10 Horse Trailer Organization Ideas You Can Try Today!

Looking for horse trailer organization ideas?

I know your struggle!

With limited space, you need some clever ideas to store all your equestrian gear in your trailer.

I love discovering new ways to do this and wanted to share many of the fantastic ways I’ve learned over the years with you.

Let’s dive in!

Oh and if you are still in the process of finding your very own trailer, check out our guide to quality aluminum horse trailers.

#1 Hang Wire Wall Organizer Panels

Wire panels are a life saver and so versatile when it comes to trailer tack room organization. Walmart has a wide selection of these in different sizes and even options with colored PVC coating.

Look for a sturdier model that will support the weight of your gear more easily.

You will need some DIY skills to hang these against your trailer wall with bolts.


#2 Bridle Hanger

These are great for hanging bridles, halters, and jackets. There are different varieties but this bridle hanger can hook right onto your mesh panels. 

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You can also get individual tack hooks that you can place around your panels. Use these to hang anything from bits to girths to buckets.

#3 Bungee Chords

Loop a bungee chord through your panels to hold toilet paper, paper towels, or hand towels in an easy-to-reach spot.

You can get a pack of bungee chords in different lengths for less than $20.

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#4 Milk Crates Or Wire Baskets

If you have access to old milk crates using them in your trailer is a great way to save money and is a creative space saver for storing coolers and saddle pads.

This is one of the cool ideas I learned from my trainer many years ago.

Bolt and zip tie these to the horse trailer wall then secure their contents with two bungee chords, one going vertical and one going horizontal to keep the contents in while on the road.

If you don’t have milk crates look for wire baskets of a similar size for your bulkier items.

Also, add some wire baskets of varying sizes to your panels. These are great for sticking random things. You can use one for horse boots, another for grooming brushes, and another for your bathing equipment.

Just keep in mind that some items might fall through the wire. One way I overcame this problem was to line the inside of the basket with an old towel.

#5 Saddle Racks

Some horse trailer tack areas come with these already installed but if your’s doesn’t, then you will want to install a couple.

You can either make these using wood, which is what my dad did for me, or you can buy premade saddle racks and install them yourself.

There are different styles that you can buy, so you will need to look at how you will install it and the type of saddles you have to choose the best one. Here’s one saddle rack option that might work.

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#6 Trailer Grooming Bag

Trailer grooming bags are flat storage options that have lots of pockets. You can hang it against the wall and use it to store horse brushes, braiding tools, boot polish, horse treats, and even stuff you need to do your hair at shows.

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You can find these in different sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will fit into most spaces. Remember, don’t waste space! Make use of all your wall room and these are a huge space saver!

Take a look at this video tour of this rider’s horse trailer. It shows you how you can set up some of the ideas in this guide.

#7 Plastic Tack Trunk

If you have room, add a heavy-duty plastic track trunk to your trailer. This is one of my favorite horse trailer tack room ideas. They are big enough to store all kinds of gear and keep your floor space tidy.

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Another version of this is to build one yourself from wood. This might save you money if you have the right type of wood already.

#8 Hay Storage Bag

Sometimes, you don’t need to bring a lot of hay with you and one small bale will do. The problem with hay is that it is messy!

A durable hay bale storage bag allows you to enclose one small bale and stick it in your tack area. They even have handles, so they are easy to move around.

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#9 Grooming Caddy With Step

These mini grooming boxes are a great help. Not only can you store horse brushed but the top is also sturdy enough to use a step to help you get on your horse.

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The only thing to check before using one is if it is high enough for you. The step height is usually lower than a mounting block, so make sure it will work for you before spending on one.

#10 Horse Blanket Luggage Rack

These are great horse trailer organization ideas. They are common in European horse trailers but seem hard to find in the US.

But if you can find them, you will love how they work. They are secured to the trailer wall up high so they make use of empty overhead space. These racks are perfect for storing bulky horse blankets in your trailer.

Check out this equestrian’s before and after trailer tack room organization.

Of course, after putting in tons of effort getting your trailer tack room organized, you will want to decorate! Check out these horse decals for trailers.

And if you really want to look sleek, you might want to get your trailer painted. Find out more about horse trailer painting cost.

In addition to keeping your gear tidy, don’t forget to include water. Transporting your horse can increase stress and they are more likely to drink familiar water. [1] So include large, secure jugs or water from home.

Also, trailering your horse is a risk, so you want to find ways to minimize anything happening. [2] Ensuring everything in your tack area is secure will reduce the risk of something falling and spooking your horse and elevating its stress levels.


I hope these horse trailer organization ideas have given you inspiration. With a little creativity, you can keep all your horse equipment within reach and avoid mess.

Plus, lots of the ideas here for horse owners are fairly inexpensive, so you can keep your trailer tidy on a budget. One more thing to think of is that many of these ideas can work as horse barn organization tips as well!

lady and a horse inside a horse trailer

Do you have any favorite horse trailer hacks that you use and want to share? Let me know in the comments.


1. Friend TH. Dehydration, stress, and water consumption of horses during long-distance commercial transport. Journal of Animal Science. 2000;78:2568.

2. YORKE A, MATUSIEWICZ J, PADALINO B. How to minimise the incidence of transport-related problem behaviours in horses: a review. Journal of Equine Science. 2017;28:67–75.

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