7 Best Places To Go Horseback Riding in Dallas Texas

When in Texas, you might get a rush of wanting to be a cowboy or cowgirl with some horseback riding Dallas.

The Dallas region has some fantastic landscapes that are made even better from the top of a horse.

I put together this guide to horseback riding in Dallas Texas, so you can get your fix when visiting.

Let’s take a look!

7 Great Dallas Horseback Riding Spots

Trail riding is a popular way to create unforgettable summer memories with your loved ones and experience riding regardless of your skill level.

Even though you might first think of Dallas as a sprawling metropolis, it has no shortage of places to ride horses. 

Area horseback riding ranches cater to riders of all skill levels, so don’t worry if you have never had this experience. So, where to go horseback riding in Dallas?

Let’s take a look at the best places to go horseback riding in Dallas, Texas.

#1 Ascend Horseback Riding

Ascend Horseback Riding is a little different than some of the equestrian activities you’ll find around Dallas.

What’s great about this place is that you can choose between trail rides or a corral ride. For those that want a horse experience but are nervous the corral ride is a great option. 

It is also fantastic for children or complete beginners. The riding style is also English which you might want to try out if you’ve only ridden western before.

They also have several other fun outdoor activities on site, including paintball, group camping, archery, and a rope course. The other activities require larger groups, but if you want to go horse riding you can do it alone or in a small group.

What You Need To Know About Ascend Horseback Riding

  • You must book in advance. You can do this easily on their website
  • The minimum age for corral riding is 5 and for trail riders, it is 7
  • Corral rides are 30-minutes long
  • Corral rides are for one to five people
  • Trail rides are 1 hour long
  • Trail rides are for one to three people
  • They enforce a weight limit of 220 pounds.
  • Prices are $40 to $195 depending on what option you choose

Contact Ascend Horseback Riding

5218 Kiwanis Rd, Dallas, TX 75236


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#2 Broken Bow Ranch

Broken Bow Ranch provides quiet, relaxed trail rides. It is located in southeast Dallas not far from major roads, so it is easy to get to.

All levels of riders are welcome and the horses are experienced and used for beginners. All rides are western style and you are accompanied by an experienced and friendly guide the entire time. 

What You Need To Know About Broken Bow Ranch

  • They don’t accept walk-ins so you must book in advance
  • These are no advanced rides and rides are only offered at a walk
  • Helmets are not provided, so if you want to use one, you will have to bring your own riding hat
  • The weight limit is 300 pounds
  • Children age 5 and up can ride on their own horse
  • They try to keep summer rides to the morning due to the heat
  • Rides are 50 minutes long
  • They recommend your wear long pants or jeans
  • Rides take place Monday to Saturdays
  • Each ride costs $70

Contact Broken Bow Ranch

1001 Alto Road,

Seagoville, Texas, 75159


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#3 Marshall Creek Ranch

Marshall Creek Ranch is located in a stunning, forested landscape near Lake Grapevine. Despite this country setting, the ranch is found in northwest Dallas.

The ranch has access to thousands of acres of trails, so you can explore different routes if you want to visit more than once.

They cater to different riding levels including beginners or as the ranch calls them ‘greenhorns’ and advanced equestrians. For the littlest riders, they have a ride along option.

What You Need To Know About Marshall Creek Ranch

  • Ride alongs are for children aged 3 to 6. The child sits in a double saddle, in front of a female wrangler that helps them feel like they are doing it themselves
  • Greenhorn rides are aimed at beginners or nervous riders who just want to walk on a quiet horse
  • The Intermediate ride is for those with some experience and comfortable at a trot
  • The Advance ride requires you to have strong riding skills. You must do the Intermediate ride first so you can be accessed
  • Long pants and closed toe shoes are required
  • You must book in advance and note their rides fill up fast
  • They offer an adult only ride
  • They can accommodate heavier riders up to 380 pounds but if you weigh over 230 pounds you will need height and weight ratios so they can match you to a suitable horse. Talk to the horseback riding stables in advance, so you don’t get disappointed.
  • Rides are 90 minutes long
  • Prices range from $80 to $130 per person
  • Rides are offered 7 days a week
  • They only accept payment in cash

Contact Marshall Creek Ranch

4401 T W King Rd

Southlake, Texas


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#4 Chisholm Trail Rides

What is really cool about Chisholm Trail Rides is that it isn’t a follow-the-leader type of ride. The horses move more as a group, side by side, even with beginners.

