How Often To Replace Trailer Tires? [4 Signs To Check]

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If you get flat tires on a road trip, you and your horses are at risk, so many horse owners wonder how often to replace trailer tires.

To prevent severe accidents, replace horse trailer tires every 4 to 5 years, depending on how often you take your horses in your trailer.

I look at their age, mileage, and signs of damage to know when to replace the tires, but I always prevent damage by storing them under cover and getting good tires.

Read on to learn more about when to replace trailer tires.

When Do Horse Trailer Tires Need Replacing?

How long are trailer tires good for? It is recommended that the tires on your horse trailer be replaced every 4 to 5 years to lessen the likelihood of having flat tires.

Here are some other characteristics to look out for to give you a better idea of when to replace horse trailer tires.

1. Check the Tire Tread

The tread on horse trailer tires consists of grooves in the tire that give it traction to the road. When the tread gets too thin, and you can no longer see them on the tires, replace them.

tires tread got thin, how often to replace trailer tires

Tire tread is necessary because it allows tires to grip the road, makes acceleration smoother, allows for faster braking, and keeps the fuel economy up, so you save money on gas (1).

Uneven wear patterns on the tread can also be dangerous. If the wear on the tread is just on the outside or in the middle of the tire, it can indicate serious tire problems like axle issues.

2. The Age of the Horse Trailer Tires

How old are your horse trailer tires? When your tires reach the 5-year mark, it is time to consider a tire replacement. The average life of a tire is 5 to 6 years, especially for those that carry heavier loads.

Driving on old tires is a considerable risk because they could fail at any moment and are prone to problems that new tires do not have. Observe the tire aging process regularly (2).

If tires are old, a lot of their tread will be missing, and they will lack adequate tread depth, and skidding on the road will be more likely. Rubber breaks down over time and will crack, even on tires that look brand new.

3. How Many Miles Have the Tires Covered?

The more miles your trailer has traveled, the more likely your tires will be damaged and their life expectancy shorter.

Tires typically last for 50,000⁠–⁠60,000 miles of driving. Check them out when they get to the 40,000-mile mark (3).

But this varies depending on who manufactured the tires and how you drive. If you tend to go fast, tires will last for fewer miles.

To prevent tire mishaps, it is best to replace trailer tires before they reach the mileage listed by your manufacturer to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

4. Look for Signs of Wear and Tear

According to Consumer Reports, here are some common signs of tire damage (4):

  • Cracking or cuts in the tire sidewall.
  • Uneven wear on the tire tread — can be caused by tire misalignment, lack of inflation, or suspension problems.
  • Tread that is overworn — pay attention to the tread wear indicator bars on your trailer tires.
  • Bulges or blisters on the tire sidewall.
  • Tires vibrate too much.

If your trailer tires show any of these signs, changing tires is a wise decision.

Here is a video explaining how to change horse trailer tires and put on a spare tire.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Horse Trailer Tires

Now that you know how often to replace trailer tires, let’s look at how you can maintain them to increase their life expectancy and get more out of them.

1. Avoid Exposing Tires to the Sun

Tires get hot when they are exposed to sunlight. This causes the horse trailer tire pressure to increase, which can lead to irregular wear on the tires.

2. Reduce Ground Pressure on Tires When Parked

The trailer’s weight, while parked, puts a lot of pressure on the tires, especially when it is in the same place for long periods.

When the tire is in contact with the ground for an extended period without movement, it can cause dry rot decay.

3. Keep the Tire Pressure Levels Correct

Tires on any trailer should always have the proper pressure level written on the sidewall within them so that they can adequately carry the trailer’s weight.

Always check tire pressure before driving to ensure an accurate reading. If the tire pressure is too low for a long time, the damage is inevitable.

4. Store Your Trailer in a Covered Area

Storing your trailer under a covered area will prevent damage to the tires and other trailer parts because of the heat. Water and dirt on the tires from being outdoors can also affect performance.

Covering your horse trailer will help it stay in top condition.

5. Choose Good Quality Horse Trailer Tires

The best horse trailer tires are those that are compatible with most trailers. Trailer tires should be made with durable material and be resistant to heat. They should also have thicker sidewalls.

Tires should be reasonably priced for your budget and have at least a 1-year warranty so that you can get a replacement at no cost if something happens to them.

Some top-rated horse trailer tire brands are Towmax ST tires and Goodyear endurance tires because they work on various trailers and have extended warranties.

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How many miles do trailer tires last?

A horse trailer carrying horses

Trailer tires typically last for 50,000⁠–⁠60,000 miles, but this varies depending on the tire manufacturer and how often you use your trailer.

Do trailer tires need to be balanced?

Trailer tires need to be balanced just like other tires. Balancing reduces tire vibrations and keeps the weight distribution even. Alignment issues can lead to more damage.


How often to replace trailer tires? Changing trailer tires is recommended every 50,000⁠–⁠60,000 miles or fewer, depending on the manufacturer and how often you use the trailer.

There are many visible signs of wear and tear to look out for and many things you can do to prevent wear and tear. Proper tire care is a must to keep you and your horses safe.

trailer tire for replacement, how often to replace trailer tiles

So, how often do you replace the trailer tiles? Let us know in the comments section!


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