers Horse Head Trailer Graphic Decals

This sign is an ideal gift because you can customize it to include the horses’ names. It will make the horse trailer decals even more special.

Personalised Horse Box Stickers Horse Head Trailer Graphic image 1

17. Horse lover vinyl decal

Combining a horse head and love heart will tug at the strings of your brother’s heart. He will surely appreciate the gesture.

Horse head decal Heart horse sticker Horse trailer decal image 1

18. HORSES | x2 Vertical HorseBox Vinyl Decals

This audacious and majestic trailer decal is an equestrian’s dream. Buy it and see your brother’s eyes pop.

HORSES  x2 Vertical HorseBox Vinyl Decals Stickers any image 1

19. Personalized Horse Head Trailer Graphic Decals

There’s no better way to show your love than personalizing your decal gift. It is one of the large horse decals for trailers, and it will surely catch motorists’ attention.

Personalised Horsebox Graphics Horses Head Horse Trailer Vinyl image 1

20. Custom Horseshoe Decal

This beautiful decal is recognizable from afar, which the horse owner will appreciate. You also get to personalize it with any text you like. You could turn it into one of the funny horse trailer stickers.  

Custom Horseshoe Decal  Pony Decal  Horse Car Decal  Oracal image 1

21. Custom Polka Dot Horseshoe Decal

Opt for this beautiful easy-to-recognize decal. You can personalize it to include something funny or meaningful to the owner, like the horse’s name.

Custom Polka Dot Horseshoe Decal  Pony Decal  Horse Car image 1

22. Caution Handsome Horse on Board

Here’s a decal sticker you can be sure that your brother will appreciate. I bet you it’s one of the first decals that will go up on the truck or trailer.

CAUTION HANDSOME HORSE On Board  Equestrian Horsebox Trailer image 1

23. Horses in Transit

This horse sign is simple yet informative. It’s a way to be subtle and yet direct to the point.

HORSES IN TRANSIT  Equestrian Horse head Horsebox Trailer image 1

24. Ponies in Transit

If your brother owns ponies, he will be stocked to get this trailer decal. It is unique, and you can choose from 4 different sizes depending on the space you wish to cover.

PONIES IN TRANSIT  Equestrian Horsebox Trailer Vinyl Decal image 1

25. Caution Horses Stickers

Choose this loud and proud cautionary horse reflective decal. It is a necessary safety kit to ward off careless drivers.

Caution Horses Stickers Vinyl Decals Set Of Two Choose image 1

26. Running horses vinyl decal

An equestrian’s dream is to see his horses in action, and this trailer decal of galloping horses will speak to his dream. With this gift, he will honor your exquisite taste. 

Running horses vinyl decal car window sticker design for image 1

27. Stallions on Board

These beautiful large graphics would look great on a white trailer or truck surface. Although it comes in other colors, black is the most prominent and gives the trailer an executive look.

STALLIONS ON BOARD  Equestrian Stud Horsebox Pony Trailer image 1

28. Paint Horse Trailer Decal

This majestic black and white horse is one of the large horse decals for trailers. It should be visible to any motorist coming close to the trailer.

Paint Horse Trailer Decal  Vinyl Decal Sticker Horse Trailer image 1

29. Patriotic Horses with the American Flag

Get this beautiful trailer decal that combines equine love with American patriotism. It would make a fantastic personalized gift.

Patriotic Horses with the American Flag Decal Sticker printed image 1

30. Caution Precious Cargo On Board

The decal should speak to your brother’s heart because what’s more important to a man than his horses? Kidding aside, this would make an excellent wedding gift.

CAUTION PRECIOUS CARGO On Board  Equestrian Horsebox Trailer image 1

31. Horses Inside, Stay Back SVG

A red hot decal is what an equestrian needs to keep safe on the road – in part. Its loudness will come in handy on the highways and freeways.