Before going out on a ride all beginners are given a 30-minute lesson so they can learn some basics and get comfortable with their horse.

Rides are 2 to 3 hours and military personnel and first responders can get a discount, so make sure to mention it when booking.

What You Need To Know About Chisholm Trail Rides

  • Children age 5 and up are catered for
  • Experienced riders and beginners are all welcome
  • You can choose to ride English or western
  • Water and helmets are provided
  • Wear long pants and cowboy boots or tennis shoes. Check our list of the best western riding boots.
  • Prices range from $100 to $150
  • The weight limit is 200 pounds but they can accommodate some riders or this but you must discuss this with them in advance

Contact Chisholm Trail Rides

15422 County Road 335

Quinlan, TX 75474


#5 Southfork Ranch

Southfork Ranch offers several rides a day, 7 days a week. You might recognize this beautiful location from the extremely popular TV show, Dallas.

It is here that the show was filmed, starting in 1978.

What You Need To Know About Southfork Ranch

  • They have a slightly higher age limit than other horseback riding stables. Only riders aged 8 and older can take part
  • You must book in advance
  • The weight limit is 240 pounds
  • Prices start at $55
  • Jeans and boots required

Contact Southfork Ranch

3700 Hogge Road

Parker, Texas 75002


#6 Black Mustang Ranch

Black Mustang Ranch is a little further away than some of the others but is a great option for those who want a horseback riding adventure.

Only strong intermediate and advanced riders are catered for. They have a variety of rides available including an overnight camp trip.

The ranch is located at the entrance of Jordan Park, which is part of Ray Robert Lake State Park.

Riders are offered in western or endurance saddles.

What You Need To Know About Black Mustang Ranch

  • Rides are 2, 3, or 4 hours
  • Prices range from $100 to $500
  • Weigh limit of 220 pounds

Contact Black Mustang Ranch

1511 FM 1192

Pilot Point, TX 76258


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#7 Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Ray Roberts Lake State Park is for equestrians with their own horse that want to trail ride in the Dallas area.

The park has miles of trails suitable for horses and even offers facilities for those who want to camp overnight. If you want to camp here with your horse, make sure to book one of the sites that have equestrian facilities.

What You Need To Know About Ray Roberts Lake State Park

  • Camping at one of the sites costs $15 per night.
  • You must also pay a park entrance fee unless you hold a Texas State Park Pass. [1]

Contact Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Isle du Bois Unit

100 PW 4137

Pilot Point, TX 76258-8944

Johnson Branch Unit

100 PW 4153

Valley View, TX 76272-7411

Direct questions to the Customer Service Center: (512) 389-8900

Check out this video drone footage of the park.


Can you ride a horse in a public park?

Yes, some public parks allow horse riding. Always check in advance if equestrians are allowed. Ray Roberts Lake State Park, which I mentioned above, is one public park horseback riding Dallas option.

How much does it cost to ride a horse?

The cost to ride a horse will vary depending on the specific activity but expect to pay at least $30 for a short ride and over $100 for longer excursions.


Have you been horseback riding Dallas? What was your experience like? Did you visit one of the ranches here in this guide?

Other than horseback riding Dallas TX do you have any other spots you’ve enjoyed horse riding?

lady horseback riding in Dallas Texas

I’d love know hear your stories, good, bad, or funny! Did I miss a great hidden gem that you want to share? Let me know in the comments! 

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