100 Incredible Indian Horse Names

Looking for some incredible Indian horse names?

We scoured the entire stunning country for some of the most beautiful words and popular monikers.

Take a look at what we found below!

Looking for some incredible Indian horse names? Check out 100 that we love from India’s culture! We included 50 each for males and females.

Indian Horse Names for Males

By “Indian horse names,” or “indian horse names male” we are of course referring to names inspired by India.

Just wanted to point that out in case anyone had any doubts.

Now, let’s check out some gorgeous ideas for our stallions, shall we?

  1. Adil – Indian name meaning “sincere”.
  2. Akash – this name refers to the sky.
  3. Amir – Indian name meaning “rich”.
  4. Arjun – perfect Indian name for a white horse.
  5. Auashe – this Indian name means “little one.”
  6. Bala – beautiful name for a young boy.
  7. Baloo – inspired by The Jungle Book.
  8. Bandar – Indian name meaning “monkey”.
  9. Bangle – beautiful Indian name for a horse.
  10. Bari – for the greatest.
  11. Batuk – Indian name meaning “boy”
  12. Beta – this Indian name means “son”.
  13. Bolly – beautiful Indian name for a funny horse.
  14. Cardamom – after the famous spice.
  15. Cashmere – this used to be one of the most expensive fabrics.
  16. Chai – cute Indian name for a horse.
  17. Champak – this Indian name means “flower.”
  18. Chimalis – this Indian name means “bird.”
  19. Dibe – Indian name meaning “sheep.”
  20. Falgun – Indian name meaning “spring.”
  21. Haddi – this name refers to a “bone.”
  22. Hardik – Indian name meaning “honest.”
  23. Jihan – referring to the cosmos.
  24. Kuckunniwi – Indian name meaning “wolf.”
  25. Kumar – perfect name for a prince.
  26. Lalit – for a handsome horse out there.
  27. Lamba – Indian name meaning “long.”
  28. Mani – perfect name for a precious horse.
  29. Masala – this Indian name is perfect for a beautiful horse.
  30. Mohan – perfect name for an attractive horse.
  31. Mowgli – for a very active horse.
  32. Naan – beautiful name for a white horse.
  33. Namaste – Indian name for a calm horse.
  34. Nirav – this Indian name means “relaxed.”
  35. Ohcumgache – this name means “little wolf.”
  36. Onaiwah – this name means “dove.”
  37. Pakora – for a deliciously cute horse.
  38. Palm – beautiful name for a majestic horse. 
  39. Raja – Indian name meaning “king.”
  40. Rohit – for a red brown horse.
  41. Saffron – after the precious spice.
  42. Sahpooly – this Indian name means “owl.”
  43. Sokw – this name means “sour.”
  44. Sumit – Indian name meaning “best friend.”
  45. Sundar – this Indian name means “beautiful.”
  46. Tara – Indian name meaning “sky.”
  47. Tiger – great name for a brave horse.
  48. Typhoon – this name refers to a very active horse.
  49. Vindaloo – classic Indian name for a horse.
  50. Yogi – beautiful and short name for a horse.

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Indian Horse Names for Females

We can’t leave out our sweet fillies, so here are some ideas for female horse name in india or horse name in hindi!

  1. Alameda – for the one who lives on the hill.
  2. Amiya -Indian name meaning “delight.”
  3. Ankti – perfect name for a dancer.
  4. Asha – this name means “hope.”
  5. Awenita – this Indian name means “fawn.”
  6. Chandra – Indian name meaning “shining moon.”
  7. Charisa – beautiful Indian name for a brown horse.
  8. Dakshi – this name means “the precious.”
  9. Delhi – after the Indian capital.
  10. Devi – this name means “princess.”
  11. Doba – Indian name meaning “peace.”
  12. Dosa – beautiful Indian name.
  13. Goa – perfect name for a happy lady.
  14. Hachi – Indian name meaning “stream.”
  15. Halona – Indian name for a lucky one.
  16. Holi – after the great Indian festival.
  17. Honiahaka – old indian name meanins “wolf.”
  18. Indra – this name means “rainbow.”
  19. Inola – Indian name meaning “black fox.”
  20. Jasmine – great Indian name for a precious lady.
  21. Kwanita – Indian name meaning “God is gracious.”
  22. Ladki – this name means “girl.”
  23. Lalasa – Indian name meaning “love.”
  24. Liluye – for the one who loves to sing.
  25. Marigold – great Indian name for a golden brown horse.
  26. Odina – beautiful Indian name meaning “mountain.”
  27. Onida – Indian name for the one who’s searched for.
  28. Oota – this name means “day star.”
  29. Pakuna – this name means “deer.”
  30. Paneer – beautiful Indian name for a wonderful lady.
  31. Parth – this name means “warrior princess.”
  32. Pashmina – Indian name for a beautiful horse.
  33. Petunia – if you want to name your horse after a flower.
  34. Sakari – this name means “lovely.”
  35. Smita – Indian name for a happy horse. 
  36. Sona – for a golden brown horse.
  37. Sonoma – for a grounded horse.
  38. Spice – after the impressive Indian spice.
  39. Tablita – this Indian name means “crown.”
  40. Tadita – for the one who loves to run.
  41. Taigi – this name means “returning moon.”
  42. Talulah – Indian name for the one who loves water.
  43. Toddy – this refers to an old Indian beverage.
  44. Urika – this Indian name means “useful.”
  45. Utina – Indian name for a woman of the country.
  46. Wauna – Indian name for a music lover.
  47. Yamka – Indian name meaning “blossom.”
  48. Yanaba – for the one who meets the enemy.
  49. Yasti – great Indian name for a slim one.
  50. Zaltana – this name means “high mountain.”

I can never choose a favorite from any of our horse name lists.

Obviously, I love them all, or I wouldn’t include them, right?

So, I need your help! Choose a favorite for me!

Which of these Indian horse names do you love the most? Share below!

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