Inspirational Horse Songs: 5 Ideas That You Will Love [with videos]

Looking for some of the most inspirational horse songs?

We’ve talked about cute toddler ditties and other horse songs for kids, but what about YOU?

If you’re searching for the ultimate playlist ideas, keep reading!

We’re sharing our favorites below.


Horses symbolize freedom, courage, triumph, heroism, and much more. When a song is based on them, it becomes more impactful.

If you want to get inspired and live your life majestically, check out the inspirational horse songs listed below.

These best horse songs will definitely bring out your wild side and fill your hearts with joy!

1. “Wild Horse”- Raelynn

Have you seen a horse galloping with the wind gushing through his hair? That scene is impressively captured in this song, “Wild Horse” by Raelynn. 

Like a wild horse that doesn’t like to be tamed, this song about wild horses talks about a girl with the same desires.

She wants to be free feel the fresh gush of wind hitting her face. She is high-spirited and wants no boundaries restricting her.

2. “Let that Pony Run”- Pam Tillis

“Let that Pony Run” is an inspirational horse song that first aired in 1993. 

The title signifies the singer’s need to free someone from the restrictions and societal conventions.

Basically, it’s about a guy who falls for a barmaid and decides he wants to leave his wife.

His wife decides to let him go and “let that pony run away” with his new love.

Then, she moves on, leaves him behind, and starts a fresh new life on her own.

While it sounds a bit depressing (what with her cheating hubby and all), it’s really about finding happiness within yourself and not relying on others to give it to you.

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3. “Runaway horses”- Belinda Carlisle

This inspirational song by Belinda Carlisle came out in 1990. It is a pop song that captures the feelings of two runaway horses.

While some people create negativity in your life, there is that one person who fills you with joy and enthusiasm.

This song is all about that person.

It captures the adventures that they come across and how they successfully ride through every obstacle, like the runaway horses who are carefree and enjoy each others’ company.

4. “White horse”- Taylor Swift

Ever felt like you’re waiting for your true love to whisk you away on a white horse and take you to an enchanted castle?

Then this 2008 song sung by Taylor Swift may help you get over that real quick!

The song is about a lover who betrays Taylor. Even though he acts like Prince Charming at first, Taylor quickly learns he’s anything but.

She says that before she met him, she used to be in her dream bubble but now that he has betrayed her, it is too late for his white horse to show up again.

Again, while sad, it really inspires us to find our own happiness and look deeper into people.

5. “A horse with no name”- America

Nature, with its tranquility, has always attracted humankind towards it. This song is the depiction of the same love of humanity towards nature’s beauty.

The horse in this song is nameless and directionless. He has no worries about what the future holds and where he is heading to.

The girl riding him also leaves him on his own to decide which path he wants to follow.

To her surprise, they reach an oasis after traveling for nine days just to find what the true beauty of nature looks like.

They are far away from the human settlements and not missing it because they have found solace in the lap of nature.

Who wouldn’t be inspired by these emotional and inspiring songs? Taylor Swift has moved me to tears!

SONGS TO GIVE YOU INSPIRATION? We gathered the most inspirational horse songs which you can relate to and that will motivate you in life!



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