Horse SVG Horses Inside SVG Stay Back SVG Horse Cut File image 1

32. Horse Heartbeat Bumper Sticker

The horse heartbeat sticker is a clever and artistic decal that should effectively inform motorists of the live animals being ferried. Perhaps you should get two for his trailer and one for his smaller vehicle.

Horse Heartbeat Bumper Sticker  Vinyl Decal Sticker Horse image 1

33. Shadow horse vinyl decal

This horse trailer decal speaks luxury and style. It would make an excellent addition to a collection.

Shadow horse vinyl decal car window sticker design for truck image 1

34. Caution Horses On Board Trailer Decal

There’s nothing like a splash of red for extra precaution on the road. It is hard to miss, and your brother will appreciate your concern for his safety.

Caution Horses On Board Trailer Decal Truck Trailer Safety image 1

35. Horse Show Trailer Caution Horses Decal

If your brother is constantly hauling horses, get him this sign to keep him safer on the roads.

See to it that he also has the best wood for horse trailer floor as this ensures that the horses are safe and do not bore through the floor with their hooves, resulting in accidents.

Horse Show Trailer Caution Horses Decal Vehicle Safety Design image 1

36. Get Off My Tail

Get this funny horse trailer decal for safety and a pun on other motorists. The regal horse in it is an exciting addition.

Get Off My Tail Vinyl Car Decal Gift Idea image 1

37. Eat Pray Love w/ horse

Get a trotting horse to spread the cheer and love to motorists. It will make a beautiful and elegant decal on your brother’s trailer.

Eat Pray Love w/ horse Vinyl Decal Sticker Horse Trailer image 1

38. Horse holographic

The holographic horse is a must-have. Although it’s too small to be used alone, it would be an excellent addition to one of the cautionary decals. But be sure to include it because it’s exquisite and outstanding.

Horse holographic vinyl decal 3x 6.5  Horse decal Holographic silver

39. Running Horses Landscape Vinyl Decal

This delightful sticker is large and depicts the true beauty of horses. Three running horses overlooking a landscape of tall trees are sure to communicate that the trailer is hauling horses.

Running Horses Landscape Vinyl Decal Sticker Equestrian image 1

40. Horses Make Our Lives Whole Wall Car Truck Trailer Decal

This decal expresses the special place horses hold in equestrians’ hearts. Gift it to show your brother that you appreciate him and his interests. 

Horses Make Our Lives Whole Wall Car Truck Trailer Decal with image 1

41. Horse Trailer my best friend

This vinyl lettering trailer decal will sure be a favorite. It cautions other motorists and communicates the special bond between the horse and its owner, which an equestrian is bound to love.

Horse Trailer my best friend  digital file cut/print  image 1

42. Horses Inside SVG, Horse Trailer Decal

A cute decal that is difficult to miss. It is one of the large horse decals for trailers, and it should sit nicely on the trailer surface.

Horses Inside SVG Horse Trailer Decal Horse Cut File image 1

43. Show Jumpers in Transit Horse Box Sticker

This bold sign would fit right across the truck’s backside. It is unique and available in yellow, blue, green, and silver.

Show Jumpers in Transit Horse Box Sticker Horse Trailer image 1

44. Show Horses on Board

This caution decal is just like the one above but much smaller. It’s ideal for when you want to have the sticker without filling the entire trailer’s backside.

SHOW HORSES on BOARD Hunter Jumper Trailer Caution Horse Rider image 1

45. English jumper riding horse funny decal Get over it

I love corny, funny stickers, and I bet your equestrian will love this one. A little humor will go a long way.

English jumper riding horse funny decal Get over it image 1


All of the above horse trailer decals are great gift ideas for an equestrian. If you have difficulty choosing among them, go with your gut feeling.

Also, consider their shipping policies to ensure that they arrive on time. Opt for standard shipping because it’s cheaper and predictable. 

large red horse trailer with caution horses in transit" horse trailer decals

What are your favorite horse trailer decals? Let us know below!


1. Horse Breed Info | List of Horse Breeds | Types of Horse Breeds with Pictures | petMD. Published 2019.

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